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You're Reading:Multi Buy World Claim to Be Founded 23 Years Ago | All I Can See is A Rev Share Replica

Multi Buy World Claim to Be Founded 23 Years Ago | All I Can See is A Rev Share Replica

by Tasos


Mar 16, 2017


Today under investigation is a revenue sharing company, one of the hundreds that exist. An advertising platform that has an income opportunity attached. The concept in the majority of those programs is very easy…” invest in ad packs-refer others-make money while you sleep”. However, the disappointing results is a shame for the industry as over 99% of rev share companies close just after a few months leaving active members with a loss.

I wonder if this time the statistics will change…



Inside the “Multi Buy World”



The beautiful homepage welcomes visitors in an absolute tone.

The #1, simply the best.

They continue…

The company was established by Multibuy srl and their partners. Multibuy Srl has founded 23 years ago in Italy under the name PromoIitalia and was renamed to Multibuy srl in 2014. Existing customers currently number 159,000 and are steadily growing.






About Page

The video introduction is promising that using the platform you will be able to make money every 30 minutes, 48 times the day. If you like money, traveling or go shopping then look no further.

It is a European company based in Italy. Existed for more than 22 years, founded under the name Promo Italia. Today is a very successful e-commerce company with more than 150,000 happy returning customers. Now is expanded on the global market combining online advertisement, holidays/travels, e-commerce and revenue sharing.

Revenue that is split among active members every 30 minutes comes from online advertising and online views and you can get paid to watch ads while at the same time you can advertise your websites, pages or other offers.


Offices: Rome and Malta

Starting date of the website and its products: 20 February 2017


Multi-Buy World Advertisement Package


  • 1 PR package = $50, contains 1000 views
  • You can have up to 1000 PR packs.
  • Buy purchasing PR packs you enter the revenue sharing opportunity. Each PR packs returns 0.35 EUR per day. You can have as many PR packs as you wish but the company recommends at least 10, 20 or even 40 PR packs.
  • You can withdraw money to your private account. You can open a bank account and order your Mastercard online through their website. That card could be used everywhere in the world.
  • The only requirement to make money is to login daily to your account and watch 15 ads x 20 seconds. Daily time consumption is approximately 5 minutes.


The video voice continues…Does it sound exciting?..does it sound easy?…does it sound attractive?…


Well, nope, it sounds like a replica of other revenue sharing platforms and is definitely not exciting


What does this have to do with Shopping, travel, and e-commerce?

When you buy PR packages Multi-Buy-World gives you 50% of the amount spent in Free Eurocredits to use for Travel or do shopping on the Multi Buy World website. Those credits are like a gift certificate valid for 5 years.

For every 20 PR packages that cost 1000 EUR, you will receive 500 eurocredits deposited on your account. 1 eurocredit = 1 EUR.


The voice, of course, insists that we spent as much as we can on PR packs and that we should buy more and more PR to get more eurocredits. And this is what the voice calls “Magic”. A true shopping adventure. Because not only you spend a fortune on PR and shopping but you make money at the same time.


Payment methods

Money transfers from bank to bank. These are fully active and can be undertaken instantly.

More methods available like bitcoin and crεdit cards will be available by March 2017.

Then they provide their bank account details.


FAQ – Terms – Important

There is risk involved and any earning calculations are only estimates and can not guarantee that you will make money at the end.


Company Info

Multibuyworld Ltd, 23/3 The Strand, SLM 1024, Sliema, VAT No.: MT 23954720, Reg. Number: C78820, Malta


Owners – Domain

The whois database indicates the registration date for the domain multibuyworld.com, 31 October 2016. The name Giancarlo Santigli appears as the registrant. The address Via Bambino 61, Catania, 95124 is provided and the tel +39.3286130984



Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




The Dashboard


Affiliate MLM program

  • 6 levels deep
  • Level 1 and 2 are always active but in order to unlock the other levels, you have to pay for upgrade fees.
  • Level 3, 4 & 5 = 40 EUR
  • Level 6 = 55 EUR

Important Notice: you have to upload identity proof on your profile and that is something I strongly recommend that you DON’T…Don’t ever upload identity docs on biz opp sites.

PR packs Fee Levels

  • Amber – 1-49 PRs, 25 EUR per year
  • Saphir – 50-199 PRs, 25 EUR per month
  • Smaragd – 200-399 PRs, 35 EUR per month
  • Rubin – 400-599 PRs, 45 EUR per month
  • Crystal – 600-799 PRs. 55 EUR per month
  • Diamond – 800-1000 PRs, 65 EUR per month


Where is the Travel department?..where is the e-commerce shop?



Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online





We deal with a fraudulent revenue sharing advertising company and the reasons are many…


A search for Promo Italia uncovers 2 results

#1 – A wellness research company.

#2 – An information & communication technology company

These 2 companies have nothing to do with the revenue sharing company reviewed here. And this means that PromoItalia exists…

And they don’t even say a word about this transformation. Why did PromoItalia change name?…Who are the founders?…where is the section dedicated to the company’s past?…22 years of history vanished into the thin air?


A deeper investigation shows that no company under the name PromoItalia was renamed to Multi Buy World as they claim.

The search term ” Giancarlo Santigli” shows an Italian commercial related person with no image attached. A search for  “Giancarlo Santigli PromoItalia” shows no relevant result.


There is no Travel department and no e-commerce shop. But even if the shops existed that would be available only to affiliates/members of Multi Buy World. And that makes this company just another Ponzi scheme. There are no retail products or services sold to external customers / non-affiliates.

This is why all money coming in MultiBuyWorld is funds from affiliates that purchase ad packs and participate in the revenue sharing pools.

Newly recruited members pay off existing investors. Once recruitment slows down no new money will be rolling in and this is when an inevitable collapse is taking place. Only the owners receive the most of funds and can do whatever they want with your money.

The owners have pre-filled all spots in the MLM matrix with their names on top.


And remember, in order to unlock levels 3 to 6 in the MLM compensation plan you have to pay even more. Pay-to-Play in its worst form.


Moreover the PR packs that cost 50 EUR are way expensive and the more PR you purchase the more fees you have to pay. Not only you are spending a fortune they charge you fees on top. An unacceptable policy that should make every wannabe investor to stay away.

You purchase PRs for 50 EUR and you only get 1000 views to your offers. Another rip-off element, simply there is no need to pay that much for such a low number of views. On other advertising sites you get 1000 views for $0.25. Would you pay 50 EUR instead?…your choice.

Each 50 EUR PR pack returns 0.35 EUR per day. How many days do you need to break even?…142 days, almost half a year. What a financial plan is that?


Now if the PR packs purchases unlock the travel and e-commerce shop then this means that affiliates who spend money are making the owners even richer. You don’t need to buy travel services or do shopping in a company that has already been paid for advertising. This is a trick to spend more so that they make commissions out of you. The perfect Rip-Off system.


The video presentation is a giant trap to make you spend the maximum you can. And it does not even display the travel and e-commerce side of the business. It is only a PR pack propaganda. The video lasts for 10 minutes and the 9 minutes are related to the revenue sharing opportunity and the PR purchases.


The identity proof docs that they ask is another reason to avoid this platform. I have already analyzed the situation in a previous article.


No giant company operating for 20+ years is creating such an empty of content website. An advertising platform very similar to the hundreds that I have already reviewed. Even the ad services are poor and they do not reflect the size of such a supposedly old corporation.



Avoid it at all costs




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.





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  1. Peter Vallely

    Multibuy world now pushing the latest scam addition namely a crypto ICO. Please review if you get the chance.

    • Tasos

      Hi Peter, thanks for letting me know, I just visited the site where they announced a Crypto opportunity coming soon. Let’s see!

      • Sinai

        Hello, thank you for the article, very useful. Were you able to look into this new CryptoICO opportunity?

        • Tasos

          Hi Sinai, thank you for these kind words. I did not, I was building a new section and I totally forgot. I’ll take a look at it on Monday.


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