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Tasos Tzortzis – Marketing Specialist, Creator of the “7 Ideals” Method, Entrepreneur since 1992, Business Administration @ University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

Stu McLarenco-founded the world’s most popular membership platform for WordPress,  WishList Member, helping for 12 years tens of thousands of business owners to transform what they know, love, and do into recurring revenue

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April 22 + 26 + 29, 2021 @ 3 pm ET

May 02 @ 8 pm ET

May 03 @ 3 pm ET

May 04 @ 5 pm ET

May 03 @ 6 pm GMT+3

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Stu McLaren free livecast


May 04 @ 5 pm ET

During this FREE live event:

  • Stu will be interviewing 8 different people who have created successful membership sites
  • He’ll be taking YOUR questions.
  • Tribe training is open until May 06. Review & Extra Bonuses.

He’s known as: the membership site guy!


For the past 12 years, he’s been working intimately with tens of thousands of authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and business owners to transform what they know, love, and do into recurring revenue.


In 2008, he co-founded the world’s most popular membership platform for WordPress,  WishList Member. When he sold his interests in October 2014, they were powering over 58,000+ online communities and membership sites.


He’s also coaching and consulting with high-level experts and influencers who want to grow – without the stress or tension of neglecting the things that matter most. He hosts his very own IMPACT  Mastermind with high 7-figure membership site owners.


He’s also the host of the “Marketing your business” podcast. 

Tasos Tzortzis

Live Marketing training dedicated to membership sites


Marketing Specialist, creator of the “7 Ideals” method


Business Administration @ University Of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece


Entrepreneur since 1992

Bonus Live Marketing Training & Free Resources

We created a customer avatar worksheet tailored to membership sites. This should be your first step in launching a membership site. To get clear on who you are trying to serve.

By registering with your email you’re also getting access to a live workshop we host next week to help you implement this worksheet. We’ll give you examples of customer avatars, answer your questions and give you feedback on your ideas.

You’re also getting access to all the upcoming marketing training, the replays, Stu’s training recaps, and other free material we release.

We go live on May 03 @ 6 pm GMT+3. We’ll discuss customer avatars and niche markets, market, competition, and keyword research, direct response marketing, copywriting, content creation, SEO, email marketing, guest posting, social media, paid advertising, sales funnels, and more.


Stu’s Philosophy


learn by the experts

membership sites explained


Stu McLaren – Membership Sites Expert


Tasos Tzortzis – Marketing Specialist Extra Training & Resources


Why now is the best time to invest in a membership site


The proven strategy to launch (or grow) a successful online membership site


The secrets to launch a membership site that safeguards your business from the ups and downs of chasing one-off sales.


Identifying an ideal audience, getting clear on who you are trying to serve so you can attract more people in the shortest period of time, and boost your visibility instantly


A powerful process that will quickly help you determine if the membership idea you’re considering will fly or flop.


The simple, but most important element to every membership…. The Success Path™


The 4 surprising reasons why people buy, and what hooks them to join and stay month after month (and it’s not what you think)


Why the tech shouldn’t be the thing that holds you back… in fact, I’ll share my favorite place to start and bonus: it’s FREE


Why the tech shouldn’t be the thing that holds you back… in fact, I’ll share my favorite place to start and bonus: it’s FREE


Free Guide to Launching A Membership Site


Top Strategies For Membership sites From Success Membership Site Owners

Stu McLaren – Community Video

stu mclaren connection video community

Being an entrepreneur means we’re the go-getters…

☔️The rainmakers…

?The creators…

?And the innovators…


For most of us, that also means we’re lonely. BUT It doesn’t have to be that way…

What if you had a community of entrepreneurs who understood you? Encouraged you? And even challenged you?

Stu’s Alumni

Stu McLaren – Hustle Video

stu mclaren connection hustle community

“Hard work” isn’t determined by the hours you put in.

In fact, I don’t measure success in…

? stress
? sleepless nights
? sacrificing time with those that matter most


Being an entrepreneur means YOU get to define the rules of the game.

And the thing is…

THIS is what really matters.

Stu’s Alumni

Stu McLaren – Money Video

stu mclaren connection money community

For a long time, my views on money were messed up.

In fact, I can recall several setbacks in my early career…

All because of how I viewed money.


But that all changed after one particular incident 7,000+ miles away from home.

And since then, everything about money has taken a turn for the better… much better.

In this quick video, I share the guiding principle that squashed my internal battle and opened the floodgates to more happiness, contribution, and well-being.

Stu McLaren – The Perfect Business Video

stu mclaren connection the perfect business community

I get it.

You didn’t trade in your 9 to 5 gig to work LONGER days, and be stuck dealing with people you don’t want to help.

And you definitely didn’t want to be stuck doing things that don’t light you up inside.


So let me ask you this…

Have you ever *REALLY* thought about WHY you are building your business?

Is it for more freedom?

More time with your loved ones?

Greater impact to reach and help more people?


Customer avatars worksheet for membership sites

turn what you

know, love & do

Into a successful membership.

Discover the proven strategy to launch (or grow) a highly profitable online membership site…even if you’re starting from scratch or have a brick-and-mortar store.

Join us live

This live training only happens 1X a year.

Your Hosts: Tasos Tzortzis & Stu McLaren

Tribe Is Closing For 1 Whole Year








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