You're Reading:Meer Wind Energy – Dance of Red Flags | Very Dangerous HYIP

Meer Wind Energy – Dance of Red Flags | Very Dangerous HYIP

by Tasos


Feb 27, 2017



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Update 06 Apr 2017

The site is not accessible, probably they disappeared



Another investing program is gaining popularity among wannabe entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers. Modern people want to follow the classic recipe of “Invest-Refer-Enjoy” but the statistics are extremely disappointing as most of the HYIPs out there are dangerous. Only a few investors make a profit, with the owners/admins collecting the lion’s share.

This time we deal with a unique environmental project, so I move forward right away…



Inside Meer Wind Energy



The Not so beautifully designed website welcome visitors with a headline…

  • Discover how You can earn from renewable energy in safe and secured manner.


They continue…

Sign up and be eligible for the bonus of up to $100 on activation


Video Presentation

The 3 minute video found on the homepage is not revealing much information.

A nice production with inspiring  / motivational music on the background. We watch heavy constructions in progress somewhere on Earth, workers, machines, a helicopter, freighters…and a meeting…



About Page – They say

It is an exciting time where new technologies enable us to re-think the way we deal with energy in a more sustainable, efficient manner. An indisputable right to energy.

Meer Wind Energy is the leader in energy management and industrial automation. Our deep expertise, software and services allow us to integrate and connect operational technologies in ways not possible just a few years ago. It is essential to have a site with access to winds, which most often requires higher towers, larger land lots, and non urban locations.

MWE mission is to lead the global transition to renewable energy. While it’s no small ambition, our vision of a world without fossil fuels is already evolving and transforming the way we live. Our part to play in that transition is to deliver profitable opportunity that renewable energy has to offer. These values are the cornerstone of everything we do.

Energy enables. From job creation to economic development, from security concerns to the full empowerment of women, energy lies at the heart of all countries core interests



Why to Choose MWE?

  • Long experience
  • Enthusiastic technical team
  • Genuine Investment Platform
  • Reliable support staff
  • Registered company
  • SSL encryption



  • GoGreenSolar.com
  • Geothermal Resources Council
  • HydroWorld.com
  • Parker
  • Demand Energy
  • American Wire Group
  • Buyawg.com



An address on the footer of the website refr to Borkum Island , Niedersachsen – 30159.


Statistics shown

  • Live since 21 October 2016
  • Total accounts 3232
  • Total deposited $2,500,000
  • Total dividends $760,000



Investment Plans


  • Starter / Biomass Plant – ROI 103% in 1 day, minimum deposit $10, maximum $100
  • Recommended / Wind Power Plant – ROI 135%, 3% daily for 45 days, min $101, max $1000
  • Popular / Hydroelectric Energy – ROI 180%, 3% daily for 60 days, min $1001, max $50,000
  • Investor’s choice / Solar Power Plant – ROI 225%, 3% daily for 75 days, min $50,001, max $5,000,000


Really, is anyone going to deposit $5 million?…we have to be very careful from now on, as only a very few companies seek such high investments.


Payment Processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, bitcoin








Meer Wind Energy Projects




Profit Calculation of Wind Energy

An interesting equation informs…

According to NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratories) the formula for calculating profitability of a wind turbine/farm is as follows:

( (FCR * ICC)/ AEP + ( LRC + O&M + LLC ) / AEP)


Where as:

  • FCR (fixed charge rate)
  • ICC (Initial Capital Cost : cost of turbines, installation, and balance of station)
  • LRC (Equalized replacement cost: yearly sinking fund for overhauls and replacements)
  • O&M (operations and maintenance cost: annual turbine maintenance)
  • LLC (land lease cost)


Whitelee Wind Farm

Client: Whitelee Wind Farm in UK, 539(MW) turbine equipment, 17050 total capacity, completed 13 May 2009, 1600 homes powered

Household Wind Energy

Client: Germany North Sea coast of Munich, 600 MW turbine equipment, 15300 total capacity, completed 24 October 2014, 2000 homes powered

Tennet Offshore Wind Turbine

Client: Germany, 111 MW equipment, 14000 total capacity, completed 25 May 2014, 5000 homes powered

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

Client: European wind power in Kattegat, 400 MW turbine equipment, 09 Febbruary 2013, 6000 homes powered

Round 2 Offshore Wind Farm

Client: UK, SA coast in the outer Clacton, 175 turbines of 630 MW, 17,000 total capacity, 20 June 2013, 9000 homes powered

Sea Wind

Client: Sea Wind, North sea coast of Munich in Germany, 576 MW turbine equipment, 15000 total capacity, 13 November 2014, 5000 homes powered

Largest Gabbard

Client: North sea of Mayor, Germany, 3.6 – 107 turbine equipment, 15000 total capacity, 07 September 2012, 1000 homes powered

Shepherds Flat Wind Farm

Client Shepherds Flat Wind Farm, Arlington, 84 MW turbine equipment, 16000 total capacity, 12 September 2012, 1000 homes powered


Every project is a separate article and beyond the technical characteristics that I displayed there is a short description.



I feel that something is not right here…what do I mean by that?…As I was writing down the projects data I noticed a few things…

The 2 last projects completed with 5 days difference, September of 2012. One is located in Germany, the other one in Arlington of Texas. May be the company built those 2 constructions together but I want to be 100% sure before I invest any money.

Those 5 short descriptions underneath is not what I was expecting to find from a company that claims to be a leader in the industry. Long videos and footages, image galleries, interviews, CEO and administrative/executives explain and narrate the historical events. Because these projects are giant accomplishments that any company would celebrate accordingly.


I will proceed further with my investigation searching the project images & descriptions but first of all I will search for the domain


Owners – Domain

A whois search uncovers the registration date for the domain meerwindenergy.de, late September 2016. The name Boris Franz Thiel appears as registrant, address Borkum Island, Niedersachsen, 30159.


Keeping in mind that date and the statistics mentioned earlier we deal with a website created a few months ago…The address found on the whois database is exactly the same found on the official website of MWE.



Investigation of Project Images & Descriptions



These are the 1st images of a total of 2 under investigation, found on each MWE project page.









Whitelee Wind Farm

The image returns only 5 results, and is used only in the MWE domain. This is good news.

The right side column on Google informs that “”Whitelee Wind Farm is the largest on-shore wind farm in the United Kingdom with 215 Siemens and Alstom wind turbines and a total capacity of 539 megawatts””…taken from Wikipedia.







However what I also uncover is that the TEXT Writen on the MWE website is an exact copy of the Wikipedia article. Word by Word. Phrase by phrase


Household Wind Energy


This time the 2 images displayed return billion results and are being used on various online properties.












The short description on the MWE project is an exact copy of an article found on another domain, offshorewind.biz, dated July 09 2012. In my screenshot I highlight a text’s phrase







Tennet Offshoe Wind Turbine


Again, the 2 images on the MWE are being used on various properties online.











The text on the MWE website is a copy of a text found on 2 other online properties. One is located on the URL tennet.eu, the other on owjonline.com. A new search for the term “tennet.eu meer” returns no relevant result. And Tennet is not mentioned as a partner of MWE on the official website.




Anholt Offshore Wind Farm


Meer Wind Energy mentions…””European wind power wind farm located in Kattegat With a capacity of 400 (MW), it is the 4. Anholt Offshore Wind Farm – is a European wind power wind farm located in Kattegat With a capacity of 400 (MW), it is the largest offshore wind farm in Northern-Europe (along with BARD Offshore 1). A cable from the wind farm to Anholt replaces most of the diesel-powered electricity on the island. The project was accepted in February 2013, as part of the Danish government’s Energy Policy Agreement. The wind farm costs an estimated 10 billion Euros.””


Google returns this result for the same image…””Clipper Windpower is a wind turbine manufacturing company founded in 2001 by James G.P. Dehlsen. It designed one of the largest wind turbines in the United States, manufactured in Cedar Rapids, Iowa””


MWE talks about a European company, Google refer to a USA company.








The 2nd image is being used on other online properties. For example on gerenewableenergy.com, gereports.com.







Round 2 Offshore Wind Farm


The 1st image return billion results and Google’s best guess is: San Lorenzo guimaras wind farm. MWE refer to a UK location.







The 2nd image return billion results and Google refer to Large scale 3D printing.







The text brings in the light an old article published on Wikipedia



Sea Wind


Both MWE images are being used on various properties online and the results can be seen with the help of 2 screenshots









Again the MWE text is an exact copy of a Wikipedia article.



Largest Gabbard


Both images return billion results and are being used on various properties.









A very similar article is found on the URL wikivisually.com



Shephers Flat Wind Farm

The same scenario here. 2 images found on various online properties










The MWE text is again a copy of a Wikipedia article




So, MWE has only 1 own image out of 15. The text in all cases is written copies from other properties.



Let’s move on…with caution as always



Meer Wind Energy Invest Page


The image used on the Wind Power Plant project returns billion results and Google refer to Siemens. Nowhere MWE refer to Siemens as a partner.








Meer Wind Energy Social Media


Following the name I found this man’s image on Facebook. Boris Franz Thiel






The same man on Twitter advertise Meer Wind Energy, the same image applies







I searched separately for that image on Google, the results are….disappointing. The image returns billion results






I found that image for sale on GettyImages. Germany Munich businessman smiling, or








So, this man presenterd as Boris Franz Thiel is a stock image used on many online properties. For me that element alone is a huge Red Flag and stops me from investing in Meer Wind Energy

And don’t forget all the other images found.



The other social channels, G+, Tumblr, Dribble, Vimeo and VK complete the catalog but all I can see is a company posting from time to time without getting any likes or any kind of interaction.

The Vimeo page redirects to a 404, user not found.



Partners of MWE investigation

The term “GoGreenSolar Meer Wind Energy” return no relevant result

The term “Geothermal resources council meer wind energy” the same, no results.

The same applies for the term “hydroworld meer wind energy”. A second search on the HydroWorld domain for the term “meer wind energy” return only results for the 3 separate words. Have in mind that “Meer” means “More” in the Dutch language. No article for Meer Wind Energy as a company.

The term :Parker Meer wind energy” follows the same pattern.

Again no relevant results for the term “Deman energy meer wind energy”.

For the last partner the general search term “American wire group meer wind energy” return no relevant result. On the American wire group website the term “Meer wind energy” returns again Zero results









FAQ – Important

MWE main aim…The only aim of Meer Wind Energy Limited is to provide Clean, Unpolluted and Efficient Energy to this world by allowing the people to invest throughout the world in different plans and earn profits from real-time projects. Meer Wind Energy Limited is turning online investing into a very comfortable, instant, and easy process.


Really, a company wants to contribute to this world offering Efficient Energy resources by letting investors play with a platform. This is how Energy is provided?



And this is where the official Meer Wind Energy website has nothing more to offer.






Are you convinced to invest?….Becasue I am not, far from it.


The images investigation return disappointing results. Only 1 is used on the MWE site. The other 15+ images can be found on various properties.

The owner/admin Boris Franz Thiel uses a fake image. Is this his real name?…Why this man using a stock image?

The descriptions on the MWE project pages are all copy from other articles found on Wikipedia and other sites or blogs.

The Partners of Meer Wind Energy do not mention this company on their websites (sites with inner search option) and the general Google searches return no relevant result.


On the contact page the email found is … admin@meerwindenergy.de. A company claim to be a leader in the industry show the real name of the admin.


Meer Wind Energy is a website 10 pages long. The design does not remind me websites of Leaders and all other content is non existent. Leading companies present strong, endless portfolios. Images of the facilities, of the offices, the staff, administrative members, videos, interviews, and so many more material.


All of the above leave me no choice but to mark MWE as another very dangerous HYIP, probably fraudulent.


If that is the case MWE’s platform lauched a few months ago to attract potential investors. If the company is fake then we deal with yet another Ponzi scheme. And very soon it will disappear from the scene.

Because in these systems all money coming is funds from affiliates that become customers. Newly recruited members pay off existing investors. The Ponzi structure helps only the owners who collect the most of deposits and can do whatever they want with our money.


On the other hand legitimate companies do not enter the market in such a way, by requesting investments right away. At the beginning they try to create a portfolio of investing results with own funds / money. When they accomplish great level of success it is when they will showcase those results with proofs published on a website. More importantly these legit companies offer free information on their specific market segment, the niche.

MWE has not even posted an article about Energy and Environment. Welcome-Invest-Goodbye…absolutely No Leader is like that



How to Make Money Online the Proper Way



Many of you might feel confused, but internet is a sea of frauds and scams. This is why investing in such HYIPs is a very risky model that you better avoid. Money can be made online, but you have to work hard just like the offline traditional businesses.

If you are willing to work hard the most newbie friendly online business model is by far affiliate websites. This is how I started 2 years ago and turned one single website into a source of multiple income streams. Long term potential, no risks, minimum startup costs, endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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