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You're Reading:Make Money (like a) Robot Review – Just Give me 3 mins

Make Money (like a) Robot Review – Just Give me 3 mins

by Tasos


Apr 2, 2015


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I would only need 3 mins to clear things for you.Welcome to another review on WebMarketSupport and this day I want to let everyone know about this INCREDIBLE chance that subsists on the internet you don’t have to miss by no means.Because there is a Robot that makes money for the happy subscribers of this website.Oh really?..you might think..why are you so sure about that?…Well..I thought to start my day with a joke just to see a smile on your face……..NO… this Robot is yet another machine that needs FEEDs.


In this Review, we will stand up and Fight this giant metallic machine on full power






reviewed page url: makemoneyrobot.com
what it is: a robot machine that promises $1586 or more pure profit for its subscribers PER DAY.More than $40000 PER MONTH
who stands for: mad investors that want to LOSE some money just for fun because maybe they are getting bored in losing them in casinos or in the stock exchange
owner/partner: Michael Williamson
system overview: an unbelievable (FULL MEANS) machine that simply generates income or should I say degenerate
price: ASK the MACHINE




….So here we are standing on the main page of the makemoneyrobot.com watching the short video about Michael Williamson story.He was working as a broker somewhere in Wall Street but one day suddenly his company decided to shut the doors and fire everyone out.


But there was a light coming from the ashes tunnel of this company.


Some engineers and computer programmers that Michael was collaborating while on his broker career on the same company discovered a SECRET way to bypass certain aspects of security and create a machine that can generate


…MONEY out of nothing….I guess they have some super programming skills to do that…SO FAKE



Michael was really impressed by the presentation of this Machine and decided to get in partnership with those guys immediately.
They were in need of Michael’s relations to recruit investors into the system and Michael was in need of the money because he was unemployed.

In less that 30 days he had managed to cover all on front payments of his investors and paid them all back and furthermore came up with 30% pure profit income while been just part of this membership.


Hey…you may be thinking of subscribing already with the Robot? ….Don’t do that yet….but why?..



In Web Market Support we TEST the market products so you don’t have to…We sign up and become members of their communities to bring you ALL the valuable information you need before you decide to move on with your next step.



And here is what Make Money Robot is about.It’s a shiny and full of promises website PAGE (No…actually is 2 PAGES in this website – correct me here..!) that places a short power point video to convince the newbies register with Michael’s MACHINE and therefore to become wealthy just by using the Machine for ONE minute per day pushing ONLY ONE BUTTON on their computer or mobile phone.

I wonder if this BUTTON is the “FEED ME” one that Machine needs so desperately as cars need gas to keep rolling.


Only one button pushed and you are on your way to the $1500 daily mark.Michael insists that we get overpassed our suspicious misconceptions and become wealthy for once in our life, not just standing there as LOSERS.


And they ensure us that NO experience is necessary, no secret tech geek knowledge on our behalf, nothing at all…just an email sign up .!!..

Oh…so easy..I try hard to understand how Michael will get profit from this procedure if the Machine is giving to us that $1500 every day and how all of Michael’s partners will get benefited.



==========Wanna make money online for real?…READ our featured review HERE==========



Is the SCAM Machine so powerful and generous that can feed all human beings with $1500 every day?Man, we don’t have to work again anymore…you see?



Make Money with The Robot, Login, How It Works



Back to our review let’s talk about Robot website structure.The main page (1 out of 2) has the video, one photo of Michael signed with his own unique and stylish signature underneath, and a subscribing form in order to become a member of this Elite.And at the bottom, there is an announcement banner informing us that the free remaining licenses (victims) are only limited to somewhat 300 persons.

You see now?…The Machine is not accepting more people into this system because this is a chance only for few selected and this way the Machine answers my above question.It’s not a fraudulent system, that’s why there are restrictions in the membership panel.





OK…I signed up and waited for my mail confirmation to enter this giant corporation.When I finally got on the main page I entered with the details provided by them.Although I was already signed in there was a headline “Access to the Robot” informing me that I had to sign up with the email details they sent me.I surpass that and getting into the juice.




Headline No#2 – Recommended Broker – the Real Tools, Missing Training & Support



To ensure FOR US the best functionality of the Robot they have selected FOR US the most secure broker on the market to begin TRADES with.We are supposed to open an account with our personal details again into a new network system.

And do WHAT?….to begin trading with the broker’s system…I guess that is when they mean NO experience at all.





The new network in which we are supposed to participate is the EmpireOption.Before I give my details into their system I made a research to see what this EmpireOption is about.It’s a binary options trading system.For those that don’t know what is a “binary option” in a nutshell is a type of contract between buyers (owners) that buy or sell assets (economic resources) and sellers that are obliged to discharge the transactions if and when the buyers “exercise” the option.As concerns the pay-offs that consist of two possible results…The cash-or-nothing and the asset-or-nothing binary option.


Now if you feel that I don’t speak to your language I can not blame you.It’s a whole economic science behind these type of business and YOU should have a VERY STRONG knowledge if you want to move and try it.If you are a broker already then you might understand how this works.If you have an economic awareness beyond the average level and want to try this Lottery like the system then be my guest.


For those that need a wider explanation on binary options, I refer them to Wikipedia

I tried to sign up for this EmpireOption system but with no luck…An error has occurred even after several tries.I contacted their LIVE support but I wait since then for an answer.I emailed to let them know about my situation and no respond whatsoever.



Robot Headline #3 – Start Making Money



Michael claims that his robot will trade for us automatically and we only have to start counting the flood of money into our bank accounts by the end of this very first day…wow…I can’t believe how easy this could be.

But….I say but….in the VERY END of this 2nd page and the #3 headline here is what I found there written…

Important announce


In order for the robot to function you need to DEPOSIT the broker…because blah blah blah.The HIGHER your initial balance the more trades you will be able to get.

NOW…oh…just a minute Mr. Michael.




Conclusion – Verdict


…It was you who said earlier that in the end of the day I will be holding $1586 and count may be even more profits.
…It was you who said that no experience at all is essential
…It was you who said how easy this is gonna be

Now we have to start feeding the machine.Why don’t we use some of these $1500 for our first deposit and then in the end of the day you can take it back from our balance.It’s your Robot that generates so much money.Now it cannot generate just a simple initial start-up?

…Very weird…very awkward Mr. Robot


Now we have to be experienced brokers with the economic (at least college degree) background to even get started with this binary options system.

Now you shut YOUR door and you don’t even answer in the LIVE support you suppose that you operate or even answer any emails.
I need your guidance and strong help Mr. Robot to this EmpireOption Lottery system.


I DO NOT have the knowledge to trade some economic resources that neither are in my possession nor I don’t have a clue on how to do that.Will you train me Mr. Robot?

No…You just wait for people that are in desperate need of some extra cash to feed the initial at least $100 start-up on the EmpireOption Robots anticipating that they won’t lose their hard earned money again only to find out at the end of the day that this small fee of $100 has vanished to the THIN AIR.

Related Post – Another Binary Trading System

If I want to play Lottery or to lose my money I know some more entertaining methods I can use.I can even go to a casino, smoke my Cuban cigar, drink my cocktail and watch my money disappear in excitement at least…At least I will be laughing cause I wanted that money lost.





But when it comes to how I will make money onlineI don’t expect any of these fake internet gurus to give me another phantasmagoric solution.



If I want money, both in the online and offline world … I know that I have to WORK ….but that word is something not recognizable from the ROBOTS.My conclusion from that review is ….Make Money definitely not like a Robot.Try to make money like a human should




Thank you for reading this

I hope I did not waste your very valuable time because I promised in the beginning that it would take only 3 mins. Anyway, I am welcoming your comments and thoughts.


Mini guide on how to identify common scams online















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  1. Weston

    Great review! I hate fake opportunities like this that are only out to deceive and rob people of their money. Like you explain, Make Money Robot never holds up to its promises. Once you sign up it requires more than what it advertised.

    It is sad how many will sign up for this because they are desperate. They don’t see the red flags. I’ve been in that situation before and learned my lesson the hard way.

    Thank you for your research on this and sharing it!


    • Tasos

      Welcome Weston, you are very kind. It is sad, but I can’t predict a bright future for the industry, as more and more frauds are born every day.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion!



    • Tasos

      Wait a minute Ahmad….you sound like you are in urgency and when people are in that situation make mistakes.Binary options is not a way to make money , it is a way to lose money.

      I can not help you with Binary , sorry.In fact , I don’t recommend binaries as a healthy system.You have 20 days to make 2800 , is that dollars?…

      If I were you I would get a mini loan from a friend and pay him back by working for him or doing other things for the next months.

      Tell me what you think….

      PS don’t deposit on Binaries , the majority are scams.

  3. Barry

    Hi Tasos,

    It;s too bad but these type of programs are all over the internet. They prey on people that do not have enough knowledge to know that they are stretching the truth.

    Is the program bad or maybe you just have to be skilled to make money?

    I am glad there are people out there that blow the whistle on these guys and warn them away. I actually tried some trading with a system someone was selling. It was something like if you lose double up and again.

    Long story short I lost $300.

    Some people do make money don’t they? I have seen the little candle charts I think they call them right?

    Nobody can make money online in a few days and if they could why are they bothering us.



    • Tasos

      I may disappoint you Barry , but no matter how well developed your skills are , this kind of trading ends up with you looking at an empty wallet.

      But the problem is not that.Is that these kind of bad entrepreneurs tease people into a trap.They promise that you will be making money on autopilot , oh my…And you are absolutely right , if they are making so much money in a few days , why they are bothering us?

      I am sorry that you lost money on that systems but on the other hand is a lesson for you.

      Thank you for supporting my post with your kind words , good luck.

  4. brathbone

    I have been trading foreign currencies for almost 10 years with some great success.

    Trading takes a lot of study and a lot of just watching how the market moves in different situations. I can’t imagine turning my trades over to a system that works off technical data only when fundamentals play and equal role in profit/loss.

    Learn what type of trading you want to do and take a position, but most importantly stay away from robot systems.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Brathbone to my blog.As an experienced player in the trading field you know first hand that someone needs to invest his time primarily on education.Then practise and consistent analysis might drive you to success.

      But these crazy robot systems that are promising the heaven on your feet are poisoned attempts to trap you in paying for something that does not exist.If we could predict the market movements with a software no one would be working now.

      Thank you for this visit and for taking the time to participate in the discussion.Your message will help more people understand what is going on with these suspicious programs.All my best.

  5. Kelly

    Hi Tasos, I definitely do not understand binary options (I have no idea what they are) but this definitely spells scam all over. Where do people even find scams like these? Is this company still in business? I can’t believe people would fall for this either. Thanks for the review and the laugh!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Kelly , you do very well and stay away from the Binaries.This market , as with every business , requires a strong knowledge and even the most experienced “Players” lose money.

      That company is still in business , yesterday I came across a new ad they launched , I wonder if they manage to make money after all with that crap.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your beautiful compliments.I am glad you had a good time.

  6. roamy

    Make money like a robot, the name alone should turn anyone away but then, there are newbies online, people who are afraid to work hard, people who have heard it`s easy to make money online.
    Programs like make money like a robot always find newbies or gullible people so they will always exist as long as online business exist, there will always be that one unlucky fellow out there who parts with hard earned money.
    Personally, I never heard of make money like a robot, but just the name will turn me off.
    Thanks for an honest review

    • Tasos

      Exactly Roamy , just by the name we know that this is an Outright scam artist.And by watching the introductory movie we are 200% sure.Unfortunately many people when they begin to research for online opportunities are getting tricked by these promising productions.

      Let’s hope we will make “Internet” a peaceful and ethical place for everyone.Thank you for another visit and for taking the time to participate in the comments.Your opinion will help more people out.

  7. Edy

    Hi Tasos, is this a scam again?
    Make Money Robot seems to be another misleading binary option software that promises get rich quick without much work. But the truth to be told that this thing doesn’t work nor it will. To become a trader or any expertise (online), one must put some learning, effort, time, and investment. There is no way you will be wealthy all on Autopilot. If it is true, the world would be in chaos. The money won’t be enough to be consumed for everyone.

    • Tasos

      Another worthless scam Edy , no matter how many times we are going to show these tactics to the public , still people will continue to fall.Great points , in order to become an expert , on any field like Binary Options , you should invest in yourself and practise every day.But with a system like Binary no one can guarantee that you will succeed after all , I believe this is a risky direction to invest your money.

      Not even millionaires and giant corporations are working on Autopilot.There is no such thing.If we were doing that no one would have to work again.Indeed , it would be a chaotic situation.

      Thank you for one more visit and for your meaningful participation.

  8. TheDopestMatrix

    LOL “make money like a robot” I like the sound of that! but honestly, it looks and sounds fake, and from the looks of it, you aren’t a big fan either.

    But on a real note, trading binary options, or any commodities you are going to need a few grand to really trade. I’ve done it before and got trapped for the very reason on having too little in my account

    hope that helps..

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Tasos

      It can’t be more fake.This robot is a useless scam attempt….Now If I had a few grant to spare I would not trade them in the Binary Market , I would have invest them in something else.

      Thanks for visiting my blog Matt and for your participation in the comments.

  9. Don

    Wow, I can’t believe that people are actually falling for scams like these. It’s incredible that the creators actually get away with this type of BS.

    • Tasos

      Yes Don they really do

      Because they do not have any experience with the online marketing world that is FULL of such scams that only trying to rip them off.And another thing that I have noticed during the years is that the majority of those online visitors that fall into such traps are looking for “quick money” themselves.That is when these “Masterminds” come into this game.

      But this Robot Machine was one of my most enjoyable experiences.Robot that Makes Money out of nothing.Like a 3D printer.!!!

      Have a great day

  10. Jesse

    Wow this is definitely a good one, let me just deposit a few pay-checks to make some big money… not. Great review on this scam I hope anyone thinking of joining this program reads your review before they lose out on a lot of money. More people need to see those little signs that say “scam” like needing to deposit money before you do anything else.

    • Tasos

      Hello Jesse

      Just a few pay-checks!!…what is that comparing to the millions you will earn afterwards.?..All the “Masters” out there has invented a mysterious machine that makes money and then they want to share with the rest of the world because of their Philanthropy.But when it comes to join the system – this generous machine – it asks for your money in order to begin.

      Scams at the state of the art…Thank you for your comments

  11. Eoinmc

    When I started reading this post my antennae went on full scam alert. At first I thought you were promoting this crazy robot scheme. Then I realised that it was a scam expose. The internet is crawling with scammers, but I’m glad that there are some people like you who are exposing these unscrupulous parasites who have no conscience about who they prey on. Good job.

    • Tasos

      Thank you Eoinmc

      For supporting me on this tough job in exposing such “criminal gurus”.A Robot that makes money out of nothing.But when it comes to participate then the robot needs my money first.Why..??…it can not give me the initial start-up cost..??…They make such ridiculous websites ( 2 pages content ) and then they Bait on innocent people that are seeking for a decent opportunity online.Not to mention the dozens of emails followed up when I did not participate telling me that I am losing a life-time chance.Yeah..sure

      They need to be and they will be exposed…Have a nice day


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