Make Money at Home Online – a Discussion Between Me and John

by Tasos


Apr 12, 2016




I do get asked this kind of questions very often by friends and people I am connected on social media.For example last week on a local cafe bar , another “offline” entrepreneur that we had co-operated in the past said to me…

-Tell me , Tasos , can we really make money from the comfort of our home?

-Of course , why you can’t.?…there are so many companies selling online , I bet you have bought something on the web , did not you?

-Oh yes , but it was a present for my kids , on Amazon.

-Amazon , right , you can partner with Amazon , if you want to.

-Oh really?

-not only…you can partner with unlimited companies out there and promote their stuff , or even better you can sell your own goods 



Ok , I know , internet is not wide spread in my country , people are used to do offline businesses.And when they get advertised online , they hire local advertising companies to build a typical website with 2-3 pages , images of their products or properties , a telephone number and they are good to go.


But , is that a proper way to get advertised online and make business?


I will state the most important parts of my conversation with John , a summary that could help you discover some aspects that you may don’t know yet.


Making money online process


As with all the people , John was mostly interested in how long it takes to make money online.Well , at that point I may disappoint you a little bit.

But you should not … because all types of businesses are very much alike.You can not expect profit too soon.

Offline businesses require investment , inventory , facilities , probably personnel and other expenses.

On the other hand an online business can be setup at minimum costs.A computer , an internet connection and another $100 for basic startup expenses.


Furthermore I explained the basic structure of affiliate marketing websites and the importance of creating digital products in the near future.Because with affiliate promotions you grant commissions from companies that own the products but selling your own products is a real progress.This is where the real money roll in.



Additionally I underlined the opportunities for those that can sell physical or digital products , as traders or producers.In that category fit all artists , crafters and manufacturers.


John was getting excited , I bet it was for the minimum costs part.


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The important aspect for online business success


No matter how qualitative your products are , no matter how great a website is , how superior services you offer … the sublime factor is to get recognised.To build an authority name out there , in the digital world.

But John asked…

-How can I shine with all that competition , are you kidding me?

-There is always a way , clear your mind of CAN’T.


I took a A4 paper in front of me and I illustrated a mini plan for John explaining how he should act.


-OK , so , you are telling me that I have to learn online marketing , SEO , keywords , basic programming , build a following on social media … a few other courses and seminars and eventually to get recognised…

-If you don’t want to follow this road alone , there are people who can do it for you , like ….

-I see … John replied




Final Words


He decided to think about it and I am sure he will take action and will advertise his products online.And why not?…There are customers out there waiting for his services.


Here is one secret I learned as doing businesses for over 20 years now and I shared it with John,


No matter what your product is … there is Always people that need it.A specific category of people , a small niche in other words.



That’s it , I hope you enjoyed another article here , on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts , as always.Till next time , your online partner.















Taking Action Rewards






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  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    What ever business model is used, the likely hood is that it will work if it is applied correctly, intelligently and with faith and effort. Same online or offline business.

    Personally I love the affiliate marketing model for online businesses as it affords me freedom to take my business with me where ever I go.

    A word on amazon, I am dropping them in favour of other programs/suppliers due to their short cookie life. I only use amazon if product is not available else where.

    • Tasos

      Absolutely Derek , any business can be profitable if you insist and work hard towards your goals.A basic knowledge is more than enough.

      The Affiliate marketing model is superb , as the advantages over other businesses are obvious.

      And you are right about Amazon , their cookie policy follows strict rules , but we have to recognise also that they give commissions on any products that a customer may buy when is referred through your link.

      Thank you for your input and for discussing the subject with me.Good luck with your business.


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