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Make Money As Graphic Designer Online Without Telling Your Boss

by Tasos


Sep 19, 2015


Uncensored Crypto

A NEW Trillion-Dollar Mega-Trend bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency


There’s a new trillion-dollar mega-trend bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any cryptocurrency. Did you know about the NFTs and Gaming crypto markets? and how you can get in early for potential 1,000% returns?

Here’s what they say for that matter: It’s like the early days of the internet when a lot of people thought we were crazy. The best performing asset of the decade. Crypto will generate more wealth than the internet.

How much do you know about crypto? Are you already IN?

Are you an investor? a trader? are you a beginner?

Then I have amazing news.

56+ crypto industry insiders gather together for an epic event like no other to share their stories, secrets, expertise, and strategies to pull back the curtain on what’s going on behind the scenes in the crypto market right now.

It’s a documentary series that will take the world by storm.

It’s an explosive and controversial documentary with never seen before interviews that will change the way we think of crypto and money in general once and for all.

These top crypto experts share their raw, unfiltered, and uncensored insights into the crypto revolution.

What’s working right now and what’s next, the assets they use, how they got started, the risks, dangers, traps, rewards, threats, and regulations, and how to get started if you are a complete beginner.

And they will reveal why and how we arrived in this place. And why now we live amidst a new economic paradigm shift.

And the crypto revolution is not only an economic revolution. It’s not only about the financial gains. Crypto has literally the power to transform, change, and disrupt the way we shop, trade, communicate, invest, do business, and even create art and so much more.

It has the power to revolutionize our everyday lives.

And here’s the most important thing.

Even if you don’t invest in cryptocurrency, your life and the lives of your loved ones will get affected. Because this revolution affects everyone.

And this docu-series is called…Uncensored Crypto.

It’s a documentary to answer all your questions about crypto. Inside information never revealed before by top insiders and you won’t find anything like it anywhere on the web.

It’s organized by Michael Hearne, a serial entrepreneur with 15-years of experience in taking companies to new levels with his partners, Nate Hopkins and Waldon Fenster.

These are entrepreneurs that are always at the forefront of what’s happening.

Now…the best part.

The documentary is free to watch. All the episodes are free and the first episode airs on January 18.

Every episode will be available for 24 hours and you can watch it for free. After 24 hours, this episode will be taken down and a new episode will take its place.

There are 9 episodes in total and once the free viewing period is over, all the interviews and other digital material will be available only as premium content.

So, now is the time to register for free to watch all the episodes at your convenience and…don’t forget to mark it on your calendar.

These crypto experts will reveal what is crypto in simple language, how it works, what to buy, why it can’t be stopped, what’s coming next. How they got their money, how they invested it for growth, how they plan to keep it.

And most importantly, they will explain in detail how to get started before it’s too late

And a whole lot more…

We have a lineup of billionaires, former Wall Street traders, politicians, regulators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, fund managers, artists, and activists to pull back the curtain of the multi-trillion dollar cryptocurrency revolution.

And as Dr. Martin Weiss says in episode 05:

This is one of the biggest, most revolutionary technologies in the history of mankind.

This is a shift that will positively disrupt almost every sector of the economy…create a more equal and free society…and unleash trillions of dollars in wealth. And, of course, our experts will detail how you can profit from the coming paradigm shift.

Who am I?

I’m Tasos. I’m a marketing consultant who helped 100’s of brands since 2014. I’m also the creator of the brand new “7 Ideals” methodology.

January 18, be there, take notes, get armored with exclusive knowledge and inside information, level up your financial game, become independent, help your loved ones, plan for the future.

I’ll see you there. There’s more information on the review page. Check out my amazing bonus as well. Don’t miss out. I can count on you.


Kibo Eclipse

A breakthrough eCommerce Model

Created by eCommerce veterans, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Phenomenal results for thousands of students worldwide.

Innovative software.

An untapped secret $42 billion marketplace no one is using right now 

FREE Downloads: eBook- the system + infographic


Hope Writers

FREE Events Week – Jan 21-28

#1 How to know if you’re a real writer

#2 3 secrets for writers looking for clarity

#3 How I got published

#4 17 breakthrough ideas for writers

#5 Q&A with Emily Freeman co-founder

#6 Membership tour

Get to know team members, their philosophy, and their approach to writing and publishing.

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology – something ‘BIG’ is coming

The Special Weapon Of The 7 Ideals

Stay tuned as we’ll be revealing our secret ingredient in an upcoming workshop and we’ll be opening up a few spots for…



…I can see a lot of young people , mainly students , among them many graphic designers … all around me , on local cafes , in restaurants … everywhere … talking about their problems and their future of course.Lately I had attended a wedding party of two lovely young people when in a moment my ear caught a discussion … I was in the outdoor area in the backyard and a young couple , not the married one , were talking about graphic design.

I was walking with my little son and there was silence all around…Both were designers , struggling to make a decent living , while in college and working part time jobs in places they did not belong to.Problems with the boss , unsatisfactory wages and no demand in the local market.The young girl was very anxious , was thinking in abandoning Greece for a travel abroad , although the boy was in “Desperation” mode afraid not to lose his connection.


Today I Want To Discuss About Ways For Someone To Make Money Online As Graphic Designer



So , I want to take advantage of this incident to guide young people and help them to make some extra money from their passion without the need to leave their country and their loving ones…And that can be accomplished by using the power of “Internet”.….Millions of online transactions take place daily….Some people pay with their digital accounts and some getting paid via numerous channels…A well organised Non-Stop trade.

With a little knowledge anything can be done… It requires just the “Willing” and you are ready to go.


Now this article is not the encyclopedia of design , it has only one intention.To give you some ideas in order to get inspired and implement on so that you find your Own Way in this online labyrinth.



Things I Would Do In My Free Time While In College Or Work


First Step – The Base Of Your Designing Foundation


Now have in mind that I am not a designer , but that does not matter at all…I just want to show you the “Green” highway…First of all you have to prepare a fantastic portfolio , a well organised archive that probably would have a title , keeping all the parts united , like a project…A concept idea to present your designing style and to get approved by the community.If you present just an image or a few papers that does not help no one.We need something solid…Something that when a high experienced mind take a look on it should trigger his interest

Later on we can monetize on that project,.


That part is something that you have to go through alone…and it depends on your character , your style , your vision , your experience and your skills…skills that can be further developed as long as you stay active.The most important part is to show “Yourself” through this work.





Second Step That I Would Take – Social Presence


As with every business your work won’t be recognized if you don’t let the people know about it.But that is not a difficult task….




The Major Social Media Platforms


I am talking about Pinterest , Twitter , Google Plus , Facebook , LinkedIn and many others like Tumblr , Stumble Upon , Delicious.On all of these mediums beyond the personal profile you will be creating there are groups devoted to graphic design that you can join.Some of these groups are open for everyone , some are private and require invitations.You can spot several places to discuss with like minded people and expand your online presence and knowledge.Everybody contributes to these groups by sharing tips , presenting small portfolios and by asking questions.

You have to carefully read the group’s rules and terms of service and act in a decent and appropriate manner.You have to be professional and follow these teams to expand your horizons.


The main objective for you is to create connections and reach a wider audience.In every media platform do not only post about your work and designs.Let the communities know about your interests and share valuable insights.

For example when we participate in Pinterest where we create boards we want to present boards for our brand and graphic design but also boards about our interests.Remember that you are a potential customer for some entrepreneurs and some are your potential customers.

If you only focus on “Sales” and bombard the groups with your ads you won’t expect awesome results.Everyone is looking for quality.Put youself in their position , would you buy from someone that all the time is “Shouting” about his products?..Is he the only one who sells that products?






Other Online Design Groups Beyond The Social Media


Creative Market – A Marketetplace For Ambitious Designers


Your online presence can be easily expanded if you consider to participate in communities like Creative Market.In that marketplace graphic designers all around the globe are opening their private shops presenting their work.You can list your design bundles and projects for a price.Additionally you have the opportunity to connect directly with other design entrepreneurs , discuss and interact with them.In that place you don’t have to worry about marketing your products to the public.The Creative Website is marketing and advertising the products.


You grant around 70% commissions of the sales setting your own prices , although you have to keep in mind the competition’s prices.You can update your shop with new artwork whenever you want and your products go live instantly.A nice trick to attract buyers to your shop is to create and offer for FREE some mini projects.Not only you extend your reach but you give your potential buyers the chance to test your work for FREE.Imagine what will happen if they stay satisfied.They will buy the next time and they will share your brand’s name with their network


This is what I do when I get some FREE goods from Creative Market.I share these free offers with my online networks.Then that particular project will reach a wider audience in a blink of an eye , because in my network are involved other internet marketers , bloggers and entrepreneurs of any business model.When I share these artworks someone in my network might do the same , multiplying the reach of your free offer.You are giving a small part of your work for free in exchange for popularity.

This is the modern era of things and you should play by the rules.Along with your selling offers , do include some free offers.This will make a huge difference and get your brand recognised faster.



Therefore you can connect with other designers , companies and buyers inside the Creative Market website.There is an option to follow people and create a small private network inside the marketplace domain.

Moreover Creative Market runs a separate blog and inside the sub-communities there are discussions and topics , like in forums.





Web Designer Depot – A Huge Resource For Inspiration , Connections , Opportunities


Web Desiger Depot (WDD) created by Walter Apai , a web designer from Vancouver.WDD runs a very successful blog and is a well known online brand with strong presence and reach.WDD is Huge … imagine only that 740K people are following WDD on Twitter alone.When I started this website , the Web Market Support , I was visiting WDD resources everyday to learn things about web designing.I can’t tell you how much help I got from their blogs.


Additionally the company owns the Mighty Deals website , which is a place like Creative Market or Inky Deals , which I reviewed in a previous post.You can use the power of WDD and Mighty Deals to offer your artwork without worrying about the marketing of your products.They are good at what they do and your products will see the light of day.They are advertising their products with their email lists and on every social media platform like Twitter.

Do not forget to repeat the trick I mentioned for the Creative Market.To offer some freebies in order to achieve recognition and to increase your status as a seller but as a contributor more importantly.







Furthermore you can extend your presence inside WDD by contributing to their blog as an author and writer.Other designers are presenting their tips or blog about specific topics and their work is getting huge amounts of online traffic due to the massive following of WDD.For example the article ..“How To Design For Mobile UX” by Marc Schenker on Sep , 9 2015 has reached the 1229 shares in less than 9 days.

NOTICE : These are only 2 of the communities that I use more often.As you participate on all of the social platforms and discuss with other designers you will get to know more places like these.






 Update – 09 Sep 2016 – Envato Market



I have reviewed another marketplace in which you can find designs and other digital products like videos , music or website plugins.The community is huge and members interact in the forums , share ideas and collaborate.On top of that the company rewards top authors with the Elite program.

For more information I suggest that you read my article.





Update – 19 Sep 2016 – Renderosity


I have reviewed another giant marketplace , the absolute destination for 2D & 3D digital content.






A Graphic Design Blog – An Online Business Tool



I kept the most important step for the end.It is not enough to be a member inside these groups and communities that I discussed earlier.I am not saying that you won’t make sales but your name will be recognised if you decide to move one more step forward.I am talking about creating a blog on your own.A website , dedicated to graphic design.A website that will serve not only as a store where you can offer your artwork but as a TOOL to use the power of Internet and “Affiliate Marketing”.


I won’t be discussing what Affiliate Marketing is in that article.I have written many articles on that matter that you can use….but in a nutshell with this model you can promote other people’s and companies products and services around the world…and grant commissions for driving traffic to their websites.

But hey , you might ask me … “why should I promote other companies the moment that I want to expand my reach and maximize my products sales?”…Good question.




The primary purpose of running an affiliate website dedicated to graphic design is to help people find answers to their problems and queries.For example in this website you often see me blogging about various topics and reviewing internet marketing products.That article that you read right now is a helping guide for graphic designers.I have written articles targeting bloggers , entrepreneurs or even marketers.Along with the blog roll I can promote products and services that I find useful online and receive commissions from my work.

Ideas For A Graphic Design Blog 



You are not only a gifted graphic designer that you have a massive opportunity to design a marvellous website on your own , one that can be easily set apart from the competition.You can expand your role in the online world as an authority.A graphic design author and blogger that helps people and other designers.


You can blog about your experiences and write articles in which you can share tips about web design , important incidents through your life and career.You can talk about your college and your professors.You can create articles to trigger discussions with other designers.You can offer tutorials and advices on software or programs and discuss about the designing trends of the future.Talk about the techniques you are using and the history of the art…About the problems you have on your current job and how much you wished to escape….

As you participate in olnine communities and social media you will have tons of ideas to implement on your blogging.The catalogue is endless.



More ideas


You can expand your website theme by adding “Review Articles” in which you can review software , programs that you use everyday to design and therefore to grant commissions from sales that will take place when your visitors will get redirected to the company website you are reviewing and proceed with purchases through your affiliate links.

Do you understand the true potential of a graphic design website that you own now?



You are not only limited to your products and artwork.You can grant commissions from software you already use.You can grant commissions from artwork that other designers own by redirecting people to their shops or websites.Commissions by participating in affiliate programs of other websites by sending traffic to them.You can take advantage of every design industry’s website that you admire their work and grant commissions.In affiliate marketing business the only limit is the SKY.


There are literally millions of products and services you can promote.You are not only selling your own work , you are pre-selling other people’s work.Your earnings will be multiplied.




Resources To Help You Create That Blog / Website


But this website you will create it has to be found online by people and companies , right?…In other words you have to bring traffic to that blog / website.The knowledge is accessible if you participate in communities and training portals like Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate which is my top recommended.You can sign up for a free membership and set-up your account profile.You can attend lessons to help you create a WordPress website with tools provided inside and get training courses to customize your website for the search engines to be found.The most important is that you will learn how to drive traffic to your blog.

If you know how to drive traffic to your blog you can therefore drive traffic to any website in order to grant commissions from their products.



Conclusion – Summary


Internet is hiding a huge power that if you can leverage it the right way and by following an ethical and professional approach you can expand your brand.You can reach to an audience  of about 3 billion people.You can participate in social media platforms and sub groups on graphic design , in graphic design communities and online marketplaces like the ones I discussed and create a shop , sell your work , blog about design and create connections that will proved valuable for the future.


And of course you can take it one step ahead and become a graphic design entrepreneur by creating a beautiful website on your own , by blogging , by selling your artwork directly on your website and by using the “U N L I M I T E D” power of Affiliate Marketing to help people and other designers and therefore gain commissions form products and services around the globe.A business model not only to expand your brand’s dimensions but a model with minimum costs.

What you think?…Do you understand the true “Online” potential now?…Would you prefer to open a local design agency?…How many people would you have reached in that way?…Did you calculate the total costs for running a local business?…Would you instead work for someone else for the minimum wages and limit your vision and dreams for the future?…



Take your graphic talent power in your hands and build something for you…you can become a designer entrepreneur … I surely believe in you.



NOTICE : You can do that in your spare time and of course without telling your boss .. about your plans and visions.Keep that for you…till it’s live online..Then spread the word with all you got


Related Resources


I hope you enjoyed yet another article on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner












Visual Content Marketing Tips with the Experts






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  1. G.C.Horton

    This is a very helpful and valuable post. There are so many artists who can’t support themselves with their art who could do well as graphic designers. Not to mention thousands of architects who are out of work since that industry died. So many creative souls could make money as a graphic designer, if they only knew. I wish we could all make a living using our creativity.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Gary , so glad you found this post useful.Indeed there are so many people out there , talented designers , that struggle to make a living , it’s a pity.

      And architects deal with problems , great mention.Especially in my country this area is almost dead.

      However internet is hiding many opportunities , if you know how to proceed and work to the right direction.Thank you for this visit and for sharing your experience.All my best.

  2. Daniella

    Hi Tasos,
    I was totally absorbed by the article, I truly enjoyed reading it as I had this idea in my mind lately. My goal were and still to become an entrepreneur and it’s funny because while I was learning the training, I realized that I really love to work on my website graphic. But I will surely create some websites first before presenting them. Your article gave me some great suggestions:)
    In fact, I have bookmarked your website so I can read more articles.
    Thank you very much

    • Tasos

      Welcome Daniella , you are very kind , so glad you enjoyed this article.If you already have set your goals then you are on the right track.If you create a powerful graphic portfolio on your website and fight in social media then you will get what you want.

      Thank you for visiting my blog , for taking the time to participate in the comments and I wish you good luck , all my best.

  3. Fred

    you are very right on your post, there are so much possibilities for a graphic designer on the web and you gave many options in your article. I have many graphics designers in my family (my wife, my 2 brothers and my brother in law and his wife) and I know more or less the issues they face. Working for someone usually generates a low income except if you have a lot of experience and if you are really good at what you do, you just need to be good, simple. The working hours are also very long in that field and competition is quite hard. The web offer solutions, one of my brothers is battling a bit so I tried to push him in the WA direction, I hope he will take the right action.


    • Tasos

      Welcome Fred , totally agree , you know first hand how difficult things are for designers.Enormous competition , hard working hours and low salaries.But internet is hiding lucrative opportunities if you invest your time.

      Thank you for this visit , for your kind comments and I wish that your brother and relatives will face better days.Do not push him really hard…All my best.

  4. Wayne

    Very interesting article. The one thing you need to do this type of business is creativity which I personally lack. This said, obviously there is a very huge market for graphical products. It goes without saying but the future of the internet will center more around graphics and video productions.

    • Tasos

      Nice thoughts Wayne.It seems that video and graphics are in demand.That comes as a result of Over-Information during the last years.Additionally humans have less free time and speed is the most important factor in communication.Therefore they seek for quality and entertainment.

      Thank you for this visit and for participating with your insights.

  5. Matt

    Your methods of making money online as a graphic designer can be applied to pretty much anything, which is what makes starting up your own blog/website an attractive opportunity.

    Following successful blogs, building a presence on social media, and getting involved in communities centered around your business interests are outstanding strategies for becoming a profitable online business owner,

    Whether it be web design or literally anything else, all of these core methods can be applied. The internet is full of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs.

    • Tasos

      Very good points Matt.You summarized everything that is important in your message.Indeed , the same technique can be applied to any niche of the market.Anyone can take advantage of his talents and create a business out of it.

      Now the modern internet era hides numerous surprises for wanna entrepreneurs.I hope that especially young people will stand off the ground to build a brighter future for them and for the next generations.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your experience and insights.

  6. Franchesca

    Great way of earning a decent income through web designing, it’s a good approach since there is competition in freelancing. It’s another good way to make money online that not all people know, since the most known are affiliate marketing and amazon. Thank you for sharing it, I’m going to look forward

    • Tasos

      Totally agree Franchesca on that , everybody knows Amazon and a great majority knows about Affiliate Marketing.Now if someone has a talent like designing he can make a killer combination .. Internet has opened unlimited doors.

      Thank you for the visit and for your interesting thoughts.


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