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You're Reading:Life Coaching Certified Review – $675 Now Dropped To $77

Life Coaching Certified Review – $675 Now Dropped To $77

by Tasos


Aug 3, 2015


Tasos Perte

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I found one very promising product in Clickbank , the Life Coaching Certification , which according to the network converts very high.Is this program really so superb?…I clicked with no hesitation and redirected to the website.First impression , disappointment.The website is another one page site starting with a fancy headline – Welcome readers – Get certified as a Life Coach – (normally $675) – for only $77 – act now – limited offer.Before I even read any information I have to decide already , this discount of $600 really makes me very sceptical.

With This Review I Am Researching The Life Coaching Certified Product , Created By The Celebrity Life Coach Dr Steve G Jones


The next step is another RED BOLD Headline – How to become a money making life coach from home … blah blah blah …  built on their $8 million + Business Blueprint.So the author of the page promises we will be making money according to his multi million dollar blueprint.The post continues with some questions concerning our life and our businesses.He says that the most successful businessmen succeeded because they had the right I N F O R M A T I O N…

Therefore he highlights that right now we , that visited his page , are information seekers.We are in need of building a profitable business while helping other achieve their dreams….Let’s see what’s next.

His sign up form , I have only read 5 paragraphs and he asks for my email account.Don’t you think it is pretty early for such an action?…I will give him a chance , I am too curious to find out what are his daily recommendations on finding true success.Here you go , you have my mail.

Wikipedia Information On Steve G Jones – Hypnotherapist


I googled his name to find anything useful that could help me understand his claims.What I found is that he is a clinical hypnotherapist in Savannah , Georgia.The weird thing is that Wikipedia has included a notice prior to the article.Wikipedia says , the article’s content is like an advertisement.Please help us improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external links , and by adding encyclopedic content written by a neutral point of view.Wikipedia was not satisfied at all , advertising content , written probably by …. someone ….

Hmmmm , I was sceptical for a reason.What do you think so far?…Are you satisfied?…Are you willing to give your $77?


Let’s move on , not to jump into any conclusions right from the beginning.




Let Him Explain Why This Works , Who He Is And Why You Should Listen To What He Says


…”believe it or not , my first coaching sale was $4200.”…We did not start well again

Continuing – I have been working with Mike for the past 10 months …. blah blah … Signed by Dr Mike K.Pennsylvania.

So this headline is written by Dr Mike who says that he has been working with Mike….FUNNY

I think the author made an obvious mistake here , he might wanted to write I have been working with Steve or the second alternative might be the sign of Dr Steve and not Dr Mike’s

Dr Steve Explains


He has been working for the past 25 years helping people achieve positive lasting change through hypnosis.His method is pretty simple , he implants messages to the subconscious mind of the person he is working at the moment.If the patient wants to quit smoking , or to lose weight or anything else he implants the appropriate messages and that’s it.At the end of the day he is nothing more than a coach.

We All Need Coaches


Even Michael Jordan had a coach , someone named Phil Jackson.Coaches help people become better by doing two things.

a) Expose them to information

b) A source of motivation

More blah blah blah of useless data.Let’s do this quickly from now on.

Now It’s Your Time To Do The Same


Another huge claim comes up , are you ready?

You will be able to build a business , be your own boss , have more freedom , help others do the same….

Someone named Ed Zimbardi from Atlanta says – if you want a 6 or 7 figure coaching business , Mike is the man….MIKE IS THE MAN….Now I am convinced , very powerful vocabulary , for 6 years old children….where is my credit card?….No , wait , if I want a 4 or 5 figure income , Mike won’t help me?…Yes , I want a 4 figure income , Mike.




Step Aside Your Worries , You Can Become A Life Coach – Step By Step Guide


Of course , what else?….Closer look at some of the secrets he will be revealing in this system

♦ Value Creation System ♦ Level One Coaching Model ♦ Entrepreneurial and small business coaching ♦ Career planning – development coaching ♦ Artistic creative coaching ♦ Identifying the perfect candidate ♦ Emotional Mastery ♦ Goal setting

♦ Relationship development ♦ Communication tactics ♦ Assessing needs ♦ Power Of Questions ♦ Mastering Intuition

♦ Preparing for the role ♦ Motivational tactics ♦ Developing rapport ♦ Four circles of the coaching ♦ Your first consultation

♦ Overcoming setbacks ♦ Program development ♦ Confronting hesitation ♦ Developing homework assignments

And many more – Pheeww the list ended at last.Very impressive….more blah blah blah

How Much Does It Cost?..You Said That Already Steve


You know Tasos , I have to write 3 more paragraphs of content ,you know I provide value to my readers.

I know Steve , I know


8 Weeks Guarantee – Typical 60 Days With Clickbank


A little more blah blah content and that’s it.Wow and another written testimonial and the website has nothing more to offer.

Contact Us Page – Let’s See


FAQ – What do we get at buying this program Steve?

10 hours of videos trainings , 100 pages PDF written by Steve’s hands.

Really Steve? – 10 hours of videos with information I can find anywhere for free and a PDF for $77?…You are very cheap.And why you did not say that in the main page?…Why do I have to press the contact us link to get an FAQ list and find that information there.?..Are you hiding something?

Final Opinion – Conclusion


♦ Well , well , well.Just because someone says he is a hypnotherapist and that he successfully implants information to the subconscious mind of his patients that does not prove anything to me.I did not understand how I will become a super coach from his one page content.This website seems very fraudulent to me , I hate such thin content , everything that is written are just general ideas , no real value , I have not heard anything new.

♦ His secret partner , Mike Litman , who said to be a Success Coach , is nothing by written words on a website page.There is no photograph of Steve or Mike in that webpage.Every serious entrepreneur that works solo , or even with a team , has at least one photograph but that does not prove his legitimacy , it is a starting point though.Someone that hides does not offer a photo , that is for sure.

♦ The website consists of a few headlines , some generic stuff and that’s all , very poor quality.

♦ Moreover there was no logo , no design elements , and no design or imagery for his product.Just his oath

♦ The training module that he created , that I doubt its quality , includes information on subjects that if you Google them you you will find tons of articles for FREE.Why should I pay Dr Steve my $77 for something I can find on my own?…Just because he gathered some data on a package?…If that was the case , that content should be sold in the price of an e-book.Let’s say 10 , 15 , 20 dollars tops.Why should I pay $77 ? because the initial price was $675?

♦ Additionally there is no TEST DRIVE – why Dr Steve , you are not so proud of your program?..




People please , stop falling for these hypes.You do not need Dr Steve or Dr Mike , you want motivation?…Head over to You-Tube.Thousands of motivational videos.Watch a motivational movie as an alternative.No one will be interested to get coached by you to become an entrepreneur.What businessmen do is that they TAKE ACTION.They just start building a business , nothing more , nothing less.Sure , they will get stuck some times , sure they will face problems.Everybody does.But they move on, they work , and they build their lives.They do not wait for some famous creepy doctors to coach them.They need information?…They seek for it , they talk with people and they find what they are looking for.They do not search for coaches.


If you are not convinced with my opinion and you head over and buy Dr Steve’s methods you will be disappointed when you finish that training…Have you considered who will be interested in getting coaching lessons from you and how you will get your name out there so that people know who you are and what you sell?…How will you attract people to coach them?…Will Dr Steve teach you marketing as well?…Remember he is a hypnotherapist.But I would not let him get me to sleep.




Want to build a business on your own?…Are you ready to dedicate to hard work?…Continue here to find out how I got started with my online business.


Related Infographic – How To Identify Fancy Programs













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  1. Jeannie

    I just had to say something about Steve G. Jones. I was already a Board Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist when I stumbled unto Steve’s website. I have actually learned quite a bit from his teachings that wasn’t part of my original coursework and training. He is very knowledgeable and I have great respect for his hypnotherapy methods, even if he does appear as something of a showman sometimes. (my credentials are Rec. T. (R) BGS (C. Psych) Ccht, ACCht

    • Tasos

      Hi Jeannie, thank you so much for sharing your story. All the best

  2. Shawn

    I loved your review and laughed through it, lol very funny, you have a sense of humor!
    I agree this is just another scam by a major scam artist and I think I will be keeping my 77 bucks.
    I love that the FAQs are hidden with the contact page, that is really a red flag or what.
    Thanks for the review!

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Shawn , you are very kind.Yes it is a scam , does not deserve people’s attention.But unfortunately some may fall for his methods.

      Red flags all around , worthless product and website.

      Thank you for these compliments and it feels great to see you enjoyed it.Cheers.

  3. Steven

    Hello ATzortzis, I was interested reading your posts about the hypnotists marketing training guide. I think that it does sound a little like something that you could get for free as well. I liked the inspiring information you laid out.

    • Tasos

      Hello Steven , indeed , there is plethora of information on these subjects , can be found easily online for free.I would not bother dealing with a crazy doctor.

      Thank you for dropping by.

  4. Mrschippy

    Hmmm, does sound pretty fishy doesn’t it? Although I’m really not sure I’d let anyone mess with my subconscious mind lol! Thorough review here which will hopefully make people think before buying into this. Agree with the previous comment too – good spot on Wikipedia. I get the impression you have to really sift through a lot of the stuff on Clickbank, so articles like this really help people do that. Thanks for the info.

    • Tasos

      Hello Mrschippy , this is an impressive title indeed.The “Certified” adds trust to the Life Coaching , fishy but suspicious.And if someone has no idea what is going on and without researching online for reviews and other data the doctor might manage to get some money.

      One of the worst presentations I have come across , innovative approach but fraudulent all along.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for stating your opinion here.

  5. Chris

    Nice review on life coaching certified – nice to pick up on something I haven’t come across before!
    Shame it turns out to be a bit of a suspicious opportunity at the end of the day. It did start off pretty interesting but your thorough research through Wikipedia etc soon brought the curtain down. Awesome review mate – I will be back for more!

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Chris , I don’t have to add much more besides one email I got today , again was a very poor PDF , a second attempt to get me buy the same product.Very low quality on this doctor’s projects.He does not add any value to the internet world.My suspicions are getting true.

      Thank you so much for your repeated visits on my blog and for your comments.

  6. Tasos

    Use your favorite search engine to find relevant answers to your queries



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