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He could hear his heart beat in 200 bps or even more.Manuel was sweating , watching the comments flow like a river on the Facebook wall.He had everything prepared , he knew he had to make his audience feel excited.

He tested the microphone and finally let the first words come out in ecstasy.


Dear partners , friends and colleagues – Le Na Mie … is kicking … A g a i n n n n n n


It’s been a journey , and what we learned … all this time through all these obstacles and traps.

But before I announce the big event I have to remind to all of you and first of all to myself that Lenamie is not a typical MLM company.

Why?…you know the answer , of course , Lenamie is proud to be an MLM organisation , we say it , we express our feelings , we are not hiding like other companies do.


Yes , you have to work your b..t off to climb up the levels and rankings , but the percentage of successful participants reach the 61%….S i x t y  O n e … and it’s not only about that or about the profits and money.

Yes , the company now is profitable but we are proud of our compensation plan and of our products.


Is there any MLM out there that compensates members who leave disappointed?

Is there any MLM that let members who left to return at any time , starting from where they stopped?…T e l l  M e and I will go away , right now.


He was a leader , the man behind his computer knew he had to deal with someone powerful but he had a plan.Wait till the end , he whispered to himself and then make Manuel freak out like he should.He checked his fake email address and notes , just in case.



Manuel’s Announcement


I won’t hold you back any longer.My dear Lenamie partners , all over the world.

A man that recruited in the company 6 months ago , by me , made a clever move on Friday morning.He was writing an e-book during the last period , a book about the company.

He is not revealing our secrets of productivity or other crucial details , don’t worry.But he knows how to sell.And the book sold , sold like crazy.In fact , as we speak , it is still the Hottest deal on a giant affiliate network.


It is my duty not to mention the exact numbers of that e-book sales but as a genuine company that cares I am H a p p y …  he continued slowly , extending the stress of the attendees.

I  a m  Ha ppy … to .. t r a n s f e r  to  e a c h  one of you …

… suddenly he spoke out loud and fast …. the amount of $5000….Check your bank accounts in 5 minutes from now….

He then paused … to let the audience absorb the information.


Somewhere in Greece


The man behind the screen thought that this was the perfect time to send the “Message” to Manuel.He only had to push the “Return” button.

Left the first comments of the participants roll and when he had enough he sent the short but meaningful comment.



Manuel was looking at the screen , happy , proud and relieved.


Every message , every comment was verifying the quality of this company.


Claaaaaank…..claaaaaank… his mobile phone … who the hell is that?…Watch at your screen closely dear Manuel…An SMS from an unknown encrypted sender…My user name is “Pablo”


The message was posing at the end of the page.Only 3 words long but the last word was Bold , Red and .. and


What about “”Monica”” ?


A second message from the same user arrived , this time on his facebook profile.

Do not send these payments … if you want to see Monica again.


He wanted to scream , to yell , to fight … but he was alone and probably the sender of that creepy message was somewhere in Greece.He could not believe it.

Immediately he called our Hero on the phone.As he was waiting he knew that something was wrong , he was not expecting to get an answer … and he did not.


He called the “Boss” … explained everything and tried to return to his audience.


Sorry fellows , I had a phone call from the “Boss” … I will be back in 15 minutes.Please don’t go away.



..To be continued…Things are getting harder for Manuel and Monica…let’s see… I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.











The beginning of the Story



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