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24 Supreme Lead Generation Tools & Software

by Tasos


Mar 16, 2021


6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23

Review & Exclusive Bonus

FREE Report: 3 AI Side Hustles Anyone Can Start


6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



The Future Belongs to Small Businesses

CHALLENGE: Preliminary Phase STARTED - 3 WINNERS. Question #1 has been released.


“7 IDEALS” Methodology Overview & Invitation

HOT NEWS: I'm working on the "7 IDEALS METHODOLOGY" video presentation, the blueprint (infographic & guide), the 7 ideals page, and a brand-new contest. For more information, join the newsletter and get exclusive bonuses and discounts for a lifetime.

Overview & Invitation

This methodology is the end result of over 30 years in business and marketing and I'm working on it since late 2021.

A systematic and structured approach to developing and implementing proprietary and custom-made strategies, processes, and campaigns for small businesses and startups.

It’s a methodology specifically designed to help you compete efficiently in the overcomplicated marketplace.

It’s a proprietary system that looks at your business as a whole and gives you a clear path – a roadmap to follow – a solid and flexible strategy and action plan.

It involves a set of principles, processes, models, frameworks, tactics, and techniques that you can use to achieve and surpass your business goals and objectives.

It’s not just a methodology to promote your products and services, that’s only one tiny aspect. It’s a methodology that helps you design, run, manage, and grow businesses. From an initial idea to becoming a leading name in your respective industry and beyond.

Starting small is actually the biggest benefit in this multi-dimensional, fast-changing marketplace.

Small businesses are personal, we get to interact with our customers face-to-face, and serve them at the highest level possible.

We know we can’t compete with giant corporations on budget, resources, or technology, but when it comes to delivering user experiences… guess… who’s the boss!

It’s a carefully designed, strategically organized methodology that helps small business owners understand the market inside out, create a competitive advantage, and develop unmatched – innovative products that consumers can’t enjoy and recommend enough.


Overview & Invitation


DAILY BREAKING NEWS - Marketing, Business, Economy, Multimedia + Last video commentary + Latest Additions + The "7 Ideals" Methodology NEWS & UPDATES

WealthyAffiliate - Why Does Everyone Want to be an Influencer? (most make no money) VIDEO:

I know we tend to look up to those that we view as public figures, and that is the case with influencers now on social media. There is a problem though. We perceive these folks through a much different lens than who they actually are, and we also perceive these folks with "followings" to be much more successful than they are.

SquadHelp: World's #1 Naming Platform - Domain names ideas generator + Business name generator + Industry name ideas + Trademark checker + Branding blog + Startup toolkit + Contests + Huge collections of brandable names + Resources, tools, and creatives, and so much more OVERVIEW

Online Marketplaces: Latest Additions

  • Restock.gr: Dairy & Cheese, Fruits vegetables, Meat, Fish Seafood, Delicatessen, Pasta & Deli, Grocery
    Cellar, Nuts & Dried fruits, Personal hygiene & Cosmetics, Cleaners, Stationery & Home Goods, Disposable items, Space equipment, Tools & Crafts


Some of those advertisements are sponsored. For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page

You want to attract and reach your ideal audience, grow your email list, automate marketing and sales processes, build sales funnels, help your sales team, and so much more.


Because you want to grow your business.

We all do.

You’re in good hands. We compiled a list of reliable lead generation tools and software solutions to save you valuable time.

We have divided this catalog into sub-categories: most of the solutions are marketing automation/funnels platforms, but there are also platforms to build forms, create quizzes, and surveys.

This is a list we’ll be updating frequently.

Let’s dive right in!

Lead Generation Tools & Software

Marketing Automation/Sales Funnels


optinmonster - marketing automation software

Main slogan: Convert and Monetize Your Website Traffic. Instantly grow your email list, get more leads and increase sales with the #1 most powerful conversion optimization toolkit in the world.


  • eCommerce conversion optimization
  • Publishers
  • Agencies


  • Drag & drop builder: pre-made templates, Yes/No forms, mobile-friendly popups, custom success message, canvas, MonsterEffects (26+ attention-grabbing animation and sound effects)
  • Campaign types: lightbox popup, fullscreen welcome mat, slide-in scroll box, floating bar, countdown timer, sidebar forms, inline forms, content locker, coupon wheel optins
  • Campaign triggers: Exit-Intent technology, scroll trigger, MonsterLinks 2-step optins, InactivitySensor, timed display control, campaign scheduling, HTML elements, JAvaScript variables
  • Targeted campaigns: referrer detection, page-level targeting, OnSite follow up campaigns, OnSite retargeting, geo-location targeting, cookie retargeting, device-based targeting, AdBlock detection
  • Seamless integrations: list segmentation, lead sharing, success tracking scripts, smart tags
  • Actionable insights: real-time behavior automation, A/B testing, smart success, conversion analytics, TruLead (Verify leads captured through OptinMonster forms for improved ROI, email deliverability)


  • Basic: $9/mo billed annually
  • Plus: $19/mo billed annually
  • Pro: $29/mo billed annually
  • Growth: $49/mo billed annually

There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Other departments: University, Press, Testimonials, Blog, Careers, Support, Documentation, Product tour, Integrations, Popup examples, Alternatives.

About: Since our launch in 2013, we have been improving conversions for small independent businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Over a billion people see a website with OptinMonster on it every month.

4.6B+ visitor sessions optimized, 21.4B+ optins served, 1M+ sites using it, 217M+ conversions.

Thomas Griffin is the co-founder and President, Syed Balkhi is the co-founder and strategic advisor. Retyp, LLC.


leadfeeder - lead generation tools & platforms

Main slogan: Generate more leads by seeing which companies visit your site. Leadfeeder shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you and what they’re interested in.


  • Lead generation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Sales prospecting


  • Identify website visitors: Turn anonymous traffic into real company names, Reveal the exact behavior of the companies visiting your website, Identify remote workers with Leadfeeder’s unique database of static and dynamic IP’s
  • Qualify high potential leads: Remove all ISP traffic, leaving you with real companies only, Create behavioral and demographic filters to segment the leads with the highest potential, Score automatically based on their web activity
  • Connect with decision makers: Search for decision-makers in a robust global database, Filter contacts based on job role, seniority, or location, Reveal and export email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Sync with your CRM: Integrate with all major CRM and marketing automation tools, Automatically sync visit data with your CRM, Create powerful reports using website visitor and CRM data
  • Powerful contact insights
  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Instant lead gen
  • Personal email alerts
  • Automation to your CRM
  • Free users
  • Powerful search
  • Versatile filtering
  • Integrations
  • Tracker script: generate leads from your current traffic, qualify leads and focus on value, automate your lead generation funnel, build lead lists with intent
  • Website visitor tracking: track anonymous website visitors, find the ideal contact, send alerts to the right sales rep, integrate easily to your current process
  • Account-based marketing software: generate accounts from your current traffic, monitor your target accounts, build account lists with high intent, enhance ad campaigns
  • Sales prospecting: identify prospects that are interested in you, find the email of your ideal contact, assign prospects to the right sales rep


  • Lite: A basic version of Leadfeeder with limited features that shows the last 3 days worth of leads only, Free
  • Premium: All features. Start with a Premium trial and if you do nothing you will be downgraded to Lite after 2 weeks: starting at €63/mo (up to 100 unique leads). Various price tiers. Last tier: 5,000+ leads – €599/mo.

Other departments and resources: blog, customers, integrations, webinars, B2B rebellion, guides, GDPR, academy, help center, sales contact, chat, product tour, jobs, brand assets, request a feature, partners, compare.

About: We’re based in Helsinki, Finland. Our roots are deep in web analytics and we’ve been the successful pioneers of web analytics technology development in Northern Europe. Pekka Koskinen, CEO. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, New York, California. Over 10 years ago Pekka was helping his dad find new leads for his business. He was frustrated by all these companies making promising visits but not leaving their contact details. So he built a tool called Snoobi to uncover his dad’s website visitors and later sold it to a big telecoms company. Leadfeeder is built on that expertise and was founded by Pekka, Herkko and Vicent in 2012.

Time-Tested Hiring & Outsourcing Platforms

Regular Updates


leadforensics - lead generation tools & software

Main slogan: software for turbo-charged lead generation, Get there before your competitors do.


  • Turn traffic into leads
  • Transform your sales funnel
  • Maximize campaign ROI


  • Identify sales leads you never knew you had, rapidly identify and contact your decision-makers, actionable leads at your fingertips, all the data you need (business name, names, positions, and email addresses of key decision-makers, location, website, telephone number), deep insights (what they searched for, how many times they visited, pages viewed and time spent, buyer consideration stage)
  • Prioritize the hottest leads (industry sector, full contact details, company size, visit duration and path, repeat visits), watch list as a solution to proactive pipeline management, mobilize your lead generation, optimize your lead nurture, upload your dream list
  • Lead generation domination, killer campaign ROI, real data, real insights (search terms, referring websites, page abandonment and engagement, industry and turnover), next-level attribution
  • Intagrations

Plans: In short Lead Forensics does not offer a one size fits all price for its clients. They like to tailor their packages to their customers so that you can maximize your return on investment.

The free 14-day trial allows them to monitor your traffic and the number of business opportunities that are coming to your site, then they tailor their pricing to match. One of their product specialists will be in touch with you throughout the entire process of setting up Lead Forensics on your website, talk you through the results of your trial and answer any questions you may have. Once this is all complete they can then discuss your accurate pricing with you.

    Other departments and resources: FAQs, API, customers, partners, knowledge base, resources, blog, news, compliance, careers.

    About: In 2009, Entrepreneur Paul Thomas saw an opportunity to help B2B companies grow fast. Combining his vision and with our development wizard, Lead Forensics was born and a B2B lead generation revolution began. 200+ staff members. Various awards. Locations: Atlanta, London, Scottsdale Arizona, Portsmouth UK, Bournemouth UK, Bristol UK. 


    albacross - lead generation tools & software

    Main slogan: Know who is ready to buy – and when! Albacross collects intent data of website visitors to help you increase relevance and accelerate revenue.


    • Lead generation
    • Website personalization
    • Account-based marketing


    • Turn anonymous web traffic into B2B leads
    • Discover website visitors: Install a tracking code and let it capture b2b leads from your inbound traffic.
    • Segment & qualify: Configure filters to quickly see the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) leads and move them further through your sales funnel.
    • Contact prospects directly: Discover the contact information of key people at the target company. Albacross integrates automatically with various CRMs, outreach tools, and other apps so you can send it anywhere.
    • Personalize your website for each visitor: Create unique journeys for each company visiting your website. Increase your conversion and engagement by providing an account-based experience.
    • Provide targeted experiences for your accounts
    • Show the right calls-to-action to the right people
    • Target companies with personalized ads and influence decision-makers
    • Choose companies: search for new leads by industry, annual revenue, country, and more
    • Advertise: launch campaigns in minutes from a user-friendly interface
    • Evaluate: manage and measure your campaigns from the analytics dashboard
    • Find leads
    • Customize your campaign
    • Upload your ads

    Plans: there are various plans depending on how big is the team you operate or manage. <24, 25-50, 51-200, 201-500, 500+.

    You answer 3 quick questions and you request a pricing quote.

    Other departments and resources: integrations, customers, blog, GDPR, help center, onboarding & support, books, lead estimator, agency program, specification, banner school, write for us, we are hiring, converting the unconverted, the 6 laws of meaningful email, outreach.

    About: We are first and foremost a data company. When we launched Albacross, we released our product for free which enabled us to build the largest proprietary IP-to-company mapping data network in Europe. Today, we track 3 billion events monthly, identifying 1000’s of companies for our customers. Albacross Nordic AB.


    visitorqueue - lead generation tools & software

    Main slogan: Increase revenue by 10%-20%. Identify Your Website Visitors. Identify the name, contact details and user data of the businesses that visit your website. 98% of website visitors leave without converting, find out who they were today!


    • Real-time leads
    • Unlimited users
    • User-first design
    • Company contact information
    • Website visit information
    • Company social media accounts
    • Key people information
    • Contact information
    • Privacy-friendly
    • Lead queues
    • Searching for companies
    • Hiding of leads
    • Exporting of leads
    • Emailing of leads
    • Lead archiving
    • Filters
    • Auto-assignment of leads
    • Email notifications
    • Native integrations
    • 3rd party integrations
    • Our list is growing
    • Rest API
    • Easy to get started
    • Dedicated customer support


    • 100 unique companies per month: $39/mo or $31/mo billed annually
    • 300 unique companies per month: $79/mo or $63/mo billed annually
    • 500 unique companies per month: $99/mo or $79/mo billed annually
    • 1,000 unique companies per month: $169/mo or $135/mo billed annually
    • 2,000 unique companies per month: $249/mo or $199/mo billed annually

    There’s a free 14-day trial period.

    Other departments and resources: use cases, case studies, integrations, book a demo, agencies, blog, careers, integrate with us, API, FAQ, GDPR & CCPA, partner program, prerecorded demo, resources, website visitor identification calculator.

    About: The London Roundhouse1-240 Waterloo StreetLondon, ON N6B 2N4888-507-2937. We decided to build Visitor Queue after our CEO, Nick Hollinger, had tried several of the others as a Sales & Marketing Manager for a B2B company. He saw the enormous value and potential for a software like this but realized after spending several months testing the ones currently on the market that they all had some major faults and weren’t built with end users in mind. That is when he decided it was time to build his own.


    clearbit - lead generation tools & software

    Main slogan: Data to power your entire business. Clearbit is the marketing data engine for all of your customer interactions. Deeply understand your customers, identify future prospects, and personalize every single marketing and sales interaction.


    • Reveal: unmask anonymous web traffic to personalize for target accounts
    • Prospector: discover your ideal accounts and leads with complete contact info
    • Advertising: B2B audience targeting for Facebook and Google Remarketing
    • Enrichment: turn any email or domain into a full person or company profile
    • Alerts: notify sales and success when target accounts visit your website
    • Connect: find any email in under five seconds
    • Risk: protect your company from bad signups
    • Forms: capture more leads without sacrificng any data

    Solutions for:

    • Marketers: generate and convert more leads throughout the funnel
    • Sales: close more deals with better business intelligence
    • Batch: enrich any list in seconds


    • Deanonymize your website traffic
    • Provide a targeted experience: instant firmographic data, personalized chat
    • Alert your sales team when their accounts show intent
    • Build perfect advertising audiences with firmographic data: account exists, company employees, company industry, page views matching
    • Instantly build your pipeline, rich account and lead lists, data never out of date, no more bounced emails, identify new target accounts, find and create fresh leads, 100+ unique data points, integrate with SalesForce
    • Reach new users and retarget website visitors using 100+ firmographic, technographic, and employee attributes, Drive high-quality traffic and conversions with 100+ B2B targeting filters including title, industry, company size, and technology used, retarget qualified accounts, personalize campaigns by stage, status, or custom field
    • Get full context on every lead, contact and account in your company’s universe to drive conversion, wins, and insights at scale, From the first form-fill, you’ll have contact and company details for modern lead scoring, routing, ideal customer profile analysis, and segmentation, form shortening, advanced email personalization, fresh lead database, segment
    • Send real-time notifications about target accounts via Slack, SalesForce, or email, identify high-value accounts before they fill out a form, monitor key accounts in Salesforce and Hubspot, fully customizable rules to match your unique needs, send alerts that fit your team’s workflow
    • Find any sales email address, search for companies, search for people, find emails and details, know everything about your contacts
    • Instantly separate fake signups from real users, and stop fraudulent accounts in their tracks, stop spam and abuse before they start 
    • Append 100+ firmographic and employee attributes, Provide an effortless user experience, Stop missing MQLs flying under the radar

    Plans: pricing is based on CRM database size, monthly web traffic, and monthly contact creation. Fill out a quick form and request a demo.

      Other departments and resources: customers, logo API, autocomplete API, data attributes, support, documentation, status, data.com comparison, blog, jobs, press.

      About: Founded in 2015 by Rob Holland, Matt Sornson, Andrew O’Neal, Alex MacCaw, Harlow Ward, and Amit Vasudev. More than 500 million records enriched monthly. Hundreds of thousands of people and companies use Clearbit every day. 1500+ business customers.

      90 Sheridan St, San Fransisco, CA. 


      groovefunnels - create sales funnels online

      Main slogan: Can Your Website Builder Do All This For FREE? Create 3 Full Websites, Sell Unlimited Products, Attract Affiliates, All Without Any Fees! The Last Online Sales System You’ll Ever Need.


      • Manage sites and funnels
      • Manage products
      • Email marketing
      • Manage memberships
      • Manage videos
      • GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveMail
      • GrooveFunnelMapping
      • GroovePipeCRM
      • GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveKart, GrooveAffiliate
      • GrooveBlog, GrooveWebinars, GrooveDesk
      • GrooveStreaming
      • GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, GrooveQuiz
      • GrooveAutomations, GrooveProof
      • Marketplace
      • App store (multi-vendor marketplace)
      • API/SDK
      • GroovePay, GrooveAds, GrooveSolos
      • Events and workshops
      • GrooveDigital Academy
      • Tutorials
      • Blog
      • HelpDesk, guidelines
      • Corporate Site
      • Facebook Group
      • Careers


      • Unlimited products
      • Build brand websites with full navigation
      • Custom domains
      • Bandwidth and hosting
      • Sell products with 1-click upsells
      • Upsells, downsells, and order bumps
      • Affiliate program
      • Automated, behavioral-based email marketing
      • Membership site platform
      • Video marketing built right in
      • Marketplace
      • Analytics and data


      • Free
      • Platinum lifetime: $1,397 one-time, 5 monthly payments of $497.
      • Platinum monthly (coming soon)

      30-days money-back guarantee.

      GrooveFunnels is not just a funnel and webpage builder. You can sell products and services, build an eCommerce site, join the multi-vendor marketplace, recruit affiliates, run email marketing campaigns, manage memberships, there are video marketing tools, various apps, CRM, and so much more.

      About: Mike Filsaime, CEO. John Cornetta, President. Matt Serralta, COO.


      outgrow - vontent marketing tools & software

      Main slogan: Boost Your Marketing with Interactive Content. Use Outgrow’s simple, no-code tools to acquire qualified leads.


      • Calculators: Use Outgrow To Make ROI Calculator, Pricing Calculator, Growth Calculator, Website Calculator, etc.
      • Quizzes: branded, funnel analytics, branching logic, smart builder, graphs and charts, embed anywhere, boost marketing, integrations, support
      • Surveys: Build Engagement Survey, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Product Awareness Survey, etc
      • Chatbots: website pricing page, lead qualifier, lead generator, website/service explainer, customer satisfaction surveyor, out-of-office information, and more
      • Assessments: English language test, IQ quiz, calculate your IQ, IQ tests, German language test, the BMI certified IQ test, and more
      • eCommerce recommendations:
      • Polls: various solutions


      • All layouts are heavily optimized for: conversion, engagement, multiple screen sizes, different browsers, share rates
      • Branding: your logo, your colors, your assets, your fonts, your style
      • Funnel analytics: conversion rate at each stage, section and question-level funnel charts, detailed analytics for each user
      • Branching logic: unlimited branches for each question, and/or logic, send to a specific question or result
      • Conditional messaging: different messages for different results, unlimited result conditions, add images, videos to each message
      • Smart builder accelerates developments to minutes: text input, single and multi-select, numeric slider, opinion scale, rating, date/time picker, file upload, and more
      • Graphs and charts: line, pie, tables, bar, radar/polar
      • Embed anywhere: full screen, iFrame, popup, chatbot
      • Close the marketing loop: personalized confirmation emails, dynamic text, segment leads & assign to different campaigns
      • Generate new targeted leads: flexible lead gen, optimized for conversion, multiple form field options
      • Improve social footprint: add share call-to-action, embed like & follow buttons, share on social
      • Over 1000 integrations
      • Teams, agencies
      • Support
      • SSL secure

      Other departments and resources: templates, support, partners, wall of love,  increase conversions, increase ROI, increase sales, blog, certified partners, idea generator, intern with us, marketing trends, marketplace, podcast, webinars, careers.


      • Free (covid offer)
      • Freelancer limited: $22/mo or $14/mo billed annually
      • Freelancer: $45/mo or $25/mo billed annually
      • Startup SpL: $85/mo or $55/mo billed annually
      • Essentials for teams: $115/mo or $95/mo billed annually
      • Business for teams: $720/mo or $600/mo billed annually
      • Custom for enterprise, agency: contact the sales team

      About: Pratham Mittal, co-founder, Randy Rayess, co-founder. 50+ team members, 50,000+ calculators, 150+ countries. 401 Park Ave, 10th Floor New York, 10016.

      SalesForce Pardot

      salesforce pardot - lead generation tools & software

      Main slogan: B2B Marketing Automation on the World’s #1 CRM. Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals


      • Marketing automation: streamlined lead management, smarter lead generation, email marketing, seamless sales alignment, insightful ROI reporting, AI
      • B2B marketing analytics
      • SalesForce Engage
      • Account-based marketing
      • Industries: financial services, healthcare & life sciences, manufacturing, media


      • Understand markeitng automation in 90 secionds
      • Become a marketer that sales team love
      • Knowl your leads
      • Get more leads
      • Make every dollar count
      • Deliver personalized content

      Resources and other departments: customer success, service and support, B2B marketing resources, webinars and events, customer hub (knowledge base, training, idea exchange), ROI calculator, FAQ, apps, API documentation, releases, blog, covid-19, careers, partners.


      • Growth: Fuel growth with smarter marketing automation, $1,250/mo/10,000 contacts billed annually
      • Plus: dive deeper with marketing automation and analytics, $2,500/mo/10,000 contacts billed annually
      • Advanced: power innovation with AI and analytics, $4,000/mo/10,000 contacts billed annually
      • Premium: enterprise-ready features with predicitive analytics and support,  $15,000/mo/10,000 contacts billed annually
      • SalesForce Engage: Empower Sales to connect early, often and effectively with Salesforce Engage for Pardot, $50/mo/user billed annually
      • B2B marketing analytics plan: Uncover new marketing insights, attribute impact, and get AI-driven recommendations, $3,000/mo billed annually
      • Engagement history dashboards: Enable sales and service with the insights they need to have meaningful conversations with every buyer, $300/year/user billed annually

      About: In 1999, we pioneered cloud-based CRM software and have helped 150,000+ companies run their companies more effectively. Now, we’re creating an economy that will help millions of people find career satisfaction and enjoy better lives as well. Deb Dugan, CEO. 


      Business & Marketing Tools Collection

      Work management, tracking, organizing, payments, accounting, Google, keyword, market, and competition research, SEO, analytics, and related, marketing & advertising, web development, website monitoring, domains & website hosting, coding, and related, design & multimedia, marketplaces, entrepreneurial communities, hiring & outsourcing.

      200+ business and marketing tools collection banner 666px


      hubspot - content marketing tools & software

      Main slogan: There’s a better way to grow. Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.”

      Marketing hub products:

      • Blogging: Publish relevant, engaging, conversion-optimized content with tools that speed up creation, keep formatting consistent, and make it easy to optimize for search
      • Landing pages: Launch landing pages that look perfect across devices, add forms optimized for completion in one click, and automatically change content based on who’s viewing your page
      • Email: Create stunning email templates, automatically personalize subject lines and content for each recipient, and run A/B tests to improve open rates and clickthroughs
      • Marketing automation: Let your leads find their own path to purchase to close more deals. With marketing automation, you can use each lead’s behavior to tailor emails, content, offers, and outreach at scale
      • Lead management: Access each contact’s information and see every interaction you’ve already had. Use this data to create hyper-targeted campaigns that close more deals
      • Analytics: Gain insight into your entire customer journey to see which marketing assets are working the hardest. Use multi-touch revenue attribution to show how marketing impacts the bottom line
      • Partitioning: Separate all your marketing assets by team so every user has access to the right content
      • Social media: Monitor brand mentions and relevant conversations, track engagements automatically, and schedule your social posts to be published when the right people will see them
      • SEO: Plan your content strategy around topics that will elevate your authority in search engines, get as-you-type optimization advice as you’re creating content, and measure real SEO ROI with integrated analytics
      • Calls-to-action: Design CTAs visitors can’t help but click, know who clicks which CTAs, and measure performance to optimize clickthrough rates over time
      • Ads: Track the ROI of your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google advertising with precision, and stop struggling to justify your paid ad spend
      • SalesForce integration: Bi-directional sync with Salesforce means a record of every email open, CTA click, and form submission is at your fingertips. Use this data to score leads and create segmented lists

      Other products:

      • Free CRM tools: contact management, contact website activity, companies, deals, tasks & activities, company insights, gmail and outlook integration, app marketplace integrations, custom support form fields, prospects, ticketing, forms, ad management, conversations inbox, reporting dashboard, email tracking & notifications, email templates, canned snippets, documents, calling, meeting scheduling, messenger integration, custom properties
      • Free marketing tools: forms, email marketing, ad management, landing pages, conversations inbox, list segmentation, team email, live chat, conversational bots, mobile optimization, reporting dashboard, messenger integration, custom properties, mobile app, form follow-up emails
      • Free sales tools: live chat, conversational bots, team email, quotes, calling, email scheduling, email tracking & notification, conversations inbox, email templates, canned snippets, documents, meeting scheduling, reporting dashboard, deal pipeline, messenger integration, custom properties, mobile app
      • Free service tools: ticketing, live chat, email scheduling, conversations inbox, calling, conversational bots, team email, canned snippets, email templates, meeting scheduling, tickets closed reports, rep productivity reports, time-to-close reports, reporting dashboard, email tracking & notifications, documents, messenger integration, custom properties, mobile app
      • Sales & CRM: organize sales processes, connect with prospects on their terms, track, iterate, improve, manage your growing team, personalize your outreach at scale, configure, price, quote, customiza to match your business, extend administrative controls, coach and enable at scale
      • Customer service: organize and track customer communications, maximize productivity, measure efficiency, delights customers at scale, help customers help themselves, measure and improve customer experience, deliver exceptional service, consistently, manage multiple teams & businesses, enable self-service at scale
      • CMS: build remarkable web pages, grow traffic & convert leads, secure your website, build powerful web app experiences, gain governance at scale, extend your brand

      Marketing hub plans

      • Free
      • Starter: €46/mo or €41/mo billed annually
      • Professional: €823/mo or €740/mo billed annually
      • Enterprise: starts at €2,994

      There’s a free 14-day trial period. There are also bundles of tools and solutions.

      Other departments and resources: app marketplace, asset marketplace, solutions directory, academy, product updates, training & services, careers, investor relations, blog, customer support, partners, for startups.

      About: As fellow graduate students at MIT in 2004, Brian and Dharmesh noticed a shift in the way people shop and buy. Consumers were no longer tolerating interruptive bids for their attention — in fact, they’d gotten really, really good at ignoring them.

      From this shift, a company was born: HubSpot. It was founded on “inbound”, the notion that people don’t want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople — they want to be helped.


      clickfunnels - sales funnel builders

      Main slogan: quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then customers. Without having to hire or rely on a tech team.


      • Simple drag and drop webpage editor (Etison)
      • Quickly build sales funnels that convert
      • Smart shopping cart with 1-click upsells
      • Email marketing automation
      • Facebook marketing automation
      • One simple dashboard
      • Membership areas
      • Order forms
      • Affiliate centers (Backpack)
      • customization: logos, videos, text, CSS, padding adjustment, color
      • Lead generation
      • Follow up funnels
      • Analytics, stats

      How it works:

      • Visitor lands on a page – added to email list
      • Sales page – build value
      • Collect money
      • Upsell page – 1-click upsell
      • Membership area – deliver your product

      Categories: Agency/freelancer, Information products, eCommerce, Coaching/consulting, Network marketing, Local small business, B2B lead generation, Blogging/affiliate, Non-profits.

      Other departments: Careers, Blog, Case studies, Training, Documentation, Official Facebook group, Support chat.


      • ClickFunnels: $97/mo.
      • Platinum: $297/mo.
      • Two Comma ClubX: $2,497/mo.

      About: ClickFunnels was born in 2014 when the frustration and time required to build a successful funnel just became too much to handle. Russell and Todd got together for a week and mapped out their dream software.

      3443, W Bavaria St, Eagle, ID 83616, Boise, Idaho. Stats: 112K+ users, 1.60B+ contacts, 8.31M+ funnels, $10.4B+ processed.

      Work Management Tools

      Regular Updates


      marketo engage - marketing automation software

      Main slogan: makes the complex buyer journey simple. Get measurable results from acquisition to advocacy with experiences that keep customers engaged and coming back.


      • Marketo Engage: attract and convert prospects, grow customer relationships, scale up your marketing, master account-based marketing, marketing data environment, content personalization, cross-channel engagement, experience automation, sales partnership, marketing impact analytics, plug n play integrations, sales insight, advanced journey analytics, website personalization, predictive audiences, account profiling, advanced BI analytics, predictive content, sales connect
      • Bizible: Premium Multi-touch Attribution. Maximize the revenue impact of every single touchpoint across your experiences.
      • Adobe Experience Cloud: AI-driven solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce through the most comprehensive. set of customer experience applications and services available.

      Industries: healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, financial services, technology

      Other departments and resources: customer stories, find a partner, be a partner, services & support, University, resource center, upcoming events, upcoming webinars, live demo, customer community, CMO nation, blog, developers blog, leadership, newsroom, careers.


      • Select: essential marketing automation and measurement, contact sales
      • Prime: Full lead and account-based marketing with journey analytics and AI personalization, contact sales
      • Ultimate: The most complete and powerful experience automation with premium attribution, contact sales
      • Enterprise: Achieve the highest degree of scale and flexibility, request information

      About: by Adobe, an American software company, headquartered in San Mateo, California.

      Cloud Backup, Storage, Hosting

      Reliable Services


      systeme - sales funnel builders

      Main slogan: the only tool you need to launch your online business.


      • Sales funnels: build a sales funnel in 30 seconds with just 3 clicks
      • Email marketing: send email newsletters, set up email campaigns. Unlimited email sending for each account
      • Sell products: Connect your Stripe and/or your Paypal accounts to sell your products. You can also add upsells, downsells and order bumps to your sales funnels
      • Online courses: build an online course and launch it
      • Dropshipping: Build high converting sales funnels to sell physical products
      • Launch your blog: A blog is a great way to bring in organic traffic. Build your blog with just a few clicks
      • Run evergreen webinars: Evergreen webinars are a game changer when building your email list and making sales on autopilot
      • Run an affiliate program: We use systeme to power our own affiliate program and generate over $300,000 in sales every month
      • Automate your business: save time


      • Startup: $27/mo.
      • Webinar: $47/mo.
      • Enterprise: $97/mo.

      Other departments: Blog, Tutorials, Marketplace (info-products, physical products, services, software, templates), Support, Knowledgebase, Online training.

      AboutAurelian Amacker, founder. Stats: 139M+ emails delivered, $11M+ sales generated.

      Presentation Tools & Sharing Platforms

      Regular Updates


      leadboxer - lead generation tools & software

      Main slogan: Lead & Customer Intelligence. Identify your most qualified Leads & Customers and insert valuable insights into your sales workflow.


      • Website and email tracking: every digital action, click, view, download, and other touch-points from your audience and access this data in either raw unprocessed format or through our application.
      • Identify website visitors: IP addresses, form fields, email and other touch-points.
      • Enriched firmographic data: industry, location, size, domain, social profiles, and many more data points
      • Bring your own data
      • Accounts view for ABM
      • Create segments with filters: company name, industry or size, geographic data, behaviour; pages viewed, URLs, exit links or visits, and marketing data such as UTM tags or referrer
      • Automatic lead-scoring
      • Email notifications
      • Integrations & connectors
      • Flexible
      • Application & API
      • Full data search
      • Campaign tracking (UTM tags)
      • Auto form tracking
      • GDPR compliant
      • Documentation & tutorials
      • Build for scale


      • Basic: $195/mo billed annually
      • Premium: $495/mo billed annually

      There’s a free trial perido and you can request a demo.

      Other departments and resources: services, cases, blog, integrations, documentation, resources, product changes.

      About: Wart Fransen, CEO. Cralan Deutsch, Co-Founder.

      Online Marketplaces

      The Ultimate List

      (Buy and Sell Products)


      leadpages - sales funnel builders v2

      Main slogan: Easily create your website and landing pages with the only platform engineered by marketing nerds. Trusted by 40,000+ small business owners. turn clicks into customers. Leadpages helps small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales. Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.


      • Expand your reach and collect qualified leads: Reach new audiences with targeted opt-in offers that build your email list.
      • Self-schedule your free consultations: Easily offer and schedule consultations and appointments from any web page or pop-up.
      • Sell your expertise: From services and digital products to workshops and registrations, build a steady income.


      • Websites, landing pages, alert bars, pop-ups: Create your online presence and build your email list with high-converting offers and opt-in forms.
      • Code-free, drag & drop builder: Create and publish professional-quality, mobile-responsive content in a matter of minutes without touching a speck of code.
      • Mobile-responsive templates: Leadpages optimizes each template to look great on any device, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile.
      • SEO-friendly pages: Customize and preview how your pages appear on search engines. Set your meta tags (title, description, and keywords), and preview your page in real-time.
      • Powerful integrations: Connect with tools you already use: MailChimp, Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, WordPress, and more! Plus 1000+ apps through Zapier.
      • Opt-in form builder: Easily drag and drop a form onto a web page or pop-up, choose your fields, customize your design, and route your leads to any tool or app.
      • Real-time conversion tips: Experience the only platform that gives you optimization tips in real-time, to help predict a page’s performance before you publish.
      • Tracking & analytics: Easily track the real-time performance of your landing pages and Facebook ads, so you can optimize as you go.
      • A/B testing: Optimize your landing pages for higher conversions by running unlimited split tests—including A/B tests.
      • Free hosting: Securely host your website and/or landing pages on a free Leadpages domain, secured with SSL encryption and hosted on an HTTPS address.
      • Device-specific preview: Preview your content across different device screen sizes so that you can easily optimize how your content displays on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
      • 99.9% uptime: Powered by Google’s App Engine, Leadpages delivers both reliability and speed, keeping your content in the hands of your audience.
      • Automatic SSl encryption: All pages on our servers are secured with SSL and HTTPS protocols. Whether you use your Leadpages domain or connect your own domain, your pages are secure.
      • GDPR compliance: The data you collect with Leadpages is processed securely and in accordance with GDPR requirements. Easily add an active consent checkbox to any opt-in form.
      • Top speed & reliability: Increase conversions and improve user experience with industry-leading page load speeds and 99.9% uptime.

      Other departments: Tech support, Webinars & coaching, Online community, Certified professionals, Blog, Podcast, Help center, Facebook group, Press, Careers., FAQ.


      • Standard: $27/mo billed annually, $37/mo.
      • Pro: $59/mo billed annually, $79/mo.
      • Advanced: $239/mo billed annually, $321/mo.

      AboutHeadquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our company started in 2012 and has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

      Online Survey Tools

      Regular Updates


      bloom - marketing automation software

      Main slogan: eMail Opt-In And Lead Generation Plugin For WordPress. Convert visitors into loyal followers. Bloom gives you all the tools you need to turn your website’s visitors into loyal followers and customers. Not only is Bloom going to convert extremely well, it’s going to look great doing it.


      • More email subscribers: Email marketing is extremely powerful. In fact, we see 20X the engagement from emails than we do from posts to our social media profiles.
      • Highly-targeted content: Bloom lets you target or exclude specific posts and pages and display unique forms with unique offers based on visitor location and interaction.
      • Elegant design options: We have built over 100 amazing templates, each of which can be completely customized using Bloom’s extensive design settings.


      • Display types: automatic optin popup, automatic option fly-in, in-line optin form, below content option forms, widget area option forms, require optin to unlock content
      • Triggers: timed delay, bottom of post, after scrolling, after commenting, after purchasing, after inactivity
      • Integrations: 19 email marketing integrations
      • Design & customize: 100 pre-made templates, well-designed optin forms.
      • Optin form orientations: bottom, left, right
      • Customized borders and edges
      • Image orientation options, left, right, above, below
      • Unlimited color options
      • Fully responsive
      • Highly-targeted display settings: automatic fly-in and popup triggers, events, meetups, products, modern, projects, icons, refine on a per post or page level
      • Dashboard: increase conversions with A/B testing, add, modify, and track accounts, conversion and email list statistics, import and export data
      • 24/7 premium support

      Other departments and resources (part of Elegant Themes): DiviBuilder, layout library, live demo, customer showcase, marketplace, hosting, divi theme, extra theme, monarch plugin, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, documentation, community, developer docs, blog, resources, business, careers.


      • Yearly access: Divi, Extra, Bloom, Monarch, $89/year
      • Lifetime access: Divi, Extra, Bloom, Monarch, $249/one-time

      Risk-free guarantee, cancel your membership or upgrade to a different package at any time after signing up.

      About: Elegant Themes isn’t just a company, it’s a community, and we cling to the community-centric values that have guided us over the past 12 years. We love WordPress, we love Open Source, and most of all we love building great things for our amazing customers. Nick Roach – founder and CEO.

      115 team members, 12 years in business, 767,000+ customers.

      Bloom Email Optin Plugin


      kartra - sales funnel builders

      Main slogan: your online business made easy. Finally, everything you need, all in one place. 


      • Checkouts: Sell products or services online through our secure and gorgeous checkout forms for both credit card and Paypal payments.
      • Pages: Amazing drag-and-drop page builder with hundreds of professionally designed templates. Ultimate flexibility and 100% mobile optimized.
      • Leads: Build your leads, prospects and customers database. Organize them in theme groups via lists and custom tags.
      • Funnels & campaigns: Engineer a multi-page funnel flow to convert visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into recurrent clients!
      • Mail: Create live or automated email/SMS marketing campaigns to communicate and engage with your user base.
      • Memberships: Deliver your content, course or training material with our professionally designed, drag-and-drop membership portal builder.
      • Videos: Video marketers rejoice! Pop offers mid-way through your video, inject lead capture forms, multi-video playlists and much more.
      • Helpdesks: Helpdesk portal with support ticketing and live chat. Fully integrated with Kartra Checkouts to also provide billing support.
      • Calendars: Register and organize your one-to-one scheduled sessions with your customers, all from within one integrated dashboard.
      • Forms: Gorgeous lead capture forms. Create your own custom fields with powerful tagging and automation rules.
      • Affiliates: Recruit, manage and track an army of affiliates to promote your products. Flexible commissions, payment milestones, etc.
      • Agency: Do you service other people’s online business? Manage customer accounts from one centralized console!
      • Marketplace: Sell your marketing funnels and expert services, or discover resources created by other Kartra users (internet marketing & eCommerce, healthy, beauty & fitness, self help and personal development, parenting, family & children, sports, cooking & food, home and garden, new age/spirit, mobile, green products, finance, business, religion)
      • Integrations & API: If you’re code-savvy and want to program your own custom add-ons, our comprehensive API will be your play field!


      • Starter: $99/mo, $79/mo billed annually
      • Silver: $199/mo, $149/mo billed annually (agency included)
      • Gold: $299/mo, $229/mo billed annually (agency included)
      • Platinum: $499/mo, $379/mo billed annually (agency included)

      For enterprise-level accounts, please contact the support team.

      Available add-ons: Additional domains, emails, bandwidth, integrations & API.

      30-days money-back guarantee.

      About: Genesis Digital LLC, 7660 Fay Ave #H184, La Jolla, CA 92037, +1 (872) 777-2727. Stats: 40K+ customers served, 500K+ webinars streamed, 6+ years in business, 100+ employees.

      Business Accounting Solutions For Every Need

      Regular Updates

      Active Campaign

      activecampaign - marketing automation software

      Main slogan: Do more than automate your email — activate your entire customer experience. ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.


      • Email marketing: broadcast emails, triggered emails, targeted emails, email autoresponders, email funnels, scheduled emails, multi-user editing, revision history, managed deliverability, integrations, conditional content, mobile-optimized, link actions, custom data, geotracking, audience segmentation, free image hosting, site tracking, personalization, social sharing, analytics 
      • Marketing automation: site tracking, event tracking, automation goals, automation map, attribution, split action, automate your email follow up, find your most engaged contacts, integrate your favorite apps, segmentation, map out exactly what’s happening in your automation, sign up forms, migration services, goal tracking, advanced reporting, lead scoring, notification emails
      • Sales + CRM automation: contact and lead scoring, gmail extension for chrome, mobile app, notify your sales team, update deals & create tasks, nurture leads automatically, manage your contacts in a central platform, automatically update contact details and view a lead’s entire history from the contact record, sales reporting, win probability, marketing automation, segmentation, notification remails, automated deal updates, task assignments, note creation
      • SMS marketing: Add automated SMS sending to your automation work flows and send follow ups to your contacts, notify sales agents, and more, manage and collect phone numbers, appointment reminders, SMS messages to event attendees, confirmation or coupon code delivery, flash sale notifications
      • Customer service automation: multi-channel support, site and event tracking, flexible pipeline, chatbot automation, native integrations, team collaboration, automated tasks, automated workflows, consolidated records
      • Landing pages: customizable templates, drag n drop designer, build your list & send emails on the same platform, get up and running fast
      • Conversations: Live chat, automated chatbot workflows, and a unified inbox, create deals in the CRM, automate live chat, add tags and personalize, customize each chat experience, update custom field data, assist customers while reps are offline, improve team productivity, agent assignments, automated chatbots, Facebook messenger built-in, multi-channel support, chatbot automations, collect contact info, add chat data to contacts, conversation management, notifications, filer conversations, reporting
      • Social media: You can add people to Facebook Custom Audiences automatically. When you run your Facebook Ads through an automation step, you can target your audience based on almost any behavior.
      • Web personalization: target audience (segment by tag, element editor, CTA, header image), Any page on your website can be personalized 

      Other departments and resources: get started, community, automation recipes, help resources, product updates, marketing glossary, blog, events, become a partner, developer center, free tools (subject line generator, webinar templates, Black Friday toolkit, freelancer resources, SaaS homepage audit worksheet, CRM template, calculate cart abandonment, content templates, social media calendar template, buyer persona template, no generator), featured apps, FAQ, how we compare, customer stories, careers.

      Pricing Models:

      • Lite (unlimited sending, email marketing, newsletters, marketing automation, chat & email support, up to 3 users)
      • Plus (everything from Lite, CRM, sales automation, contact & lead scoring, deep data integrations, custom user permissions, custom domain, custom branding, 1-on-1 training, SMS marketing, up to 25 users)
      • Professional (everything from Plus, site messaging, attribution, up to 50 users)
      • Enterprise (everything from Professional, custom mailserver domain, dedicated account rep, in-depth onboarding, free design services, free social data, phone support, uptime SLA, unlimited users)

      Pricing Plans (they depend on the number of contacts – 500, 1000, 2500, 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 75K, 100K, >100K) and there are 2 options (Monthly and Yearly plans):

      • Lite (starting from $9/mo up to $459/mo + custom pricing for >100K contacts)
      • Plus (starting from $49/mo up to $399/mo + custom pricing for >50K contacts)
      • Professional (starting from $129/mo up to $599/mo + custom pricing for >50K contacts)
      • Enterprise (starting from $229/mo up to $499/mo + custom pricing for >25K contacts)

      Start a 14-day free trial. No credit card, no setup, no hassle.

      About: began as a solution for business owners who needed to keep in touch with their contacts. Today is one of the fastest-growing global tech startups. 130,000+ customers, 750+ employees worldwide, Chicago, Sydney, Dublin.

      Online Forms


      wpforms - create forms online

      Main slogan: Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder. Join 4,000,000+ Professionals Who Build Smarter Forms and Surveys with WPForms. Respond to leads quickly with our instant form notification feature for your team. View all your leads in one place to streamline your workflow.


      • Contact forms
      • Payment forms
      • Survey forms
      • Newsletter forms
      • Registration forms
      • Over 100 templates


      • Drag & drop form builder: Easily create an amazing form in just a few minutes without writing any code.
      • Form templates: Start with pre-built form templates to save even more time.
      • Responsive and mobile-friendly: works on mobile, tablets & desktop.
      • Smart conditional logic: Easily create high performance forms with our smart conditional logic.
      • Instant notifications: Respond to leads quickly with our instant form notification feature for your team.
      • Entry management: View all your leads in one place to streamline your workflow.
      • Multi-page forms: Split long forms into multiple pages to improve user experience.
      • File uploads: Allow users to upload files and media with their form submissions.
      • User registration: create custom WordPress user registration forms
      • Spam protection: Our smart captcha and spam protection automatically prevents spam submissions.
      • PayPal add-on, Stripe add-on, Authorize.net add-on.
      • Constant contact integration, Aweber add-on, Mailchimp add-on
      • GetResponse add-on, Campaign monitor add-on, ActiveCampaign add-on, SalesForce add-on, Drip add-on, Sendinblue add-on,
      • Custom CAPTCHA
      • Geolocation data
      • Zapier add-on, post-submissions add-on
      • Surveys and polls add-on
      • Signature add-on
      • Form pages add-on, form abandonment add-on
      • Offline forms add-on, form locker add-on
      • Conversational forms add-on, user journey add-on
      • Webhooks
      • Form templates pack add-on
      • Suggest a feature


      • Basic: $39.50/year, essential tools
      • Plus: $99.50/year, great for businesses who want to do more
      • Pro: $199.50/year, everything to build a perfect form
      • Elite: $299.50/year, premier solution for smart business owners

      Over the next 14 days, if WPForms isn’t the best fit, simply reach out! We’ll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

      Other departments:

      • Careers
      • Testimonials
      • Templates
      • Press
      • Blog
      • Support
      • Documentation
      • WordPress forms for nonprofits

      About: Over the years, we found that most WordPress contact form plugins were bloated, buggy, slow, and very hard to use. So we started with a simple goal: build a WordPress forms plugin that’s both easy and powerful.

      Syed Balkhi is the co-founder and CEO of WPForms. Jared Atchison is the co-founder and CTO of WPFormsThomas Griffin is an advisor at WPForms. He is an expert developer with deep knowledge of building products for mass-market.


      jotform - create forms online

      Main slogan: Easy-to-use online form builder for every business. Create online forms and publish them. Get an email for each response. Collect data.

      Form types:

      • Order, registration, event registration, application, Booking, request, feedback, membership, Signup, Payment, evaluation, contact
      • Survey, questionnaire, file upload, Education, abstract, advertising, Alumni, animal rescue application, animal shelter, Apparel order, appointment, audit
      • Award, bakery order, banking application, Banking, book order, business, Business registration, CAHPS surveys, cake order, Calculation, camp registration, catering order
      • Change order, charity, church, Conference registration, consent, content, Contest entry, contest registration, cookie order
      • Coronavirus response, course registration, credit application, Customer registration, customer service, dance registration, Delivery order, donation, eCommerce
      • Employee evaluation, employee incident report, employee information, Employee survey, employment, enrollment, Entertainment, event booking, exit interview
      • Florist order, food & beverage order, fundraising order, Gaming, guest application, healthcare, Hotel booking, IT requests, information requests, Informed consent, inspection, insurance
      • Internship application, job application, lead generation, Leave of absence, loan application, marketing, Marketing survey, medical application, medical survey & questionnaire
      • Membership application, membership registration, patient registration, Pet adoption application, petition, pharmacy, Photo release, photography booking, photography
      • Photograohy order, polls, preoder, Product order, product survey, purchase order, Purchase order request, quizzes, quote
      • RSVP, race registration, real estate, Recommendation, relationship, rental application, Report, reservation, return to work
      • SEO, sales order, salon, Satisfaction, scholarship application, school application, School registration, sponsorship application, sponsorship
      • Services, service booking, school survey, Sports, sports registration, student registration, Subscription, summer camp application, summer camp consent, Summer camp job application, summer camp medical, summer camp survey
      • Summer camps, supply order, t-shirt order, Tax, telecommuting, telehealth, Tenant application, ticket order, time off request
      • Tracking, transportation request, travel booking, Uniform order, vendor application, veterinary service, Virtual events, volunteer application, volunteer
      • Volunteer registration, voting, web design, Wedding, work request, workshop registration

      Forms industries:

      • Education
      • Business
      • eCommerce
      • Healthcare
      • human Resources
      • IT
      • Marketing


      • Forms
      • Card forms
      • Table
      • PDF

      Integrations (115+ apps):

      • Analytics & reporitng
      • Blogging
      • CMS
      • CRM
      • Data management
      • Emailing apps
      • File sharing & storage
      • GEO & mapping
      • Other
      • Payment processors
      • Wrapper/Library/SDK apps


      • Browsers
      • Desktop
      • mobile
      • Web

      JotForm Enterprise:

      A digital workplace productivity tool that provides a powerful ROI across your entire organization. With more than 400 special apps and integrations, JotForm Enterprise can easily integrate directly into your daily workflow.

      Build custom apps with the API, user management, security and compliance, priority customer support, geolocalization, import existing forms, custom domain, service level agreement, business associate agreement, white label, enterprise-level limits.

      JotForm HIPPA-compliant forms:

      Create HIPAA Forms Effortlessly, Schedule Appointments, collect consent, payments, untegrations, enable mobile responses, obtain patient signatures and files, store patient data.

      Other departments:

      • Report builder, assign forms, mobile forms
      • PDF editor, online payments, secure forms
      • Apps & integration, form widgets
      • FAQ, user guide, forum, blog, videos
      • Marketplace
      • Examples, webinars, report abuse
      • Media kit, in the news, newsletter
      • Partnerships


      • Free: all features included
      • Bronze: $24/mo billed annually
      • Silver: $29/mo billed annually
      • Gold: $79/mo billed annually

      About: Trusted by over 9M users worldwide, such as nonprofitseducational institutionssmall businesses, and enterprises, JotForm is a gateway to gathering better information to power your business. We’ve come a long way since 2006 when Aytekin Tang was sick and tired of coding online forms and decided to create the first WYSIWYG online form.

      111 Pine St. Suite 1815, San Francisco, CA 94111.



      riddle - quiz builders & generators

      Main slogan: Quiz maker – Create a quiz, Collect leads, Engage your audience. Excite your users with 15 quiz, personality test, and poll formats. Create a quiz, then qualify and segment leads based on quiz responses. Easy – no coding required.

      Solutions for:

      • Publishers
      • Agencies
      • Sports teams
      • Nonprofit organizations


      • Multiple quiz types: quiz, auto-quiz, personality test, poll, survey, opinion poll, multi-poll, journey, list, reaction poll, upvote, form, tap & find, order it, story
      • Integrated marketing: connect marketing software
      • Quiz embed: publish anywhere, works for any sites, CMS, with videos.
      • Form builder: Add a lead generation form to your quiz. Collect the data you need with over 15 fields. With an intuitive drag/drop functionality, our form builder is quick and easy to use. 
      • Data privacy: GDPR-compliant
      • Personalized messages: Automatically send personalized marketing messages, based on each quiz taker’s responses. 
      • Quiz marketing toolkit: 
      • Marketing tracking: improve your marketing – track your quiz conversions using Facebook Pixels, Google Tag Manager, and more. Make a quiz, then measure who starts, finishes, and completes your lead forms.
      • Quiz making with no limits: no caps on how many people take your quiz or fill in your lead form
      • Custom lead generation form
      • 100% white-labeled: your quiz, your brand, Add your logo (or your client’s) – then upload your font, and set your quiz colors, backgrounds and CSS for a seamless brand experience.
      • Image and video options: Easily find and add images, videos, & GIFs with our test maker. Create content (like Buzzfeed quizzes) that jump off the screen. Search Google, Pexels, YouTube, Giphy, Facebook, Twitter, and stock photos – or upload your own pics or MP3 audio and MP4 video clips.
      • Accessible quiz technology: Engage your whole audience – with our fully accessible quiz maker. Riddle is WCAG 2.1-compliant – so your quizzes can be taken by people with a wide range of disabilities
      • Get creative with custom CSS
      • Mobile-friendly
      • Google AMP support
      • Double opt-in: lead generation options, including Google Sheets, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign.
      • Quiz options: Immediately reveal answers after each questions or save until after your lead generation form. You get to decide.
      • Results gating: Gate off each quiz taker’s results unless they complete your lead form – or let them skip it. The choice is yours
      • Save leads: Make a quiz, then automatically save leads to your Google Sheet, as an Excel or CSV file, or use our Zapier app and webhook
      • Redirect results: Convert more leads by sending quiz takers to different URLs, based on their quiz results
      • Custom results: Set up custom CTA buttons based on quiz takers’ results. Perfect for targeted offers, content recommendations, and more
      • Quiz timers: Make a quiz with a timer – give your audience a time limit to either answer each question or finish their quiz. Quiz timers are a powerful way to increase quiz completions and word of mouth virality – everyone loves to brag when they beat the clock!
      • Contests and promotions: Make any quiz an online competition (similar to Buzzfeed quizzes) with our quiz builder. Like Kahoot create, collect entries with a lead form – then challenge your audience with a quiz timer (‘Get 90% correct in 60 seconds for your chance to win!’).
      • Multiple users: Create a quiz with your colleagues and clients using our Teams feature. Give everyone their own login – with three levels of quiz editing privileges. 
      • Quiz metrics: Find out what works (and what doesn’t) with our quiz analytics. Track starts, finishes, shares, and leads – then download for in-depth reporting
      • Training: free training, complimentary onboarding, monthly webinars, and best practice sessions, plus the blog
      • Cancel any time: 30-day money-back guarantee

      Other departments and resources: surveys, journey, FAQ, help, code examples, API, acceptable use, blog.



      • Basic: €39/mo or €29/mo billed annually
      • Pro: €69/mo or €49/mo billed annually
      • Team: €299/mo or €199/mo billed annually

      Try it for free for 14 days.

      About: A dedicated bunch of quiz geeks, we launched Riddle back in 2014 with one goal – to be the most powerful, beautiful, and intuitive quiz maker around. Boris Pfeiffer – CEO and founder, Mike – co-founder and CMO, Uwe – co-founder and CFO. 

      Riddle Technologies AG is a corporation under German law with its main place of business in Saarbrücken, Germany. Lenaustr. 1, 66125 Saarbrücken, Germany, Tel. +49-6897-9392500. Register Number HRB 104331, Our European VAT ID is DE815729151.


      interact - quiz builders & generators

      Main slogan: Make A Quiz To Generate Leads For Your Business. Interact is a tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website. It is built for businesses and has all the features you’ll need to create your own lead generation quiz that grows your company.


      • Types of quizzes: personality, scored, assessment
      • 800+ pre-made templates
      • Colors and styles: colors, fonts, logos, images
      • Add branching logic: drag n drop builder
      • Create quiz questions that engage your audience: image questions
      • Select all that apply questions
      • Show correct answers right away
      • Capture leads and segment your audience: customize your option form for maximum conversions
      • Integrations: every major email marketing and marketing automation system)
      • Segment your quiz leads based on which result they get or how they answer a particular question
      • GDPR compliant and registered with Privacy Shield
      • Custom quiz results for each outcome of your quiz
      • Redirect quiz results to your own landing pages
      • Track conversions with built-in Facebook pixel and Google analytics
      • Embed your quiz on your website: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Leadpages, Unbounce, Instapage
      • Promote your quiz on social media
      • Promote it as a Facebook ad
      • Use built-in promotion options to make a quiz popup or announcement bar on your website
      • Analyze the results and see your quiz performance at a glance
      • Survey-style analytics
      • See individual lead responses including answers to each question and which result they got
      • Mobile responsive, works on every device
      • Interact setup specialists are on hand to guide you through quiz setup and promotion

      Other departments and resources: templates, integrations, live examples, case studies, blog, podcast, help center, certified consultants, customer reviews, system status


      • Free
      • Lite: new businesses and entrepreneurs, $29/mo or $17/mo billed annually
      • Growth: consultants and small businesses, $89/mo or $53/mo billed annually
      • Pro: agencies and marketing teams, $209/mo or $125/mo billed annually

      There’s a free 14-day trial.

      About: Founded in 2014, well before quizzes were hot on social media, Interact started with the idea that online marketers needed a new way to quickly and easily help their site visitors understand the unique value their businesses brought to the table. From that idea, Interact’s quiz builder was born. 

      80M+ quiz questions answered, 8.5M+ quiz completions, 80% of quizzes that started were finished, 42,000+ average leads generated every day, 60,000+ customers. The Quiz Collective, Inc.



      surveymonkey - online survey tools

      Main slogan: A global leader in survey software. 20M questions answered daily.

      Gather opinions and transform them into people-powered data.

      • Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls for any audience.
      • Gather feedback via weblink, email, mobile chat, social media, and more.
      • Automatically analyze your results and get powerful analysis features.
      • Export your results or integrate your data with your favorite apps.
      • Use your insights to make better, data-driven decisions.


      Survey templates (250+) – categories:

      • Customers
      • Education
      • Employees
      • Events
      • Healthcare
      • Market research
      • Nonprofit
      • Other

      Business Plans:

      • Team advantage: €30/user/mo, billed annually
      • Team premier: €75/user/mo, billed annually
      • Enterprise: powerful admin tools, integrations, collaboration. Contact them

      Personal Plans:

      • Standard monthly: €39/mo
      • Advantage annual: €36/mo, or €432 billed annually
      • Premier annual: €99/mo, or €1,182 billed annually

      Targeted responses: Get survey responses from around the world in minutes with SurveyMonkey Audience.

      Target the types of people you want to hear from based on specific attributes, like country, gender, age, income, employment status, and more.

      The Basic plan is FREE.

      Other products:

      • Enterprise: a secure survey platform
      • Integrations & plugins: bring survey insights into your business apps
      • Audience: collect survey responses from their global consumer panel
      • CX: understand & improve customer experience
      • Engage: measure & increase employee engagement
      • Usabilla: get in the moment feedback across all digital channels
      • TechValidate: create marketing content from customer feedback
      • Apply: collect, review, and manage applications online
      • Wufoo: gather data and accept payments with online forms
      • GetFeedback: customer feedback for SalesForce


      • People-powered data for business: customers, employees, markets
      • Solutions for teams: customer experience, human resources, marketing

      Other departments: Resources: best practices for using surveys and survey data, Curiosity at work: blog, tips, and more, Help center: tutorials, how-to guides, and more, Community, Developers, Investor relations, Careers.

      About: Locations: San Mateo, California. Portland, Oregon. Seattle, Washington. New York. Ottawa, Canada. Dublin, Ireland. London. Berlin, Germany. Amsterdam, Sydney.

      With 20 years of survey expertise and insights from billions of questions answered, we fuel the curiosity of over 17.5 million active users worldwide.

      Exceptional Photography Marketplaces

      Regular Updates


      freeonlinesurveys - online survey tools

      Main slogan: create free online surveys, quizzes, and polls. Over 3 million users worldwide since 2002.

      • Surveys: gather the data you need to make informed decisions with our free online survey tool.
      • Quizzes: Measure the effectiveness of staff training and test audiences with the free online quiz maker.
      • Forms: Collect feedback, capture leads, register guests or join members using the free online form builder.


      Free, Essential, and Pro Plans Features:

      • All question types, cross-tab, question logic, exit pages
      • Slack integration, anonymous or tracked results, Excel/CSV export, form spam
      • Popup surveys, embedded forms, docked sidebar surveys, email surveys
      • Pseudonymization of IP address, minimal logging, no 3rd party analytics trackers, data ownership
      • API, premium EU-based infrastructure, stakeholder report sharing

      Pro plan features:

      • Quiz/assessment scoring, mixed pseudonymization & PII, audience
      • Answer piping, exit page redirect, NPS ratings
      • Zip/postcode address lookup, A/B testing with report segmentation, custom fields

      Standard Plans:

      • Free
      • Essentials: €12.99/mo billed annually or €20/mo
      • Pro: €25/mo

      Students & non-profit plans:

      • Student (verified only): €2.99/mo billed annually or €7.99/mo
      • Schools & non-profits: €19/mo billed annually only

      Business plans by KwikSurveys:

      • Business: €25/mo (full trial accounts available for all plan types)
      • KwikSample Marketplace: Purchase survey takers from our marketplace and get results within 48 hours.

      Other departments:

      • Survey 101: tips and tricks for creating surveys
      • Question types: a list of all the question types
      • Help docs
      • Creating a survey
      • KwikSurveys
      • Buy survey responses

      About: Problem Free Ltd. Desklodge, 1 Temple Way, Bristol. BS2 0BY, United Kingdom/. Company #:04602671. VAT: GB823579410.

      We Teach

      Marketing & Business

      Live on Zoom

      Your host: Tasos Perte Tzortzis

      Schedule an interview so we can evaluate where you are right now, your needs and goals, and we'll give you a detailed analysis of how the workshops work

      *30-Day Free Trial

      Final Thoughts

      This is just the beginning of an extended catalog. I will keep the thread updated frequently.

      In the meantime, check out the other related resources we have in store for you.

      Do you need help to generate qualified and high-quality leads for your business? Do you need help with your marketing campaigns?

      Schedule a free video-call interview to help us understand where you are at your business right now, your needs and goals, and we will give you a detailed analysis of how we work. Then, we’ll create the first campaign for you for free to prove we can get you results.

      That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I’m waiting for your comments and thoughts. Which solution is the most promising? Which one should I add? Till next time.

      Tasos Perte Tzortzis

      Tasos Perte Tzortzis

      Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

      Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

      I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

      Some of the links on this page are “affiliate links”. For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page

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