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Discover UnDelay’s Landing Pages Creator to Increase Conversion Rates

by Tasos


Feb 16, 2016



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If you are a marketer you know that blogging and a social media presence are not enough.You can bring huge amounts of traffic by these methods but when it comes to conversions you need more exclusive tools.

That is why all authoritative websites have separate sections where they direct their traffic.I am talking about landing pages or opt-in forms or you can call it however you want.Those pages don’t include a navigation menu so that a user lands and stays focused.This is where we offer lead magnets or other services in exchange for their email addresses.


On such pages we usually notice background images that express trust , CTA (call to action) buttons , sign up forms and links.

But you can’t go alone building landing pages and expect awesome results for all the devices.In this modern responsive designed era your pages need to be fully adaptive.That is why website owners use landing page builders.


Looking to create your first landing page but don’t know where to start?…There are many tools in the market but today I want to introduce you a new company , called UnDelay



UnDelay is a landing page builder that ensures responsive results on all media devices.



Website: UnDelay


Their slogan highlights…“Create landing pages that radically improve your mobile conversion – Optimize for each device in a fraction of the time and effort”

Currently I am a beta tester and the application will be launched officially soon.We got connected through Twitter and today I am bringing you my experience.




UnDelay is built with adaptive design principles in order to maximize the conversion rates , especially for mobiles , as mobile conversions are 70% lower than in desktop computers.

On top of that they promise to deliver fast loading pages as their app transfers only the required , device specific files , from the server to each device.


The Builders

On their dashboard there are 3 independent builders (desktop – tablet – mobile).But the builders can be linked as well.If linked any of the changes on the desktop builder will be reflected to the others.If not linked , any changes to a builder will not be reflected to the others.

That function is priceless as you can build different versions for each device.For example you can use other background image for desktop than in tablets and so on.But not only , the function can save you time.If you want the text changes to be reflected to all devices you just link the builders and work on your desktop builder.Then you can apply changes to the rest of the builders independently.

Moreover you can create independent funnels for each device.For example you can setup a pop-up and a thank you page for the desktop version.But in the mobile you may want to create a button to a backpage.



The app offers complete design flexibility (easy drag and drop features with widgets).Every widget has its own draggable control and options.

  • Background , Headline , Paragraph , Image
  • Form , button , Hot spot , Shape
  • Sharing , Like , Follow , Profile
  • Google maps , Video (YouTube & Vimeo URLs)
  • HTML , iFrame
  • RSS Feed , contest , coupon , Countdown
  • Flash player , product


Preview Area

  • MacBook Pro , Windows , Mac OS X
  • Galaxy Tab 4 , Kindle fire HDX
  • iPad Mini , iPhone 6 plus
  • Google Nexus 4 , Galaxy S5
  • iPhone 5s , iPhone 6








You can enter a title and a description for every page and device.



You can add any widget to this area so you create an archive of your best projects.


A/B Testing

The traffic is segmented by device type so you can adopt 3 independent tests at the same time.You may want to create different funnel strategy for each device.With one click you can create funnel variations ready to be customized.

This way you have to chance to know what works better.Backpages or scrolling on mobiles?…which layout?…which messages and texts?


Track multiple conversion events

e.g  You can create an event on the social sharing widget to find out which version get the most shares.You just click on the widget and create an event.To get the results you have to look in the dashboard.

Within the dashboard you can manage all your campaigns (for you and your clients).Each campaign has a separate analytics tab.

You can filter your traffic by device type and conversion event.


CSS / Javascript

You can upload your own code , style sheets and tracking codes from 3rd parties.



Currently the app can co-operate with

  • Zapier
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft
  • Salesforce
  • GoToWebinar by Citrix


UnDelay’s adaptive design it can deliver distinct sets of optimized code to each device so that the pages load really fast , which is one of the most important factors , especially for mobile users.



Bottom Line – High performance contextual experiences for any device.


How it Works – Building your first Campaign










Right now they offer 11 templates and they promise to deliver new templates every week but optionally you can create a landing page from scratch using your own images.








My First Landing Page Project


Desktop Builder

I chose a blank template and named it.Now the app suggests that I create my project on the desktop builder (linked with other builders).Then I will apply any changes to the other builders afterwards (with the UnLinked button on),

I picked an image from my royalty free collection , selected the stretch to fix web browser option and cropped it.

Time for the headline – the drag and drop feature is awesome and there are visual indicators to show when an object is aligned with other objects and with the center of the canvas.I changed the font and the colour.The cool thing is you can make any of your texts linkable.


Right down the header image I left some white space and then chose a solid background colour and added a paragraph.

My next widget was a part of the initial image , I cropped it and added 2 paragraphs.

For the next background widget (level) I chose a darker but similar (blue-grey) colour and created an email opt-in form.

I left some space and for the footer I inserted a sharing widget and wrote a headline.


Tablet Builder (Unlinked)

I moved to the tablet dashboard and applied a few minor changes.That was the easiest part.I resized some of the headlines and paragraphs and checked the preview area.

Mobile Builder (Unlinked)

This was the most difficult part , as mobiles are much smaller in size.I had to resize all texts and parts of the background widgets.








There are 3 options

  • Publish on a domain you own (have to setup the CNAME record).There are instructions to follow but this is a difficult process and I have never done this before so I will choose the 2nd option for the sake of this review.
  • Immediately on UnDelay website
  • Facebook (coming up soon)


Links to my published examples – You may have to sign up in order to see my results

UnDelay – Example 01 – I applied no changes to their original template.

UnDelay – Social Media Classroom – My first ever attempt , now have in mind that I work on a small notebook 11″…For that reason I almost always use online applications with the zoom mode (-)…I created this project on 75% zoom and therefore my published page was different than in my project dashboard.

My landing page is not finished , more work has to be done and I know that I have to fix these errors.Just in case when you work on the UnDelay dashboard don’t change the zoom settings (100%).Make some tests with published versions of your landing pages to fully understand the settings.If you can test on different devices the better.


Later you can edit any campaign or delete it.


What I would like to see in the future


Now , we have to be gentle with this app as it is in beta mode.Although I am more than satisfied I would like to note down a few things.


The Button and the Shape widgets do not have an opacity level.That would be very useful in cases where for example you want to…add a shape over an image and under a text.Now the shape stays strong at full opacity covering the image underneath.I can’t produce the effect I want easily.

But I can do that by uploading alternatively a new image that has a solid background colour and nothing else (like an overlay).Then I can easily reduce the new image’s opacity and move it under the text and over the background image with the arrows (layers) feature.

With an opacity level on the button and shape widgets that widgets can be transformed into mini background images.

Furthermore this effect could be applied if I was able to add a background widget over a background.Because the background widget has an option to be set as a solid colour overlay.


There is no undo / redo feature



UnDelay Blog / Support


The UnDelay team care about their users.That is why they have created such a useful information area.

Videos and blog posts that explain everything you need to know about their application.


New Adaptive Landing Page Builder



Other topics

  • How to use GIFs
  • Using the click to scroll feature
  • Mobile specific CTA
  • Intro to creating sticky headers and footers
  • How to set conversion events
  • Trust data , not opinions
  • Responsive design is like dressing your family in the same outfit (that is a very cool headline)

and many more

Additionally you can contact them or use their live chat area.







There are no prices set up yet , they will be announced as soon as they finish the construction of the app.

Probably they will offer monthly and annual subscriptions.I will update the thread.


Team members


Peter Nelson – co-founder and CEO.The last 30 years he has formed high tech companies commercialising advanced technologies in the satellite communications , internet encryption , electronic security and telecom industries.

Kaitlyn Nelson – customer success

Estil Wallace – Sales consultant.He has 10+ years of experience in marketing , sales , networking , customer service and quality control.



Final Words


Building landing pages is not the easiest task in the life of a marketer.With all these devices out there (desktops , tablets and mobiles) and with different screen sizes that project becomes very difficult.

This is when builders like UnDelay come into play.


The app is great , the developing team created a multi purpose dashboard with plenty of options and features.Although still in beta mode it runs fast enough.

The preview area is absolutely necessary and you have to test a few times before you announce and share your campaigns.

The templates look very professional and I can’t wait for the new designs to arrive.


The most important feature of this application is the tracking (analytics) system.You can perform A/B tests simultaneously on all 3 builders and you can execute separate conversion events for each widget you like so that you know what performs better.

That alone is making the app really worthy.Data analysis is the most crucial factor and it has to take place in every step that you make.It is a non-stop process.


I recommend you sign up and become a beta tester.You might get bonuses or other goodies when they announce their official opening date.This is something I noticed on one of their videos.


Related Resources


I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Are you familiar with UnDelay?…Which one is your favourite builder?…Till next time , your online partner.












Infographic Builder





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  1. Neil

    I have been searching for ways to create landing pages, and UnDelay sounds like the ideal program to help me make some extra money online.

    I love all the functionalities that this builder has to offer, and this is definitely one app I will have to take for a spin, since I’m an online marketer wishing to dive in to other online business building methods.


    • Tasos

      Absolutely Neil , go on and test UnDelay , an easy to use app from a very friendly team.Lots of features and options.Landing pages are a critical component.

      Thank you for this interaction and I wish you good luck with your projects.

  2. Tammy

    I am totally new to being an affiliate marketer and still confused on even computer stuff. I know I need a way to funnel people but this is so confusing with all the different devices people are using. Since my site is so new and this is so confusing do you suggest I learn more about this before I try it? Is a landing page a way to get emails from people? Thanks in advance

    • Tasos

      Since you are a new marketer Tammy don’t worry much about landing pages yet.I would suggest you focus on bringing traffic to your website.And that can be done by adding more valuable content.

      Landing pages is a way of getting people’s emails by offering something in return.You can build such a page for any idea that you might have , there are no restrictions.Creativity plays a big role here.

      Thank you for your interest and I wish you good luck on this online journey.All my best.

  3. Michelle

    I am looking for ways to expand my current market reach, UnDelay may be s fantastic option for the future.

    I like all the options they give between desktop and mobile. It’s great you can get a different response from each. It is a little complicated for what I need at the moment. I could definetly be interested in the future. I have bookmarked your page;)


    • Tasos

      That is a great idea Michelle , you can come back any time in the future.I hope you find a solution to your needs.

      Thank you for taking the time to participate in the discussion.

  4. roamy

    Hi there
    As a new website owner and still finding my way around, l realized l need a landing page/capture page.
    But again like many new website owners,everything seem so complicated so i thought l will look for help from google.
    That`s how your page came up.You have explained all the little details which l really appreciate, l hope they will have a trial free version.
    unDelay sounds like it is easy to use which i find great, not everyone like me is computer savvy.
    Once more thanks so much

    • Tasos

      So glad you enjoyed my article Roamy.You do very well in researching for tools that can help you.Hopefully non computer savvy people can make miracles thanks to these online apps.It is an easy to use program but it takes time to build a landing page because you have to take care of all the different settings for all the devices.

      A free trial version sounds great , indeed.This way the users will get to know the details so they can make their decisions easier.

      Thank you for this kind visit and for supporting the conversation.I hope you enjoy UnDelay as much as I do.

  5. JeffWA

    Hi Tasos! That was a well-written and thorough review of that new landing page written on your site. You indicated as that it just came out recently that improvements still need to be made – especially regarding a better connection with Facebook.

    You took the time to walk through how a user would design his/her landing page. It was great thinking on your part to do this otherwise the reader would want to know really how hard/easy it would be to create this page on his/her own. And if they did not know of the ease or difficulty in designing it for their site they’d probably be less likely to commit. Your showing them was brilliant on your part, sir!

    Hopefully the price for purchasing this software will be made soon by the creator – otherwise people will be leery to commit to something that they have no idea what it might cost.

    Does this software work as a plug-in to a website, as does what Thrives Content builder offers?

    Great article Tasos and if it is your intent in promoting it I genuinely hope that many buy this product from you at your website!


    • Tasos

      Welcome Jeff , you are very kind.As the app is in beta mode I was expecting a few flaws , but is nothing serious.I am satisfied from their service.

      I am really very glad that you liked my walk through.The app is not hard to use but on the other hand you need to practice a bit.I have a little experience in online apps and still my first project is not finished.

      But imagine if I had to create all that alone?…I would need 5x the time and the results would not be the same.

      You have to make the landing page responsive for all the devices.That is a hard task to accomplish , even if you are a designer or programmer.

      I really hope that the final price will be affordable.

      I am not familiar with the builder you mention.The UnDelay program works as an online application.You just visit their website and create your project right there.

      At the moment I don’t know if they will offer an affiliate program , but if they do , I will certainly promote it.

      Thank you for this visit , for expressing your thoughts and your wishes.All my best.


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