Kissing Cash – Trendy Advertising Services or a System to “Kiss” your Money Goodbye Forever?

by Tasos


Dec 18, 2016




Today I am investigating another advertising platform that offers its members a revenue sharing opportunity. This is the trend lately but unfortunately the majority of them are nothing more than poor Ponzi schemes trying to enter the market dynamically by attracting investments without offering valuable services.

Should we invest in those rev share companies?..Who is profiting the most?…Is there any risk?


Inside Kissing Cash



Beautiful headlines welcome visitors…

  • Earn up to 12% daily profit
  • Adpacks cost only $5
  • Earn up to $0.01 per click
  • No surfing requirement

If you want high quality traffic and solid leads to your marketing products we have the solution.

Ad Pack PayPlan

  • Costs $5
  • Matures at 120%
  • Expires in 10 days
  • External income installed
  • 10% referral commissions


I am using this site for more than a month now but I did not invest in ad packs. And the reason is those details mentioned.

  • Ad packs that mature in only 10 days giving a 120% ROI???
  • No surfing requirement???….this is a joke, right?

Therefore I used the ad system to check the companies advertised. Disappointing results as the ads were almost every day the same. Only a few investors place ads, besides it is useless because investors can make money just by purchasing ad packs without having to surf the ads of other advertisers.


Another important detail here is that my latest banners that I added 5 days ago are still in pending mode.


A poor system that not only does not place banners automatically, like most ad platforms, there are no people behind the system working. Abandoned site?…


How People are making money with Kissing Cash

Simply by purchasing $5 ad packs in bulk, waiting to get a ROI at the end of the maturing period. But no one can ensure that these investors will make any profit, or that the company with pay their earnings.

By referring other people into the system.

By clicking on PTC ads, cash links here.


Money processors

Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin



Final Words



One of the worst advertising services out there. Banners that are not added automatically, no personnel, no surfing requirement, high ROIs..

With the domain registered back in July 2016 I can predict the company closing soon enough. The owner is hiding his / her identity using the Whois guard protection. Nowhere on the site is mentioned who owns that company….

A very solid reason to NOT invest, You should invest only in full transparent organisations that provide value instead.


All money coming in this company are from affiliates that purchase ad packs. There are no retail products for a sustainable operation. A pure Ponzi scheme that will collapse when recruitment of new affiliates will slow down. And that slow down process has already begun with that site.

The ad credits are not products and the company that is trying to persuade investors by mentioning “Traffic” as their main product is a deceiving technique.

New funds from recruited affiliates are being used to pay off earlier investors. We have seen this model over and over again.


All these bad schemes die out…..

…and when they do the only people that made money are

The owners and a few early investors that might withdraw earnings without problems before the final countdown. The vast majority of late affiliates, all lose money


Keep you pocket safe for something that has value instead…


UPDATE – 05 Jan 2017

The program has been suspended, no surprise at all…!!!



How I Make Money Online




Although participating in revenue sharing programs might sound like the easiest way to make money online, because you don’t have to do anything else than to invest and wait….Still is the riskiest method of all.


I prefer to attract people on my website by adding content and by promoting legitimate companies that sell real & valuable products. If you own a website then you can monetize it a hundred different ways.


But it is not a push play button model, you have to work for it…This is how real money are being made both online and offline.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.


















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