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Not Impressed by KeyRevenueAdz – Suspicious Bonus – Pure Ponzi – Mediocre Ad Platform

by Tasos


Jan 8, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

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Under the microscope today is another revenue sharing advertising platform. One that you can invest in ad packs in order to participate in the earnings pools and make profit with the company.

This is the trend in the making money online niche lately but unfortunately those projects do not last long, only for a few months on average and the majority of investors lose money at the end.


Let’s see, is this program that launched only a couple of weeks earlier any better than the competition?



Inside KeyRevenueAdz




They welcome visitors with a very appealing offer….

Sign Up and get $10 bonus, buy $2 revenue share ad pack and get 150% profit


KeyRevenueAdz is able to boost traffic to your website with thousands of real human clicks. Furthermore you will get paid with our stable and safe service and all members will benefit from the long term revenue sharing plan

There is no risk for the plans, because we sell high quality advertising.

Stats shown

  • Registered Users 22859
  • Paid to members in total $5,348
  • Advertisement visualisations 635,000


the number of total users must be fake, I am member in over 500 PTC and Rev Share programs visiting the most of them daily and the KeyRevenueAdz website is not advertised massively. Only a few ads now and then. The program launched only 2 weeks ago so I would not expect 20K+ users recruited so fast.


How it Works

  • You can buy unlimited ad packs that cost $2.
  • Every ad pack matures at $3, with 150% profit
  • You need to view 5 cash links daily in order to participate in the income plan
  • Ad packs mature within 7, 15 and 30 days generating profit of 110%, 120%, 125% till it reach the maximum 150%
  • You can refer people and earn from their actions (50% on their cash links views and 5% on their ad packs purchases) ….5% on purchases is very low
  • Instant cashouts, 24h support

SignUp Bonus – Only for those that signed in the Pre-Launch phase (I got the bonus) … it is not available now but they forgot to update their front header image

$10 repurchase balance, 1000 cash links, 10,000 banner credits.


FAQ section – Important data

Key Revenue Adz paying members to interact with advertisers. Advertisements purchased delivered to other advertisers and converted into cash ads that they can click to earn and deliver you the visits purchased. We deliver quality advertisements and a way for people to make an online income.

Payment processors

Payza, Perfect money, Payeer, bitcoin


Domain – Owners

A whois research uncovers the registration date at the end of November 2016. The owners are hiding their identities using privacy protection.



The Advertising Platform




Membership Upgrades

  • The standard free that gives 10% referral commissions and 5% commissions on purchases, minimum cashout threshold is $5
  • Premium at $17.99 per year, 25% ref commissions and 5% commissions on purchases, min cashout $2
  • Ultimate at $29.99 per year, 50% ref commissions and 5% commissions on purchases, min cashout 2%

As we can see clearly the upgrades are only an option if you plan and manage to recruit many people into the system. Otherwise you don’t need it.


Earn money – PTC section

The daily cash links (PTC) ads value is about $0.04….Let’s analyse that factor a little bit…

Many platforms do not even have a PTC section. Having a PTC section for me is mandatory though, as it does not only provide an opportunity for free members to climb but it gives a reason for members to watch the ads placed. This is the meaning of an advertising platform.

From my experience with many other programs I can say that PTC earnings on ad revenue sharing platforms start from $0.015 and can reach up to $0.50…Have in mind that platforms offering PTC ads with daily value of $0.50 are probably scams. I have watched numerous of such platforms close, suspended and most of them were not even paying their members.

So KeyRevenueAdz’s daily PTC ads value seems reasonable.


Most of the ads placed so far belong to other rev share projects, ptc sites and in general business opportunities.


You can assign cash link credits to your ads. Options are…

  • 5 seconds ad – 2 credits – gives $0.001 value (the value will be credited to the person that clicks on)
  • 10 sec ad – 5 credits – gives $0.005 value
  • 15 sec ad – 10 credits – gives $0.01 value
  • 30 sec ad – 20 credits – gives $0.02 value

It is a very positive sign that there is such a credit distribution system in place, however I used it and it is not working as announced.

All the cash links ads that I clicked no matter their value have the same duration. Like a ClixWall on focus timer that last approximately 5 seconds.

That means people that are placing high value ads spending more credits are not getting back the duration they asked for.

Another malfunction is that you can not use the 1000 credits bonus that they gave away. Although the distribution system button clearly mentions as minimum the 1000 credits the system locks at a minimum of 5000 credits, making the bonus useless.


Ad Packs

  • 7 days plan – costs $2, ROI 110% in 7 days maturing at $2.20
  • 25 days plan – costs $2, ROI 150% in 25days maturing at $3

You can buy ad packs out of your purchase balance and if you got the pre-launch bonus you can proceed right away but there is a catch…

You have to complete the…

Verification process

They say…”in order to stop spammers there is $1 fee and that $1 will be added to your purchase balance instantly….

That rule is very suspicious, they gave away a $10 bonus to ask for $1 deposits….Anyway, let’s move on



Final Words




Key Revenue Adz as an advertising platform did not impress me. The pre-launch bonus is useless and the 1000 credits can not be distributed so that members don’t have a chance to check their click through rates.

The timer is solid and all ads have the same duration no matter their value.

KeyRevenueAdz is promising high quality advertising but the ads placed can not be controlled. If someone wants to place crappy and spammy ads these ads will be displayed to other members. No ad platform can ensure high quality ads.


As a revenue sharing company KeyRevenueAdz is just a clone of other programs. A Ponzi scheme that pays off existing investors with money being deposited by new recruited affiliates.

Eventually all these programs collapse with the majority of participant losing out their money. This is what happens to companies without real products for the retail market.

The “Anonymous” owners disappear with the most of funds collected ready for their next Ponzi project. A few earlier investors might withdraw a part of their earnings if they act soon enough before the final countdown.


No one can guarantee these high ROIs and no company can estimate the duration of the ad packs maturation. Because these systems need new fresh funds from affiliates in order to survive. If no new affiliates are being recruited (which is an inevitable result) no one can get paid.


Do not take these opportunities seriously. They are designed to make money for the owners and friends.


I am monitoring many rev share companies daily and I will continue to monitor Key Revenue Adz as well for updates. But even if I participate I never recruit people into these systems, I don’t want disappointed referrals lose out money on me.



How to Make Money Online without Risks



If you want to gamble with revenue sharing Ponzi schemes it is your call. But please do not spend more than you can easily afford to lose.

However if you want to create a sustainable source of passive income then you need a website. This is how I started 2 years ago, and it could not be more adventurous.

There is only one catch in that case….your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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