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You're Reading:Is The Euro Millionaire System A Scam? – Surprising Review

Is The Euro Millionaire System A Scam? – Surprising Review

by Tasos


Jun 18, 2015


Tasos Perte

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I was really astonished from David Williams , the person who presented the main video guide tour inside the Euro Millionaire System website.What do I mean by that.?….I have already reviewed a few Binary Options Trading Systems that were proved all scams , a total waste of time.I am talking about the “Great Profit Formula by Mike Matthews” , the “Make Money Robot by Michael Williamson” , the “Quick Cash System by Sarah Markel”….So do you mean that this system is a legit one.?…

In Order to answer the question “Is The Euro Millionaire System A Scam?…I will provide all the necessary details for you to make your decision.



When I entered the website of euromillionairesystem.tv I was already suspicious that this was another type of scam.It was not only the title of the site (I hate the word “millionaire” when it comes to make money online).There was a very short video input claiming how powerful this system is and that “golden” information worth $5000 will be given for free to reach our financial dreams.Another fancy claim was that this information will be available only for a limited time.

Furthermore the first headline added to that mistrust.It says “To check how innovative this system is please watch the video below”.Now when you have reviewed a lot of online making money opportunities these tactics work like a Siren shouting “Scam Alerts”.But I had to watch the video in order to proceed with any conclusions.





…I was expecting to witness just another “Background Story” of David mentioning how poor he was when he started out and how he eventually made to become a millionaire with zero experience.Came to my surprise that David was explaining the Binary Options Trading System of Opteck Website – The Broker that Euro Millionaire System collaborates with.No historical claims , no promises of making money with the Push Of A Button whatsoever.May be he was hiding these tactics for later.



How Opteck.com Works and what Training is the Euro Millionaire System Providing?



David was showing how he uses the system of Opteck.The purpose is to speculate the direction of a market currency pair like (EUR /USD) , (USD / JPY) , (AUD / USD) and many other…You can set the time for the action to be completed and you have to invest an amount of money in order to begin.Then you have to wait for the time to elapse and to find out if you lost or won.


David clearly mentions that there will be losses , this is not a winning system on demand.Opteck as the majority of online brokers offer a tool , the Trading Sentiment Tool which shows the direction of the traders that are “Playing” into the system.


He says that the brokers like Opteck offer this tool mainly to misdirect the players because the brokers are making money when traders lose them.And he suggests that we do not follow the sentiment tool , but to go against that by all means.Then he lays out a diagram of a basic strategy that we should follow.Our first “BET” should start with $20 in the (EUR / USD) currency , the time should be set to one (1) minute and that we should go against the tool direction , if the majority of traders bet on (UP) , we should bet on (DOWN).

He is already playing in the system of Opteck and I can watch him win the first 2-3 bets , lose 1 and then win 2-3 more bets to make a final profit of $200 , $300.Not so bad for a 10 minutes work.While he plays he explains the strategy of his movements.The second bet we should place if the first is a winning one is $35 , if we lose that bet we should repeat at the same bet.If we win the second we can move forward to $50 , then $70 and then $100 following the same tactic.When we lose we repeat the last bet , if we win wemove on the next higher bet.What he is not saying is to what to do in cases of 2 losses in a raw , or 3 or 4.

Important Notice



David explains that the Binary Options System better works for short term trading sessions.He suggests that if we win the bet of $100 that we should stop the trading and to come back the next day with a fresh mind and body.And I can really congratulate him at this point.If you ever got involved in such games or gambling you should follow that rule.Always know when to stop.Even if you win at a certain point you have to stop.

If you lost some money then you have to stop immediately.You have to set a specific amount of money that you can lose and do not exceed that number for no reason.And always bet as much as you can really afford without having to mortgage your house the next day.What David additionally mentions as the brokers’ main advantage is that the vast majority of players will continue to play , no matter how big losses occurred and this is how they make real tons of money.





Does Euro Millionaire System Work?



I was really satisfied from the presentation and I decided to sign in with the Opteck system to try it for myself.I could definitely bet a few dollars to know if this system really works.I was given a password and entered the Opteck website to find out that it was a nicely organised website with full instructions on the Binary Options Market.In a nutshell Binary Options are estimates of underlying assets performance during a certain period of time.You have to predict movement , to “Call” or “Put” , or in other words to “Up” or “Down” , to “Sell” or “Buy”.The assets that can be traded are Indices , Forex , Commodities and Stocks.







Opteck Training Academy



If you want to participate in that Trading System , Opteck is providing an extended training on that matter.What is included inside

♦ Introduction to Binary Options Trading

♦ A 30-35 page e-book covering all questions about the Opteck functions.How to use their system , how to register , to deposit , to withdraw , the trading instruments , how to open a trade and there is also one FAQ section and the book closes with an article on how to become a profitable trader.

♦ The benefits of Binary Options

♦ Consultation with Trading Expert

♦ Trading Basics

♦ Trading Tutorials – Videos for beginners and advanced players.

♦ Option Types – The High / Low , On Demand , One Touch , Range

♦ A Guide on how to set the bets and proceed forward

♦ An Asset Index with Definitions

♦ A Technical and Fundamental Analysis

♦ A Glossary

♦ Bonus and Promotion Policy

An Articles section …and I will get back to that in the end of the post

♦ A Practising Trading Module that you can trade for free with fake money using a demo account….Superb…


I have never seen any website offering that kind of information in my previous reviews.And the demo account practising set the level too high.






Opteck Demo Account



I jumped in  , excited to test the Opteck Trading System.My account was set to $10,000….So great … 10 fake grant to play the game.Yeah , it feels so awesome when you play and do not lose anything at all.I begun with the strategy plan of David in my mind.I have set the currency pair to EUR /USD , time to 1 minute and gone against the suggestion of the brokers.I won , lost , won , lost , lost , won and lost.Finally I lost 200 iconic dollars.

Mmmmm , may be I had to do that again.

My second set started obviously with a better understanding of how this system works.But yet gain David’s system was faulty , I was running against the trends and I was losing.I was somewhere in $9700.Then I suddenly changed my plan and started following the odds.I was going with the stream of the majority of traders.Finally in a game that lasted 15 minutes I was winning $50….Yeah $10050 in total.But I was playing against David and the Euro Millionaire System suggestions , remember this was a fake , demo game.


If you Want to Build a Stable Online Business Away from Risks and you are Ready to Dedicate Yourself into Hard Work Continue Here




So , Are We Gonna Achieve Full Financial Freedom Without Any Experience as The Euro Millionaire System Claims?




The Opteck Real Trading Accounts

♦ Bronze Account – $500 – $999

♦ Silver (Best Value) – $1000 – $4999

♦ Gold – $5000 – $999

I never expected to pay $500 as a starting price , way too much to lose.I tried to reach the live support chat system.In just a minute someone answered me.The place was alive.He explained that there was one additional option , the Green account , which I could not find.I refreshed the page 2 times and I finally found it.The problem was probably on my browser due to overload.

♦ Green – $250 – $499

Every account consists with different levels of education , support and material.

♦ Platinum – $10000 – $24999

♦ Black – $25000 – $50000

I could never risk $250 just to get started.From the Demo Account practising I found out that the least possible bet is set to $25 and not $20 as David in the Euro Millionaire System website referred.That means I would have only 10 bets to place.Just 15 or 20 minutes playing with real money.It would be OK if I could use $100 (which is my maximum limit for risky bets) with a minimum bet of $2 then I would have played.But the pricing system of Opteck is way too expensive.





The Articles Section I Promised To Return



There is separate section of articles inside Opteck , one of them is the Trading Strategies for Binary Options.But you have to dive a lot deeper into that in order to understand and therefore predict the Options Movements.As for every business you have to gain a very strong knowledge to become successful.That could not happen without any experience as the Euro Millionaire System claims.

Of course Opteck is providing a lot of information but you would need to lucre experience and keep on practising every day.You have to put your hands in the “Dirt” and to consistently absorb information about the Binary Options.Do not expect just to follow David’s plan and to make money every day.In my Demo practise I followed his rules and I lost.

Is Binary Options Gambling?


As Opteck’s article states there are several similarities between Gambling and the Binary Options.The gambling includes poker games , sporting bets and the casino fixed odds games.All these games are designed in order to take money away from their owners.From my experience into sporting bets I can really assure you that these bets are structured in order for you to lose money.

While I have won many many times I have lost many more.From the beginning of my playing I had set a maximum bet of $5 for every day that I would be participating in those systems.There were times that I was playing almost every day and that is the worst thing you can do.Gambling every day will definitely brake you down.These systems count on that.

But I learned , I stopped betting every day and I saw dramatic changes.I was betting once in a week following my golden rule of maximum $5 and I had been more successful than ever.But I never made “THE MONEY”…Do not expect to make money from these games.Just have in mind to play once in a while (Like in a weekly basis) and to gamble the money you can really afford.Do not expect to gain financial freedom.






Marked and Fundamental Difference between Binary Options and Betting


According to Opteck’s article when Gambling the edge is always against you….I agree…..Opteck continues – With Binary Options Trading you know what the odds are and you can raise your predicting knowledge and capability with higher awareness in the market trends

…..Yes I agree with that too but you have to become a very experienced trader in order to forecast or predict the Stocks movements.Do not expect that to happen overnight by reading one simple e-book.You will need a ton of high level education and in no case that would mean you are going to reach success.Because these systems are designed in the same principles as the sports or casino bets.

The Greek Stock Exhange


Let me make a parenthesis here that could be proved valuable to you.When I was attending the last year’s lessons at the national University in Greece everybody were trading in the stock exchange.My father , a bunch of his partners , relatives and friends and one friend of mine who had invested a lot of hard work and money to build a business as a trader for himself and offering services for other people.The market was doing great , everyone was winning.Our professors were predicting high end profits for anyone involved in this market.…But how can everyone be profitable…?…If they all win money who is losing them.?..






During the next years every businessman , every worker , every salesman was participating in the trade of “Shares” and “Stocks”.In every small village there were offices to “Buy” and “Sell” these shares.I was watching this kind of madness wondering how can that happen.My father and his partners were making profits every single day buying and selling shares.A major part of the greek community believed that they had solved the financial problem of their lives , once and for all.

The Fall in 1999 – Fake Companies


During the year of 1999 somewhere at the end of September begun a continuous fall of all the market shares prices.The majority of the shares that were imported in the Stock Exchange Market belonged to companies that had no true value or work to present , they only had one main purpose , to make their companies shares attractive for the people.”Illegal” but they had managed to import their companies into the Market.

Guess what…people holding shares of that companies faced tremendous losses in just one night.The fall continued for many years contributing to a major economic and political scandal lowering the price of all the market shares.Who was responsible.?…The government was part of the manipulation of the market.The judicature covered a lot of political liabilities following a new scandal.

One thing was only important.People lost their money , no one could sell , they had bought shares , shares that were now useless….My friend lost everything in a matter of a few months.All of his equipment was worthless , all his dreams were gone.His clients accused him for not warning them.But no one knew what it will happen…No one could predict such an economic scandal.

Similarity of the Greek Stock Exchange and The Binary Options



What the Greek stock exchange market has to do with the binary options trading system,?…From my personal experience I believe that all these systems are very common.Binary Options Trading is a universal system but it has to do with Stocks , Forex , Commodities , Indices and other assets.There is a high risk involved in such businesses.Moreover you have to be a real expert in order to predict the movements of the stocks all the time in order to gain profit.





The Risk Disclosure Statement inside Opteck



♦ Trading is very speculative and risky.It’s not suitable for all investors but only for those who

a) understand and are willing to assume the risks

b) are experienced in trading derivatives and underlying asset types

c) can afford such economic losses in excess of margin or deposits.

Binary Options are not essential investments for retirement funds.Are among the riskiest types of investments and can result in huge losses.If you agree with these guidelines you may proceed.

As you can see Opteck website clearly states how difficult and risky is such an investment.



Final Opinion – Conclusion



  • Undoubtedly the Euro Millionaire System website is just a landing page in order for you to sign in with the Opteck Broker.It is an affiliate landing page website which gets paid when you begin trading with Opteck.It is definitely not a scam.Although there are some claims about the easiness of the trading stocks in Opteck
  • David Williams has developed a strategic plan , that in my case did not work at all but he had clarified that there is high risk involved and that you should always trade in very short terms , highlighting the fact that this system will “suck” your money if you continue on trading all day long.


  • Do not forget that David is proposing $100 as your maximum bet and only for once in a day.Considering all that you can not expect Huge Profits , expect days of total Loss , some days of Wins and you can make the Math from now on.
  • On the other hand Opteck website is a very legal one , reminded me websites like William Hill , Sporting Bet and others.There are all the necessary documents , from privacy policy to risk involvement and there is a whole training about the Binary Options Trading System.There is a live chat support which is very fast and on top of all there is a DEMO account set up to test the system with fake money.


I am not a fan of risky investments.Not of this kind where you have to predict economic movements and that you do not have any power on their progress whatsoever.That is why I never got involved in the Stock Exchange or any other Stock markets.

The only bets I place from time to time is $5 bets in sports which I enjoy and I have the ability to lose them.I am not getting poor and I know that the possibilities are with the designers of these systems.Casinos , sports betting , stocks , shares , binary options are all high risk investments.No one can predict the future.



Although Binary Options is not exactly like Betting or Gambling definitely is not a favourite option of investment for me.It requires high level experience and knowledge and the risks not worth my time.It additionally requires Luck and I do not want my business to lean on Luck.

There are millions of people that destroyed their lives and lost their fortunes in these systems.If you begin on trading and face losses the system is designed in such emotional way that you won’t be able to stop.You risk of becoming a madman and lose everything you have.My advice is to stay away from these systems or to use them at the lowest risk possible.Do not ever bet money you can not afford to lose.

The final decision is yours.


Do not Forget to Check my Top Recommended Method for Building your Own Legal and Risk – Free Business on the Web



Thank you for your trust and I am here to answer all question or queries that you might have,Do not hesitate to contact me or to share your own experience with such systems.Till my next review





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  1. Good work

    I’m not going to lie. The word millionaire is very catchy. It caught my eye because I inspire to be a millionaire one of these days lol. The trading system seems to be very lucrative in my opinion. But this investment seems to be a little expensive. I don’t think most people are willing to give out that much money upfront. What is your opinion?

    • Tasos

      I agree , it seems expensive to me , I believe the majority of people won’t invest that money up front.But of course there always be some that will lose money because of their curiosity.

      This is not how people become millionaires though.This road can lead only to disappointments.Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to participate in the comments.All my best.

  2. Alec

    Sounds interesting but very much like gambling. I can imagine losing a lot of money by not doing it correctly, but the risk/reward might be worth it for some people.

    I tried to signup Opteck to give the training system a try. However, I couldn’t find any option to register my country (USA). Do you know why that is?

    • Tasos

      Some even say is pure gambling because you risk losing money.And I agree on that part , there is always a risk.Of course some experienced players would benefit from that , but the question is , for how long?

      I just visited the Opteck website for demo accounts , it seems it is operating normally but you are right , USA is not on the list.This is very strange , may be the don’t have the rights to operate in USA.Have you tried using their live chat?…or the support center?

      Thank you for visiting my blog Alec and for discussing the subject with me.All my best.

  3. Anh Nguyen

    Stock exchange is not something I plan to participate in either. Although my brother and father did pretty well, I prefer to build businesses that are in my control.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to build a sustainable online business through blogging. Although it does take time and effort it will be rewarding at the end of the day, I believe.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Anh , I am glad to meet someone with positive experience in this field , even when it comes from family members.But yes , it includes some risk.I am not a fan of this model when it comes to business.I prefer more stable ways , like blogging , to expand upon.I am not a huge risk taker.

      Thanks for revisiting my blog and for stating your point of view.

  4. msbren213@aim.com

    Thanks for the review . I have never done any of the betting online, so I am completely lost at it . But after reading your post I am glad I don’t and haven’t lost money betting like that . Your website is very informative and you have done a fantastic job on the layout as well.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Brenda , I am glad you are not betting online , definitely not for newbies , this is where they count.Only very high experienced players can do anything that is worthy but even they can not win every time.I believe this is not a business model.

      Thank you for that visit and for your awesome compliments.

  5. Ira

    I had never heard of the Euro Millionaire System until reading this post. I have read a ton on the stock market, stock exchange, and that sort of thing, however like you I’m not a big risk taker myself. I live alone and know I can’t afford to lose that type of money. Your top recommendation of a legal and risk free way to build a business on the web is definitely a good choice in my opinion.

    • Tasos

      Hello there Ira , we agree on the risk part.Of course I do not like to risk my money for that kind of stuff.For betting , trading and generally the “Machines”…They are designed in order to take money , not to give.Just a few bucks from time to time does not hurt anyone.You do very well and stay strong , you have to take care of yourself.

      Thank you for this visit and for taking part in the conversation.

  6. stefan

    Hi Tasos,

    I don’t have much knowledge about Binary Options but I already know that this is not a sensible way to invest your money. In fact I believe this is an insane way… unless you are an expert with year and year on your back. Even so, you are dealing with market fluctuations, which always carry a level of risk. I am much better off creating my online business which only costs me the yearly domain fee of $10 plus a wonderful training that you mention in the end. That’s it… if I follow the training to the dot, I have a pretty good chance to earn a full-time income with my websites. That is a wise thing to do… No gambling! No binary options! No easy road that leads to ruin! Let’s face the reality, there is no easy money, but for those willing to work hard, there are really good alternatives to a 9-5 job, and the internet marketing is the best (in my opinion).

    • Tasos

      Hello there Stefan , we pretty much agree on everything.Binary Options can only be beneficial for those that know how to trade alone and they have huge experience in dealing with such a market.

      For new entrepreneurs that want to invest some money I would suggest to give it a try at the lower possible cost.If you don’t know how to react in losses then Binaries can be proved a real nightmare.I feel like it is like gambling , you have to know where you are going.

      Having a website is not a risky business , has a long term potential but gives slower results of course.I hate 9 to 5 clockwork and I never recommend people to get such a “Job”.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your experience and thoughts.

  7. Julian

    Hey Tasos.

    Great review, man.

    An affiliate landing page type of website. Hmm.

    There are a lot of those around, eh. Those sneaky one page websites. Hehe. Maybe that’s one of the only ways for binary trading programs to get beginners in their programs.

    Well anyway, I really enjoyed reading about a new product.


    • Tasos

      Hello Julian , welcome to my blog.Yes , these one page websites are more than ever before.May be they want some quick bucks.But they could have provided more value if they had the knowledge and the willing of course.May be they miss the training.

      Thank you for the visit and for taking the time to participate in the comments

  8. roamy

    Hello there
    When l saw this review, l thought it was some kind of lottery programme and was still interested to read on, only to find it`s some high dollar programme.
    Thanks for reviewing this programme so thoughtfully.
    I must admit this is way out of my league, why would l or anyone pay $1000 or more? to me this already raise flags.It`s like cash all you can then close camp.
    That being said, even the $250 price tag for the green is way too high.
    Great review, thanks so much.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Roamy , indeed , it is a very expensive type of online opportunity.Generally it is very risky and you could be trapped and lose hundreds of dollars overnight.Some experts may grant profits , but I bet these are only a handful of people.And they have to remain calm all the way , sometimes is very hard to hold your feelings and emotions.

      Although the affiliate was legitimate and clarified the difficulties of this model I generally do not recommend Binary systems.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for participating in the comments.

  9. Neil

    This program sounds very similar to the lotto at first lol.

    I’ve never really been in to trading programs since the whole concept is way over my head.

    Personally, The Euro Millionaire system is not something I would invest my money in to, and especially with some of the high priced membership account options you have outlined.

    Thanks for sharing a great review of the program though, and I’m sure that some people will make money from the system.


    • Tasos

      Yes , exactly Neil , it is like the lotto.You are doing very well for standing away from these systems.I do the same , as I am not a very lucky person.It needs luck and strong personality to succeed.I just place a $5 bet in football games from time to time.But that’s it , I never play more.

      Some people may find success but I can hardly doubt for how long they will stay on a “positive ratio”.

      Thanks for your repeated visit and for leaving your comments and personal preferences.This can help out more people in deciding.

  10. Edy

    There is a lot of misleading websites about Binary Option trading. Euro Millionaire System is definitely one of them. It gives over-hyped information about how easy to make money with its system. But the fact that, these bad people are just an affiliate toward some brokers, and profit some money from our investments. It’s risky doing this. NO way I’d join!

    • Tasos

      Hello there Edy , yes I agree , the vast majority of Binary Options websites that are affiliated with their brokers are misleading and use tricks and techniques to get you invest some money in order to get their part from the broker.

      But David and this Euro Millionaire System does not belong to this category.In fact it is the only site on Binary Options that provided information I did not find anywhere else.He mentions the difficulties of these systems and he suggests that if we proceed we should take it with caution and that we should only play for a limited time during a day.

      Moreover their broker has tons of information and training on the Binary system and that is something we do not meet often.

      But yes , I definitely do not recommend such investments that can not guarantee any success.I am fan of hard work and I don’t want to rely on luck when it comes to business.For me Binary Options is way too risky.

      Thank you for your visit and for your comments

  11. Kunal

    Hi Tasos,

    It was a very Comprehensive and lenghty review but I understand while writing a review you have to cover everything as you were mentioning some positives along with negatives, I am not a big fan of binary trading and Never indulged in it, but Binary stuff is all over the internet and I sometimes feel like, let me give it a shot, a 1 shot. What you suggest ?


    • Tasos

      Hey there Kunal , indeed was a long article but this review has been the chance to clarify some things concerning binary trading options in general.That is why I referred to the Greek stock market and gambling as well.I am not a fan of Binary either.It is like a game.The factor “luck” plays a big role.You have to fully understand how it works , you would need training.There are a few people that make profits form these systems but these are very experienced players and they tend to have a strong personality that helps them put emotions away.There are people on the other hand that lost fortunes , so you have to proceed with caution.

      For me , it is not so easy to put away my emotions.I prefer more straight forward types of businesses.I don’t want to hold on lucky factors.If you want to check it for yourself this particular broker offers an extensive training.Usually all brokers demand an initial minimum deposit of $250.If you want to check how this thing works they offer a bonus area where you can practice with credits (fake money).But if you decide to deposit real money I would suggest that you deposit the minimum $250 and if you lose that money do not continue.I would suggest additionally that you won’t trade more than 5-6 times per day.

      If you decide to try it I would love to hear your feedback on this one.

      Thank you for the visit and for sharing your thoughts here

  12. Jerry

    In a desperate attempt to make money from home, I had tried binary option trading some time ago. I play poker, which I consider a game of skill and occasional luck, and I play the stock market where education and skill, and a little luck are also required. With Binary options I determined it is a lot more luck than skill. It is exciting because it presents instant gratification and you always seem to do well during the trial periods but once the money is in the pot it turns to hell. Stay away from it.

    My one criticism to this content is it is way too long. This could have been broken down to be more effective. I believe you will lose readers along the way.

    • Tasos

      Hi there Jerry , yeah , when people are desperate can do crazy things.Poker is a nice and interesting game but I prefer to play it on a computer screen without money and of course not against friends or the casino.Gambling , stocks and binary need luck besides the skills.In the test I made it was so fascinating because I had no fear of losing any money at all , I was playing with credits.But when it comes to real money everything changes.You have the fear that can destroy you.You must be very experienced and a very strong personality.But for how long someone will stay that strong?

      That is why I do not recommend it and I am glad you agree with me.

      Yes , this article is an extended one , but sometimes when I have to cover some important things I just go on and cover them all without concerning about the length of a post.That is why I divided that post into subjects and categories.This article is not only a review on the Euro Millionaire System.I expand upon gambling , the greek stock exchange and then I compare Binary Options with gambling.I believe that some people will be interested in reading about that because they probably would like to know what is Binary and what is Gambling.Some might not be pleased.They have the option to read the paragraphs that interest them mostly.I can’t satisfy everyone out there.

      I wanna thank you for sharing your own experience , for your thoughts and suggestions

  13. Marc Parsons

    Your opening paragraph for Euro Millionaire System… Those red lights were popping up one after the other. Very well put!

    I have never been a fan of binary options, but this was looking more interesting as I read on.

    And then I heard what I was looking for… It is as good as gambling. In your opinion…Is this directed at all binary systems, or just through optic and Euro Millionaire?



    • Tasos

      Red light alerts Marc?..Nice , yes this is how I felt when I first visited that website.But I was surprised to find out that this was a legit affiliation between the euro millionaire and the Opteck broker.And I was very interested to find out what is was about.So when I entered the broker I came across a ton of material explaining the binary options system.I did not expect that.

      But when I tried the fake money option I was a little disappointed to find out resemblances with gambling and sports betting.I do not have a strong experience with binary options and this was the first time for me to participate in a “half-real” event.

      I think that there are people out there making money through these systems.But you will need not only experience and knowledge.That is the easy part.You will need a very strong personality.There are people experienced that destroyed their lives on these systems.

      I believe that these systems are designed to take your money , at least for the vast majority of the players.I do not believe in unstable stocks or luck when it comes to make money

      I wanna thank you for stopping by my blog and share your questions and thoughts.

  14. Randy

    Wow another money making opportunity that is not a scam, that is great. Options trading has came a long way. There is not much need for a broker in this system.
    Would you call this day trading? It sounds like a pretty good system you could make a living at. Like you said you have to know when to quit and therein lies the problem with most people discipline. The price points are a bit high but the green account is not bad.

    • Tasos

      Yes , I was surprised too Randy because the title of the website and the very first seconds of the introduction alerted me for a scam attempt.But it is not a scam , it is a legit affiliate website in co-operation with the Opteck broker.Unlike the many other binary options trading systems I have reviewed that were only promising for secret magic software that could beat the stock market with a push of a button , the euro millionaire system is not promising anything like that.It is just an introduction to the binary system and the Opteck broker provides real training and material if you want to invest in that systems.

      I am not a fan of these systems though.As I was playing , with fake money , I realised the many similarities with gambling and sports betting.If you do not have a strong knowledge on binary options then do not invest the $250 start up cost of the green account.Because the minimum betting is set to $25.You can make the counting.If you are lucky then you can win.If you are a master in binaries then go ahead.I believe that some people are making money form these systems.But they probably are strong personalities that do not fall easily on the hunt of money.

      These systems are very unstable for me and even experienced players lost fortunes overnight.That is why I do not recommend them and that is why I did not spend any real money on.

      Thank you for visiting my site and sharing your concerns with me.


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