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You're Reading:Is Millionaire Marketing Machine A Scam? – Up To You To Decide

Is Millionaire Marketing Machine A Scam? – Up To You To Decide

by Tasos


Sep 13, 2015


I'm working on the "7 IDEALS METHODOLOGY" video presentation, the blueprint (infographic & guide), the 7 ideals page, and a brand-new contest. For more information, join the newsletter and get exclusive bonuses and discounts for a lifetime.


This methodology is the end result of over 30 years in business and marketing and I'm working on it since late 2021. 

A value-driven and customer-centric strategy for small businesses and startups. 

One that can take your small business or startup from unknown status to a leading name in your industry. 

Starting small is actually the biggest benefit in this multi-dimensional, fast-changing marketplace.

Small businesses are personal, we get to interact with our customers face-to-face, and serve them at the highest level possible.

We know we can’t compete with giant corporations on budget, resources, or technology, but when it comes to delivering user experiences… guess… who’s the boss!

It’s a carefully designed, strategically organized methodology that helps small business owners understand the market inside out, create a competitive advantage, and develop unmatched – innovative products that consumers can’t enjoy and recommend enough.

It’s a solid, comprehensive, and proprietary system that looks at your business as a whole, giving you a clear path – a roadmap to follow – a solid strategy to win in the competitive marketplace.

This is not a methodology to just promote your products, this is merely one tiny aspect of the “7 Ideals”.

It’s a holistic approach that will help you solve any problem in your company, improve your business model, gain entrepreneurial skills, and so much more.



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I came across another “Machine” , this time is called “Millionaire Marketing Machine” (MMM).Their title is very catchy and instantly gets your attention.I think I have to buy the suit of “Iron Man” to deal with these numerous “Machines”...Anyway , I entered their website and the first thing you are announced to do is to enter your sponsor’s name.That means it is a Multi Level Marketing business opportunity aka MLM.


With This Review I Will try To Answer A Popular Online Question “Is Millionaire Marketing Machine A Scam?”..But This Has To Come Down To You


It is an association of entrepreneurs that work together for more than 6 years with hundreds of associates working full or part time.They say they are not an MLM company (but why to mention that?)…They do not call their company a complicated internet marketing model,They are not selling weight loss products or lotions or anything similar like other MLM companies.In fact they work on phone ,1-1 with people and there is no need for internet whatsoever.They deal with information products like how to run a company , how to improve your life , how to run a franchise , how to learn another language.

This is the information age and information is being bought and sold like it has never done in the past.They compiled the best information and teachers together in their packages.

Levels Of Millionaire Marketing Machine


There are 6 levels in which you can enter as a pre-qualifier.

  • Bronze package , when you sell it you grant $500 per sale.
  • Silver – $2000
  • Gold  – $3500
  • Platinum  – $6500
  • Diamond  – $12000
  • Elite – $20000.

When you buy a package you get the rights to resell this pack and it includes the license agreement.With the package you get a customised website , that explains all the above , auto responder service and more.

In the beginning they said no internet is necessary , I am a little confused here.




Breakdown Of The Levels – What’s Inside – Millionaire Marketing Machine Products


**Every package on the next (upper) level includes all the material of ALL the previous levels.**


Bronze Package – Level 1Total Price is $695 to purchase (you grant $500 per bronze enrollment).That means you grant 71,94% on commissions.

  • A 7 video course explaining the basics of online marketing
  • Secrets to enrolling – A 4 part course
  • An 24 audio lessons in which you will hear top marketers around the globe like Ted Nicholas , Gary Halbert , Bill Myers


Silver Package – Level 2 – Total Price $2196 to buy ($2000 per silver enrollment)91,07% commissions.

  • The millionaire marketing seminar – 34 audios to get ideas from top experts like Ron Legrand or Dan Kennedy
  • The productivity Mastery – 8 part video course to sky-rocket your personal productivity , mindset secrets and more.
  • Internet Success 101 – 46 video step by step course – Basic rules for online success , how to build a lead funnel
  • Success with Press Releases – Video course on how to write a release for maximum results
  • 100 seminars in 8660 book pages.Some of the authors included are Napoleon Hill , Wallace Wattles.


Gold package – Level 3 – $3697 to buy ($3500 per gold enrollment)94,67% commissions.

  • 21 day live marketing tele-seminar – 36 audio courses cover some strategies for immediate home business success.Lessons like Ultimate marketing techniques , copywriting for success
  • Entrepreneurial Wealth – 11 part video course – ad value to your offers , handle customers.
  • Information Millionaires Bootcamp – 15 audio lessons
  • Success Traits of the Affluent  – a 7 part audio course – the character of a millionaire , positive expectation.
  • Ultimate Success Programming – 9 part affirmation audio program – ultimate financial freedom , health and welness
  • Traffic Mastery – 41 video course – Page rankings , use artiles to feed traffic to your site
  • 11 million opportunity seeker leads




Platinum – Level 4 – $6748 to buy ($6500 per platinum enrollment) 96,32% commissions

  • Home business success bootcamp – 69 audio lessons
  • Get motivated – 10 part audio course
  • Outsourcing secrets – 3 audios
  • Ultimate persuasion – how to use irresistible language patterns to persuade people into buying
  • Wealth through consultations – 8 videos
  • Success with self hypnosis – 12 audios
  • Secret weapons of direct marketing – 9 audio series


Diamond – Level 5 – $12298 to buy ($12000 per diamond enrollment) 97,57% commissions

  • Online marketing mastery workshop – 10 videos
  • Accelerated success – 9 videos
  • Public speaking for profits – audios
  • Secret power of focus – 9 audios
  • Time management secrets – 4 videos
  • Secret strategies to article marketing – SEO – search engines and more – 6 videos
  • Internet blogging for profit – 9 videos
  • Building your brand – 13 videos
  • 7 habits of successful marketers – 8 videos
  • Cell phone profits – 6 videos
  • Social networking – 23 videos


Elite – Level 6 – $20485 to buy (as elite qualifier director you grant $20000 per elite enrollment) 97,63% commissions

  • Ultimate entrepreneur -27 videos
  • Winning negotiation tactics – 3 module course
  • Coaching success secrets – 31 audios
  • NLP mastery – 21 videos
  • High ticket success – 3 step by step module
  • Infopreneur academy – 7 videos
  • Email marketing secrets – 26 videos
  • Conversion profits – 18 videos
  • Ultimate list building – 26 videos
  • Video marketing success – 14 videos

**The higher the level the higher the commissions**


They are a wholesale fulfillment company.The informational products of the company (audio , videos , courses) can be downloaded online.The customer pays to the referral (you) so you don’t have to wait to get paid from the company for the sales you achieved.They have a call center that contacts people that expressed interest on the products to help you with the sales.That comes with a fee


Compensation Plan – Payments


When you enter a level , let’s say the gold and you make the first sale with the help of your mentor or sponsor , that first sale is called the qualifier and the profit goes to your sponsor.No profits for you yet.With that sale you are qualified as a gold affiliate.As a gold affiliate you now can grant commissions from the silver and the bronze level and the gold.The people in your downline when they make their first sales , these payments are transferred to you , as you are their sponsor.

Hypothetically if you continue selling new product packages you will be receiving the pre-qualifier profits and your own sales profits.

If you are on the bronze level of the $500 threshold then you can be compensated for only $500.If you make a sale of $2000 then you get $500 and the rest $1500 goes to your sponsor.

**I would say that this plan is OK , meaning you can grant commissions even if you sell something at a higher level.Seems fair**.




Limited Time Bonuses


  • A customised website that costs $998
  • Life time hosting $498
  • Auto responder $298
  • 11 million red hot leads $5998 – A database of people interested in building businesses.So you can get in touch with them and try to sell.Is continuously updated with fresh names and leads.

TOTAL $7792,..All of that are free with the gold package.

**That bonuses are not worth so much.It’s just a marketing trick**  



Some proofs of other members telling how successful they become in a very short period of time.They have time for themselves , to travel.They doubled their income and quit their jobs.

Then the video finishes , thanking us for reviewing this opportunity and they insist to ask any questions that we might have with our sponsor.I tried to contact him via mail but it never delivered due to faulty mail address.There was a phone listed but I would not pay an international call for a few questions.


Then you are about to choose if you want to participate.In order to do that you have to pay for a package with your credit card.

Examples Of Training Inside My Sponsor’s Landing Page


Phone Training – How to Call People


Two different ways to position yourself and your desired attitude (like an expert or someone that works with a leader)


“”Hello Y , this is X, returning your phone call , you were interested in our system.You got 2 minutes Y?…Usually my associate does this but something important came up and he had to leave the country for a while , so I take his position.I am working in a direct marketing organisation…We are not any MLM business and I am looking for some qualitative personalities to mentor them in becoming entrepreneurs and work as part or full time in our company.I’ve been in the industry for over 17 years so I am looking for the best possible candidates … blah blah blah

Listen … we have so many people waiting in the line that want to work with us , do you think you are a suitable person for this position?…””

You get their spirit.I don’t like this kind of approach but this is how you can make sales , especially with these high ticket items.


Secrets To Turbo Charge Enrolled


Your intention is to help them being effectively communicated.Don’t show that you need their money.Make them feel different than any other making money opportunities.Create a different feeling , talk politely.You are helping them prosper.Selling and trying to convince people is ugly and unattractive.




Millionaire Marketing Machine – The Business Opportunity – Extra Details


Top Tier profits and residual income streams


That part was a little confusing with details on how the payments are calculated in cases of upgrades.How much you keep for yourself and how much are moving to your sponsor.I won’t provide the whole plan here , it would exceed this post purpose.Additionally you would need to study very carefully before any decision.

Some examples just to get an idea



  • With the gold package you receive $348 of the $498 and $1000 of the $2000 and $1000 rolls to your sponsor.
  • With the platinum you receive $3495 profit and $1500 go to the sponsor.


Getting Started Process


  1. Fill the application form , pay the fees and sign up
  2. Send the cash gift to the sponsor with the gifting statements
  3. Order the postcards , voice broadcasting service and other advertising media to drive traffic to your MMM website
  4. You or your sponsor will answer the questions your prospects might have
  5. Receive your cash gifts as your new members enroll , learn how to master ppc or some other fancy internet techniques.(more money to spend)




Final Opinion – Conclusion


The part you are probably most interested in.I have been part of a few MLM companies , long time ago.My overall experience was not so exciting.There were meetings you had to attend in order to keep your down-line and I always hated these complex compensation plans.Why it has to be so difficult?…

I believe that if you want to get involved with an MLM company you should seek for physical products of TOP Quality and not informational products like this.You can not expect to sell High Ticket information unless you are a Star.

Now this Millionaire Marketing Machine company is not admitting that is an MLM organisation…But why?…Because MLM’s got a bad reputation over the years.That comes as a result of unsatisfied members and the general tragic statistical data where only a small portion of people succeed.

“”You have to sell a dream , a dream that in most cases does not even exist.”” 


MMM make it seem very simple , although it is the exact opposite,In their video they claim that you can make easily 3 sales per month with no hard work , even as part time.That is a huge lie , and be my guest to try it.Can you really sell informational programs of minimum $500 to someone?….Can you make 3 sales per month? , try and let me know.Additionally they claim that even when you don’t work your downline will generate sales for you.If they manage to make that sales though.

I am not a fan of MLM , I really prefer to keep it simple , like in the Affiliate Marketing model , where payments are calculated on a standard percentage of the sales.You make a sale , you grant a percentage of the profits.That simple.It does not have to be more complex.Life passes quickly , there is no need to work like “Madmen”.


Is Millionaire Marketing Machine A Scam After All?


It does not seem like a scam.They are pretty clear from the beginning.Their products are way too expensive though.But they did not try to scam me like MOBE did.They say … these are our products , that are the prices , this is the procedure.

It is up to you to decide if you want to try it.But I don’t recommend Millionaire Marketing Machine as a healthy business opportunity.I don’t like to sell expensive information.


Till the next review of Web Market Support , your online partner.




















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  1. simon

    I love the banner at the top that summarises your review up. Wow just read it three times and it is GREAT it will cast aside any uncertainties either the readers or indeed I had, having heard of this “opportunity” before
    A fantastic review matey 😉 good job.
    I also really like the way it is written , is really easy to understand your honest review.

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Simon.Yeah , just another shiny product only to be proved very risky and hyped.

      Thank you for this visit and for participating with your kind comments.


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