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You're Reading:IDplr Review – A PLR Articles Market For Inspiration? or Hard Copy?

IDplr Review – A PLR Articles Market For Inspiration? or Hard Copy?

by Tasos


Aug 21, 2015


Tasos Perte

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IDplr.com is a marketplace to find resources that you can use as content for your website.There are ebooks , software and videos.The material packages come with different licenses.Some are meant only for personal use , other for resell or other fit into the Private Label Rights category.Every resource includes the license inside so that you know your legal rights and how you can use it.(Resell , Master Resell , Private Label , Giveaway , Personal)


With This Review I Deal With The Resources Found on IDplr – A Market For Website Owners , Bloggers And Entrepreneurs


I quickly setup a free membership and entered into their system.There is material for free members but with a download limit set to maximum 50 dls per day.I run into the first interesting ebook title.

Amazon Marketplace – A Free Give Away Report (2013 by PLR – MMR Products).This ebook comes as a giveaway present.You can give it for free to anyone but you can not modify the content.The PDF is a light weight mini guide to get you started with Amazon.It is not meant as a full training , only for getting familiar with the system.

Let’s take a look at some of the other resources I studied.

15 High Quality Facebook Timeline Cover Version 6 – 2013.This package includes some images for your facebook business page.I was not amazed by the design or their quality (this is not HQ for me).But you can modify and sell or resell their rights.





Among the marketing related offers there are resources for other markets as well but I am not investigating them as unrelated to my content.But in order to get an idea there are listings such as


♦ Make Your Own Eye-Catching Christmas Displays

♦ Culinary Herbs

♦ Feng Shui

♦ Be A Grill Master

♦ Fuel Efficient Vehicles and many more like Recipes , Romantic Tricks , How To Lose Weight.



…Back to the Marketing Related Products


Internet Marketing – Your Stairway To Heaven – 2008 – PV Raymond.This one is a shareware report , meaning you can give it away for free on your site or sell it if you leave it untouched.A very well written short ebook that illustrates the difficulties of IM , what steps to follow in order to succeed and other.

What , Me? , Procrastinate?…Another interesting subject , a mini ebook of 11 pages.A nice resource for inspiration , you could apply some of the guidelines for yourself as well.

Pinterest – Development And Strategy – 2013.Again a short book with some statistics in the introduction about this social network.It includes additionally 100 links to blog posts about Pinterest that you can navigate online and get inspired.Moreover there are 19 links to forum posts about Pinterest and a list of 50 YouTube videos on that subject.The package closes with the 30 paid products / courses about Pinterest.So this is a giant list for you to learn about this social medium and leverage this information to increase your website traffic.

Article Marketing Exposed – 2010 – Bryan Zimmerman.This one is a bit longer , 37 pages.The general introduction is well written , it provides value.Then he deals with the famous Ezine Articles website , he gives instructions and offer some insights on how to use the power of this network to promote your work.Then he refers to some tools that I would not recommend you use them.Tools for article spinning are not included in my marketing vocabulary.I believe in the power of creating something unique,I would only use articles as inspiration and nothing more.I do not agree with Bryan in many points.

There are some resources like the “List Boosters” to help you generate targeted subscribers in any market.Generally I do not recommend using these techniques , especially if you have a new website.It will need much time to create tons of great content so that you will be able to attract online traffic and therefore to convert some of it into subscribers.




Software Resources Inside IDplr.com


Some of the products I overviewed :

Tiger PDF Convertor – 2014.Let’s you edit a PDF document by converting it into an editable text file.

Ultimate Traffic Generator – 2008.Floods your website URLs with 50,000+ tsunami monthly traffic.Do not believe in such deals.Even if a software might bring you online traffic , you will never know if this traffic consists of human beings , and of course if they are human (that I doubt it) might not be interested in what you are selling.And it is produced 7 years ago.Would you trust such an offer?

Additionally there are some plugins for WordPress websites.But you can always use as resource the official WordPress forum for these plugins.This is what I do.

Blogging Gold Profits – 2010.Kick ass blogging without writing any content on your own.Again I do not trust and / or recommend such productions.

Video Products


Free Cash Generator – 2012.Step by step system to making money online without investing a penny out of your pocket.I won’t proceed with a comment again.

One more video product and the Free Video area is closed.


What Else Is Included In The IDplr Website?


A giant list of over 20,000 PLR articles about health , beauty , internet marketing , personal finance.

I do recommend that you use PLR articles as a resource for inspiration only.A lot of entrepreneurs might be using the same exact content with you.If you use such content you won’t create something unique , therefore if you decide to change or modify the content in the cases that this is allowed again you will be losing a lot of time that could be invested elsewhere.

When you create unique content you have a chance to get recognised and attract online visitors.With PLR articles you won’t go far in the SERPs , I am not recommending them in any case.Just get ideas out of them.


There is an application , called Indigital Cover , it is a cover creator for ebooks , software , dvd cover , credit cards.Not bad , I used it , very simple , you just upload an image and it takes care of the rest.But don’t expect super quality.

Web Hosting – 5 GB of space with Unlimited Bandwidth.But it comes only with the Gold membership accounts so I can not test it.Generally speaking I would not trust a company that is specialised in PLR articles to HOST my website;There are other places dedicated to these services.



They offer an affiliate program if you want to join and promote their products and offers.I would not recommend to do that either , I was not satisfied with the quality of their deals.There are millions of other products and networks that you can promote.It is not wise to advertise everything under the sun.If your customers won’t stay satisfied it is you who will lose trust in the long run.

♦ Applications for employment.They are hiring writers , e.g Professional Internet Marketing E-Book Writer.They have requirements , they seek for certain skills.You might want to check them out.



♦ You can submit your own product , if it is created by you and you own its rights.There are instructions inside.

♦ All the legal documents are in place.Beyond the about and contact page , the support centre with tickets system , there are the DMCA compliance , FTC compliance and all the appropriate disclosures and disclaimers and an anti-spam policy.

♦ For the paid members there are 2 additional sections.The Templates resource and the Graphics panel , where you can download and use their media.The prices can be seen on my rating graphic.And of course these members have access to all of the features of this network.




Final Opinion – Conclusion


I was not impressed at all , not in any case.But there are some products that add value , but these are only a few.I am always talking about the Free membership area.Now as concerns the PLR articles as I already stated I am not a fan of these tactics.Only through original blogging and unique content you will reach out to success.

Do not expect online visitors to trust your website if they find information very similar to other websites.Internet Marketing is a crowded field , but you can stand out of the crowd.Simply by being yourself.


If you want to use IDplr as inspiration try to reach only the most recent articles.Not that the old ones are useless but some of them are outdated.For me , I won’t be using this website anymore , there are thousands of blogs and magazines that I find inspiration on a daily basis.Websites that are continuously updating and publishing fresh content.Internet is moving fast as technology , don’t stay behind using OLD information.


Thank you for your trust so far.I am waiting for your participation in my comment section.Have you any experience with this particular website or any similar?…Do you want to add something else in my article?…Are you using PLR articles for your content?





Till my next review
















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  1. Divican

    Getting traffic to your website as you have said It’s all about getting in the SERPS to get organic traffic and PLR content won’t get you there. Question, Is it possible poor English writing can affect your website traffic. Do you know anything about SEO? How can I improve my SEO ranking. How can I get my posts/pages on the first page on google?

    • Tasos

      Welcome Divican , yes PLR articles is not a superb solution.I really can’t believe that people are looking for these products.

      Very poor English might affect a website’s rankings , sounds logical.

      There are many things to consider for your SEO but among the top factors I find quality content focused on UX and not in Keywords , frequent posting , internal linking and if possible , writing about rare topics (on demand).You might also want to check my articles on SEO.

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing your thoughts and questions.Good luck on your work.

  2. Maarten

    Hi Tasos,

    I’ve never taught about just using these PLR resources as a place to get ideas from. I am going to have a look at this platform! I’m glad you’ve said that there’s only one decent way of getting traffic to your site and that’s through creating your own original content. It’s all about getting in the SERPS to get organic traffic and PLR content won’t get you there. 🙂


    • Tasos

      Totally agree Maarten.The PLR articles are not only useless , most of times are outdated , you risk a lot in using them and if you decide to edit them you will lose valuable time that you could spend in creating unique and original content.How can you differentiate if you copy old and used content?…Waste of time and money of course….Only if you use them to get inspired then I agree to take a look and nothing more.

      Thank you for another visit and for stating your opinion here.

  3. Michel

    I agree with you that PLR is overated.

    There are so many sites promoting PLR and articles for sale, and it is very tempting to use these aids to save time, but in the long run it does you no good as far as the Search Engines go.

    I guess slow and steady and unique is always the best way to go.

    • Tasos

      Yes , I agree Michel , besides they want to sell their products.That is why they promote their work and they do that in an attractive manner.But it is not only the search engines that won’t trust websites that use PLR resources.The visitors will easily recognise content that is Old , outdated or similar to other websites.I like your last phrase , it is a summary of what a website owner should take care of.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your participation.

  4. Roland

    You have put a lot of work into this article and I would like to thank you for posting it. It seems that people would do well to avoid this and spend time writing their own content or hiring a professional that will do a good job.

    Once again your article points out that there are many people offering things on the Internet that are not worth bothering with.

    • Tasos

      Perfect point Roland , these kind of services are not worthy at all.It is better to write content on your own or you can co-operate with a professional writer to create something unique and not outdated.A lot of their resources are old and in general I was not satisfied with the quality.With no unique content there are no good chances in getting awesome rankings.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for participating , I am glad you enjoyed that article.


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