We have already discussed various ways to make money on the web from the comfort of our home.But the best option of all is to create our own online space, our portfolio, our territory.And that can be accomplished with a website.

It is possible to create a website and host it at absolutely no cost.But in order to make it profitable you have to put in your personal work.If you are ready to commit to that promise keep on reading.



What this Online Business will be about


A website serves a specific segment of the market, the niche.You will be creating content around a certain topic and helping people through by offering free information that they might be interested in.

By adding content on a regular basis you will be attracting online traffic, visitors that come to your website to collect valuable information.You can monetize your website in various ways but the most important is to participate in affiliate programs.

You will be promoting products and services from companies (merchants) and you will be getting commissions through your affiliate links.This way you avoid buying inventory and you don’t have to worry about customer service.The merchants are responsible for that.


Other ways to monetize a website

  • You can create profit by selling advertising space to other websites or companies.One very popular method is the Google Adsense program.
  • But a website doesn’t stop there.You can build certain areas with access only to those who subscribe or pay a membership fee.Exclusive training, courses, webinars.
  • At some point, you will be creating your own digital products and services.
  • And with email marketing you are extending the power of your website as you continue to offer value to your subscribers and by offering new and improved solutions (either affiliate offers or your own products)


But you have to keep your promotions relevant to your chosen niche.For example, this website is helping people get started online and grow their businesses.

It would be a bad idea to promote furniture or sports equipment.



SiteRubix Platform


SiteRubix is a website builder inside the Wealthy Affiliate University.You can build and host up to two websites with the starter account, at zero costs.

You choose the free website option, pick up a domain name and then select a theme from the extended list of WordPress themes.

Your domain will look like

The builder will set it up for you in less than a minute.The WordPress themes will ensure a modern and professional outlook for your website and you don’t need to hire a web designer to do that.







Primary Content – Initial Plugins


Now it is time to create our initial content pages such as an about me page, a contact form, privacy policy, disclosures and to set up the initial WordPress plugins.

I have already published an article on that subject and you can access it here.




Necessary Marketing and Technical Knowledge


In order to be found on the web by visitors, you have to know the basics of online marketing.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of preparing our content for the search engines in an ethical way.

Keyword research includes techniques to get your content ranked high in the search engines results so that visitors will find you.

You will need additional lessons on content creation, social media, website development and other online marketing areas.


The Wealthy Affiliate starter membership is right now the best free online marketing module in the market.The training courses are easy to understand and are designed especially for beginners.Everything you need to know about online businesses is covered through their courses.

You will be building your website and taking the courses at the same time, don’t worry, you don’t need any prior experience.

On top of that, you will receive support and feedback from thousands of other entrepreneurs and marketers that will help you all along your way.This is how I started my online journey.


If you sign through me for the Wealthy Affiliate membership I will be able to help you out with your early steps and throughout your online career.







The Limit is the Sky


As with every business, there are no limits.You can grow your business and co-operate with as many companies as you want.As you progress and build content you will be creating new contacts, allies and partnerships.There are people and tools that can help you overcome any obstacles.

The only thing you need to put is your personal work and passion.If you choose to build content around a topic you love and enjoy no one can stop you.


NOTICE: My only objection here is that I will suggest buying a domain name. Although sites with extensions, like the siterubix extension, are getting ranked, owned domains rank even better and most importantly faster.

A domain name costs around $10-$15 for a year.You can buy domains at NameCheap (one of the best domain merchants worldwide) or inside Wealthy Affiliate.




I hope you enjoyed another article, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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