How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Fast and Get a Business Running

by Tasos


Oct 15, 2015




I can clearly discern people getting stressed when they hear about an Affiliate Marketing Education Program or Course and generally there is a mysterious “Fear” around the word “Marketing”.But I totally comprehend them because I have been through this phase myself when I first got started.

I was taking a certificate course in a marketing university that I am member and the author was explaining the fundamental process of making money online with the help of a website.How can someone participate in affiliate programs and get paid for commissions sending traffic to merchants.Therefore he was presenting a diagram of the certification courses and lessons but I was disappointed right away.


There were literally hundreds of lessons so I guessed that this education period would last for years.Indeed , marketing education never stops but the most important is that you can learn the basics in a matter of a month.This basic knowledge can help you build a business and construct it piece by piece as you move forward , learning and building.


How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Fast? .. It can be done Online , you can do it alone


How long Does it Take to Get a Business Up and Running? .. hours or days (depending on the experience)


I think that the average period for someone to get started in Affiliate business with a website is 30 days.In these 30 days you know what your main target is and what it needs to build a decent and helpful website.You soon understand that publishing content in a regular basis is the core of your business,


In this world your weapons are your posts , your videos , graphics … material that you publish on your website and doing so you attract people to read and consume your content.Even if you can not produce written content or upload images there are people that can do it for you.It is a business cycle , there are people that can complete any task for others.


In the meantime you continue with the training , constructing and learning.It is an ongoing process that leads humans to creativity.You blog about the things you love and enjoy , some privileges you can’t find easily in other business models.Making digital connections and meeting people online are included in your daily menu,


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If the word “Marketing” is tough consider it as blogging.If you can blog , you or someone else for you , there are huge possibilities online.

But How Long Does It Take To Make Money?


The low start up and ongoing costs is a great advantage as you can easily continue to work normally in your day job and building the website in your free time.The more content you publish , more chances for traffic , more opportunities for money.But that won’t happen in a day or two or in a month.

In a month you will have a basic knowledge of what an affiliate website needs , then the more you devote yourself the sooner the results.But you should also have in mind that the search engines need at least a period of 6 months to give high rankings for specific terms.It also depends strongly on your niche and the competition in that segment of the market.


If you insist and love what you do you will get the results you wanted in less than a year.Every business needs time to break even.With an affiliate website you break even sooner because the initial investments are almost equal to zero.Can you take the test of time?…Try it out , there are thousands of regular people with no prior education in any field and are succeeding , they want it and they make it happen.

You can set up a website business up and running in a matter of days.For experienced people it can take less than an hour.But for newcomers in a few days you have a website setup.A business that will show results at a later time.Even if you decide to abandon you risk to lose a few hundreds of dollars or even nothing because there are places that you can set up such a business totally for free.





Best Places to Learn Affiliate Marketing Fast and Set Up a Website Business


Of course Wealthy Affiliate gets my vote so far for the numerous features , an interactive community , excellent support and incredible training and for the regular updates and upgrades of the system and services.The second option is Affilorama , there are functions missing but is a place where you can learn at least the basics for free.

In WA you build a website right away and you test if this is what you looking for.If you love computers and already spending much time in front of a screen you will love it.


Their training motivates you to take action immediately and act fast.If you do that you won’t regret it.It really depends on you,They have all the digital tools you might need.On your part are required a computer or laptop and an internet connection.


Take the time to consider building a presence online , offline chanells are almost dead.Unemployment , financial crisis , unsustainable governments , corruption , risks.You publish content , promote products and services , get commissions for your work.Simple , it needs time though.But this is what makes it so beautiful.



I guess that can answer a lot of questions that normally newcomers have about how long does it take to have this business running.It needs a month Tops.Then it is up to you to proceed with partnerships and skyrocket your brand.It needs a willing to succeed of course and a little bit of self confidence.


I hope you enjoyed another article , on Web Market Support.I promise to come back very soon.Till next time , I am welcoming your comments , your online partner.











A few good reasons to become an Entrpreneur





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  1. Kenny Lee

    Hi, I’ve been reading your article. There are a few questions I would like to know. Apart from websites promoting online affiliate marketing such as this. Do you have other websites that brings income to you consistently? And what is the duration it takes for to make your first sales online from the period you started your first website?

    • Tasos

      There are many ways you can make profit online with a website Kenny.Beyond the affiliate promotions , you can create your own products.Training courses , e-books , webinars , marketing services for clients are only a few ideas.

      I work only with one website , I don’t think I have the time to build another one.I strongly believe it is more than enough.

      Some people make the first sale after 3-4 months , some others sooner or later , depending on their experience and time devoted.If I remember correctly it happened after 3 months or so.

      Thank you for the visit and for your questions.All my best.

  2. Alexey

    I was afraid as well, when I heared the term “marketing” the first time when I joined here, Wealthy Affiliate.
    The pictures inside the post are very cool and relevant, it makes it ten times easier to understand what affiliate marketing is.
    I like when people keep up with the short posts and still stay relevant – you did a great job, keep up!

    • Tasos

      It is a frightening term Alexey , glad you agree on that.But as you get started it does not feel like marketing , it feels like getting in touch with others.Thank you for this visit and for your kind comments.Good luck in Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Brandon

    Yes I agree it does take about 30 days to get up and running. I am almost on my 30 day period and I learned a lot already so far. The program teaches me everything through videos on how to get my business up and running. It all starts with an idea.

    • Tasos

      Hello Brandon , you made good progress.If you can hold on 30 days you can hold for eternity.It depends on our satisfaction from the whole process.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for stating your experience.What is your area , your niche?


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