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How To Impact The World As An Entrepreneur

by Tasos


Dec 21, 2021


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This article is mostly written for entrepreneurs but anyone who wants to impact the world can benefit. I strongly believe that entrepreneurs are the most qualified people to change this world but it also depends on their intentions.

A few days ago, I discussed if money is all that it counts and I expressed my concerns about the current situation in today’s world.

And I feel that something magic is going to happen because humanity is suffering right now.

Something is changing, the world is shaking up. Can you feel it too?

And this is an important moment in time, and the world needs you, more than ever before, it needs people that can impact other people and help them improve their lives.

If you’re on a quest to impact the world, this means that you already see the light, you already know that there is a lot we can do to change things and make this world a better place.

And it means that you got what it takes and your willingness to provide as much value as you can.

Yes, we can change the world, and we should, it’s our duty, and the reward will be well worth fighting for.

So let’s see what it takes to impact the world and leave your legacy.

How To Impact The World As An Entrepreneur

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Why Impacting Lives?

Listening, helping, giving, caring, and impacting lives are universal values. And the universe has a magic way to give back to those who give freely.

When you give and help without asking anything in return, you are contributing to a higher cause.

Not all abundant and wealthy entrepreneurs contribute and that’s OK.

The power of giving lies in the act itself, not in the numbers. 

Just a small tiny act can create a snowball effect and change the world.

When you help someone, they become more willing to help others. 

It’s a beautiful cycle.

Impacting lives helps you find meaning in your life and business because you are pursuing something greater than growing your company or helping just yourself.

You feel significant and you can break out of your limiting beliefs.

And impacting others is not only about giving away money.

Even something small, giving away resources or just your time can make this world a better place.

Inner Quest

So you want to impact the world, you want to change things. This means you have the vision, the most important element that defines a dedicated entrepreneur.

Impacting the world is a great cause and an honored mission.

But first, you need to look inside yourself and be critical. Is there anything that needs to be changed?

Are you ready for such a big commitment? It’s a big responsibility to change things. What if you fail, right?

Are you well-equipped to move forward?

Are you a leader?

Do you have these common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?

Are you willing to take risks?

Are you an innovator, creative, open-minded, decision-maker, responsible, a good listener?

Are you a constant learner, collaborative, and persuasive? Are you taking action constantly?

Are you productive and responsible?

Are you a problem solver?

These skills can give you a tremendous boost in pursuing your goals and ultimately, impacting the world.

Also, you need to be crystal clear on what you’re trying to achieve and how you’re going to make things happen. Envision the path.

Then, you need to plan your moves and get ready to pursue your goals.

More importantly, be ready and willing to change yourself in the process. It’s inevitable. As you impact the world, the world impacts you at the same time.

Now the big question is this…are you ready to deal with today’s world’s big problems?

woman alone sky clouds

The World Is In Pain

We have to see things as they are. It’s not a period that we feel proud of.

We might enjoy technological advancements and we have progressed a lot during the last decades in so many areas. Yes, we did!

But…we lost our direction.

Now is the time that humanity needs people that can impact others more than ever before.

The signs are clear, people are suffering. Society, economy, science, politics, religion, entertainment & media, all institutions and values are constantly being shaken.

People are confused and scared, they have lost their vitality and determination, they are waiting for a savior to rescue them, to take the burden off them and the guilt.

Are you the one everyone is waiting for?

And how do you intend to solve the major problems that plague humanity?

Like greed, corruption, fraud, wrath, envy, stress, psychological issues, poverty, chaos, and confusion.

What about the environment? We just sacrifice it because it provides resources and we consume everything like maniacs. We don’t even care about animals and we enslave them because it’s fun.

From a business standpoint, things are not going well too. The high competition in the vast majority of industries, unfortunately, flooded the market with low-quality products and companies that care only about money and profits.

The advertising arena is just a labyrinth of annoying and disrupting marketing messages that have only one goal, to make you buy stuff that you don’t really need.

And stuff can’t buy happiness and a better quality of life.

Human interactions can!

And this is where the opportunity exists.

All these things that are happening, are happening for a reason.

It is the call of nature, of the universe, for rebirth and upgrades. In all areas. In all industries. In all aspects of life and business.

However, we can’t move on like this.

We need to level up our game as soon as possible.

Embrace things as they are, be realistic, and envision a better future. Be optimistic.

Then start working on solving people’s problems, satisfying needs and desires, helping and sharing, caring and giving, transforming lives.

If we deeply understand today’s problems and face them, if we deal with them instead of running away, then the world is about to change.

But if we don’t understand exactly what is going on and we focus only on pursuing money and glory, we’ll fail miserably in the end.

man holds the world sphere planet

Research & Transformation

If you want to impact the world, you need to understand people’s needs, desires, frustrations, wants, and aspirations and talk to their hearts.

That’s why everything starts with research

Every marketing approach, methodology, and strategy that brings results starts with research. Whether you want to start a new business, scale an existing one, expand upon new audiences, create new products or improve your current product line, research is the ultimate weapon.

It helps us identify gaps and hidden opportunities in the marketplace, analyze the competition, and improve our current product line.

It’s also about exploring our own business’ assets in order to define room for improvements and lay the ground for growth.

Market research helps brands make well-informed decisions in order to develop and design products that the market needs, improve their current product line, validate business ideas, reduce production costs, gain insights into the competition, and so much more.

More importantly, research helps us craft a unique selling proposition that caters to our target audience and so we gain a competitive advantage.

If you don’t listen to the market and what people have to say, you might not be able to launch a successful product thus you won’t be able to impact the world.

When you conduct research, you’ll start to see things as your customers see them, get in the conversation that’s happening inside their heads.

People want to improve their current situation, save time and money, gain status and make their lives better.

You must be able to transform their feelings and emotions.

Pain into pleasure, misery into happiness, insecurity into security, fear into calm and confidence, confusion into clarity, limitation into abundance, and so on.

Add Quality To People’s Lives

If we want to impact the world we need to provide quality products but we also need to add quality to our customers’ lives so they can become better versions of themselves.

Having superior products and services is just the first step.

We want to provide a unique user experience where people smile and feel happy and forget their negative feelings and emotions.

We need to provide superior customer service, deal with our customers’ problems, and answer all their questions.

We want to help people find meaning in their lives.

How can we reduce stress in our clients’ lives?

How can we help them become productive, save more time and money, enjoy a better lifestyle?

How can we help them become wealthy and healthy, feel safe, secure, and free?

How can we help them become better versions of themselves?

Important: if we’re only creating offers and continuously bombarding our customers with upsells, no matter the quality, we’re going to suffer in the long run.

We need to show our customers that we care about them, not making more money off them.

When you provide a superior experience, your customers will refer their friends with no other incentive than their love for what you do.

This way, you’ll have the chance to improve their lives as well.

Money is a medium and we want to use it wisely so we can impact the world while at the same time we are growing our companies.

We need to find the balance here (and there’s a great solution to this – see below).

It’s also about our employees. Caring about them, being fair, providing opportunities, helping them scale and progress, rewarding them.

When we recognize the efforts, dedication, and actions of our employees we create a positive atmosphere which in turn fuels feelings of satisfaction and pleasure.

Satisfied employees are committed and dedicated, they perform better, they are more productive, they get results faster, they are motivated and collaborative.

Healthy environments in which devotion, efficiency, and good behavior prevail, create a work culture that functions as an indicator and reference point for future partners.

When a company consists of efficient, productive members, where a climate of solidarity and partnership prevails, it brings better results and delivers better quality products.

On the other hand, we all know how harmful employees who are indifferent can become.

There are many cases in which indifferent and inefficient employees not only do not serve customers properly but also prevent potential customers from becoming customers by their behavior.

Having a healthy organization with a strong culture is a competitive advantage and can lead to the much-desired cause of impacting the world.

Recruit the best of the best, people that share the same vision with you. Your brand deserves it.

And it’s also about our partners, suppliers, vendors, and affiliates.

When we take care of them, we help the whole ecosystem progress and evolve.

Track partners and brands that share the same vision and goals and are advocates of quality.

Equip them well, provide them with resources, make them feel part of your family, part of your cause.

And it’s also about our local community.

There are so many ways to add quality to people’s lives in your community.

For example, you might organize charities, donations, and feed people in need.

You might give away supplies, build a playground for children, become a volunteer, recycle unused stuff, or help pick up trash.

The only limit is our imagination.

business mentor

Become a Knowledge Transmitter

As you build trust and authority in your market, people start listening. This is your perfect chance to stand out from the competition and take it one step further and become a mentor, a tutor, a consultant, a coach, an educator.

Because above all, you don’t just want to sell your products, but help your customers succeed.

Knowledge is the path to success.

Educate your customers about your new products and services and do it in a way that increases their perceived value. Help them visualize the beautiful outcome and take full advantage of your product’s features.

Educate prospects and customers in your sphere of knowledge and expertise and equip them with the necessary resources and capabilities to create a better future for themselves while enjoying your superior products/services.

We want them to level up their game.

This is where content marketing comes into play and you can use a variety of tools and platforms.

A blog, a training center, a knowledgebase, tutorials, step-by-step guides, webinars, seminars, a video channel, a podcast, social accounts, emails, questions & answers sessions, a consulting program, coaching, masterminds, and so much more.

Share your mistakes and pitfalls so that your customers can learn from them.

Also, we want to educate our employees so we can increase their performance and productivity, help them understand our customers and their needs, communicate our brand’s values and ethics, solve problems, gain confidence, and grow.

The same goes for partners, vendors, and affiliates.

Societies, where people are highly educated, provide an environment for growth, economic stability, a sense of equality, and lower crime rates.

Education reduces poverty and creates a better lifestyle. It contributes to personal development, experimentation, diversity, networking, and discipline.

Customer education increases brand loyalty.

It also leads to a better quality of life, improvements, and innovations.


I remember my father hanging out with clients whenever they were visiting our facilities. Dinners, sightseeing, walking, discussing.

They were loving it, they felt grateful and important.

It’s an extra cost but necessary if you want to impact the world.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, in some cases you won’t have to spend anything at all.

For example, a walk in the garden to help relieve stress from your clients and yourself is something anyone can do.

It helps you build trust and more meaningful relationships. It also helps you differentiate from the competition. It creates networking opportunities and lays the path for growth.

It helps you understand your customers and their needs better.

Our customers are not numbers, they are humans and people are craving entertainment.

The same is true for employees and you can organize weekly or monthly mini-events even in-house to create an environment where employees have the chance to interact with each other, network, and boost their morale.

It’s also a great idea to get closer with key staff and executives that play a big role in your organization more often.

Entertainment is a currency in today’s business world.

It’s not enough to educate prospects, clients, employees, and partners.

We need to get in touch with them and get to know them better.

There’s a whole arsenal of entertaining methods and tactics that we can use right away either online or offline.

Online challenges, live events, summits, masterminds, webinars, seminars and presentations, conferences, meetups, Q&As, video calls, products launches, and so much more.

We have a framework for a special kind of live event that doesn’t exist in the market in our “7 Ideals” methodology.

It’s a framework we use to bring balance and avoid creating products and services non-stop that people don’t need anyway.

The “7 Ideals” method will get you ready and fully equipped to organize memorable live events to boost customer experience beyond the market’s standards.

People need entertainment more than anything and they will do whatever it takes to get it.

Are you the business owner they are looking for?

people couple movies entertainment


Without a strategy in place, we won’t go far in the business world. The competition is fierce and making spasmodic moves won’t do any good.

We need a plan to follow.

A plan that gives our business direction, purpose, and shows the destination, where we are heading.

It’s a roadmap to success and growth.

You need a strategy in place before you can impact the world as an entrepreneur.

Our “7 Ideals” customer-centric methodology is the perfect tool to give your brand a strategy to accomplish all that you want in business.

It will help you cut through the noise, build immediate trust and authority, create high-quality products and services, provide immersive value to the market, become an unstoppable entrepreneur, and build a loyal community of fans for a lifetime.

So, I invite you to test our methodology and see for yourself what it can do for your brand and how our magic ingredient (a form of live events that doesn’t exist in the market) can help you provide a superior user experience and ultimately, impact the world.

I know you can!


Impacting the world is an honored mission as I already mentioned in the beginning.

It’s not an easy task, it’s not even a task. It’s something big, bigger than ourselves.

It’s what the world needs right now as people suffer.

Let me recap quickly:

First comes an inner quest and looking inside ourselves. Envisioning the path.

Researching people’s needs and transforming their feelings.

Adding quality to people’s lives, becoming a knowledge transmitter, and entertaining.

Of course, we need quality products/services but that is just the first step toward greatness.

And the world is craving entertainment and this is where our “7 Ideals” and our secret live event ingredient can do some magic for you.

You can test it out for free as long as we accept applications for our next beta group.


(but we have limited spots).

That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.




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