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When you are about to build an affiliate marketing website for the first time you meet a strong challenge to choose a specific topic, a category that your website would fit in and expand upon.You can not target the whole internet population with one website.Every website out there is dealing with a portion of the market


There are websites dedicated to pop music, other dedicated to historic books while others are only platforms for meetings, communication, and personal relationships.Other websites are promoting marketing products and other sites are promoting equipment for fishing.No matter what you choose there are opportunities in every single niche market and trusted affiliate networks and merchants that you can co-operate.It is very important to choose reputable merchants and partners but it is not enough


The Importance Of Choosing A Niche … How I Got Started Just By Looking Inside Me



When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I was studying the training courses.At some point during the second or third day, I had to choose a niche for my first website.The author of the training was suggesting that we should pick something that we have a genuine interest in.Besides their headline is talking about someone’s passion and how that can be turned into a profitable affiliate marketing business.


But I was stuck, of course.Everybody does at that level.Although with Affiliate Marketing you have the chance to choose a specific topic to build a website around this decision is not so easy, in fact, it took me 2-3 days to make my final decision.I have a lot of interests so I could not choose one of them and get started.





A lot of questions were blending inside my mind… “Will that niche have a high demand going on forward or I am going to fail?”“How many people are interested in what I have to offer?” and similar queries could not let me decide.I started to seek answers in the WA forum and the live chat, I read a lot of articles online and I had a long conversation with myself as well.


And while I was reading everything about it I came across a discussion that took place in the past.Someone was asking the same question like me and someone was answering.He was saying “even if you choose a niche that you will abandon in the future for whatever reason, this is not the end of the world.You can change it in the way”.


He had a big point, the domain name for a single website is not expensive at all, you can buy a second one later, but if you decide to choose another niche and build a new website then the work you’ve done for the first website will be lost.But still, this is not the end of the world.I have met a lot of marketers that had no success with their first attempts.They even come back to their first project in the near future.







Wrong Question To Begin With



The majority of the new marketers that are in the process of choosing a niche for the first time wondering about the money.Sure, you are going to choose a niche market that has enough demand but you’re in the wrong direction to pick up a niche just because it is popular and there are people that are buying a lot of products in that niche.


The most important thing is to pick a topic that you have a strong interest in. This way you are motivated to learn more and as you keep on practicing and blogging, and your knowledge will become experience, you will be building your authority brand name to attract masses of online traffic.






For example, a friend of mine when he got started he chose “mobile phone reviews” as his niche.I was wondering how he could make it because I knew he had no interest in mobile phones and I knew he made that decision due to the popularity and the market trends.

Soon, after 3 months he started complaining about the high competition, how boring it was to review phones all day long and finally he was ready to give up.I encouraged him to give up that site and considering starting a new one after a pause.We had a conversation where he asked me


♦ and what to choose?…What niche is the most profitable besides the mobile phones?

My Reply – this is the wrong question to begin, instead, I’m gonna ask you – What you enjoy to do in your free time right now?

♦ you know that I love on playing PlayStation but how can somebody make a profit through gaming?

through gaming not, but through a website that is reviewing video games, offering video tutorials, strategy tips and by promoting excellent and tested games to visitors through affiliate networks yes.


He did not answer, we stopped there.The next week he started a new project website, dedicated to video games reviews.He is happier than ever before. He is still able to play his favorite games and he has the chance to make a living out of it by helping people decide which video games to buy.



How I Chose My Niche



I dedicated one whole last day to make my final decision.I read a bunch of articles, I knew it was not the end of the world.The previous years when I was searching in my free time for a decent online opportunity I came across a lot of scam marketing products.I had some knowledge on the topic through those searches.

I tried some of these products and participated in many marketing networks before I met Wealthy Affiliate.I thought that it would be a great idea if I build a website with reviews on marketing products and tips.And I had a genuine interest in the topic.I believed that my interest would not have vanished in the air through time.I think I made a right decision….Time will tell





But I am still excited, I am reviewing marketing products and offering advice, tips and blogging and as my experience is growing I come up with blog ideas that I would not believe they exist when I started.I have so many things in my mind for the future that I know I don’t have enough time to implement on all of that.And that is because I am very interested in marketing products.


Helping Tips To Choose A Niche For Your First Website



♦ You do not need to be an expert on a specific topic or to hold a master degree to succeed.Your interest and passion will lead you in the right direction through experience and practice.

♦ You do not have to decide in minutes or in a day.You have to take some time off to make your plans.You will have to decide not only the “niche” but you have to make a future plan on how this website will expand and how it will differentiate from the competition.


Considering asking yourself some simple questions and note down your answers


♦ What am I enjoying to do in my spare time?…Can that hobby be transformed into a website idea?…Most of the times it can.Say you are a book lover.In that case, you have already read dozens of books that you could review them on your website.Your interest for reading will continue feeding you with ideas.And as people are searching for book reviews all the time they would be excited to find websites dedicated to a specific sub-category in books.

♦ Are you using a specific service or product in your life that you are proud of and you want to share that knowledge with the world?…What products would you recommend to others as a no-brainer?


♦ Are you participating in any kind of forums or special networks?…What people are searching inside those forums?….Can you help a portion of this market segment?

♦ Have you ever searched for a specific product or service online to find information but there was not anything written about it?…Can you offer help on that matter if you build a website around this idea?


♦ Start with a low profile – You can’t promote a whole category at once.What I mean by that is if you choose to create a book review website you should be focused on a specific book niche.For example “greek ancient history”, “web designing”, “Mediterranean nutrition”, “exercises and techniques on yoga”. The more precise you are the more targeted traffic you will get and the more conversions you will grant.Besides you can not cover a whole category unless you have personnel blogging for you.






♦ If you have interest in a specific niche but you lack any experience consider participating in alike forums or purchase products to test them and gain some knowledge.For example, if you are going to promote physical products like “gardening equipment” or even “women nightdresses” you have to buy some top products and test them.

You lucre experience, you understand the advantages of the real-time use of these products.You can not promote products just be visualizing them on images.If you are going to promote services you have to test that services as well.


♦ Always put yourself “in the shoes of the customer”.The customer would seek answers for his problems or queries, you have to offer the knowledge and the appropriate information to help him with the decision.

♦ Always remember – it is not a decision that will end your life.It is your first attempt.Let yourself decide without stress.Let your Inner Self and heart guide you


I hope you liked another article.You can consider continuing here, on an article about the key benefits of affiliate marketing. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts…Are these tips helpful in order to decide a niche for your first website?…What else should be included in that article?…How did you get started?



Till next time

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