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You're Reading:How Important Are Online Reviews For Your Visitors

How Important Are Online Reviews For Your Visitors

by Tasos


Sep 27, 2015




We have talked earlier about a great opportunity that every blogger should take advantage , writing reviews for products and services.Creating such a review blog roll can increase your affiliate website’s authority , help in building a brand name of respect and additionally you can monetize on the best of the offers.Therefore it is very important for guiding visitors to take decisions and avoid pitfalls and online scams.



Today I Want To Underline That Last Sentence .. How Important Are These Online Reviews For Your Visitors



With such a tremendous rise of online frauds , especially in the internet marketing field , a new need was born.Visitors were looking for reviews from other people that used these suspicious marketing products.Bloggers took that need as advice and responded.There are thousands of websites dedicated only to reviews.Every blog is serving a specific market segment , a niche.

But not only internet marketing reviews are popular.People read reviews on any product that there is offered in the market.Books, software , equipment , hotels , trips , cars , education … literally everything.


A Unique Perspective That Visitors Can Not Find Anywhere Else




Visitors rely on the experience of the blogger that presents his own facts and giving insights.Then they have the chance to compare “Their” point of view with the blogger’s.They need to feel that human touch and now they have an ally , someone that used the product they are interested in buying.That means they are not alone and slowly they become stronger too on their decisions and judgement.


I wished that these reviews existed earlier , at least for the internet marketing category.A lot of people lost fortunes on useless products that were only promising a luxurious lifestyle.





Analysis –  Ratings – Conclusions


Usually a marketer will analyse a product or a service , offering a full catalogue of characteristics and features.The visitors can extend their knowledge on a reviewed offer.Many bloggers use a separate section of Pros & Cons in their reviews summarising all the important aspects of a product so that visitors know what to expect.


The majority of bloggers rate their reviewed products with a scale.This part of a review is extremely important so that visitors can compare to other reviews of the same product and other reviews of the same blogger on other products.A measure tool that can clarify how useful a product is or is not.


Personal conclusions at the end of a review is something very common and is the section where a blogger express his thoughts.He may proceed with alternative or similar solutions or grab the chance to expand on some other topic.


Discussion Through Comments


Every blog is a mini social media platform.The visitors not only can read reviews and read other people’s comments but they can participate with their comments as well.That drives to a productive dialogue and through soft debates some times a visitor can understand all the aspects of his search query.

Visitors want to leave their comments on blogs.Especially when they have a past experience with the reviewed product or service.That can help further new visitors and broaden their decision horizon.And they feel that they are useful with the community.Visitors are not pathetic viewers , like on TV , they are a  L I V E  part of the internet.




Many times bloggers when reviewing a product are not left satisfied.In these cases they inform their audience with alternative solutions for their questions.Based on what they feel that their visitors are looking for they present their own recommended products.Of course this is a chance for monetization as well but it can point visitors to better decisions.


Now they are not only absorbing information about a product , they have the chance to review another similar product that could mean the solution to what they are searching.


Money Spending


In this modern internet era decent and ethical bloggers can secure money that online visitors would have spent in frauds , in products that never deliver any value and therefore are totally useless.


But on the other hand unethical bloggers may trap visitors into buying products that are not worth their investments.In some rare cases even the bloggers are misled and believe in a product that is over hyped and promoted by other bloggers , entrepreneurs or partners.


When , you as visitors , come across many positive reviews on a product you should proceed with extreme caution.Usually many biased reviews belong to bloggers affiliated with a certain product (that does not mean that the product is bad , it can be proved a superb product , but you have to be alerted in these cases).You can easily filter out domain names similar to the name of the product.These are always affiliated partners and probably biased.


For example … You are searching for a product named “Millionaires Auto-Pilot System” and the official webpage is the dot com website  [millionairesautopilotsystem . com ].The affiliates or sometimes the owners themselves buy domain names very close to the original and publish fake reviews in order to misdirect visitors and increase their authority…

Try to filter out Domains that include the search term words on the left side of the URL before the first slash [ / ]… in this case (Millionaires , Autopilot …) … Especially for these websites dive deep and search for other content that is published on.Is there a live blog with useful information or is it just a “Sales Pitch” website that targets visitors looking for that specific term?


Trusted Bloggers – Comparison Between Reviews


When someone is searching online for reviews often , soon he becomes familiar with bloggers that publish relevant content.Then he is able to compare bloggers and decide which he trusts more and which don’t.

If you are searching for a particular product and you happen to find a lot of positive reviews for this product , try to filter out bloggers you don’t recognize.If no one looks intimate then repeat the trick of visiting more pages on that blog.Try to determine from the overall content if the blogger is someone that is trying to help people or someone that is aiming at their pockets.


The Final Decision And The Aftermath Stays Always On The Buyer’s Side


The visitor collects data and analyses them.He may proceed with a similar query within the next days or compare with other alternative solutions.But he has power , a power that can never be taken away from.The power of decision and the one that will drive a company to sales.


Now that a visitor proceeded with a purchase he can further examine the product and in cases of no satisfaction he can contact both the company and / or the blogger who reviewed the product through their websites or even websites dedicated to consumer complaints and reports.Now the visitor can state a personal review on that product.And is the one who can share the experience with friends and networks.


The power of the visitor is the Alpha and the Omega of the buying cycle.Visitors can help a company make sales or can drive that company to destruction.







Final Opinion – Conclusion


It is very important for bloggers to present their own unbiased reviews.Do not promote everything under the sun for the sake of profits.That will return as a boomerang to you.Offer the best possible solutions so that visitors will respect you and they will share your URL with their social connections.On the other hand they could easily ignore or blame you.


I am a visitor and a prospect as well.So…when I am researching for a product that I want to buy I always read online reviews.I am not in a rush when I buy , of course it depends on the product.If I am looking for a kids toy and I find a fair price in a trusted seller or merchant I proceed immediately with the purchase.


But in cases of unknown products I always do my due diligence and investigate deep , especially the expensive ones , under every possible angle before any decision.


The future of marketing is not on the sales but the help that visitors will get.The content marketing is focused on helping visitors with their questions.The visitors always stay on top of the market and with such an amount of online reviews they are powerful than ever before.These reviews are their shield and their comparison metric.


I hope you enjoyed another article , here , on Web Market Support.I am welcoming your comments and thoughts , as always,Till my next article , your online partner.














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  1. Allyn540

    I really appreciated your article, particularly your thoughts on analysis and rating as well as presenting alternatives.

    On a number of occasions I’ve encountered reviews that only presented the positive side of a product, the “pros” as you noted. When I read such a review I have always wondered what the reviewer was hiding.

    After all, no product is perfect for every situation. There are always potential “cons,” depending on the person or situation involved.

    With regard to rating a product, I’m curious: when you rate a given product, do you break your rating down into several different criteria? Do you think that’s a necessary part of rating a product fairly?

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Allyn , I am glad you found this article helpful and that you agree with me.Yes , especially for marketing products there are always good and bad points we have to present to the visitors.Sometimes the products are so superb that is hard to spot a negative side but sure there is always something to be noticed.Besides when you refer to both sides of the coin you sound unbiased and people can trust you easier.

      What you described is pretty much what I do , I have created a mini guide sheet , when I am rating products to help me come up with a result.But anyone can use his own methods.

      Thank you for this visit , your kind words and for sharing your insights.All my best.

  2. Katerina Markakis

    Hello there!
    Thank you for this informative post. I started my website 7 months ago and even though I understand the importance of reviews I don’t have enough. I definitely need to start reviewing more products to attract more visitors.
    Thank you for stressing the importance of reviews and I would love to see some tips on how to write good reviews. Thank you for sharing!

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Katerina , agree , you have to invest in reviews.I believe honest reviews add trust and authority to the blogger.And another important thing is that reviews can get ranked easier and higher.

      I have written another article on product reviews , you can access it here.But generally , if someone is real , unbiased , and descriptive I can’t see no reason of approval by the community.I always reviewing details and I try to cover most of the questions people might have before they ask them.

      Thank you for another visit , and I wish you luck and strength for the future.

  3. Rigo

    I enjoyed the whole article, very informative. Seeing as how I’m aiming to be an affiliate marketer myself, I completely agree with reviewing products in an unbiased manner. Reviews should be honest and you should have your customers’ best interest as a priority. I don’t think it should be all about the money. That’s why I also believe the products or services that you offer should be enjoyable to yourself. That way you can relate to your customers in a more authentic way.

    • Tasos

      Very good points Rigo.Your point of view comes in complete alliance with mine.The visitors are the top priority and we should offer value through real and honest reviews.Then it is up to them to reward our work.

      If you can’t enjoy what you do it won’t last long , that is sure.Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking part in the conversation.


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