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You're Reading:Hourly USD – Stock Photos Investing Miracles or a Marketing Delusion?

Hourly USD – Stock Photos Investing Miracles or a Marketing Delusion?

by Tasos


Feb 12, 2017





Another investing company is under critical examination today. There has been noticed a tremendous rise in similar programs during the last months. Investment “Frenzy” for wanna be solopreneurs, opportunity seekers and anyone in between.

The results are at best disappointing, leaving the majority of participants in a financial mess. I am not sure if this program can do anything to change the negative statistics..!



Inside the “Hourly USD”



They give their best on the homepage to welcome visitors into a “Trusted” professional environment…

Hourly USD is an investment-scientific group that has been working on capital placement in business processes with high financial yield since March 2016. The main principle here is innovation and the scientific council evaluate analytical reports prepared by specialists of the company. The uniqueness of the company is a flexible system of capital placement according to one of three innovative programs. You can invest using virtual payment systems immediately in any of three investment packages and receive profits hourly. New projects are already waiting for capital, and you can become the new investor of HourlyUsd.com


Impressive intro, let’s see what’s next…


Certificate – Legal Documents

A PDF document refers to a Private limited company number 10012403, 18 February 2016. Indeed, inside the companies house that company appears with the above mentioned number. The name Lord Zachary shows a company’s officer.

Official launch date announced on the website footer: 26 December 2016



  • SSL encryption
  • DDoS protection
  • 24/7 support
  • Hourly profits
  • Online chat
  • VIP channel


Investment Plans


  • #1 Bronze – freelancers, 1.08% – 1.25% hourly for 96 hours, minimum deposit $5, maximum $5,000, instant withdrawal, referral commissions 3%
  • #2 Silver – business, 5% – 6% hourly for 48 hours, min $300, max $30,000, instant withdrawal, referral commissions 5%
  • #3 Gold – enterprise, 16% – 21% hourly for 24 hours, min $5,000, max $500,000, instant withdrawal, referral commissions 10%


Really, that company is asking for $500,000 investments. I will comment later on that



Payment processors

Bitcoin, litecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash



Statistics Shown

  • Running days: 48
  • Total accounts: 11710
  • Active accounts: 7970
  • Total deposited: $2 millions
  • Total withdrawn: $790,000+







Testimonials – Images

I searched for Nikolas Brooten on Google, returned 25 billion results. That image also appears on sites like zena.hr, blog.sina.com, die-frau.at and many more chinese mostly pages

The same search for Coriss Ambady returned somehow that many results as well. This man is Colin Furze on Twitter, Acker Leung on LinkedIn, Xue Tie on a You-Tube channel, and as Ali on another website testimonial, this time on the URL superudisplay.com for the company Super U…and on


Apparently these are stock images used by random people and companies worldwide and therefore all of that are damaging Hourly USD reputation badly.












About Us Page – The Scientific Team

  • Connor Gibson – CEO, a Google search for that image returns billions results. Let’s analyse a few of them and tell me what you think, close up of a mature businessman smiling stock photo, business man standing at a window stock photo.
  • Sammy Widerski – website programmer, another fake image purchased or stolen from stock photo collections
  • Julia Grey – support manager, the same results
  • Coriss Ambady – the previous mentioned name was giving a testimonial and it was a “Man”. Now Coriss is a “Female” and she is the VIP members manager.


As we clearly see this company is a total scam












And this is where the scientific group has nothing more to offer. Just a short 2-3 paragraphs summary of a ghost company. This is the modern entrepreneurial world. That kind of scientists will help people walk on Mars one day.


Owners – Domain – Address

A whois search indicates that the registration date for the domain hourlyusd.com is 05 November 2016. The name Julia Nixon appears as a registrant and this address is provided: 24 Wildbank Court, White Rose Lane, Woking, Surrey, Southeastern England, PC GU22 7JH

I could not retrieve any additional information on the background of Julia Nixon and / or to find any connection with the business world whatsoever.



Final Words



Do not even think in investing, not a penny. They do not deserve our attention. Let the scammers disappear with a big loss this time.


This company is a “Fiasko”, I can’t describe it better. Save your hard earned money.


The stock images alone is a solid reason to stay away from this fraudulent company. A group of scientists and financail analysts/ experts showcase their work. I was expecting to find deep analytical reports, informative financial articles and case studies. Nothing on the horizon…


What we have here?…a classic Ponzi scheme that wants to attract affiliates investments by providing a website/platform. Nothing else. Well I don’t invest that easily just becasue someone created a website. I can build 50 similar websites in a day or two. Would I deserve in that case your $500,000?


A HYIP system where the “Anonymous” owners can and will disappear with your money in the middle of the night. All money coming in is funds from investors and is being used to pay off existing users until recruitment dries out. So, this is when the bad things will start happening triggering a final inevitable collapse leaving the majority of affiliates with empty pockets.


Is it necessary to talk about the 3 investment plans?…Although it is not, let’s examine a few details together…

Do you really think they created a company to offer to anonymous random people online the chance to make HOURLY profits like that?…Come on people, 20% hourly ROIs?….In a matter of weeks anyone would be a millionaire. And how in the world these ROIs would be executed?…Out of thin air?



How to Make Money Online the Proper Way



It is really disappointing but every negative side of a problem has a bright one as well. A chance….to those that are willing to work hard and make money online ethically.

If you can follow that road I suggest that you get started with an affiliate website, the most newbie friendly business model. From there the sky is not even a limit. That website can be transformed into a multiple income stream in a matter of few months. But remember, it requires from you to work.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for yoyr comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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