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You're Reading:Hour888 – An Efficient Way to Lose Money Hourly

Hour888 – An Efficient Way to Lose Money Hourly

by Tasos


Apr 23, 2017

You wonder if that recently launched investing program is legitimate. Such an appealing offer sounds too good to be true. Who does not want to earn a profit every single hour without having to do anything at all? But you have to stop for one second and wonder…If every investor is making money is there anyone losing it?…

The platform under investigation today looks very similar to the low-quality competition, but let’s dive deep before we decide…



Inside Hour888



The not so beautiful homepage welcomes visitors with bold headlines…

  • Grow profit hourly and instant withdrawals
  • You can earn up to 15% per hour

Statistics shown

  • Total accounts 6292
  • Total deposits $555,000+
  • Total withdrew $167,000+


How it Works

  • Sign Up
  • Deposit
  • Refer others
  • Withdraw earnings


Piece of cake, as always



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About Page

Hour888 is a professional trading company of foreign exchange, legally registered under the British law. 8 years of Forex investing experience to guarantee long term or short term strategies with technical analysis. They can help customers to trade in the safest way with maximum returns. They offer customized sets of trading mechanisms to meet the demands of every client separately.

You only have to choose one of the plans and the team will offer timely help. They can achieve steady expected returns because they invest different projects at the same time, like non-ferrous metals, crude oil, and Forex.


I feel secured, another investing giant this time on Forex, crude oil and non ferrous metals. A multi task company


On the website’s footer, they mention that they deal with gold and silver as well.


I believe you



Why Choose Hour888

  • Hourly profits
  • SSL encryption
  • 24/7 online support


The team

  • Eric Robert – Founder, CEO
  • Brian Gary – Co-founder, Marketer
  • Vicky Ming – designer
  • Jeff Oliver – senior client manager








The images of the team members are locked with code, I have to proceed with screenshots for my investigation

The search for the CEO image returns only 2 results but none is relevant to his name. Therefore it is the first time for me to meet a CEO of a company with a bottle of drink and a glass smiling in front of beautiful flowers. An unorthodox way to advertise your brand but let’s move on…

The marketer image returns a billion results. The supposed marketer can be found on other sites photographed with pencils in his hands. OK, maybe this marketer loves pencils, but this man does not look like a marketer and does not look like a British or American either. I pushed the search a little further (Google 4th page) and Bingo…An article was written in Greek, but let me translate it for you.









Indian teenager with a collection of over 14,000 pencils and keep growing..!!!…Aha. His name is Tushar Lakhanpal from New Delhi.


Additionally this is a lesson why sometimes you have to go deep and not just stand on the first page of the search results.


The image of the Asian designer cannot be verified with an online search. Only similar images appear.


Jeff Oliver’s image returns a billion results. A man named Mariano Divaio on Instagram looks very sexy, attracting females like a magnet. The same man under the name Divaio again appears on Pinterest. Definitely, this man is not Jeff Oliver and has nothing to do with an investing company.







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Underneath there are 3 testimonials and the images are code protected again. Let me move on with screenshots for one more time.



The man presented as Henry Matthew on Hour888 is a man called Peter Dahlin, a Swedish activist founded on that article on the guardian site.






The man presented as Akamere Olaseni on Hour888 is a man called Gaston Trass on LinkedIn








The woman presented as Vicky Chen is apparently an Asian female found on various properties using the same exact image.








Hour888 is a typical scam site that steals images of people to use them as an additional layer of trust. Not only they steal, they protect those images with code to make the investigation as difficult as possible.


Investment Plans


  • Depositor: 1.49% – 1.60% hourly for 70 hours, deposits $5 – $5,000, 3% affiliate commissions
  • Goldman: 2.18% – 2.80% hourly for 50 hours, deposits $500 – $50,000, 5% affiliate commissions
  • JP Morgan: 11% – 15% hourly for 20 hours, deposits $4,999 – $100,000, 10% affiliate commissions

You don’t need to invest in order to be eligible for referral commissions


Payment Processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, litecoin, AdvCash, bitcoin, Bank Wire


FAQ – Terms – Important

You can deposit as many times as you want


There is no Terms of Service page


Registration – Legal Docs

Companies house number 10661481, 23 Francis Street, Stratford, London, United Kingdom, E15 1JG, incorporated on 09 March 2017, The name Eric Robert appears as officer


Owners – Domain

By performing a whois search I uncover the registration date for the domain hour888.com, 08 March 2017. The name Eric Robert appears as registrant, 23 Francis street, Startford, E15 1JG, London, GB, +44.7425900581.


This is where another HYIP has nothing more to present. This is how they contribute to the investing industry, by their absence.









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Final Words



We deal with a scam investing platform that was created in order to dry affiliates pockets.


Let me break down the facts


First of all they use stolen images of other people, mesh up their names and professions. In order to invest in any company the most important aspect is transparency. I have to be sure who runs the show, I have to be 100% confident that I deal with professionals.


Where is the knowledge on Forex?…Where is the experience on crude oils?…on silver and gold?…Not even an article published on that website, a site empty of any content. A homepage, the plans, an FAQ, a signup form and they are waiting for unsuspected victims. 8 years of Forex experience that can not be verified.


The search term “Eric Robert Forex” returns no relevant result. A search for the term “Eric Rober Investor” indicates an investor from California under that name but the image refers to another person.








Now let’s discuss about the ROIs. Simply, they are out of this planet. How can a company generate 11% hourly profits is a mystery to be solved in a million years. Any program offering more than 10% yearly is very risky. And why would a company want to share profits with random people online?…If you had 8 years experience on the Forex markets would you share your profits with unknown people?…It does not make any sense.


Do you know how Hour888 is making money?…The company uses recruited affiliates and their investments as the only source of income. New members compensate those that invested earlier. And this is illegal and the main reason for the upcoming inevitable collapse. When recruitment slows down it is when no new money rolling in, no ROIs can be delivered.

The anonymous owners will disappear shutting down the website ready for their next Ponzi program. The vast majority of participants is guaranteed to taste a bitter loss.





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.




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  1. NKIRE GODSON Chinedu

    Hello sir Gudday… Please what do you think of social profimatic.com
    Are they fake or legit..

    • Tasos

      Welcome Nkire

      I have to disappoint you, it’s not a legit program. First of all, anyone can register for free but you can’t make money unless you deposit first. If you deposit, they claim to give you 8% interest every day for life.

      8% interest per day does not exist, if this was true, we would not have to work anymore.

  2. Juraj Masar

    I have been scamed by this site. I have there 444,19 USD in pending Withdrawal status for week.
    When I Iasked for my money, they send me this reply : i found your account is need to active in order change your account back to normal .
    So I invested next 5 USD to make account active, but without change.
    I sent them anothere request for may pending money withdrawal a they relied: you need to make deposit of $400 in order to active it after you can withdraw both your deposit and active deposit.
    Be careful and do not invest your money with this site!!! YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY AGAIN !!!

    • Tasos

      What a behavior, Juraj. You have invested $400, and they tell you to invest another $400 in order to get your account active. Plain BS. This is a typical example of online fraud. This way they had already stolen $400, why not double it?

      Thank you so much for the important update. You are helping so many people!


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