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You're Reading:Hope Writers – Instagram Writing Challenge Sep 13-17, 2021

Hope Writers – Instagram Writing Challenge Sep 13-17, 2021

by Tasos


Sep 10, 2021

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Awesome news for writers, aspiring authors, and those who want to take their writing game to the next level.

Hope writers, this amazing community of authors I am a member of for over a year now and I had reviewed not so long ago, is organizing a brand new challenge. The event takes place on Instagram.

It’s called…Instagram writing challenge – 5 days of writing prompts. 

Let’s dive right in!

Instagram Writing Challenge | Hope Writers

Sep 13-17 – 5 Days Of Writing Prompts

Video Script

Finding space in your day for writing is difficult, sometimes impossible.

But writing with others adds more accountability and makes writing enjoyable and fun too.

There is a 5-day writing challenge to use the daily prompts as inspiration to get started, improve your writing, and have fun on Instagram with fellow authors and aspiring writers.

It’s organized by Hope*Writers, a community dedicated to helping authors find their way to getting published and succeed.

Hope Writers is the #1 community for authors in the world. With a team of 20+ members, a community of over 3,000 members, this is the 5th year that they exist as a community.

And here’s how the challenge works:

Every day, the team of Hope Writers will prompt us to write about a certain topic.

We will start writing, then we’ll post our work to Instagram with a photo including a special hashtag.

All the participants are eligible to win prizes and bonuses.

More importantly, we’ll be interacting with each other, and we’ll make valuable connections to help us move forward with our writing and careers.

I am Tasos and I’m a marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and writer.

I write, I write a lot. Daily. And I’m not crazy, or so I think.

I write blogs and articles, copy for ads and landing pages, reviews of brands and products, case studies, research, sales scripts.

I write for my clients and I compose their advertisements.

I write headlines, descriptions for products and services, emails, social media posts, copy for web pages, scripts for videos and podcasts, you name it.

Writing is responsible for the growth of this website. You see, this website was just a marketing blog into obscurity and I transformed it into a marketing agency. Since 2014, I helped hundreds of brands sell more of the products and services.

I am a member of Hope Writers for over a year now and my writing improved dramatically during this period.

I absolutely love online challenges, they are inspirational, action-oriented, fun, energetic, adventurous.

Join me in this 5-day online event with the hashtag #hopewriterlife and let’s change your writing life once and for all.

Note down the dates. September 13 through September 17. Monday to Friday on Instagram. 

I’ll see you inside. Take care!

Hope Writers Overview

Hope Writers is a community dedicated to helping authors and aspiring authors find their way to getting published and succeed.

They have vast experience and they truly care about their members.

Access to the community’s membership is available only once or twice a year.

The community provides ongoing training, support, access to a private Facebook group, and the ability to join independent circles created by other members for additional support, feedback, and help. Every member can join these circles and create their own circles as well.

The hope writers team is huge and consists of 20+ team members dedicated to helping authors in their publishing journey.

They have over 3,200 paying members now, from beginning writers to published authors.

This is the 5th year that hope writers exist as a community.

Hope Writers Instagram Writing Challenge

This challenge was organized to help writers and authors find space in their day for writing. It’s very hard to focus on your work when you are not being held accountable or you’re alone.

This challenge is for you if:

  • You’ve been dreaming about writing for a long time
  • You are serious about getting your work published
  • You just want to participate in a fun challenge with other writers from all over the world
  • You want to collaborate with others
  • You want to enjoy a serious but also fun event alongside other writers and authors

How it works:

  • Write: use the daily prompts as inspiration to get started
  • Share: select a photo to go with your caption and post to Instagram. Don’t forget to include the #hopewriterlife hashtag
  • Connect: follow the #hopewriterlife hashtag to connect with other writers and cheer each other on

Writing Prompts

More information will be announced soon but for the moment here is the daily tasks breakdown.

  • Sep 13: Quiet
  • Sep 14: Intention
  • Sep 15: Explore
  • Sep 16: Serendipity
  • Sep 17: Hope

Your hosts for this event:

Anna Franks: host team.

Emily Conrad: a hope writers team member and author of the novel “Justice”.

I believe the story on your heart has the power to bring hope to a world that needs it.

Write to Win

One random post from the #hopewriterlife hashtag will be selected to win a leather Able Mamuye tote full of books about writing.


What if I miss a day?

Jump back in when you can. Your pace is your pace. There is no such thing as behind.

What if my Instagram account is private?

You are welcome to participate as a personal exercise, but the rest of us (unless we follow you) will not be able to see your posts. This also means, sadly, your posts can’t be selected for the prize because they won’t appear in the hashtag feed.

One option is to set your account to public for the challenge and then set it back to private afterward.

How do I see the #hopewriterlife posts?

Follow the link to see all the #hopewriterlife posts. You can hit the “follow” button to see the posts in your feed. You can also hit the “recent” button to see the newest posts first.

Do I have to post all 5 days to be eligible to win?

No. We’ll randomly select one winner from the #hopewriterlife hashtag to win. However, the more you post, the better your odds are of winning.

How do I know what to write each day?

Use the daily one-word prompt as a launching point for what you’d like to say. 

If you’re thinking, “Yeah, but I still don’t get what I’m supposed to write!”

There are no wrong answers here. This is meant to be a fun exercise to inspire you to write five days in a row.

Can anyone participate?

Yes! All are welcome to participate. The challenge is hosted by hope*writers, but you do not have to be a member to participate.

What is Hope Writers?

Hope*writers is a community of working writers dedicated to the success and creativity of each member.

We take seriously the creative, social, and spiritual call to the deep work of sharing our stories and ideas with the people who need them the most.

We believe this because words have changed our worlds, shaped our narratives, and brought us back to life.

You need a go-to place and a solid plan with people who are doing the work and can respond directly to your questions about writing, publishing, and launching your work without going crazy.

Working alone is for hobbyists. If you’re ready to stop dabbling and become a writer who writes words people want to read, join us.

What’s included in the Hope Writers membership?

✳ weekly Tuesday Teachings

✳ access to our engaging Facebook membership community

✳ our complete online library of video teachings and how-to articles

✳ a small group hope*circle for feedback and direction

✳ a profile in the hope*writers member directory

More information in my written review and video walkthrough of the members’ area.

Instagram Writing Challenge Day 01

Hope Writers say…

Let’s get writing, Anastasios! Today we launch our writing challenge on Instagram. 

Our first prompt is QUIET.

The world can seem like a noisy place, but we believe your voice matters enough to be heard, shared, and celebrated! Here are a few questions to get you thinking about today’s prompt. 

  • Is your voice one that has been quieted by others or yourself?
  • Are you seeking inner quiet?
  • Do you need to write in a quiet place?

Use the one-word prompt – QUIET – to inspire the caption you write for your Instagram post on your feed. 

Day 01, Monday, was all about the word “QUIET”

Let’s explore some of the Instagram posts with the hashtag #hopewriterlife.


Margo rumbled through her purse looking for a piece of gum, a cigarette, anything to calm her nerves or temporarily distract her from the chaos that she called a relationship. Ky had been complaining about how she never showed him any attention anymore, how she was always busy writing, or going out with her girlfriends for Happy Hour or brunch. He despised the way that she seemingly made time for everything and everyone except him. His constant complaining over the normalcies of her life was causing serious inner turmoil for Margo. She’d always longed to be in a loving relationship where she felt a sense of acceptance and belonging, but Ky’s weird, possessive nature had her wondering if he could really maintain a permanent place in her life. It seemed that every time that they talked lately, he revealed more of his discontent, and all of the things that he said played over and over in her mind even when he wasn’t around. She hated feeling like her simply having a life was somehow neglecting him. What she needed right now was a few moments of peace and quiet. She’d recently taken up meditation to help with the anxious, ruminating thoughts so she decided to light her favorite limoncello candle, sit down on her yoga mat, and still her racing mind. Hopefully after a few minutes of letting her thoughts come and go freely while focusing on her breath, she’d be able to face life again with some sense of clarity regarding what to do about Ky.


“It’s Quiet Now”
Though life resumes to it’s loud chaos,
Tears leak and fall without a sound.
Daily life displays normal, yet a void is deep and unseen,
Though many loved ones surround.

Unnumbered selfless acts since my first breath –
Sacrifice of wealth, rank, time, and being
Scream in the quiet of your sudden absence.
The songs, the laughs, the love were spirit-freeing.

To have loved and to have been loved
Cannot fully be relayed by tongue or pen.
The words can only attempt to shadow
What a gift of a lifetime I was given back then.

When the texts became fewer and short,
When the phone calls came no more,
When your soldier heart stopped beating,
You peacefully entered Heaven’s door.

The news of godlessness forever silenced,
Not another bandage or painful groan…
As Heaven rejoices in your arrival Home,
You’ve quiet rest: your labor is done.

{written of my loving Dad who recently saw Jesus His Savior face to face – Jeri Lynn Wilkerson} 9.13.21


I’ve found myself not knowing what to say, not knowing what to share in this space, and even in everyday life. But I’ve learned these past months, that I often regret my raw words, my deepest thoughts. They aren’t usually in line with the Bible, with what Jesus taught and modeled and that is what I measure my life by. I find myself sensitive and tender and sometimes hurt when I read some of the words shared. It’s never intentional and my response is a product of circumstances unique to my own life. But the last thing I want to do is offend or hurt with my own words. So I am quiet. Not for lack of words but in order to keep my own peace.


Lord, come find me in the quiet of my heart, where only I can be found

The I that I say that I am

And the me that only you know

The little one

sitting in the meadow by the icy blue lake

Sit down next to me

Clasped hands resting between knees

And let me catch the sundrops gently rolling down your arms


Heaven glittering in your dark hazel eyes

as you tie together another flower crown

Though you’ve shown me how to join the ends a hundred times before, You delight in the repetition and routine

You help me pick more flowers

You let me hold a butterfly and I don’t damage the wings

You let me hold a bee and it does not sting me

You tell me where the river ends and how it always begins again

I fall asleep in the tall soft grass

How can life be so full of noise but oh so empty?

How can days be desperately lonely but never quiet?

Where can I find this joy when all around me is sorrow?

Tell me, how do I seek and not wait to be found?

My Post Day 01


She could not believe her eyes. The moment took her breath away.

Watching her 6-years old kid writing non-stop about her summer holidays was impressive, to say the least. Her teacher would be proud.

It was not long ago when Samantha, her kid, had been bullied in the school for being overweight.

As a result, Samantha has had a very tough time writing ever since. She could not pay attention to the teachings anymore.

But she did not give up on her, they worked together, day in and day out, during the hot summer days, to justify that being yourself is more important than being a “beautiful” girl everyone adores.

She did not push Samantha to eat less, instead, they had fun eating ice cream, lollipops, and other candies kids love so much.

They danced and laughed, sometimes for hours.

But they also studied what extra weight can do to our bodies and how much it can harm our organs and health.

She had found a book in a store, a specialized guide for overweighted kids.

At last, all her efforts started to bring in results.

When her husband walked in and saw Samantha writing like crazy for the first time after all these months, both could not say anything at all.

They paralyzed, absorbing the moment, happy and relieved…

They found hope.

They knew that nothing could stop them.

And so they kept on watching the love of their lives, quietly outside, but so damn loudly inside.

hope writers instagram writing challenge day 01 tasosperte v2

Instagram Writing Challenge Day 02

We have many intentions in our writing life. We intend to sit down and write most days, but that doesn’t always happen. We can also be intentional about our words and how our readers may perceive them.

What’s your intention as you sit down to write today?

Day 02, Tuesday, is all about the word “INTENTION”.

Let’s explore some of the Instagram posts with the hashtag #hopewriterlife.


This photo was taken by my grandson on a recent trip to Rendezvous Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Hard to believe this gigantic interactive sculpture is supposed to be a troll. I think she’s way too pretty.

Mama Mimi, as she is called, is the work of Danish sculptor Thomas Dambo and his crew. Built out of recycled materials such as discarded wooden pallets and driftwood roots found washed up on the banks of a nearby river, she sits overlooking the pond, in a spot that was once a gravel pit. Her leg that extends over the water to rest on a little island, serves as a bridge to cross over.

One of Dambo’s intentions was to use this example of turning trash into treasure to get people to think differently about conservation and recycling. (Jackson Hole News and Guide)


Several times a week I sit here to bear witness to God’s loving presence in the daily lives of those who’ve invited me to be their spiritual director.
Sometimes I sit at our dining room table but in this work-from-home era, that’s sought-after real estate. Sometimes I sit in my basement office where the light is bad and 2 hurricanes have left a musty aftertaste. Sometimes, for the few folks who live within driving distance, I sit on my living room couch facing my companion perched on the loveseat. On those occasions, a box of tissue and 2 mugs of tea replace the laptop.
No matter where I sit, my intention is always the same – to hold a safe and quiet space to listen to the Holy Spirit, each other, and our own hearts.
There’s always a lit candle – except for the times I forget to light it – as a modest symbol of the presence of Christ in our conversation. There’s almost always a Bible, opened to the Psalms to help us remember what’s true about God and our own selves. Sometimes, when we meet over the phone, the setting includes my yoga mat for the days my heart and mind are so cluttered the only way I can deeply listen is to lie on the floor prostrate.
It’s a sacred privilege to bear witness to the voice of God in another’s life even, and sometimes especially, when God’s voice sounds more like silence than direction. I’m humbled by the invitation each directee offers me. It’s one of the spaces in my life I feel the least self-conscious because my main work is to hold this hour apart for listening and silence. The few words I get to speak are a reverent response to the mystery of another’s soul in the presence of God.
This is my calling and it is a holy, ridiculously blessed part of my life. It’s a quiet, hidden place but never lonely as we sit together in the space held for us by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are at all times and in all places inviting all of us to join them in beautiful companionship that is so full of life it overflows into embodied, human presence to each other. This is God’s good intention for all of us. Blessed are those who get to bear witness.


One of my favorite things about staying in a new Airbnb is getting a glimpse into who the owners are. You can tell what things are important to them by noticing the details, the intention behind each piece. This particular host clearly had the intention of offering this part of her home as a safe haven, a place of comfort and relaxation. A place to sit back and enjoy the beauty of vintage decor and handmade soaps.

Likewise my life shows what my intentions really are. If I truly intend to write but never do…was it really my intention? If I claim to be this or that but never make the time and put in the work to present the details then I’m missing an important piece of the puzzle. An important step along the way.
Being intentional doesn’t mean always being perfect and getting everything done. But it does mean keeping the vision in front of me to remind me why I must put in the work. It means knowing that if I want others to see a glimpse of what I see, I must lay the details out before them. If ever I hope to make the vision a reality I must learn to live with intention.


Some of the most precious people in my life take extra effort to listen to, to relate to. It takes bending down, kneeling down, getting on their level to hear what’s important to them. It sometimes takes intention to interpret their lisps, funny usages of words, learning of new sounds, and struggles to put sentences together in the proper form.

But, I do it because they’re SO important to me.

A life lived without intention is not a life well lived at all.

Intention is what turns a conversation into connection.

Intention is what turns a random gift into someone else’s answered prayer.

Intention changes a ‘how are you’ into a ‘how are you….really?’

It turns a prayer repetitively whispered into an active faith waiting for the miracle to happen.

Intention turns your quiet time into listening time, hearing time, and obeying time.

It turns a day with alot of plans into a day of alot of crossed off items.

Intention turns a few minutes of play into the biggest smile possible from your child.

It changes your perspective of ‘another day to live’ into ‘another day to serve’.

Intention is bending down, meeting others on their level, and making them feel like a somebody. So, I’ll keep bending down, I’ll keep trying to interpret those growing vocabularies, and I’ll try to remember that a moment with intention is a moment without regret.

My Post Day 02


Jon was doing his best to help his team progress with the latest campaign.

He was working as a marketing director for a big firm, an agency with a huge reputation.

He had to produce results this time, there was no room for mistakes. The client, a political candidate that could help the state with his visionary program.

Last day’s meeting was all about the little details of the campaign.

Jon was ready and so he decided to launch the campaign without delays right after the meeting.

When the campaign flopped and the client lost the debate battle, Jon felt miserable, a loser whose job was at stake.

The worst thing is that he had to meet with the client to discuss the details.

Now, it was his client’s call.

Robert, the client, welcomed Jon to his office. Jon was waiting for the nightmare to begin and so he listened, besides, there was nothing left to do.

He was surprised when Robert said…

Jon, I know that you worked hard for this campaign but we did not get the results we wanted.

Too bad, but there’s always room for improvement.

You’re decent, honest, and I know that you are an ethical and powerful marketing professional. You tried hard and these reasons are enough for me to hire your firm again for our next campaign.

We did not have enough time but now we are going to be prepared.

I believe in you and I believe in your intention to make this right and let your name shine again by my side.

Jon would not forget this moment in his life. There were clients that would honor his intentions despite the outcome.

What a crazy world!

hope writers instagram writing challenge day 02 tasosperte

My “writing” story

For as long as I can remember, I am a writer and a reader of course.

In fact, I’m in love with both. 

I never stopped reading and writing since I was a little kid. I was always excited about reading anything you can imagine.

Magazines, newspapers, books, letters, scripts on-screen, anything.

I was thrilled whenever I had to present my writing work to the class, from elementary school through the university.

And when I found myself immersed in the online business and marketing world, writing has been my superpower.

I write every day. Non-stop.

Am I crazy?

I know I am happy. Because writing deliberates me and gives me freedom. 

I write blogs and articles, copy for ads and landing pages, reviews of brands and products, case studies, research, quizzes, questionnaires, contests, sales funnels, and so much more.

I write for my clients and I compose their advertisements.

I write headlines, descriptions, emails, social media posts, copy for web pages, scripts for videos and podcasts, you name it.

I study a lot and perform extensive research to understand people’s needs, wants, and problems. 

And when I gather this data, I am able to target specific groups of people and capture their attention.

I’m doing so by using WORDS that those groups of people can relate to.

This is my everyday life as a marketer. I write to collect data and I write to motivate people into taking some kind of action.

Now, you don’t have to do what I do, but whether you want to write a book or anything else, all you need is to trust your inner voice and be authentic, transparent, and above all, be yourself.

Writing is responsible for the growth of this website. You see, this website was just a marketing blog into obscurity and I transformed it into a marketing agency.

Thousands of people are visiting it to read about marketing, sales, advertising, entrepreneurship, human psychology, personal development, web design and development, and so much more.

That happened because I write a lot. I write everyday. I just can’t live without writing.

I write words that matter. My words don’t matter for everyone, but matter for some people, my community, my tribe, my clients, my partners, and other brands or entrepreneurs.

My words help people find solutions to their problems, make well-informed decisions, and grow their businesses.

Words can move mountains, and words are responsible for propelling people into taking action. Without words, this world won’t exist.

Final Words

Hope Writers is a community that helped me improve my writing, a lot.

I found wisdom, an incredible video library of how-to articles and writing secrets, a place to hang out with fellow authors, I was motivated and inspired, I receive everyday tips and I watch the Tuesday teachings whenever possible.

I have plans of publishing a book as well beyond writing marketing collateral. 

So, join me for the Instagram writing challenge, and let’s rock the house with the beautiful hashtag #hopewriterlife.

This is the perfect chance for you to make progress with your writing. To get the support and the encouragement you need so much and deserve.

Without help, you can’t really progress with your writing, whether it is a novel, an eBook, a fiction, or a nonfiction book.

More information about this awesome community in my full review.

In the meantime, I am eager to know about your progress with the challenge.

That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. For more information, I refer you to the disclaimer page.

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