You're Reading:Helier Crude LTD | Operating for Many Years as a Ghost Company

Helier Crude LTD | Operating for Many Years as a Ghost Company

by Tasos


Apr 19, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing





Another investing platform is under the microscope today. I keep a close eye on the industry as lately the majority of HYIPs are low quality programs or scams. I can not even monitor all of them as new programs are born every single day. What is happeining?…What is the future of online investing?..

Well, I have to be honest, do not expect to make money the easy way. Most of the participants are losing money as these programs disappear in the middle of the night without any prior notice…Today’s program looks very suspicious but let’s dive deep before we jump into conclusions



Inside Helier Crude Limited




The homepage refer to a website created on the fly. The header image has nothing to do with the company. Underneath there are investment plans to choose from, a calculator which is a trend, and a welcoming message…


A fully registered company in the UK offering customers different and suitable investment plans taliored to meet the needs of small and big investors. They believe in the divergence of investments and they work in several areas like Forex, Binary options, stock exchanges and the team of professional traders ensure a consistent environment.

They were working for many years just offline and now they decided to open an online project. By following risk management rules and preserving capital they take advantage of any possible opportunity.


Another company working offline for many years, another trend


The about page is an extension of this welcoming message. Let me summarize it for you.


High profits, low risks, quick payoffs, remarkable trading strategies, value for investros, guaranteed stable income. A team of experts take care of the finance, technical, management and analytics. All your questions will get answered, they will help you understand how your money is invested, how the investments are performing, how much it costs you. As a bonus you will have access to expertise and insights that can help you attain your specific goals.

Transparency and responsibility.


Statistics shown

  • Running days 94
  • Total accounts 321
  • Deposits $336,000+
  • Withdrawn $169,000+



  • Dedicated server
  • High interest
  • SSL encryption
  • Fast payments
  • Friendly support







Investment Plans


  • Plan A: 1.35% daily up to 130% final ROI, 110 business days, deposits $25 – $999.99,
  • Plan B: 2% daily up to 145% final ROI, 80 business days, deposits $1000 – $4999.99
  • Plan C: 2.75% daily up to 155% final ROI, 65 business days, deposits $5000 – $14999.99
  • Plan D: 3% daily up to 175% final ROI, 60 business days, deposits $15000 – $24999.99
  • Plan E: 3.5% daily up to 200% final ROI, 60 business days, deposits $25000 – unlimited



Affiliate Program – 3 levels deep (MLM)

1st level 7%, 2nd level 3%, 3rd level 1% commission on referrals purchases


Payment Processors

Pertfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney, bitcoin


Social Media

All social icons are non usable, redirect to the homepage.


Homepage Video Commercial

It is supposedly a breaking news story on TV, obviously fake.


FAQ – Terms – Important

  • You can deposit as many times as you want
  • They mention that there is risk like in all HYIPs. The tips script is an exact copy of other programs
  • Only 1 account is allowed
  • The funds are managed by a team of investing experts, as usually


Registration – Legal Docs

Companies house number 10554833, 211 Forest Road, Walthamstow, London, United Kingdom, E17 6LL, incorporated on 10 January 2017, Ben Baldwin appears as officer.


Owners – Domain

By performing a whois search I uncover the registration date for the domain helierfunds.com, 05 January 2017. The owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection.


This is the point where another HYIP has nothing more to present. This is where their contribution ends prematurely










Final Words



Are you interested in ivesting?…Are you convinced that you deal with professionals that know everything about trading to ensure daily profits for you?…Are you ready for a stable income?…Beware, there are things to consider before you do anything…


Let me break down the facts…


A search for the term “Ben Baldwin Investor” brings in the light a man relevant to investments but this man has nothing to do with Helier Funds.

The search for the term “Ben Baldwin Forex” returns no additional result.

And the most important part…a search for the term “Helier Crude Limited” returns results only on HYIP monitoring sites, no old company has been discovered.


The company does not even run a social media account yet, the commercial video is a cheap fiasko. Just a fancy website, 3-4 pages content among them a sign up form, FAQ and terms and that’s it. We just opened people, we are waiting for your money right away.!!


Moreover the domain was registered privately but at the same moment this company attracts investors (among them many beginners/unsuspected victims) that may deposit $25,000 or even more.


How can we be sure of the high ROIs that are promised?…which exactly are the remarkable trading strategies they talk about?…How the team of experts is analysing the financial markets remains a mystery. They supposedly work on Forex, Binary Options and the Stocks Exchange but not even a member of this giant team has ever published an article on that domain yet. And the program is running for 44 days plus all the previous years.

This is a team that answers all questions?…This is how we can understand how money is being made?…


Where is transparency and responsibility?…Where is Contribution?…where is the knowledge and know-how?…where are the real images of the people running the company?…where are the mysterious traders?


Now le me discuss about the beautiful ROIs. A very dangerous program that you better avoid.  The last plan claims to double your money in just 60 business days. How can that happen?…Is it possible?…Have in mind that any program promising more than 10% yearly is very risky.

The ROIs can not be justified but we know how this company is making money after all. All money coming in Helier Crude Limited is funds from affiliates. Newly recruited members compensate those that invested earlier. This rotten game can not last long because recruitment from a certain point on dries out. It is when the anonymous owners disappear and the majority of affiliates taste a bitter loss. This is what happening with Ponzi Programs. That is why they want you to recruit others, not becasue they want you to make more money.

These programs are designed only for the owners and a couple of friends.


You may proceed at your own risk, but in any case do not deposit more than you can easily afford to lose.






Wait, there are better solutions




Investing in a company and wait to get a share of their pie in the future is the last thing you should do in your business. Investing is like gambling and for this reason alone you should never deposit money you can’t afford to lose.

On the other hand, if you are new to the online world, an opportunity seeker, then I have good news. You can build an online empire by getting started with a website, just like I did!


Throughout my online journey, I came across numerous very bad marketing programs. But, this is inevitable. On the other hand, I was fortunate enough to find programs and trainings that worth a million dollars but are not sold at that price. In fact, they are sold at very logical, competitive prices that absolutely worth in buying. Programs and solid comprehensive trainings that can help you create a business from scratch.

I speak from experience, as those exact programs transformed my business and knowledge. I run a website that is alone a multiple income stream asset in the most competitive niche of the market. It’s growing day by day, if not hour by hour. I know that the future is brighter ahead. Now as I gain momentum my business expands. I am not only promoting affiliate offers, as I did in the beginning. Now I have clients in the local and global market. I am creating my first products and own trainings and looking to expand both in offline and online ventures.

Building an internet business has never seemed so profitable when I got started. …If I only knew.


I am talking about programs that are geared towards helping you create a business and sell products and services to the market. Rather than, programs that are focused in sucking money out of you.

Yes, let me confirm your suspicions. Money can be made online, big time, but you won’t find success by following bad programs that are promising ‘easy money’. Forget about easy and focus on working. There are trainings, programs, lessons and all the tools you need in order to create something for you and your family. It does not matter the background, experience, skills you have.

Anyone has a passion, and that passion can be turned into a multiple income streams business. You just have to follow the steps I am revealing.


If you are serious and want to create a better future for you and your loving ones, then you can try any of my top recommended programs. I would not recommend a program that it is not complete. My reputation is at stake here, and this shows exactly how serious this business model is.

Another fact you have to consider is this… what I do works. This is because you found my website by researching an online opportunity. So you came across one of my reviews. I managed to attract you on my site. You are my visitor. A visitor in an online store. This is something you can replicate. And I can help you reach your first visitors and potential customers. And it’s easier than you might believe or even fear.


But, right now the Web Market Support training is not ready yet. I am working hard for it. In the meantime, you can take advantage of my top recommended solutions.

Any of those programs can help you create a business without any experience at all. These are step by step systems tested time and time again from me and thousand other entrepreneurs and marketers.

I have written reviews and published material for all of them,


What I challenge you to do is this. Just follow your heart and you will know.


My promise is plain simple…Yes, you can turn any passion, or hobby, interest into a highly profitable online business. Without any experience or magical skills…just by following the WMS upcoming training or any other program I recommend.




Top Recommended Programs


Wealthy Affiliate University – online marketing training portal (over 800,000 members), a community with a super active live chat function (you have the chance to speak to other entrepreneurs and the owners), website builder, hosting, tech support 24/7/365, keyword research tool, domain provider, other marketing tools. It’s my go-to place, my business hangout. This is where I learned the ropes of Internet Business, by following their top-notch comprehensive training and the live weekly webinars that teach people how to grow their businesses. There are no up-sells whatsoever. A top solution for newbies that want to create a solid business for years to come.

Options: Free to join, free to stay for as long as you like. Premium super affordable memberships, discounts (for those that are ready to take their businesses to the next level)

Not to mention that with this program alone I’ve made thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions. For a quick overview of WA continue here.


Affilorama – affiliate marketing training (comprehensive marketing training even for free members), AffiloBlueprint step by step videos on how to create a business from scratch. Tools, keywords, the Affilo-Theme, internal forum.

Options: Free to join, the builder and other tools are only available for premium members. More expensive than WA, less interactive forum.

Overall, a great training program that you can test for as long as you like.


Armand’s Morin Marketing University – comprehensive video trainings from a legendary veteran and his team. Mostly suitable for advanced marketers that want to stand out and beat the hard competition. A few examples of his specialties include Facebook advertising, Webinar/ seminar training, Paid advertising campaigns, Video marketing, email marketing.

Options: Free to watch live webinars every month. Premium memberships starting from only $1.


Nick Stephenson – Reach your first 10k subscribers

Nick is a fiction and non-fiction author. He writes books, uses book platforms and stores to attract people. He can help you create an authoring business from scratch, get noticed in Amazon, grow your email list and create your own programs.

Options: there are free video trainings, and the paid membership option that is available only once per year.


Ray Edwards – CopyWriting Academy

A copywriting expert with years of experience in the market. Among his clients, you can track top industry names like Tony Robbins. A tip: you can’t afford to hire him to write a sales letter for your company. Instead, you can join his Masterclass copywriting academy training.

He will help you create a copy centric business from scratch, and create your own products. Extremely valuable resource for entrepreneurs, companies, artists, writers, practitioners, teachers. His class is only available once per year.


If you decide to join any of those programs through my link, that means I am becoming your personal mentor for a lifetime, and for free. You won’t have to spend any dollar for my advice and help. This is not a promise, this is my signature.

One last thing that might stand in your way. Some programs are free to join, others are premium. All those programs come with price guarantees. You have the right to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the product(s).


Jump on the online train, there is room for everyone, there are millions of new products to be created. By who?…We, we have to build a better future for our children. And that won’t happen if we just read and watch. We have to take action. We will create the products, we will sell those products, we will make money, but at the same time, we will transform a better planet by delivering exceptional qualitative products.

Internet has shown the way to connect with people you would never have a chance to meet. This is a huge power. The resources are here, you just have to put the pieces together. But with great power comes great responsibility.

One last thing you probably is bothering you right now…Don’t worry, I was once a beginner. At first, 20+ years ago in offline businesses, and then 2 years ago as an online opportunity seeker. If you ask me, the future of business is online. If you don’t have an online presence as an entrepreneur you are going to be left behind.


PS…I’m looking for serious people to work with, people that want to make a positive difference.




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













The Best All-in-One Business Package for Newbies





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