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You're Reading:Graphic Design Freebies, Tutorials, Coding and more at Designmodo

Graphic Design Freebies, Tutorials, Coding and more at Designmodo

by Tasos


Jun 30, 2016





DesignModo full review and exclusive bonus

Graphic design resources and especially freebies are in high demand. Business owners, marketing & design teams , bloggers need that material in order to produce beautiful artwork for their campaigns.I discovered another website yesterday and today I am sharing it with you.It is called Designmodo.

“modo” in Italian and Spanish means method , manner or way

“modo” in Latin for now , just now , only

Their slogan is cute..”we are all happy to let you know that here , at Designmodo , we have our own way to share only creative designs and code with all of you and we do it with pleasure.”


What to expect from Designmodo


Website: DesignModo

The main categories


let’s give some examples

  • How to create a perfect colour scheme (infographic)
  • Principles of Chatbots design
  • Smoke transitions – beginning of a trend?

there are about 300 articles on that department

Freebies – The Hottest section

  • The complete social media icons set (EPS , PSD , CSS)
  • UIcons – free line icons (AI , EPS , SVG , PNG)
  • Creaticons – free food & beverages vector icons (AI , EPS , SVG , PNG)
  • Free christmas icons set
  • Illustricons
  • Aves UI kit – free user interface elements
  • Ink UI kit – free iOS App screens
  • Free content accordion (CSS3 + jQuery)
  • Free photo realistic apple device mock-ups

and 40+ more sets







Tutorials – knowledge is always necessary


  • Bootstrap 4 – working with npm , Gunt.js and Sass
  • How to create a credit card UI using HTML and CSS3
  • How to create a CSS3 mega drop down menu
  • How to create an upload form using jQuery , CSS3 , HTML5 and PHP
  • How to create a responsive image slider in jQuery and CSS3

the whole catalog includes 130 articles



  • How to migrate from Boostrap ver 3 to 4
  • Calculating measurements in LESS
  • A beginner’s guide to Grunt – build tool for Javascript
  • Using bootstrap 4 flexbox


  • 20 great examples of website gamification
  • Handpicked web design inspiration to get you going
  • 23 websites that are stepping away from traditional layouts
  • Force tap power – excellent examples of 3D touch
  • 20 amazing year in review projects



  • How to include Javascript and CSS stylesheets in wordpress
  • The most popular keyboard shortcuts for wordpress users
  • Make the footer responsive in a wordpress theme
  • Introducing Wards 1.2 – available for posts and pages , typekit integration and more
  • Why do we recommend WP engine wordpress hosting
  • 6 of best backup plugins for wordpress



  • How to design for creative agencies
  • Mayolla (topview) – scene generator
  • Free shopping cart , payment and other ecommerce icons
  • How do you create a cool portfolio?
  • Move to HTTP2 – on the wire for high speed connection performance
  • 20 small , yet viable solutions based on Flexbox


The shop of Designmodo


The premium packages

  • Slides – static website generator $249
  • Qards – wordpress plugin $99
  • Strtup – static website generator $249
  • Flat UI – Boostrap framework $39
  • Square UI – PSD UI kit $39
  • Bricks UI – PSD UI kit $89

and many many more in the market sub-category







The affiliate program


Designmodo offers an affiliate program , like all the modern companies , giving you the opportunity to refer people and make money on the go.If you have a blog , a website or active social media accounts you can apply by submitting a form.

The commissions are all set to 25%.I am participating in the affiliate program , you can check it out by following this link.



Final Words


I am very satisfied with their resources and the knowledge base.If you are a web designer or simply a blogger you should check it out , I am sure you will find a lot of important material and articles.

DesignModo full review and exclusive bonus



Other Design Resources

Related Resources


I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.











More design resources





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