GoodPay.Biz – Investment Frenzy Challenge Might Lead to Failure

by Tasos


Jul 7, 2017



I came across another very promising investing platform that has launched just a month ago. This program follows the “Easy Money” recipe found on other HYIPs. The formula is plain simple. Just invest and wait for an experienced team of professional traders to make a profit for you. And you might wonder.!…What do I have to lose?…Who does not want to make money out of thin air?…Right?…

Nope, I have to disappoint you here. The majority of those programs are fake leaving their members with a loss as they disappear after a few short months. That one seems like a replica but let’s dive deep before we jump into conclusions…



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Inside GoodPay



The homepage welcome visitors with 2 images/slides

Main headlines…

  • Applying all the available e-currencies
  • Money can’t stay without safety
  • Keep your money safe with us






Welcoming message

They say it is important to have confidence in your investment company. They provide independent services and they have a huge team of professionals including traders and brokers. The team of trading specialists use a few different financial instruments to receive maximum profit in accordance with the rules established on the market.

They are able to predict market movements by developing systematic instructions that bring profit. They guarantee constant payments and the return of deposits.

The investment program is focused on the long-term. With a minimum deposit of $10, you can start earning money now.


I am secured



  • Stable profits
  • Instant withdrawals
  • SSL encryption
  • 24/7 online support


Statistics shown

  • Running days 31
  • Total accounts 160,000+
  • Active accounts 92,000+
  • Total deposits $4,700,000+
  • Total withdrawals $10,600,000+


Investment Plans


  • Plan I: 500% ROI after 1 day, deposits $30 – $3,000, referral commissions 3%
  • Plan II: 5,000% ROI after 2 days, deposits $300 – $30,000, referral commissions 5%
  • Plan III: 50,000% ROI after 3 days, deposits $3,000 – $300,000, referral commissions 10%


Payment processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, bitcoin, litecoin, Bank Wire


Investor Testimonials

  • Jessic Perry: I performed an online search for the image. This image is being used on other properties. The name Jessic Perry can not be verified.
  • Leontino Olmos: That name can not be verified as well. This image is being used on various properties.
  • John B Reyes: Again, the image is found on various URLs. The name can’t be verified


Social Media

The company is not active on social media. All the icons found on the official homepage redirect to the support page.


FAQ – Terms – Important

  • You can deposit as many times as you want
  • Only 1 account is allowed


Registration – Legal Docs

I could not find any document published on the official website. There is no information online either.


Owners – Domain

The whois database helps us discover the registration date for the domain goodpay.biz, 17 May 2017., The name Dylan Paydar appears as the registrant. 130 Colney Hatch Lane, London, N10 1ER, +7.07015211659.


As usually this is where another HYIP website has nothing more to present








Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online



Final Thoughts



Are you interested in investing?…Do you think that GoodPay.biz is a program that can guarantee any earnings?…Read on for a full breakdown.


The company is not even registered. There are no legal documents found on the official website. By following the domain data I search for the name “Dylan Paydar”. No investor can be found online under than name. Probably the name is fake.

The about page and the welcoming message do not contain any crucial information on how this company operates. Apart from the generic statements, there is nothing to trust.


Before I invest I have to be 100% sure that I deal with real people. Where are the owners and staff images?…Where are the facilities images?….How can we be sure that we deal with professional traders?…The about page is obviously not enough. Legitimate companies offer free information regarding their industry and do not let their potential customers in the dark. We can’t verify that GoodPay is involved in any trading activities whatsoever.

The company does not even have any social media presence.


The images used on the testimonials are fake as well. I could not connect the names with the images.


GoodPay.biz might seem like a beautiful website but it is empty of content. This is not a sign of trust.


Moreover, the statistics shown are fake. In just 31 days they managed to register 160,000 accounts?….I would bet they are not even 100. If you watch the statistics numbers closely you will discover that the total amount of withdrawals exceeds the amount of total deposits. This is somehow funny.


Now let’s discuss about the most imprtant factor, the investment plans


Are you serious now?…500% ROI in just 1 day?…They are promising to 5x your money. Do you think that they will do that?…If they can, why they don’t just keep the money for themselves?…The ROIs announced are out of this Earth. Have in mind that any program offering more than 10% yearly profits is extremely dangerous and should be avoided by all means.

The second plan is promising to 50x your money in 2 days. So the first day they manage to 5x our money, in one more day they 50x our deposits. The 3rd day they manage to 500x the money. Unbelievable


All of the above details leave me no space but to mark the financial opportunity as another rotten Ponzi game. In those programs, all money coming in is funds from affiliates that expect to 500x their money. But all the deposits are being transferred to the revenue sharing pools in order to compensate earlier investors. Newly recruited members pay those that invested before them. This is illegal, of course, and the program will collapse when recruitment slows down. Usually, after a few short months. When no new money will be rolling in, no ROIs can be delivered. This is when the anonymous owners will disappear from the market, preparing for the next Ponzi fraud.


A program that should be avoided.





Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.





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  1. cryptoking

    Yes. They stole my investment as well. DO NOT invest here. They are big SCAMMERS

    • Tasos

      Thank you cryptoking, valuable testimonial!

  2. rusty

    THOSE MOFO’S stole my 30 usd they are scammers Be Warned The Admin froze my withdraw account

    • Tasos

      Thank you rusty for sharing your story. This can help way more people!


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