You're Reading:Get Paid To Draw PDF Review – What Training?

Get Paid To Draw PDF Review – What Training?

by Tasos


Aug 14, 2015



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I was excited , who does not want to make some extra bucks for his drawings?…The website that I landed on though did not impress me at all.From my first glance I can tell that this site is nothing but a scam.Why…?…because the first headline is very awkward.It says “Learn a weird trick that a lazy student use to make over 1800 euros per month – The trick is – He is drawing simple pictures and taking photos with his cell phone”….But better not to run into conclusions just yet.I decided to move on and investigate this opportunity.


Today’s Review Subject Is  The Get Paid To Draw PDF – A Product That Is Promising Training And Directions On How To Make Money Online With Our Drawings And Photos



That website is promising that the whole process is a piece of cake , just by following 3 easy steps.

♦ Learn how to take simple photos with your phone or create simple drawings and turn them into an unlimited supply of cash.

♦ Just upload your work with a few clicks.

♦ Get money – when someone buys your images you will get paid , over and over again , no experience necessary.

The W E I R D BONUS – Get a Free $50 Cash Bonus when you sell your first image online.



This is where the information on this website ends.There is the option to subscribe to their email list of course.

Let’s do that.I want my first money our of drawing today – Just like you?

More Information available when I gave my email details.We did not start very well , indeed.They promising me that if I use their system I will be able to

♦ Get paid by submitting simple drawings every day from multiple streams of income

♦ Earn money from every single photo as result from having someone to teach me step by step

♦ Have a REAL artist to show me how to draw and become an artist myself , a famous one.

I don’t want to become famous yet , I just need to see if your system works.That would be enough for a good start.




His Background Story – His Name Not Revealed Yet



He was delivering pizzas when in college , so he was searching for alternative ways to bring in some cash

….”And I thought he was lazy…”

…Then he read about some companies that were willing to pay him for photos and drawings , he tried it and it worked like a charm.He just uploaded some simple images from around his town – the trees , a few people , the buildings.The money started pouring in.That was easy.

Amazing Proofs


I will let my screenshot talk for itself.He makes thousands of dollars for each one of these photos.Wow , I was shocked.Then the simple drawings , hundreds of dollars for each.He must have a great talent.




He Is Not Scamming You – Not A Get Rich Quick System – His next announcement


Additionally there is a potential earnings calculator.Another useless marketing technique , outdated.



And We Come To Money Already – How Much Does It Cost?



Do not miss the 50% coupon – current price is set to $74.My coupon accepted , price is set to $37.How generous?…At least he has a paypal option.One time fee – 60 days guarantee – typical Clickbank product.OK , I believe everything so far.


The 55 pages PDF – Get Paid To Draw – Learn The HOW – 23 Chapters



Hello and welcome to the Get Paid To Draw Club…Yeah…I love warm welcomes.Let’s get to the juice.An introduction and a warning.“All artwork and photos you submit must be original”

Ch 2 + 3 – Different ways to make money by drawing and taking photos – Submit your artwork to Stock Photo Sites.Create logos , business material , become a freelancer , sell wall artwork and sculpture , sell that same work on T-Shirts , hats and coffee cups , create website templates , take photographs for events , teach other people to use a camera

….”I thought no experience is necessary – Let’s see if they will fulfill this promise.”

Ch 4 + 5  – Usable Media for your work – pencils , pens , inks , acrylic paints , oil paints , markers , water colours , art on computers.No comment on this one.


Ch 6 – Learn how to draw – At last , I am all ears.Rome was not built in a day , it will need time to develop a full blown artistic talent that can lead to financial success

….”I can work – Just show me”

…Then he takes the chance to introduce me the greatest artist of all times – MichelAngelo Di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.Indeed , he got that from Wikipedia.So , I am going to be like MichelAngelo.

His method – Links to external video courses – That are probably paid.I can’t access them , is not working at all.I contacted the support service but I am not waiting for a respond.


Ch 7 – Learn How to take Photos – Two paragraphs of blah blah blah.Then he reveals his methods again.External sites like this one – learn to take great photos.This site is more professional than his.But the courses that are available are paid , for example – Photo painting in PhotoShop – $149 plus the price of the software , Photo sparks $39 , Digital multiple exposures – $99.Furthermore this site offers numerous courses for a price.So if I want to really learn about photography I have to pay even more , way more , thousands of dollars.Are you with me on that?

♦ He mentions one article on the WebDesignerDepot website – Good for him , one of the best designing resources online

♦ Another resource and the chapter finishes.


Ch 8 – 18 – Some stock photo sites where you can submit your work.

Yes , I agree , this is how it works.But yet no real value in this PDF.General things I already knew about.

The section on logos is just a few theoretical words on how to sell your logos.No training on logos though.Then he presents some freelance sites , another information that can be found online for free with one simple Google search.The rest of the chapters is just simple information that anyone can access for free online again,

I’m on Page #40 and still no real value – Let’s see what’s next


Ch 19 – Build your own website to promote your business.Again some poor information with general talking on websites.Then I got a redirection to a special offer from the Get Paid To Draw author.He tries to make me sign in with a company named “Cool Handle” to get my own unique money making website , absolutely for Free , instead of the initial cost of $2500.Sign up for a domain and web hosting.I did not know that a domain and web hosting service cost so much money.I think I have to reconsider some things.

I tried to set up a domain with the Cool Handle and I got in front of a timer , what a crap.

♦ The rest of the chapters – This part I think was created in order to fill some space and only for that.Again he is repeating the things I have already read in the first chapters.Things like how to get paid (via paypal , wire transfer or escrow)…oh come on….How to record your profits and how to pay my taxes?….Is this what I was expecting from this PDF to deliver?….

The nightmare ends with his conclusion.He knows that the times are difficult and some of us that we will devote to hard work we may succeed.But no one can guarantee that YOU will be among of those who will accomplish that….Good Luck…



Of course , mysterious author , LUCK is what we will need if we take your word for granted and let you train us with no training at all.






Final Opinion – Conclusion


Ouch…Disaster…I just wasted so much of my precious time to gain ZERO Knwoledge on How To Learn Drawing Simple Images or How to take good photos on my cell phone.


♦ This is called training?….This is how he will transform us into famous artists?

♦ This PDF is just a few general ideas collected from various sites online.Although this is how this system works , this product fails to deliver its promises.And fails dramatically.

♦ This information can be found by anyone online for free.

♦ I thought he would teach me how to create drawing and photos.


♦ This PDF that is supposed to be written by someone that got rich from these artworks , at least it should have been artistic.But , this PDF is like a notebook of a 10 years old boy.No images , no drawings , no HOW TO’s , no tutorial , no nothing.

♦ Don’t tell me about Stock Photo Sites.Even a baby can access that websites.Don’t tell me about how to pay for online courses to get familiar with PhotoShop.Everybody knows that there are people that teaching photography and drawing.


Don’t sell that crap PDF for $37 , instead try to refurbish it , make it a decent e-book , put some images and photos as samples of your work , and then list it to Amazon or anywhere else for $5 tops.Because that is the actual price for this general PDF.I would have offered such a PDF for FREE though.

♦ Do not promise me that in 3 easy steps I would be rich , and that every photo I produce will bring me money for the years to come.


♦ Include the start up costs of these business in the beginning of your headlines.Not in the end of this lousy PDF.Because we all know that with a cell phone a serious photographer would not go far.Every serious entrepreneur or even an amateur at least owns professional equipment.Not to add the costs for the software.

♦ Where are the multiple streams of income you promised me?…oDesk and Elance are the best you can do?…That sites are so well known , I was expecting some real secrets from you.






Is Get Paid To Draw A Scam After All?



♦ This website reminds me a lot the Get Paid Taking Pictures that I had reviewed not long ago.Another useless scam attempt.But the today’s website is not such a big scam.

♦ Every website that is legitimate and his owner is a decent businessman , provides personal data.A name , a photograph , something at least.In that website there is no one.It is like a dead end zone,Yes , it fails to deliver on big promises and exaggerate claims.It is a scam after all.Although there is information that is true.But this producer is only aiming at your pocket and nothing more.

I’ve got an email from his auto-responder service.His name after all is Jules Camber.Still not enough.It should have been announced on the website.



I am very disappointed with another awful production.Too good to be really true.Nothing but general information.Definitely not worth your hard earned $37.Spend it elsewhere for a good reason.Although it provides some value , still it is not worth that money and it won’t help you if you want to succeed with this kind of business.


I wanna thank you for your trust.I will be bringing more reviews very soon.Now it is the time for your participation , you can leave a comment below if you want to state your personal experience.If you have any queries I would be glad in discussing them with you.


How to Spot Online Scams


Make Money as Graphic Designer for Real

















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  1. Andrea

    Thanks so much for the review! I came across your site looking for a decent review. There is so much misinformation out there it is refreshing to find someone that will tell the truth. What do you think is the best way to earn profits online for an aspiring artist? I know it takes some time an effort but what do you think is a good time frame?

    • Tasos

      Absolutely Andrea , that product is not worth a penny.

      You can check online marketplaces like Web Designer Depot , Creative Market , Hungry Jpeg or even Big Cartel (e-commerce platform).You can set up a store for free and share some of your profits with the owners.

      You can and you must invest your time online , the time is perfect.Thank you for the chat and support , good luck with your artwork.

  2. Neil

    I have come across a drawing program like this before, and the Get Paid To Draw PDF sounds a little too good to be true.

    I would love the idea of earning residual income and money from multiple income streams because who wouldn’t?

    This image training product did sound great, up until I read the bad points you shared, so this is a scam I will be avoiding in the future.


    • Tasos

      Exactly Neil , no real value on this PDF…Unfortunately , I fell in a trap again.There are way more genuine channels to collect valuable information for free that makes this product for the garbage.

      Thank you for another visit and for taking part in the conversation.

  3. Michel

    Oh dear, doesn’t sound like you had a good experience, but thanks for warning us with your review.

    I have also bought lots of rubbish in the past, and the stuff is still sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to do something with it.

    There is definitely not such thing as making money quickly on the internet, no matter what anyone tells you. You have to work for every bit of success that comes your way.

    • Tasos

      Your message is very important Michel.You summarised the whole situation in 2 phrases…Thank you for your participation and for clarifying some aspects of the problem by expressing your experience.

  4. Julian

    WOW! That is crazy!

    All that money for a crappy PDF with crappy training? If you can call it training.

    I’m glad I didn’t buy into this.

    You sir, have just saved me some money AND a lot of time.

    I’m pretty sure there’s something 100x better out there for a hobby drawer, eh?

    • Tasos

      Julian , I remember that presentation , it’s like someone tries to sneak in front of the line and bypass other bystanders , thinking he’s smart.

      There is so much online free information that makes that product simply a joke.

      Thank you for taking the time to join the discussion

  5. Melanie Townsend

    Hello! First time on your website. Did you spend the thirty seven dollars to get all that information? If so I am sorry you wasted your thirty seven dollars but thank you for doing so to bring us the information so that others may not waste their money as well. Just goes to show you that it always pays to do your research. It would be nice to get paid for your drawings legitimately. I personally do not have much drawing skill but my boyfriend does.

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Melanie….Well , I was lucky at this one.This PDF comes only inside the paid membership area but my payment failed.I made a marathon of searches in Google and managed to find the PDF , it took me over an hour just to discover it.From the first moment I knew that something was wrong with this website but I wanted to be 100% sure.

      Anyone can be paid for his drawings , there are hundred of legitimate websites that accept new designers.Is your boyfriend involved in the web?…He could try to add his portfolio as a start

      I wanna thank you for your visit and your participation.


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