Get My Ads – Professional Advertising Luxury or Shameless Ponzi Recruitment?

by Tasos


Dec 11, 2016




Although the domain of that website was registered one year earlier still I can see affiliates promoting the opportunity like maniacs. I am talking about the video where someone will show us a way to make at least $500 a day or more…(keep watching this video and I will show you….)…

Well…that is a good reason to investigate the company further…



Inside Get My Ads



Impressive headlines welcome every visitor

  • New generation online marketing
  • Accelerate your business
  • The most innovative traffic network with the most rewarding payback program

OK, very interesting but let’s get to the juice…I need strong evidence for this hype

oh no, wait a minute, there is more here…

  • $35+ millions of commissions paid out to members
  • $12 millions month advertising budget…

Is this an advertising giant operating for less than a year??


Products – Advertising Solutions



Our ads will appear in 20+ categories in over 75 traffic networks with over 24,000 websites in up to 12 different languages with real time tracking.

With over 1000 brand sites reaching over 300 million monthly users they can get our message in front of our best prospects.

Products are paid with Tokens that cost $50 each. You can purchase up to 1000 tokens after the first sign-up…if you are crazy enough.


With 1 token you can buy

200 targeted clicks or 200 banner ads or 500 videoads or 200 sign up clicks or 5000 emails



Referral Program



Customers take part in the PayBack pool automatically. There is an affiliate program in place paying out on 2 levels along with a mentor bonus.

40% of the value of a token goes into the PayBack pool where every customer benefits from it. This way anyone can be a part of their success story.

The size of this pool is depending on the Tokens they managed to sell recently. In addition there are more streams of revenue filling up this pool….really, but where are they?



Final Words



This company does not even try to cover the Ponzi structure under which is operating.

With the PayBack pool paying back 40% of new invested funds to compensate existing affiliates the scheme is going to die, once recruitment of new affiliates slow down….And where is the rest 60%?…Where are the additional resources that add money to the revenue sharing pool?

Simply they do not exist, there are no retail products and all money coming in from new affiliates are used to pay off older members.

Adding ad credits to an investment is totally irrelevant to the Ponzi cash flow. Over 98% of the company’s main source of income are investments in tokens and everyone wants a share of the revenue.


Having in mind that the company operates for one year now should make all interested investors stay away.


It is just another advertising revenue sharing platform that was born in order to fill the pockets of the owners. At the beginning these companies pay out members to attract more and more investors and from some point on they disappear shutting down the websites, leaving all later investors losing money.


Avoid it at all costs, besides it is a very risky and expensive investment. There are other rev shares offering ad packs for $1. If you want to gamble why you have to lose $50?…just lose $1 and see how these companies operate.



How I Make Money Online



I am not a grand risk taker, I want to earn my income by providing other services. My favourite method is adding content to my website.

And this is my top suggestion for anyone that wants a piece of the huge internet pie.


Top Places to get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.


















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