You're Reading:Discover Free Web Design Templates ready for Download at HubSpot

Discover Free Web Design Templates ready for Download at HubSpot

by Tasos


Jan 5, 2016

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing




Visual content is everywhere and every marketer has to invest on that direction.If you want to succeed you need to be social and attract followers and potential customers by offering not only great quality written content but mostly visual.Times have changed and people need to be entertained and they hate to be “Sold”.

But … Infographics are hard and time consuming , Slideshare or PowerPoint presentations are both avoided by the majority of bloggers.Social media content has to be compelling and stand out and sooner or later you will offer a free E-book on your website.


I know for some of you that do not have any prior design knowledge this is one of the hardest tasks you have to overcome.

On the other hand there might be marketers that are able to hire others to create designs for them.


But what you do if you can not afford paying for designs and you don’t have any experience at all? … You have to discover free design resources , like I do.I have presented a few solutions here on my blog that you can take advantage.

Inky deals , DealJumbo , Colorburned , Hey Bundle , Mighty deals and Creative Market are among my recommended websites where you can download design freebies.Additionally I have created a mini infographic guide of royalty free images websites.

And there are so many online photo editing applications where you can mix things up.I have already reviewed a few of those apps.


Awesome Web Design Templates, at HubSpot




Website: HubSpot


If you have already installed PowerPoint on your computer it would be an ideal solution for you.

If you don’t have PowerPoint , like me (for some reason it was not included in my Windows version) , do not worry.You can grab the Open Office suite that is an open source program from Apache and work with these templates there.


So what is Included in these Templates at HubSpot?


Call-To-Action Templates

We all know how important are call to action (CTA) buttons.As they can redirect your visitors to other pages or posts on your website.If you can’t design them alone HubSpot offers these free templates.Let’s see them in action.


How to Export an Image from these PowerPoint Templates with Open Office


The process is a little tricky so I present you the steps I took


#1 – Open the .ppt file with Open Office


#2 – Select a slide from those on the left panel (I chose N 12).That slide contains 4 buttons and one explanation area.


#3 – With one click at a time a selected button gets in edit mode.I changed the colour.

Hover your mouse on the text on a button , then click once.Then edit your text.Additionally you can drag the text at the desired position.Always with one mouse click.


#4 – Delete everything else in the working area.With one click on a button , away from the text area , the button gets selected.Just press delete on your computer.Repeat for all unwanted buttons.


#5 – Now that there is one button left in the working area , press file on the upper menu , then export.

It will open a new window with a drop down menu.You can select a TIFF , Jpeg , PNG or even GIF.There are way more options.

I suggest that you pick the PNG format as it comes with a transparent background.

Name the file and save it to your desktop.


#6 – Now the image will be large in size , 960 x 720 px.We don’t want these dimensions for a single button.Go to BeFunky , open the photo editor and choose the image file from your desktop.

From the edit panel on the left pick the essentials tab , then the crop mode.BeFunky crop is a piece of cake.Simply drag to the desired position.Then press the ( √ ) button and the image is cropped.

Under the crop option there is the resize , click on it and check the image dimensions.My PNG now is 864 x 131 , way better than the initial , but still a large file.Although BeFunky will save the PNG file compressed you can always resize to the desired dimensions.

For a button like this one I will choose 429 x 65 px.The procedure is the same as with your WordPress editor.Apply the resize effect by pressing again the ( √ ) button

Save with BeFunky and you are good to go.You can upload the image on your WordPress website.My PNG is 9,7 KB.Not a large file in any case.


The PNG buttons I created







Make sure you do not save the original Template .ppt file with any changes on.When you are finished with a button or other project click exit with no savings and re-open the .ppt file.



Infographic Templates


There are 10 editable templates offered.I picked one with Open Office and repeated the process to save it as PNG.The final dimensions are 960 x 2048 px and the image size is 284 KB.I did not change any element at all.




Slide Share Templates

There are 33 pre-made slides with which you can work on.I chose one , changed the text and the text colour exported as PNG and the final result is this one.





Social Media Cover Photo Templates

All the popular platforms are included.Google+ , Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , YouTube.I will go with the latter.

Every template comes with instructions depending on the social media selected.The background image belongs to my collection.





Social Media Image Templates

The package comes with 60 slides.Some of them include royalty free images so you can enter your text and get ready to publish them.





Power Point Presentation Templates

Detailed instructions on how to create your own presentations on the first template and 3 pre-made designs to work on.You will find extremely useful insights.

I picked one slide and replaced the HubSpot logo with mine.





How to Insert an Image into .ppt files in Open Office (instructions for PowerPoint are included)


  1. Open the .ppt file normally
  2. Pick a slide
  3. Delete any unnecessary elements
  4. Select Insert from upper menu
  5. Picture – from file

The image selected will be inserted as an upper-layer to your slide in the working area.When finished you repeat the export process as mentioned to save as PNG.


E-Book templates

18 powerful templates to choose from.Among them you can find templates for

Blogging , email marketing , landing pages and social media and there are instructions as always on how to use them.






Is there anything else on that package?… 550+ Royalty Free Images


The last present on the package is remarkable.Apparently most of these pictures are taken at the HubSpot properties and they look very professional.Suitable for marketing blogs but there are some folders that could fit in any niche.

The category list

  • Around the office , At the computer , Employees working , Fax – printer – phone
  • Meetings , Mobile and laptop , Office supplies
  • Christmas , expressions , Halloween and more…

I will create a photo collage with BeFunky to give you an idea.






Final Take


The Templates package at HubSpot is priceless.Especially for those that struggle to design alone and their budget is limited.Even if you do not have PowerPoint you can work with the Open Office and get the same results.

With the help of these pre-made designs and the other design applications I have reviewed , like BeFunky for this post , at no cost you can create visual content that can stand out.


Let’s recap what is included


Call to action buttons , Infographic slides , PowerPoint presentations , E-book templates , Slideshare , Social media covers and Social media images.

plus the 500+ Royalty Free Images package

All necessary elements for your online success.


Related Resources


What are you waiting for?…Go on and grab these templates , I will be here waiting for your comments and results.Till next time , your online partner.












Looking for awesome image effects and photo editor all in one place?





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  1. Neil

    I have been searching for great website design template ideas for my blog, but not really had much luck since there’s not many I like.

    Hubspot is a new web design resource to me. The features sound amazing, and the templates look cool too!

    Hubspot certainly offers something for every website owner, so I’m definitely grabbing some templates for my site.


  2. bioelectrobot

    Visuals can certainly be attractive. If I see two products that have the same function, I am more likely to get the pretty one. There is just something about eye candy that is incredibly appealing. In today’s world where tools to make cool and flashy graphics are readily available, a product, business, or individual has to be able to demonstrate an aesthetically pleasing image in order to survive.
    Thanks for the step by step instructions. This is how I learn to develop new skills. If I can just memorize a sequence of steps, I can repeat those steps and accomplish much more than just casually reading about how to do something. Great post. Thanks.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Bioelectrobot and nice nickname by the way.I am so glad you agree with me that great designs can stand out and make a big difference.The huge competition and the new customer needs resulted in an ongoing battle for appealing visual creations.

      I hope the steps I created will help you and I wanna thank you for this visit and for your participation in the comments.All my best , good luck with your projects.


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