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Free Online Marketing Training

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Part 2 – Overviews

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By learning online marketing you open up unlimited doors, opportunities, and gateways for your career, your business, and your life. Marketing is by far the leading instrument in every industry and connects brands with any audience. Without marketing, even the best products out there will disappear. Marketing makes people curious about a brand, builds trust, and eventually is driving results for companies.

And of course, in a digital era of instant communications and unlimited networks, digital marketing is a science that every entrepreneur should take very seriously.


The future of business is online and as Bill Gates says…

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business

Whether you own a brick & mortar store, a practice or any offline business, and you want to expand online to increase sales or if you want to create a strong presence online and make money by promoting other companies products or to create your own digital products, online marketing education is a must.

Companies that are not utilizing the power of online advertising and use only the well-known offline advertising methods, simply put, they are in danger.

Offline advertising is time-consuming and costs a lot of money. On the other hand, online marketing is cost-efficient, effective, and you can target the whole population (almost 4 billion users are online as we speak)


By learning online marketing you’ll be able to

  • Create a marketing agency
  • Offer marketing services and create campaigns (locally & globally) for companies and clients (paid advertising, landing pages, sales funnels, email campaigns, and more)
  • Create and develop websites for clients
  • Create digital content for agencies or other sites
  • Increase traffic and sales for your current offline or online business with a website
  • Promote and sell other companies products for one-time or recurring commissions (this is how I started).
  • Offer SEO (search engine optimization) services
  • Build a coaching, speaking, or consulting business
  • Work as a freelancer
  • Work as a copywriter
  • Make money with and without a website using various techniques
  • Manage social media accounts or business pages/profiles for other companies
  • Sell memberships, courses, videos
  • Create eCommerce stores and e-shops for you and clients
  • Sell arts & multimedia
  • Make money with blogging or vlogging (video blogging)
  • Promote and sell products and services using email marketing techniques, videos, or webinars
  • Write for others, write your own books, create digital products
  • Organize live events, local seminars, speak on stages, or even teach on local workshops
  • Market yourself and clients effectively with skills that last a lifetime

…just to name a few opportunities

But, your budget might be limited, or you don’t have any budget at all. Don’t worry, there are plenty of solutions!

And now let’s examine the best free options on the net…

Admitad Academy – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

admitad academy free course for publishers

Admitad is an affiliate network with a strong online presence with over 600K active publishers and over 1700 advertisers. 

The main training area inside the academy offers free guides for beninner affiliates. 

Topics Covered

  • Intro – how affiliate marketing works
  • Most popular traffic sources
  • How to start working with Admitad
  • What and why you should analyze
  • Business model YouTube: how to earn money
  • Survey
  • What CPA marketing is
  • Types of advertisers
  • What advertisers pay publishers for
  • Types of publishers
  • Attribution model and cookies
  • Forbidden traffic types
  • Affiliate program parameters

Beyond the academy, Admitad offers various other free resources you may find valuable. They run a blog, a YouTube channel, host online conferences in the APAC region, and they have a free course to help advertisers launch their affiliate program.

Mobidea Academy – Affiliate Marketing Training and Resources

best affiliate marketing training - mobidea academy

Mobidea is an affiliate network. They provide a range of tools for affiliates and a dashboard where publishers and advertisers keep track of their activity and sales.

There are training resources both for publishers and advertisers. They are experts in CPA marketing and Push ads.

Topics Covered

  • Getting started
  • Optimization
  • Affiliate industry
  • Ad networks reviews
  • Promo codes
  • Tools
  • downloadable affiliate guides 
  • Classroom (resources, affiliate marketing glossary, learning paths, learn the platform)

Mobidea is a trusted resource for affiliate marketing training and a platform that is growing day by day. The training resources are endless and they always provide new content. 

If you want to become a successful media buyer and top up your game with push ads and similar traffic methods, then look no further than Mobidea Academy.

OxfordHomeStudy – Internet Marketing

About: Oxford Home Study College is delighted to offer an exclusive range of introductory free marketing courses – all of which can be started right now without a penny to pay.  We firmly believe in the importance of accessible and affordable learning, which is why we are constantly adding to our free course collection with exciting new topics.  Each free marketing course features the same outstanding content as our paid courses, all course materials are supplied by us as standard and there are no time limitations or deadlines imposed.  You are therefore free to study from anywhere in the world, at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Topics Covered

  • Intro to Internet Marketing
  • Creating an Internet Marketing Plan

Quick Sprout University

Main slogan: An easier way to learn online marketing. Created by Neil Patel, a New York Times bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies


  • SEO (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Link building (beginner, inetrmediate)
  • Content marketing (beginner, intermediate)
  • Social media (beginner, intermediate)
  • Paid advertising (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Email marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Conversion optimization

Marketing Courses Examples

  • How to generate traffic with Facebook ads
  • How to build an email list with Facebook
  • How to find and evaluate CPA offers
  • How to get exposure and links using HARO
  • How to get more traction from LinkedIn using free tools
  • How to find quality freelance writers for your business
  • How to increase conversions on eCommerce sites
  • How to use qualitative data to come up with A/B testing ideas
  • How to set up a Google content experiment

Quintly Academy – Social Media Analytics Course

Quintly is a professional social media analytics platform that enables users to track all their channels and their competitors in one place. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Blogs or all, their tool renders checking your social marketing success, benchmarking your numbers against your competitors or best practice examples easy, affordable and efficient.

This Social Media ANalytics Course will cover the basic principles of social media analytics both for beginners and for marketers who want to refresh their knowledge. For all newcomers to social media analytics, this free course will offer an introduction to its fundamentals. It aims to help anybody involved in social media analytics, no matter whether you are working for a brand, an agency or in the media.

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome, overview, what is social media analytics, asset (social media landscape chart), quiz (social media landscape)
  • Why your business needs social media analytics

Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 1

  • Situation analysis of existing footprint, how to approach situation analysis
  • Compare your social media appearances and that of your competition, asset (differentiation between social networks for data collection)

Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 2

  • Identify your data-based goals, find KPIs that fit your goals, show and explain different metrics
  • Asset (possible action points for your goals, quiz (differentiate between metrics and decide)

Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 3

  • Build the foundation for reporting, decide on audience for different reports, automating reports
  • How to automate reports, quiz (which kind of report do you see?)


  • Congratulations, summary, asset (social media analytics cycle)

Salehoo Education

At SaleHoo, you’ll find…

  • 8,000+ trusted wholesale and dropship suppliers that they’ve personally reviewed
  • 1.6 million+ branded products you’ll recognize at prices that leave plenty of room for profit
  • SaleHoo’s staff offering 24/7 support and guidance, a massive and super helpful community of online sellers, and free training on all aspects of starting and growing your online business

A Complete Guide to Running a Successful eCommerce Business

Everything you need to know about how to start a startup, for free, from some of the world experts. 

  • #1 – Getting started: the beginner’s guide to starting a business selling things online
  • #2 – Business setup: do you have to pay tax? should you setup a company? get the answers
  • #3 – Importing & shipping: get the best deals on hot selling items by importing! learn the essentials
  • #4 – What should you sell? discover the best products to successfully sell online for profit
  • #5 – Find a product supplier: the best wholesale dropshipping companies
  • #6 – Product sourcing: dealing with suppliers, the best wholesale prices
  • #7 – Selling on eBay & Amazon: list your products, and sell
  • #8 – Starting an online store
  • #9 – Scam prevention: expert tips on staying safe when you purchase wholesale to resell online
  • #10 – Free bonus guide
  • #11 – online selling tactics: make the right decisions from the start and avoid costly pitfalls

Sam Altman – How to Start a Startup

Everything you need to know about how to start a startup, for free, from some of the world experts. 


  • #1 – How to start a startup (Sam Altman, Dustin Moskovitz)
  • #2 – Team and execution (Sam Altman)
  • #3 – Before the startup (Paul Graham)
  • #4 – Building product, talking to users, and growing (Adora Cheung)
  • #5 – Competition is for losers (Peter Thiel)
  • #6 – Growth (Alex Schultz)
  • #7 – How to build products users love (Kevin Hale)
  • #8 – How to get started, doing things that don’t scale, press
  • #9 – How to raise money (Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, Parker Conrad)
  • #10 – Culture (Brian Chesky, Alfred Lin)
  • #11 – Hiring and culture (Part 2) (Patrick and John Collison, Ben Silbermann)
  • #12 – Building for the enterprise (Aaron Levie)
  • #13 – How to be a great founder (Reid Hoffman)
  • #14 – How to operate (Keith Rabois)
  • #15 – How to manage (Ben Horowitz)
  • #16 – How to run a user interview (Emmett Shear)
  • #17 – How to design hardware products (Hosain Rahman)
  • #18 – Legal and accounting basics for startups (Kirsty Nathoo, Carolynn Levy)
  • #19 – Sales and marketing: how to talk to investors (Tyler Bosmeny, YC partners)
  • #20 – Later-stage advice (Sam Altman)

SBA – Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers

This course provides a basic overview of marketing for small business owners who are looking to reach a broader customer base and expand their markets. Learn what marketing is and why it is vital to growth. The course covers how to conduct market research and developing marketing strategies while providing marketing resources for small business owners

Topics Covered

  • Overview of Marketing
  • Target market research process
  • Marketing plan components
  • High-impact marketing strategies
  • Measuring performance of marketing strategies

SearchEngineLand – SEO Guide

About: Search Engine Land is a leading daily publication that covers all aspects of the search marketing industry.

The site is led by SVP Content & Editor-In-Chief Michelle Robbins, who oversees the editorial team behind Search Engine Land and its sister publications, MarTech Today and Marketing Land. Daily news coverage includes breaking stories, industry trends, feature announcements and product changes at popular platforms used by search marketers to reach consumers online.

Guide to SEO

  • Types of search engines success factors
  • Content & search engine success factors
  • Site architecture & search engine success factors
  • HTML code & search engine success factors
  • Trust, authority, identity, & search rankings
  • Link building & ranking in search engines
  • Personalization & search engine rankings
  • Social media & ranking in search results
  • Violations & search engine spam penalties

SerpStat Academy

Serpstat Academy is a free learning center, which provides information about Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and SEO of various levels, from basic to advanced.


#1 – Basic Information About Keywords

  • What is a keyword? what are keywords used for? keyword research, different types of keywords, SEO and keywords, PPC and keywords
  • Copywriting and keywords, analyzing competitors with keywords

#2 – Serpstat’s Main Features and Uses

  • Domain analysis, SEO research, PPC research, batch analysis and infographics, URL analysis, missing keywords, keyword research
  • Content marketing, SERP analysis, projects, filters, export, API, user cases

#3 – Where and How to Find Long-tail Keywords

  • What are long-tail keywords? method 1: keyword research, 2: search suggestions, 3: LSI keywords


Main slogan: Udacity is where lifelong learners come to learn the skills they need, to land the jobs they want, to build the lives they deserve.

About: Udacity students are a community of global learners united in a shared goal of uplift and transformation.

How to Build a Startup

  • Before you get started, what we now know, business models and customer development
  • Value proposition, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue model
  • Partners, resources, activities, costs, secret notes for instructors/coaches

Monetize your Android App with Ads – Google

  • Overview of Google Play services: intro to the goals and structure of this series.
  • Lean AdMob: intro to models, create code, how to go from a test app to an app that shows real ads

Get your Startup Started – Google

  • Assess, hire, and fund your company
  • Set your goals, define the skills you need, build your team
  • Get capital for your business, create your pitch deck

Product Design – Google

  • Validation and UX through design sprints
  • Ideation & validation, UI/UX, design sprint, Key metrics


Main slogan: At Udemy, we’re improving lives through learning. Join millions of students in the world’s largest online learning marketplace.

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 65,000 courses taught by expert instructors


There are both Free and paid courses. I will enlist only the Free ones.

Marketing Courses Examples

#1 – Create an Inspired Marketing Plan – Kalamali Lee – 7 ratings – 4.3 out of 5 stars

Everything you need to create a marketing plan, re-energize your content, and attract the right audience

What You’ll Learn

  • Renewing and re-inspiring your business goals with an inspired marketing plan
  • Gaining long-lasting support from specific target audiences
  • Reaching exponentially more people online
  • Prioritizing content marketing activities, like social media, blogging, and search engine optimization
  • Strategizing your marketing with evidence-based practices for online success
  • Finding your brand: your story, unique niche, and messaging


  • Basic knowledge of the importance of website, newsletter, and social media in a marketing plan.

Details: Free, 1.5 hours on-demand video, 10 articles, 19 supplemental resources, full lifetime access, access on mobile and TV, certificate of completion.

#2 – The Ultimate Marketing Management Course – Paulo Braga – 29 ratings – 4.3 out of 5 stars

The Only Course You Need to Understand Marketing Strategy and Marketing Management

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand what marketing is really about.
  • Market a product/service/brand.
  • Create a valuable product/service.
  • Use the environmental forces to enhance their marketing agenda.


  • You should be willing to reflect about the real-world implications of the lectures.
  • You should be able to use a PC at beginner level

Details: Free, 2 hours on-demand video, 26 supplemental resources, 1 practice test, full lifetime access, access on mobile and TV, certificate of completion.

#3 – One-Minute Marketing Lessons – 30 Quick Marketing Strategies – Krisztina Rudnay – 29 ratings – 4.7 out of 5 stars

Create better ads, drive traffic, be better at blogging, email marketing, sales funnels

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand marketing
  • Build a sales funnel
  • Better at blogging
  • Email marketing tips
  • Market research and positioning
  • Better advertising


  • No previous knowledge required

Details: Free, 37 minutes on-demand video, 2 supplemental resources, full lifetime access, access on mobile and TV, certificate of completion.

It’s a course that I have fully completed.

#4 – Internet Marketing Course – An Intro to Website Marketing – Ron Stefanski – 388 ratings – 4.5 out of 5 stars

Learn the basics of marketing your website from a college professor who teaches internet marketing for a living.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand options available to market your website on the internet
  • Explain general strategies for internet marketing
  • Have a basic understanding of SEO
  • Have a basic understanding of Social Media
  • Have a basic understanding of Conversion Optimization
  • Have a basic understanding of Email marketing
  • Have a basic understanding of Content Marketing
  • Have a basic understanding of Affiliate Marketing
  • Have a basic understanding of PPC
  • Have a basic understanding of Analytics


  • If you already own a website, that’s preferred, but NOT required.
  • A willingness and enthusiasm to learn about internet marketing

Details: Free, 4 hours on-demand video, full lifetime access, access on mobile and TV, certificate of completion.

#5 – Content Marketing and Influence Building – Ann Smarty – 46 ratings – 4.1 out of 5 stars

Guide to crowd-sourcing your EPIC content: Creat awesome content and get cited

What You’ll Learn

  • Give the students actionable tips on how to build their authority online


  • A personal or business website

Details: Free, 36 minutes on-demand video, 3 supplemental resources, full lifetime access, access on mobile and TV, certificate of completion.


Main slogan: The conversion platform for marketers – Unbounce is the easiest way to build and test custom landing pages, website popups and sticky bars. Improve your post-click conversion rates and launch more campaigns, fast.

Beyond the courses, they provide eBooks, webinars, conference videos, a podcast, infographics, toolkits, and whitepapers.

Marketing Courses

The smart marketer’s landing page conversion course

  • Landing page 101, the 5 core landing page elements, call-to-action design & placement, lead capture forms, copywriting
  • Design principles, the psychology of conversion, post-conversion marketing, optimization & testing
  • How to convince your boss/client, examples

The 7 day lead gen landing page conversion course

  • Form-first design, form UX & friction, stop & go words, copy that converts, confirmation pages, A/B testing ideas, free templates

University of Salford Manchester – Social Media Marketing

About: Our digital marketing experts – staff and students – have created this MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) as part of the Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business module.  It can guide you to develop your individual as well as professional online profile, with a view to enhancing international trade prospects.

Individuals will benefit by having a better-informed digital online profile for career development. Businesses will learn how to develop a more robust online presence and engage with international audiences to enhance international trade prospects.

The MOOC comprises twelve videos which contain theoretical background from academic staff, as well as industry insights from key professional speakers. Each video is accompanied by activities, which will help you to put your newfound knowledge into practice.  In line with the principle of open online access, this MOOC is free for you to follow.

Topics Covered

  • Personal branding online, Twitter, SEO
  • Use of social media for international business development
  • Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Copywriting online, legal implications of social media
  • Monitoring and reporting, blogging

vBout Academy – Online Digital Marketing Course

Main slogan: Increase your skills. Grow your business. Advance your career.

What’s Included

12 lessons, 25-35 hours, 12 quizzes. You complete all the lessons, pass the course, and receive a certificate.

  • Intro to digital marketing, email marketing best practices, how to manage social media on different channels, content marketing best practices
  • Video marketing best practices, mobile marketing best practices, how to create successful email automation, successful online branding
  • How to generate leads with landing pages, how to close more sales with lead intelligence, the best SEO and analytics practices
  • PPC best practices

Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. It’s the program that helped me build my online business 3 years ago and there are thousands of successful members earning 6, 7, or even 8-figures. Simply put, it’s a university that opens up unlimited opportunities. I use their services every day and it’s a platform that can transform your business and life.

Education – Free Modules

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – Level 1 – 10 lessons – getting rolling, understanding how to make money online, choosing a niche, build a niche website, setting up your website, getting your site ready for search engines, creating the initial content, creating custom menus, understanding keywords, next steps
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling 10 lessons – getting started, choosing your direction, building a website, a website look around, activating plugins, getting your site ready for SEO, initial framework of content, keyword research process, creating thoughtful, insightful reviews, the exciting journey has begun
  • Classroom 1 – Getting Started – 11 Tutorials, 13 Videos, 5 Courses, 26,000+ Q&A’s – the open education project, WordPress complete setup guide, make money with WordPress (traffic getting/revenue-driving forces), mastering the keyword research process, 6 ways to make money with a WordPress blog, adding Google analytics, penny pincher marketing techniques, smart goal setting, tips for internet marketing beginners, how you can benefit from WAU, finding profitable niches, alphabet soup technique, using Google instant to find keywords, create a website in under 30 seconds, how to make money online (process explained), building a website (complete walkthrough), creating discussions at WA (the benefits of getting help), initial website framework
  • Classroom 2 – WA Affiliate Program – 12 Tutorials, 29 Videos, 5 Courses, 12,000+ Q&A’s – promoting WA with email marketing, writing articles, adding tracking ID’s, using EzineArticles, forums, add no-follow to your links, super affiliate article marketing course, target audiences, super affiliate program, creating custom video sign-up pages, add affiliate banners, promoting Jaaxy, sharing content and earning, a personal invite to your success, making your website social, from keyword research to You-Tube (getting traffic from videos), get your website indexed and ranked in Bing & Yahoo, creating a successful PPC campaign with Bing ads, elaborating on your site framework, create socially engaging content, adding pins to Pinterest, create PPC ad groups, fpr product reviews, an introduction to creating reviews, writing content with intent (amplifying engagement & conversions), getting ideas for videos (starting your video marketing campaign), how to build a Free website using Jaaxy & SiteRubix

What You’ll Learn:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Choosing a niche
  • WordPress
  • Website creation & development
  • Keyword, niche, and market research
  • Authoring and writing content
  • Blogging
  • Writing reviews
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Getting traffic
  • Monetizing a website
  • Analytics
  • Goal setting
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing (PPC)

Full Services

  • Domain registrar: 4 extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info
  • Web hosting services: Amazon c3 large, 30 GB space, 500K visitors/month, Unlimited emails, 25 own domain sites plus 25 free SiteRubix sub-domain sites, Free SSL, instant DNS, full redundancy, 24/7 support
  • SiteRubix: WordPress website builder bundled with marketing tools
  • SiteManager: Monitoring, SiteHealth, Plugins, Statistics, Insights
  • SitePlus: SiteSpeed (faster website performance, better rankings, increased engagement), SSL encryption, SiteProtect (spam block at the server level)
  • Comments platform
  • Feedback platform
  • SiteContent: writing templates, keyword rich content, check grammar errors, free stock photo finder
  • Pay per click conversion tracking, link tracker, cloaker, webpage optimizer
  • Keyword research tool: searches, traffic, competition, article & PPC power, keyword lists, keyword training
  • Jaaxy – Keyword and Niche research: SEO competition, SiteRank for SEO, Alphabet soup platform
  • Community: Live chat, forum, classrooms


A complete business package for aspiring entrepreneurs. Top notch marketing education, web builder, hosting, domains, keyword and niche market research tools, community, forum, all under one roof.

This is where I learned the ropes of the online business, this is my everyday hangout with other like-minded marketers. Thousands of successful members have built extraordinary careers thanks to the powerful training.

WA started back in 2005 and only continues to grow. The platform’s constantly evolving to meet the latest tech and marketing trends. A top recommended solution at very affordable prices.


The Free part of the training is an excellent introduction to the online marketing world, focused on the affiliate marketing side (promoting other companies products for commissions).


The Premium training (online certification course 1 more module plus 6 more phases of the Affiliate bootcamp training plus 11 more classrooms plus the Live video classes and archive) goes very deep, especially the video webinars by Jay Neill. Every Friday Jay shares an over his shoulder training like no other on the planet. Full case studies divided into parts where he demonstrates website creation and development from start to finish, from an idea to revenue in any niche of the market. Hot marketing topics, detailed and modern SEO techniques, advanced keyword lessons, and local marketing updates, paid advertising, social media advertising are a few of the premium training courses, all in a very friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to WAU live video classes alone, I was able to monetize aspects of this business I would never think possible.


And the most important element of success in this online world is having support and help from others the fastest. That’s why entrepreneurs that join multi-communities like this one have greater chances to succeed.


By going through the WAU educational material you’ll be able to build an affiliate marketing business, a local or global marketing agency, or use that knowledge to work as a freelancer, to create your own membership sites, to get paid for building and developing websites for others, or to create your own digital products.

It’s a course that I have fully completed.


WebMarketSupport – Digital Business Roadmap

Main slogan: The key to turn your passion, interests, and knowledge into profits. A 4-part framework to help aspiring entrepreneurs follow their passions, identify opportunities in the digital world, and build profitable businesses from start to finish.

There are quizzes and questionnaires to help students move forward, and a contest (with high-value bonuses) that is going to be released soon. 

Topics Covered


  • Can someone really make ‘Big’ money online?
  • Online business basics
  • The big question answered
  • The tale of two economists

Phase 01 – Preparation

  • What is a niche?
  • The importance of narrowing down industries
  • Choosing a profitable niche market based on your interests
  • A niche market breakdown – example #1
  • A niche market breakdown – example #2
  • How I chose my niche
  • How to proceed with your niche choice
  • Picking up a domain name and choosing a web hosting provider
  • Website builders/platforms
  • Top recommended web building solution

Phase 02 – Foundation

  • Connecting effectively with people
  • Inbound methodology
  • The customer purchase lifecycle
  • Researching the competition to gain insights
  • Create and distribute content to attract online traffic
  • Ways to gain online traffic
  • Website content in various formats
  • Website content gets rankings in search engines
  • SEO/content production resources
  • Email marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • More ways to gain online traffic
  • Outbound/cold/guerrilla marketing

Phase 03 – Conversion

  • Making money online is not a myth
  • Promoting other companies products for commissions
  • Affiliate marketing resources
  • Selling advertising space
  • Sponsored posts/native advertising
  • Social media campaigns/advertising
  • eCommerce stores
  • Memberships/online courses/training/consulting
  • More ways to make money with a website
  • Multiple alternative ways to make money without a website
  • Local marketing
  • Business pages
  • Product creation (overview)

Phase 04 – Expansion

coming soon!

WordStream – PPC University

Main slogan: Get your PPC performance on the honor roll! Learn pay-per-click marketing for free with WordStream

WordStream, a Premier Google Partner, develops online marketing software, provides managed PPC advertising services, and shares online marketing advice. Founded in 2007, they’ve evolved from being a keyword software tool developer to a destination for online marketing expertise. The WordStream platform lives in the cloud, delivering customer requests on-demand and quickly adapting to changes in the industry with new customer requested features.


PPC 101

  • What is PPC, keywords, ad groups, text ads, click-through rate (CTR), quality score, cost per click (CPC)
  • Cost per action (CPA), conversion rate optimization, how to set up an AdWords account, 6 steps to a brilliant account structure

PPC 102

  • PPC keyword research, negative keywords, keyword match types, long-tail keywords, ad text optimization, ad extensions
  • Bid management & optimization, landing page optimization, A/B testing, conversion tracking
  • Managing your PPC budget, AdWords analysis

Advanced PPC 

  • Remarketing, dynamic keyword insertion, AdWords mobile, call tracking, geotargeting & local PPC, ad scheduling (dayparting)
  • PPC for lead generation, PPC for B2B companies, best practices for Google’s expanded text ads
  • How to create expanded text ads

Social Ads 101

  • Paid social media hacks, social ads for small businesses, ad targeting options, Facebook ad targeting, top Facebook advertising tips
  • Facebook ads for lead gen. Twitter ads for lead gen, Facebook advertising costs, using PPC data for Facebook ads

More Education

Webinars, White Papers, eBooks


It’s a course that I’m taking right now. It has everything you need to succeed with PPC marketing. It’s a huge resource by WordStream and they uncover their best practices, years of experience in an educational module.

This is the favorite traffic method for the majority of companies because if done right it can bring targeted visitors to any page without having to wait for SEO results. But, you have to pay for it.

There you have it, a whole list of Free online courses to get started with your marketing education. Have you completed any of these courses? Which one is your favorite? Which course should I add to this list? Let me know.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.

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