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You have finished writing an e-book and want to create a beautiful art cover without having to pay for designers because your budget is limited.There are tools online where you can turn your images into book covers or use their templates in order to create a cover from scratch.


One Free E-book Cover Creator can be found at Adazing



Website: Adazing


In order to use the application for free you have to be a subscriber.Head over to their homepage and complete a registration.They will send you an email with a password.Once you load the password you won’t need to enter it again.But make sure and save the password somewhere safe or do not delete their email.



  • Text (align options – size – fonts mini catalogue – drop shadow – colour)
  • Background (a plethora of images ready to be used)
  • Graphics (I was not expecting so many different elements from various categories).Ribbon, shape , label , tag , light , other.
  • Templates (enough options to choose from)


  • Undo , Redo , Delete
  • Colour
  • Upload an image
  • Layers (backward and forward).That function is awesome as you can bring into the app more images and design elements.
  • Save , Load
  • Download (2D and 3D)

You can save as XML , download as 2D (Jpeg)

or download as 3D (Paper back cover , Hard cover book , Hard cover book open , Ring binder cover , Soft cover book laying in 2 versions , Hard cover book laying ,  Thick hard cover book laying , Magazine cover laying , CD case cover , DVD case cover , DVD case cover with disk)

3D versions are all PNGs to ensure a transparent background.


Method 1 : Uploading your own image

Note that not all images can be uploaded in the editor.

But once an image is accepted you can drag , resize and spin it easily with a few clicks.


Method 2 : Creating from scratch or using their templates and edit them.




Example #1


I picked an image (resized it) , added text , changed the text colour and I am ready to download.I chose the 3D paper back cover.




Example #2


Picked an image , dragged it (use only 1 / 3 of it) , added a graphic (red tag) , a text and downloaded as 3D (Hard cover book open)





Example #3


I chose a background image from their collection.Grabbed a graphic from the labels sub-category , added text and downloaded as 3D (hard cover book laying)




Example #4


It’s time to use their templates.I picked one , changed the text colour to leave only yellow and black , removed the bottom text and added mine and I am ready to download as 3D (DVD case cover with disk)





Final Words


The application is very easy to use and runs fast.The options and functions are somewhat restricted but only compared to other designing tools and apps.But this is an e-book creator and it does what it has to.

The plethora of downloading options make it a must to try tool.


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I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do.Go on , sign up for Adazing and get started to to test it out.If you have any questions on how to use the app don’t hesitate to ask me.Waiting for your comments and thoughts as always.Till next time , your online partner.












Ribbet – Photo editing App





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