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HungryJpeg Review – Stunning Graphic Designs

by Tasos


Jan 8, 2016

Tasos Perte

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The use of compelling visual content is critical for all bloggers . modern entrepreneurs , brands and companies.The new online customer needs for engagement has been taken seriously by everyone.

It is not enough to run a successful blog full of written content , it has to be visually attractive and to motivate users to participate.Not to mention the social media platforms , a battlefield of beautiful photographs and banners.

If you lack of graphic design knowledge it is essential to armour your libraries with stunning resources created by designers


Hungry Jpeg – Professional Looking Designs




Website: HungryJPEG


The Freebies – Graphic Designs ready to Download


At Hungry Jpeg right now there are 5 pages full of Royalty Free resources and there is no need for attribution either.Simply open an account with your email and you are good to go.

  • Photographs
  • Font & Typefaces
  • Scripts
  • Banners
  • Infographic elements
  • Floral designs
  • Ribbons
  • Icons
  • Illustrations & vectors
  • Mock-ups
  • Templates
  • Landing pages

and more


Example – Flyer / Poster Mock-Up





The Hungry Jpeg Shop – Premium Resources


For those that are looking to enhance their artwork with affordable designs Hungry Jpeg’s shop offers a wide variety of products.

This sections is divided into categories.



Illustrator & Photoshop actions

Films , retro , light leaks , quick tone , watercolour , black & white , retouch , fashion & blush…

Example – Retro Light Leaks $49





Vintage ornaments , birds bunnies & blooms , lens flare , supreme acrylic & gouache are some of the examples here.

Layer Styles

Winter wonderland , easy puzzle generator , 3D text effects and many many more…

Example – Puzzle $10





Lightroom Presets

Vintage , summer , pretty flower , dark , autumn , food , weddings are a few of the sub-categories.




Borders & backgrounds

Silver & gold digital paper tectures , winter night , old maps , dictionary pages , pink shabby , grunge are among their styles


Flowers & Animals , For Kids


Christmas clipart , vector snowflakes , chalkboards , USA word arts , digital cut files and monograms …


Flourish , flame , silhouette , cricut , cross ,

People , Printables

Quotes & Phrases

This section is one of my favourites as it includes awesome quoted designs like the one in the …

Example – Love the things you have $5





The Fonts


Hungry Jpeg specialty with many sub-categories

Dingbats , Display , Gothic , Modern , Sans Serif , Script , Serif , Slab serif


Example – Lunar Blossom $16




The Graphics



Modern flat , for mobile apps , social , logo elements , halloween , spiders , bats , symbols and way more..


Rustic sunflowers , petite fleur , charm floral , vibrant floral , watercolor cliparts , nautical are examples of their styles.

I love mostly their floral designs , so awesome…

Example – Watercolor flowers & florals $15








Another section in which there are beautiful professional design examples.

Fancy items scene generator , black frames , stock photography & cards , clothing label logo , visual art studio … and more

Example – Photography hero headers $8






Roses , alphabet , geometric shapes & lines , frames & ribbons , stamps , overlays ….

Patterns, Textures , UI Kits , Web elements





All divided into categories

Abstract , animal , architecture , Arts , entertainment , background , business , education , food , health

are only a few

Example – Rails , Dimensions 4896 X3264 Jpeg – $15






Brochures , Cards , email , flyers , invitations , Logos


Magazine , Menu , Presentations


Example – CV white $10





Stationery , Websites

these 2 sub-sections are the last on the Templates category







If you want to stand out on Tumblr you may consider in purchasing one premium theme

Example – Seven Pro $24





The vast majority of online blogs and websites are running the WordPress platform.There are about 15 designs to choose

Example – The Aubrey $35





Hungry Jpeg Bundles


Following all the modern design studios Hungry Jpeg offers their artwork in the format of bundles.Those bundles are announced on average every month and they are including a variety of resources.Prices range from $10 to $30.

Example – The Jam Pack January Bundle $29





The $1 Deals


For those looking for extra discounts this sections is a guarantee


Open a Store at Hungry Jpeg


According to their banner there are at least 8 reasons that point to that direction if you are a designer

  • 70% of the sales
  • Payments every 5th of month
  • Paypal , direct transfer to bank accounts.
  • Non exclusivity , you can sell the same products elsewhere
  • You set the prices
  • Simple login , 24 / 7 operation
  • Tracking through their statistics dashboard area.
  • Sell while you sleep with their automated delivery system








Final Words


Hungry Jpeg is a professional design marketplace where designers from around the globe distribute their products.There is no blog or any section with tips or advices.

Their free area is a goldmine and the discounted deals and bundles are affordable for everyone.Moreover the $1 deals is something you do not find elsewhere easily.



Other Design Resources

Related Resources


I hope you enjoy Hungry Jpeg as much as I do.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts as always.Till next time , your online partner











More awesome discounted Design deals





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  1. Maria

    Thank you for introducing me to this product. I’ve never heard of hungry jpeg before and will have to check it out. As a blogger, I agree it’s important to have nice graphics and visual elements in your design and your website. Do you find that they have a good variety of assets? Thank you for this recommendation.

    • Tasos

      Variety is not exactly their top weapon Maria but is one of the best design resources online , absolutely.Their fonts and watercolor vectors are amazing.I am sure you won’t get disappointed.

      Go on and test their products using first the free available elements.I wanna thank you for your interest in that company and for your participation in the comments.Good luck with your designs.

  2. Chris

    Your article on hungry jpeg is something I’ll definitely need to check out man. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I’ve wasted on building content and then having to go back on the internet just to search for pictures to add. Plus me needing to then start inserting all the attributes for each of them. It would take me hours sometime days to finish a seemingly simple post. I agree with many of the things you mentioned on your post. Especially the stuff about creating content without design because it really brings out the atmosphere of a website when it looks interesting with colors and pictures. People should indeed be aware of their page formats and hungry jpeg also seems like a good platform for artists to promote their designs; I see some nice ones on there. Great information man!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Chris , you are absolutely right.Having to give attribution for the images you use will take much of your time.I can refer you to my mini guide of royalty free images directory where you can find awesome pictures without the need for attribution.

      I am glad you comprehend the real value of visual content and that it can make a huge difference in a blog or a website.People are in need of visual communication and entertainment.

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing your thoughts.You are very kind and supportive.Good luck with your designs , I am sure you will love the Hungry Jpeg artwork.

  3. Richard U.

    What a house full of mouth watering goodies as well as free resources. Thanks for the post. anyone who is into online business will know the true value of this post.

    I will bookmark this to comeback later and I will sure make it my resource base for my graphic refs.

    I hope this post reaches out to folks out there because they will love it. Well done!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Richard , you are very kind.I am glad you found this article helpful and that you enjoy their designs.Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to drop by with a comment.All my best , good luck with your designs and projects.


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