You're Reading:DubaiFund-Corp Probably has Nothing to do with the Government | Dangerous HYIP

DubaiFund-Corp Probably has Nothing to do with the Government | Dangerous HYIP

by Tasos


Mar 6, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

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Heading for interviews laughing





Investing programs are countless, people are bombarded everyday with fancy irresistible ROIs promising a brighter financial future. The main formula of HYIPs “Invest-Refer-Enjoy the Rewards” is exactly what modern investors are looking for, but the disappointing results for the majority of participants is not a positive sign for the industry.

I really hope that this time the statistics will change…




Inside DubaiFund-Corp




The not so beautifully designed homepage welcome visitors…

We can Manage your Finance


About Page

Welcome to DFC…the principal investment arm of the Government of Dubai, was established in February 2017 under a mandate to consolidate and manage the Government of Dubai’s portfolio of commercial companies and investments. It also provides strategic oversight by developing and implementing investment strategy and corporate governance policies with an objective to maximize stakeholder value, for the long-term benefit of the Emirate and the investors all over the world. Dubai Fund Corporation is now furthering Dubai’s presence and expertise by expanding globally, pursuing an ambitious investment strategy that is disciplined, sustainable, and provides synergy with its existing portfolio. In doing so, Dubai Fund Corporation is working to safeguard and enhance Dubai’s economic prosperity for future generations

Statistics shown

  • Started 01 March 2017
  • Running days 5
  • Total accounts 73,000+
  • Total funded $738 million+
  • Total paid $47 million

Impressive statistics for a website running for only 5 days


Why to choose Dubai Fund Corp – They say

  • Innovative business: The company is involved in the lucrative business in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. This makes it possible to quickly increase the rate of profit and total revenue
  • Deposit for life: Any of your fund will run on a regular basis and bring profit of 150% to 1000% each calendar day, with the ability to instantly withdraw funds at any time
  • Partnership program: Company partners have the opportunity to earn more due to the conditions of affiliate program and the availability to get a status of regional representative


150% up to 1000% every single day. I must be dreaming


Investment Plans


  1. 200% after 1 day, minimum deposit $10, maximum $30
  2. 500% after 1 day, min $50, max $199
  3. 600% after 18 hours, min $200, max $299
  4. 800% after 12 hours, min $300, max $499
  5. 1000% after 6 hours, min $500, max $100,000

I will go for the last plan, 10x my money in 6 hours, piece of cake..!!


Affiliate Program

10% commissions on direct referrals purchases

Payment Processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, bitcoin


Address – Contact

The footer of the official website provides the following address: Unit NO.156,Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates. Contact: TEL: +971 4 508 5743, support@dubaifund-corp.com


Legal – Registration

On the news page these details are provided….

“”Dubai Fund Corporation has received its Certificate of Company Registration No. 999887 (issued by the Dubai Registration Chamber on February 15, 2017). Its Primary Registration Number (OGRN) – 102770495948 for all the secured operations. Dubai Fund also paid tax with the Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) – 7736085837 for sharing the state responsibility. Members can use Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP) – 0948733483 to check the confirmation of tax payment responsibility. Dubai also received Dubai Commericial Chamber (OKTMO) – 093880004 for legal claims in case of legal conflicts.””


I searched on the Dubai Chamber official website for those listings but I got no results at all. I searched for all possible terms and all the registration / tax numbers they gave. Nothing. There is no Dubai Fund Corporation company listed there. They should have published a registration document image or in pdf format.



FAQ – Important

  • They mention that there is risk involved, as with all HYIPs. The formula of reducing the risks is an exact copy of other FAQ sections on other HYIPs.
  • Only 1 account is allowed
  • Who manages the funds?…a team of DFC investment experts.



Owners – Domain

By performing a whois search we uncover the registration date for the domain dubaifund-corp.com, 20 February 2017. As usually, the owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection.


And there is nothing else to review on that 4 pages long website







I believe that we deal with a very dangerous HYIP and that has nothing to do with the government of Dubai. The reasons are many…


The about page script is an exact copy I found on another website, an older article dated 24 May 2016, about “Investment Corporation of Dubai”…I highlight the copied text in my screenshot.








If this is the offical website of the government of Dubai, then Dubai is not a “Business Paradise” as we all know. This website created in less than 5 hours, including the images and design work. And I can’t believe that a government created a website empty of any other content.

If this was the government’s project I would expect a series of videos, interviews, a news feed section, blog posts and so many more digital material. Where is that team of investment experts?…what is their strategy?…their vision?…their portfolio?


And there is no such company listed on the official website of Dubai’s Government. Here is the link of that search term. As you can see the term returns many results but not any relevant with all the 3 words together. The 3 words “Dubai Fund Corporation” are common words found everywhere, but a company with that name is not mentioned on Dubai’s Government portal.


And I can’t believe that the government of Dubai registrered a domain name “Anonymously”…This is out of the question.


Now let’s discuss about the extremely high ROIs. Do you really believe that the government of Dubai decided to share profits of that kind with random people online?…Why would they want to 10x our money in just 6 hours?…Does it make any sense?…


Be very careful, any program promising more than 10% yearly is dangerous.


If I had to make a final guess I would say that this is another HYIP Ponzi scheme. Where all funds coming in the company is deposits from affiliates that want to receive the “Out of Earth” ROIs. But they become the only customers of Dubai Fund Corp making the anonymous owners richer. The owners can do whatever they want with your money and may disappear at any given moment. When recruitment slows down these programs can not deliver any ROIs to existing investors, meaning an inevitable collapse is on the way.

We watched hundreds of these programs vanish to the thin air.


Proceed with extra caution and do not invest more than you can easily afford to lose.



How to Make Money Online



Investing in HYIPs of any kind won’t make you rich. Chances are you will get broke. It sounds like the easiest way of making money but it is the riskiest of all. It is your call though.

However if you are willing to work hard then I suggest you get started with an affiliate website. The most newbies friendly online business model that can exceed your expectations/needs. It only takes some time before you see the first results.


Any wanna be entrepreneur can build a bright future with an affiliate website because it opens up unlimited opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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  1. teto

    warning it’s scam site

    • Tasos

      Thanks for dropping by Teto, it seems like one, yes..!


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