You're Reading:Discover Free GIFs online at Giphy to Increase Engagement on your Website

Discover Free GIFs online at Giphy to Increase Engagement on your Website

by Tasos


Jan 20, 2016



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Do you feel like in desperation mode when you are trying to engage on social media?…You can’t only use texts or links referring back to your blog and wait to get noticed.No , you will disappear in a hurricane of news streamlines , data feeds and discussions.





You need to get visual more than ever before.To attract followers that will engage with your messages and hopefully they will share your posts with their network.


Besides the images , infographics or other compelling visual content there are other ways to entertain fans.GIFs is the new trend , you can see them everywhere.Facebook , Twitter , Google + , Reddit or even on Pinterest , Instagram and Tumblr.

With GIFs you can express your emotions , besides you are a human being , not a marketing machine that bombards people with ads and special offers.


One of my favourite sources of GIFs online is….


Giphy – All GIFs are Free to Use and the Content is Endless



Website: Giphy


I want to share a quote found on their website

“It’s a more organic and intuitive medium to relate an experience – more so than a photo or a video. Think of how we recollect memories: close your eyes and think of something from your past. You don’t see a frozen still image – you see gifs!

Even when we dream at night we see fragments of events that collectively create some kind of narrative which we assemble into a story when we wake up. Even when we daydream we don’t watch a full-feature uninterrupted film in our heads – we think in fragments, often non-linear. “




On the About page Giphy offers instructions on how to use them.

  • In texts
  • Share through social media (all the major platforms are included)
  • Embed
  • Add to any URL
  • Convert them for Instagram
  • Upload them to Giphy
  • Download
  • GIF shortener


Giphy Categories


  • Actions , Adjectives , Animals , Anime
  • Arts & Design
  • Cartoons & comics , Celebrities , Decades , Emotions
  • Food & drink , Gaming , Holiday
  • Interests , Memes , Movies
  • Music , Nature , News & politics
  • Reactions , Science , Sports
  • Transportation , TV


I am sure you will find a GIF that you like in less than 1 minute as every category opens new sub-categories with plenty of GIFs inside.


Sharing – Embedding


Social Networks

Embed – iFrame , JS , HTML5 , I think the HTML5 option suits better on my blog.But you have to try in order to be sure.



A trick that you might not know


WordPress Editor (text mode)

If you want to center the GIF on your screen or any other type of embedded content , like videos from You-Tube you can easily do that by entering …

<center> before the embed code

and close the code with </center>

don’t forget to surround your code with    &nbsp; 


Some Favourites


Action – Finger Guns




Arts & Design – Cinemagraph – Tech Noire





Cartoons & Comics – SpongeBob – Happy Birthday






Emotions – Awkward – Ariana Grande






Giphy Stickers


Example #1




Example #2





GIF featured Artists


This section shows the artists that upload their GIFs.I picked 2 examples randomly.


akamanchild – Latham Arnott




Matthew Lucas





Giphy API


You can bring Giphy search engine into your app if you want your users to discover awesome GIFs instantly.

Their slogan ...”They’ll never want to leave”..

You will get

  • Trending real time library
  • Translate
  • Roulette
  • Stickers


Giphy Labs


  • Chrome + Firefox + Safari extension – respond to emails , tweets easily and quickly
  • Giphy TV – surf GIFs on their channel
  • Screensaver
  • Messenger
  • Cam – Record , add filters , effects
  • For Gmail

and many many more… if you have time to discover go on , it is fun…!!!


GIF Maker


Want to create a GIF on your own?..

  • Upload a link from Youtube , Vimeo or Vine and play with their application.
  • or simply drag and drop your video files


Alternatively you can insert images and create a slideshow.Or you can mix GIFs with images…Absolutely love this feature.

GIF Caption

Add captions , subtitles and animated text to GIFs or stills



Final Words



But you might ask …”OK , I used GIFs , that can guarantee an increase in my engagement results?”

Of course not , some people might not like them , but some people don’t like images or others don’t like to read.


As a rule of thumb , don’t try to satisfy them all , you will get disappointed.

And it does not hurt to try new things and to analyse.


In overall Giphy is a superb website , with professional and funny outlook , designed exactly as it should , devoted to animation lovers


Related Resources



I hope you enjoyed another article , here at Web Market Support and that you like Giphy’s GIFs as much as I do.In fact I am going to update old posts with some GIFs along the way.Waiting for your comments…Which GIFs are you enjoying the most?…Till next time , your online partner.











Free Picture Quotes Maker App





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  1. ZEGU

    Being a creative person myself, I absolutely like your advice on using the BeFunky photo editing online App in order to apply unique effects to images.
    Also, the fantastic idea of creating my own GIFs using the GIF maker App. I am really keen on using this GIF in my promotions. I will invest time to learn how to do it properly. Thank you for such an informative article.

    • Tasos

      Absolutely awesome Zegu , I am so glad you liked both resources.BeFunky is my very favourite online tool for photo editing.

      If you can master their GIF maker that would be a great accomplishment.And you will stand out with your personal touch.

      Thank you for this visit and for reading my articles and for taking the time to participate in the discussion , good luck with your creative projects.All my best..

  2. Alexey

    Hi its Alexey. I really liked the idea of using gifs within my content. Its brilliant because it is exactly the missing puzzle between a boring content and only videos

    This is very creative and I am happy I encountered this blog. Thank you and keep coming with great ideas!


    • Tasos

      Welcome back Alexey , I am glad you enjoyed another article.GIFs is a modern trend and I believe is here to stay.Right now I am fighting to create my own with their application.

      Thank you for this visit and for your comments.All my best , good luck.


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