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You're Reading:Digital Growth Conference 2017 – Highlights from Day1/1st Session plus Agenda

Digital Growth Conference 2017 – Highlights from Day1/1st Session plus Agenda

by Tasos


Mar 1, 2017




In a constantly changing business environment it is vital for entrepreneurs, marketers and sales people to stay well informed. This non stop process is what makes the difference with countless benefits for those that follow this path.


As a wise quote mentions…”The moment you stop learning, your business starts dying”


For that reason I am subscriber in various marketing and business related magazines, blogs, other online properties. One of the sites that I follow is the “Sales for Life” and I received an email few days ago about an upcoming live online summit. Yesterday it was the opening date and I attended the 1st session out of 3.



What is Digital Growth Conference 2017 All About?




The main slogan found on the homepage is crystal clear….

Helping leaders in sales, marketing and enablement align to better serve the modern buyer and grow revenue today.


An online summit featuring 4 days of leadership panels, proven strategies and case studies. Those sessions focus on the 4 pillars of sales and marketing alignment which are strategy, people, content and technology.








Highlights from Session 1

with Mary Shea (principal analyst – Forrester) and Jamie Shanks (Sales for Life CEO and best selling author)


A video presentation with slides and images helps you absorb the content as Mary and Jamie move on with their conversation. Mary is giving insights from her latest research report and Jamie comments, interacts and supports the discussion from his point of view


Most important data 

Top 3 challenges for field sales reps with regard to buyer/customer engagement

  • Buyers have multiple stakeholders involved in decision process with different agendas
  • Customers are taking longer to make their decisions
  • Buyers won’t take sales phone calls from sales reps


B2B Buyer Engagement Preferences

  • Self directed through social networks – Discover & explore
  • Ongoing education
  • Personalized engagement

What Buyers want from their reps

  • Weave customer data / insights into discussions
  • Teach them something new
  • Show how products/services measurably affect their business performance
  • Pivot conversation to talk about what matter to them


John Evarts (Chir financial officer – MediaFly) said…”Buyers don’t want to be told what they already know. They want a consultative partner. They want value and insight at every point in the sales process.”


The 6 Traits of a Consultant

  1. Embraces technology
  2. Shares new ideas
  3. Exhibits business acumen
  4. Communicates effectively
  5. Seeks collaboration
  6. Leverages data


B2B Marketers rate social as one of the 3 most effective demand generation tactics


Account selection is a joint effort

Depends on the firm’s strategy, accounts are selected based on: Fit, Intent, a combination of both, using predictive solutions

  • Step1 – Select and target: set strategy, prioritize accounts, identify and target contacts
  • Step2 – Gather insights: Identify key issues, develop insights, set the communication plan
  • Step3 – Design engagement: Create assets, messages, or plays to engage accounts
  • Step4 – Orchestrate interaction: Execute aligned activity, capture interactions, track progress

Assess, Revise, Repeat



Take a Buyer Centric Approach

  • Personalized engagement
  • Self direction
  • Ongoing education










4 days – Feb 28 – Marc 3

  • 20+ leading experts will share real life experiences and proven best practices to help you grow revenue.
  • You will understand how top global companies drive revenue through actionable strategies.
  • You will have the chance to connect 4000+ registrants and to build powerful relationships.


Leaders List (except those mentioned)

  • Tamara Schenk – Research director, CSO Insights
  • Grant Cardone – International sales trainer
  • Gabe Larsen – InsideSales Labs director
  • Michael Pici – Director of sales, HubSpot
  • Adam Kirsh – VP Sales, Salesforce Canada
  • Anthony Iannarino – Sales kickoff speaker, marketing leader
  • Jill Rowley – Evangelist, social selling
  • Mark Hunter – Keynote sales speaker, SalesHunter


  • Koka Sexton, Daniel Barber, Michael Pedone, Scott Salkin, Jon Hunter
  • Brynne Tillman, Morgan Pirce, Jose Sanchez, Tim Wackel
  • Amar Sheth, Terrance Kwok, Gaelle Helsmoortel, Cameron Brain

There are more speakers to be announced in the next hours


Companies that attended last year

  • Forrester, Gartner, Thomson Reuters, Hewlett Packard
  • Cisco, CA Technologies, IBM, Dell, Juniper networks
  • Oracle, Seagate, MindTree, SalesForce, SAP, Qlik, NetSuite


Sponsors list: Top companies within their respective industries

HubSpot, Vidyard, InsideSales, Allbound






Full List

  • B2B Buyers Mandate A New Charter For Marketing And Sales – Accelerate Alignment Or Get Left Behind (Forrester, Sales for Life)
  • Strategies for Digital Transformation: Lessons From The Trenches (Inside Sales, Sales Buzz)
  • How to Sell the Way Prospects Buy (HubSpot)
  • Beyond Automation: Coaching Sales Reps To Create Intimacy At Scale (Iannarino)
  • Engaging The Digital Buyer: Skills of Modern Sales Teams (HootSuite, Tim Wackel)
  • Be Obsessed Or Be Average (Grant Cardone)
  • How to acquire and deliver insights that shape the buyer’s journey (Sales for Life)
  • Innovative Content That Inspires Buyers (Everyone Social, Minds&More)
  • How to Win More Deals in the Age of the Customer (SalesForce)
  • Digital content, learning and coaching breadcrumbs: How sales force enablement has to adapt to the digital age (CSO Insights)
  • Sales Technologies To Leverage That  Accelerate The Buyer’s Journey (Datanyze, Vidyard, PeopleLinx, Altify)
  • How To Leverage Channel To Grow Recurring Revenue (Allbound, bmc)




Final Words



If you want to stay on top of the modern buyers needs then I stropngly advice you to attend the live online summit. Besides it is free, you only have to give away your email address.

Even if you can not attend the event sessions on time, SalesforLife will send emails with all session links.


Keep an eye on your inbox as sometimes a session link might change due to server or any external problems. For example yesterday’s 1st session was covered on You-Tube instead of Sales for Life website as a cause of traffic hyper load.



That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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