Digital Business Roadmap

The Key to Turn your Passion, Interests, and Knowledge into Profits


You have no product to sell, no money to invest, and no experience at all.

And you wonder…Is it possible to make money online?


Important Requirements

Basic Computer Skills
Communication Skills
Organizational Skills
Commitment to work, consistency
Continuous education, practicing
Enjoy helping others
Basic marketing knowledge
The DBR Training will give you all the marketing knowledge you need in order to be successful online

Additionally, Have in Mind:

  • It needs time before you see any results and you have to work to make it happen, like everything in life

  • It’s not a get rich quick scheme

  • You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to get started, you can even start with zero investment


Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. Literally, it turned the world around, and we are in the middle of an epic movement. As we speak, more and more people decide to pursue a new dream from the comfort of their home, office, or while travelling. Now, we have access to one each other, billions of people are connected instantly at the push of a button. Not only we can communicate but we can do business with each other.

 It’s an ever-changing world and if you’re not using the internet you’re gonna left behind.


  • US entrepreneurs operating businesses from home 52% 52%
  • US entrepreneurs that start home businesses 69% 69%
  • 2.4 billion people use the internet regularly = 1/3 of the whole population 33% 33%

Billions of dollars in U.S. Online Retail Sales that will be reached by 2017

Billions of dollars in US mobile payments that will be reached by 2017

  • People researching consumer electronics and mobile/digital goods online before buying them 60% 60%
  • People buying consumer electronics and mobile/digital goods online 25% 25%

Key Benefits of Online Businesses

World Wide Web = Largest Market

  • Now you have the chance to target the global market. With offline stores, you are limited only to people passing by.

Very Low Initial Investment

  • Minimum Operating Costs
  • Very little Risk

No limits on profits

  • Recurring Income for Years
  • Scalability/Unlimited Partnerships

24/7 Traffic and Profits

  • No need for inventory (in most cases)
  • Timetable Flexibility

Work from Anywhere

  • Freedom to Enjoy Family and Life

Transform Digital Knowledge into Anything

  • Skills that Last a LifeTime


  • People that need extra money
  • People in debt
  • People that need a change from their current job or just want extra income sources
  • Those that can work only at home
  • Opportunity seekers, Wannabe entrepreneurs
  • Those that are willing to work and help others
  • Those that want to share their passions with others
  • People that have a few hours to spare in a week
  • People that enjoy computers, reading, writing and those that want to live the ‘Digital Lifestyle’
  • People that are ambitious, have dreams, hopes
  • People that want to become leaders, have an impact on others lives and leave their own legacy because this is what ‘Entrepreneurship’ is all about


Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

Online Business Basics

In order to make ‘big’ money online, you will need a website. Without it you can’t build a fanbase, you can’t build a brand name. This website will be your online property (like a traditional offline store) and can be monetized in various ways

Alternatively, you can make money online even without a website. There are unlimited opportunities as you’ll discover later on

An Audience

A website targets a specific segment of a market, a niche, which in essence is an audience, a group of people looking for:
  • Solutions to problems
  • Information on products, programs, and services
  • Product reviews, comparisons, lists, best of’s, deals, discounts, best prices, bonuses

Keyword & Market Research

We attract those people by identifying their needs, problems, and desires, performing keyword & market research, and targeting specific keywords 

The Competition

We research the competition to gain insights documenting our discoveries

Creating Content

We create useful, unique and high-quality content in various formats based on our audience needs.


The content of the website will get rankings in the search engines and will be published and advertised on various platforms and mediums


As a result, the website will gain traffic that can be monetized in a hundred different ways