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The Key to Turn Your Passion, Interests, and Knowledge Into Profits
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Introduction - Can Someone Really Make 'Big' Money Online?






Hi and thank you for your interest in this free course. My name is Tasos Perte Tzortzis, and maybe you’ve never heard of me before, but I am fine with that. Besides, this course is not about me, it’s about You, it’s about You and your Dreams, it’s about You and your Future, it’s about You and your Business.


If you’ve been struggling to make money online I can relate, there is so much noise out there. If you tried other programs that did not work in the past, you’re not alone, the majority are very low-quality programs and I tested thousands. If you came across other marketing programs where they claim millions of dollars instant profits, I can assure you, we won’t do that here.


…but I’m also bringing good news. And here’s why: In order to make money online, you can’t just rely on hope. You have to follow a certain path, you have to use a proven framework that you can rely on, one that other people used and succeeded. And I am here to open that path for you.




Or maybe…


  • You are in need of extra income sources, but you have been ripped off by online scams, so you’re under financial and psychological pressure.
  • You have been part of a get rich quick program, or you deposited money in a modern investing platform, hoping to get ROI out of thin air and maybe become a millionaire in a few weeks. You wanted to be sure so you did some research. And so you came across one of my reviews. Let me tell you a secret, those programs do not work. I’ve tested thousands of them during the last years.
  • You are a stay at home mom, dad and you want to make a change, but you are afraid of becoming a digital entrepreneur because you believe it’s too complicated or that you need thousands of dollars to get started.
  • You fit into the category of people that hate their jobs, and I don’t blame you. Working for a boss can be tough, terrifying, and definitely, it might look like a prison.
  • You are not getting paid the money you deserve, and you are in debt. You’re not alone, millions of people are in the same situation.
  • You are one of those that have heard money is being made online but they don’t know from where to start. This looks like me when I got started. I knew that people were making money online, but only after testing numerous platforms that promised me the Heaven on Earth, I found what I was looking for.


This is when I created a new business from scratch. I had no experience in online businesses, no idea about internet marketing or websites and I was working part-time. My initial investment was only $31…more on that later.


This lesson is the first part of the Free Course that is entitled…Digital Business Roadmap, the Key to Turn your Passion, Interests, and Knowledge into Profits 


The purpose of this 1st lesson is to make you understand how money is being made online. And my belief is that you’ll be excited by the information I’m revealing because it’ll open up new doors, new possibilities, and new hope for your dreams and your future. And even better, I’m going to help you identify real opportunities that best suit your current situation, so that you can turn your knowledge into profits.


Imagine having your own business, the ability to share things you love, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world, because that is exactly what is about.


The promise of this course is plain simple…Yes, you can turn any passion, hobby, interest into a highly profitable online business without any experience at all…by simply following the Business Framework I’m teaching you in these lessons.


The Digital Business Roadmap is divided into 4 phases, 4 simple steps that we’ll analyze throughout the training.


  • Preparation
  • Foundation
  • Conversion
  • Expansion







The "7 Ideals" Marketing Methodology

The "7 Ideals" Marketing Methodology



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