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You're Reading:CryptoPaidAds is in Pre-Launch Mode but the First Signs Point Out to a Low Quality Investing Program

CryptoPaidAds is in Pre-Launch Mode but the First Signs Point Out to a Low Quality Investing Program

by Tasos


Feb 5, 2017





A program that is promising high quality advertising services is under investigation today. One that follows the modern way, not the traditional where advertising companies try to expose their clients using old valuable methods. The modern theme is a combination of advertising services tied with an income opportunity for affiliates / investors.

The problem though is that these programs do not last very long, only a few months on average and many people end up losing money instead of creating stable income streams as announced.



Inside CryptoPaidAds




The program is currently in pre-launch mode, the official launch date is 15 days from now.


Their headlines welcome potential investors with a smile…

  • High quality advertising services at affiordable prices, high quality premium investment
  • Born with a clear mission: providing high quality ad services and share revenue for a perfect beneficial combination.
  • Our aim is the final success of our users
  • We have external sources of income cryptography

Why to choose Crypto Paid Ads

  • Unique concept of earning: is a place to see publicity and profits with a stable percentage of distribution. We are a securities investment company that units professionals, mining and cryptocurrency tradings besides having the powerful income tool that is Google AdSense.
  • Safe & secure investment
  • Adverts: gain maximum traffic as the company is committed to take a leading position in the international investment market using a combination of highly efficient equipment for cryptocurrency mining and a team of professional traders

Most people do not have time to study trends and indicators to operate successfully … CryptoPaidAds does it for you

  • Save money, make profit
  • Geographical advertising
  • Campaign tarcking in real time
  • Professional management team
  • Dedicated server
  • DDoS protection
  • SSL encryption


Investment Plans


  • #1 Bronze – $5, ROI 120% up to 2.5% daily, max ad packs 150, website credits 50, referral commissions 1st level 5% 2nd level 2%, advertising commissions 5%
  • #2 Silver – $10, 120% up to 2% daily, max ad packs 200, webiste credits 170, referral commissions 1st level 5% 2nd level 2%, advertising commissions 5%
  • #3 Gold – $30, 130% up to 2% daily, max ad packs 200, website credits 550, referral commissions 1st level 5% 2nd level 2%, advertising commissions 5%
  • #4 Platinum – $70, 135% up to 2% daily, max ad packs unlimited, website credits 1200, referral commissions 1st level 5% 2nd level 2%, advertising commissions 5%


Statistics shown

  • Total registered members – 379
  • Total deposited $6,800
  • Total Payouts $0

Payment Processors

OK Pay, Perfect Money, bitcoin



Owners – Domain

A whois search uncovers the registration date for the domain cryptopaidads.com, 23 November 2016. The owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection


Social Media

There is a link to a Facebook post. A man named Francisco Casabo has published a weird Google Adsense screenshot, to verify obviously that the company is using Google Adsense. Francisco’s Facebook page is nothing more than links to CryptoPaidAds. No one commented, only a few likes.


FAQ – Important

They say…CryptoPaidAds is not an investment site. We sell packs of advertising of the highest quality possible with instant delivery


That comes as a contradiction to the logo…high quality premium investment. The speed of delivery does not make any sense at all nor it proves anything. The thing is that this kind of advertising services are mediocre at best. Although CryptoPaidAds has not yet launched I know that the ad platform is a repetition of the low quality ad credit exchanges model. You purchase ad packs, receive credits so you can place your URLs, banners, text links, etc…Other members get exposed to your offers, you are exposed to others. This is not advertising services, it is a classic traffic exchange system.


They continue…When users buy these services, the revenues are carried out by the company. When you buy a pack with revenue share you get a certain amount of visitors to your website, and a certain amount of banner rotation will also receive a shared profit position. When you click on a minimum of 10 ads per day, you are entitled to receive revenue generated by advertising sales. This is not a cycle, and there is no fixed timeframe, nor guaranteed, because it is completely related to the revenue generated by advertising sales


Of course they can not guarantee any ROIs, nor the maturity duration on any ad packs. That comes as a contradiction to the investment plans announced ROIs…up to 2% daily. If no new money rolling in from affiliates no one can get paid. Have in mind that all advertising sales is sales to members / affiliates and this is where the problems begin.

There are not any sales to external retail customers making this program yet another Ponzi, that is going to disappear from the market once recruitment slows down.


so let’s move on to the next question answered on  the FAQ

Is CryptoPaidAds legal?…YES it is legal. In order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! Here at Crypto Paid Ads, we sell traffic which is our basic product. All members that purchase ad packs will get Traffic exchange credits and guaranteed banner clicks


Well, Nope, this is the main problem with all these revenue sharing companies. Ad credits distrubuted on ad packs purchases might consist pseudo products, but the thing is that the traffic products are being sold to affiliates and affiliates only. If all money coming in is from ad packs purchases then we talk about a Ponzi scheme, which is not legal and that has been re-affirmed by the SEC. Ad Credits bundled is a totally irrelevant aspect of a program.



Final Words



This review can not be considered as complete, I have to wait for the launch date in order to check the advertising platform. But all things pointing out to other similar platforms in the industry.

I have to underline again that this company uses an obvious Ponzi structure to compensate affiliates with money invested from newly recruited members. At some point all these programs die out because recruitment simply can not last forever. This is what happens when there are no retail products to bring in external cash.

Now as concerns the Google AdSense part, even if we accept that Crypto Paid Ads will bring to the table revenue from AdSense ads, I predict that over 95% of the revenue is funds from ad packs purchases. And apart from that, relying on AdSense ads is not an excuse for a company that claims to offer advertising services. There is lack of real valuable products, AdSense ads is at best a spammy method for a few extra bucks from random visitors and nothing more.


I never recommend that kind of risky programs, because even if someone makes money is on the expense of other affiliates, and that is not healthy. Programs like this exist only to make their owners richer.



How to Make Money Online the RIght Way



If you chase these programs to make big bucks I will disappoint you. Beyond all the other facts I analysed the majority of these companies do not pay their members. Only in the beginning in order to attract more investors. From a certain point all withdrawals will freeze.


However if you are willing to work hard, just like you would with a traditional offline business then I have good news. The most newbie friendly business model is affiliate marketing and this is how I got started 2 years ago. Long term potential, no risks, minimum start up costs, endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review stays open, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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