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Crisis Investing 2020 Review – Financial Experts Advice

by Tasos


Apr 9, 2020


Uncensored Crypto

A NEW Trillion-Dollar Mega-Trend bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency


There’s a new trillion-dollar mega-trend bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any cryptocurrency. Did you know about the NFTs and Gaming crypto markets? and how you can get in early for potential 1,000% returns?

Here’s what they say for that matter: It’s like the early days of the internet when a lot of people thought we were crazy. The best performing asset of the decade. Crypto will generate more wealth than the internet.

How much do you know about crypto? Are you already IN?

Are you an investor? a trader? are you a beginner?

Then I have amazing news.

56+ crypto industry insiders gather together for an epic event like no other to share their stories, secrets, expertise, and strategies to pull back the curtain on what’s going on behind the scenes in the crypto market right now.

It’s a documentary series that will take the world by storm.

It’s an explosive and controversial documentary with never seen before interviews that will change the way we think of crypto and money in general once and for all.

These top crypto experts share their raw, unfiltered, and uncensored insights into the crypto revolution.

What’s working right now and what’s next, the assets they use, how they got started, the risks, dangers, traps, rewards, threats, and regulations, and how to get started if you are a complete beginner.

And they will reveal why and how we arrived in this place. And why now we live amidst a new economic paradigm shift.

And the crypto revolution is not only an economic revolution. It’s not only about the financial gains. Crypto has literally the power to transform, change, and disrupt the way we shop, trade, communicate, invest, do business, and even create art and so much more.

It has the power to revolutionize our everyday lives.

And here’s the most important thing.

Even if you don’t invest in cryptocurrency, your life and the lives of your loved ones will get affected. Because this revolution affects everyone.

And this docu-series is called…Uncensored Crypto.

It’s a documentary to answer all your questions about crypto. Inside information never revealed before by top insiders and you won’t find anything like it anywhere on the web.

It’s organized by Michael Hearne, a serial entrepreneur with 15-years of experience in taking companies to new levels with his partners, Nate Hopkins and Waldon Fenster.

These are entrepreneurs that are always at the forefront of what’s happening.

Now…the best part.

The documentary is free to watch. All the episodes are free and the first episode airs on January 18.

Every episode will be available for 24 hours and you can watch it for free. After 24 hours, this episode will be taken down and a new episode will take its place.

There are 9 episodes in total and once the free viewing period is over, all the interviews and other digital material will be available only as premium content.

So, now is the time to register for free to watch all the episodes at your convenience and…don’t forget to mark it on your calendar.

These crypto experts will reveal what is crypto in simple language, how it works, what to buy, why it can’t be stopped, what’s coming next. How they got their money, how they invested it for growth, how they plan to keep it.

And most importantly, they will explain in detail how to get started before it’s too late

And a whole lot more…

We have a lineup of billionaires, former Wall Street traders, politicians, regulators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, fund managers, artists, and activists to pull back the curtain of the multi-trillion dollar cryptocurrency revolution.

And as Dr. Martin Weiss says in episode 05:

This is one of the biggest, most revolutionary technologies in the history of mankind.

This is a shift that will positively disrupt almost every sector of the economy…create a more equal and free society…and unleash trillions of dollars in wealth. And, of course, our experts will detail how you can profit from the coming paradigm shift.

Who am I?

I’m Tasos. I’m a marketing consultant who helped 100’s of brands since 2014. I’m also the creator of the brand new “7 Ideals” methodology.

January 18, be there, take notes, get armored with exclusive knowledge and inside information, level up your financial game, become independent, help your loved ones, plan for the future.

I’ll see you there. There’s more information on the review page. Check out my amazing bonus as well. Don’t miss out. I can count on you.


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Hope Writers

FREE Events Week – Jan 21-28

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Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology – something ‘BIG’ is coming

The Special Weapon Of The 7 Ideals

Stay tuned as we’ll be revealing our secret ingredient in an upcoming workshop and we’ll be opening up a few spots for…

What are the wealthy doing right now? How do I find safe investments? How will this affect my taxes?

Is it too late for real-estate? Where should I move my cash? Should I buy gold or silver? Are banks safe anymore?

I believe these are questions that go through our minds right now.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo promised he has answers to all these questions as he has access to some incredible minds that will help us understand the situation.

The main slogan is this: don’t panic.

Crisis Investing 2020/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary

Crisis Investing 2020 Review

patrick gentempo crisis investing 2020 studio presenting (1)

This project came about because so many people were stuck saying ” I am paralyzed”, ” I don’t know what to do”, ” I know there is an opportunity somewhere right now”, ” There are so many challenges”, ” I don’t know how to navigate these waters”.

Fortunately, Revealed Films, Patricks’s company, has access to the greatest minds in the world, literally people who know this stuff best.

But these recordings are not taking place as usually where Patrick is traveling around the world interviewing these people in-person but through Zoom technology as they had to practice their social distancing. 

In this free docu-cast series you’ll find names like:

Alan Akina, Garrett Gunderson, Paul Zane Pilzer, Ron Phillips, Mike Dillard, John Briggs,

Jeff Hayes, film and video producer and partner of Patrick says that we should be very careful with who we are listening right now, because there is so much noise and bad advice out there, especially from people in the health industry.

Wealth Breakthroughs/Revealed Films LATEST

9 Episodes Documentary

FREE Only For The Weekend

Episode #1

paul zane pilzer crisis investing 2020

Paul Zane Pilzer

Economist, advisor to 2 United States Presidents, serial entrepreneur, author

This is the first time Paul is discussing not only the economic implications of what’s going on but what he predicts will be the outcomes but further he reveals the things that happen in his life related to his finances, his wealth management and this whole sudden side downturn in the economy.

We’re going to remember these times in our lives as BC (before coronavirus) and AC (after coronavirus). We never had the economy go down to zero in just one week.

He had been talking with bank regulators during the last few days and they were asking how we’re going to get through this from a banking standpoint and that has a lot to do with how we got through the financial crisis of 2007 and Black Monday 1987.

Is this crisis different than the others?

As always depression is followed by a recession. This is how the economy works. But this time, we had a much more significant volume, instead of having a U we have a V. We fell to zero fast but also Paul predicts that we’re going to rise suddenly as well.

Before this interview, Paul talked with many people and asked them questions.

A multi-billionaire hedge-fund owner of 9 major companies said his companies are not affected at all by the crisis.

What does this mean for Paul?

There are certain industries that got hit but other industries are not hit at all.

For example, Paul has a gym business and that business is closed and went to zero in just hours.

The most crucial detail for Paul is for companies that need to close to find a way to keep their employees employed. Because employees have skills and relationships that are so valuable for these businesses. 

There will be companies that are going to recover and very fast, but also there will be companies that won’t be able to recover. 

The most interesting part of this interview was when Paul discussed how he handles capital gains, how he takes a loss and sells a part of his properties to only buy them again in a short period of time.

For example, you can sell in the morning all your virtual funds and buy back a mutual fund that has the same holdings with a different name and it’s like you sold it.

Paul is very optimistic, like me, and he strongly believes that the economy is going to recover, sooner rather than later. 

jeff bishop crisis investing 2020

Jeff Bishop

Founder of RagingBull

RagingBull is a trading learning platform where real traders trade in real-time in full transparency teaching others what they do.

They don’t just teach you how to trade but they actually do the work, trade and you get to watch them.

Generally, as a trader Jeff prefer to trade for short-terms. He believes that right now we are in the early stages of this new phase, not in the recovery stage.

The biggest obstacle is that there are a lot of small businesses that are shutting down, and it will take some time for the economy to recover.

The new normal

When the economy recovers, it will be a new normal, not the one we used to live in before the pandemic.

There will be major changes in the way people communicate and behave. 

For example, people will keep some distance from others and many industries will get hit. Even when the pandemic is over, people will continue to behave differently, as they are already changed and our lives have been transformed.

If you want to be a long-term investor, start identifying the key companies that you want to be involved with, and start scaling in.

Set aside a certain amount of money you have for investments, maybe some money you have left, and say I want this money to put into work.

Set an amount for each week or each month for investing, and buy these stocks no matter where they are at. And in 6 months or a year maybe you can establish a good position. Don’t go all in because times are difficult.

Step back and have a bigger picture because stocks are going up and down on a daily basis. 

For example, Jeff is predicting that Apple is going to dominate the markets for a few years more and he’s going to buy stocks of this company. Look for companies that have an opportunity today and in the near future, he highlights.

Jeff believes that the economy will recover eventually because history has proved that a thousand times.

Episode #2

crisis investing 2020 andy tanner

Andy Tanner

Speaker, Investor, Author

In times like this, we need to behave like investors, like consumers, like traders. 

Andy is sharing his screen mentioning that is a lot of fear in the market. He goes back to 1996 and he shows a huge spike during 2008-2009. 

It took 2-3 years until people felt so much uncertainty but now, in 2020 it took only a few months to reach the same levels.

4 reasons there’s fear:

  • Nobody knows what direction the market will go
  • Nobody knows where the bottom will be
  • Nobody knows how long this will last
  • Uncertainty fuels fear

Important distinction

Investors care more about the actual businesses, not the stock prices.

For example, don’t look at Coca-Cola’s stock price, look at the potential of Coca-Cola selling beverages at the moment. Is the beverage business going to fall?

On the other hand, traders care more about the stock prices, not the actual business behind a stock. 

Then, Andy is showing examples of Warren Buffet’s investments and his way of thinking. Warren is an investor that cares more about the actual business, he’s not a trader. He buys stocks from companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft Heinz, Delta, Moody’s Corp, Bank of America, Apple, and he cares about dividends, not price tags.

Andy reveals a quote of Buffet he reads every day to remind him what to do.

I will tell you how to become rich. Be fearful when people are greedy, but be greedy when people are fearful.

Of course, in our situation now, Andy highlights we should be greedy, but be wise instead, at least not fearful.

We should be brave and join those who fight every day to protect others as doctors, police officers, or even as fathers and parents.

Andy’s conclusion is that Buffet right now is not selling anything, and so he is.

Also, Andy is protecting his stocks and he’s buying more stocks and he will keep on protecting those as well.

mike dillard crisis investing 2020

Mike Dillard

Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Mike has invested in bitcoin in 2013 and he’s thinking of investing a little more right now.

Ultimately, the biggest risk that we are going to run into is our own confirmation bias. Every one of us has a unique way that we look at the world and a bias towards the way we see it. And if you want to know what your bias is, all you have to do is pay attention to the media outlets and the personalities that you’re watching and reading already. If you identify this bias, you’re going to find out where your weaknesses are.

Mike insists that you don’t go ALL IN for any investing option, whether it is silver, bitcoin, gold, or stocks. Because there’s a high risk of losing all your money.

Protect yourself from yourself: 

Don’t invest heavily right now. Split your investments into chunks, let’s say 20%. If you think this is the bottom, invest, but do not exceed 20% of your funds. If this is not the bottom, you’ll have 5 chances. 

Gold and silver are options you don’t want to exclude from your portfolio. But again, invest a little money, don’t rush things.

The same is true for those who want to invest in bitcoin. 5-10% max. See what happens and if you see a real big drop on the real estate markets, you could probably allocate the majority of your money into real estate.

Crypto is a very volatile market, you got to have an exit plan. Like the 2017 bitcoin bubble, when bitcoin reached $20,000 but then suddenly it went down. Investors that believed bitcoin was going to rise at that time, they were thinking that they were right and that bitcoin is going to rise even more. But it did not. It reached $20K and fell.

Bottom line:

Don’t get too excited when things are going great. This is actually the best time to start getting concerned.

Episode #3

rick sapio crisis investing 2020

Rick Sapio

Entrepreneur, CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance

Rick is known for his vast investing experience and his ability to quickly adjust in downturns and bad economic times. He’s also worked at Wall Street for many years.

He got his first license to trade back in 1986 but the crash came in 1987 followed by one in 1999 and 2008. The one thing to keep in mind through all this no matter what happens in your life, it’s not about the crisis, it’s about how you react. 

Look back at history. What happened before the crisis in 1929, it just seems that every 10 or 11 years something happens. 

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste: 

Don’t freak out on things you have zero control over. When everyone is doing that, use this as an opportunity to transform. Transform the way you think, the way you act, your rhythms, maybe change careers.

Rick does not own a smartphone. There is no TV plugged in their house. He’s not active on social media and he does not read newspapers. He does not let this insane negativity ruin his momentum and everyday routine.

He gets informed by emails, forums he’s active on, and through conversations with friends.

News on TV is completely bias. News exists because there are advertisers that spend money on these platforms. It’s like filming a movie. Don’t be afraid of the news. 

Keep half of your money safe and invest half of them in private companies aligned with your beliefs. Think long-term, 100 years from now even if you want to sell at some point. 

alan akina crisis investing 2020

Alan Akina

Founder and CEO 101 Financial

Right now people are making decisions based on fear. And when we do that things don’t usually turn well. 

Let’s evaluate the situation. Sit back and think logically. What is really happening?

OK, we have a new kind of flu, it’s scary, it’s more contagious, but we’ve been before through times like this.


Alan sees opportunities in multi-family and commercial real estate that is owned by old people. What Alans means is that old people that own buildings and properties and they rent them, will have a hard time collecting money and they might be forced to sell their properties. Maybe this is a chance for real estate investors to buy land and buildings at a discount. 

Alan follows Warren Buffet’s philosophy and he bought some really good companies right now at 30% or more discount.

But no matter what opportunity might arise in front of you, invest only when it fits your current financial plan. Don’t just invest in something for the sake of investing in an opportunity.

Also, Alan uses a model of 3 asset categories: Paper assets, business assets, and real-estate assets.

Crisis Investing 2020/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary

A review in progress

I’ll be adding updates to this review very frequently as new interviews and documentaries are being released.

In the meantime, you can watch the docu-series for free.

Wealth Breakthroughs/Revealed Films LATEST

9 Episodes Documentary

FREE Only For The Weekend

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. For more information, I refer you to the disclaimer page.

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