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Online polls are getting popular in social media as companies are trying to engage with their audience.It is an alternative format of content that if used correctly can entertain fans and followers.

If you have a website , a facebook fan page or a twitter account you can create polls with the help of online applications in order to get in touch with your audience in a friendly way.


One of those beautiful apps is Riddle




Website: Riddle


It is a website where you can create interactive social content for your campaigns in minutes.Quizzes , polls , lists , surveys can be very daunting if you go alone.


How Riddle Works


The process is very simple.When you enter the Riddle website you select the type of desired poll and choose from templates or you create a new one.

There are a few easy to follow steps in order to get your poll done

  • Create
  • Monetize (none , lead gen , Mailchimp auto-responder , custom ads)
  • Customize (main colour , fonts , language , list counter , custom tweet text)
  • Publish
  • Analyze


Publish – Share – Embed


When you are finished you get

  • a Link to your Riddle poll
  • an option to share it directly via Facebook or Twitter
  • Embed instructions (Standard , No Javascript , No CSS or Javascript)


Types of Polls


Opinion – Find what people are thinking

I chose a template , changed the text , left the image untouched and my result is



Would you like to learn how to get your content viral on social media?

We run a mini live chat today on Twitter – 30 minutes long.Marie DL is interviewing a social media expert from Vanity dot com.
By answering yes to this poll you deserve a spot to this event.Check your email for the announcement of the secret #(Hashtag)



List – All time best .. 10 reasons why .. Everybody’s love a good list

I chose to create one poll from scratch. There is an option to add any media I want

    • Search images in Google or Getty (be aware to use only images you have the right to do so).If you are unsure what to do I refer you to my article on Royalty Free Images.



  • Insert videos from YouTube



  • Upload images from your computer



  • Select from the Riddle stock images (beautiful photos on various themes and topics)


    • Photos from your Facebook account



              • Article link (you can insert any link from the web or your own)


I took one of their stock images for my intro description , add 3 items , uploaded 3 images from my computer , inserted link for each item back to my website’s reviews. Then I changed the main colour and my result is

Which one is your favourite image creation (editing) app?

Here is a short list of 3 photo editing / creation apps.You have the option to choose only one.
The results will be announced on Web Market Support on Wednesday.
The poll ends when we reach 1000 votes.
Thank you for taking the time to participate.


Canva – Create beautiful images , banners , infographics ….

A full review of this app can be found here


Snappa – add royalty free images from our collection and edit using…


Ribbet – photo editing made simple , no need for Photoshop



Pop Quiz – Engage your audience with a simple multi-choice quiz

I chose a template and left the images and descriptions as created by Riddle … Then I selected to edit the images in the Riddle Photo Editor.

  • Effects (original , clyde , avenue , haas , arizona and more…)
  • Crop
  • Draw (colour picker , eraser , brush)
  • Text

Applied an “Avenue” effect , added a text saying “Are you Ready?” and the result is



How much do you know about creating viral content?

A quiz measures how much someone knows about a subject. Quizzes can be really difficult and test people’s knowledge of a subject or you can use it to show off your own skills!
At the end the user gets a result type that shows how well they did. This is what people like to share.
You can use this quiz as a starting template or write your own.

Do people love to share fun quizzes?



Do you have to be very clever to write quizzes?



Viral content novice

You didn’t score as well as the experts but this means you can only get better! Practise makes perfect so just get stuck in and give it a go. You’ve got to be in it to win it!
[You can use this space to write some funny content to encourage people to share their result. You can also add in links like the one below or choose (in the Customise menu) to show a form that collects user information so you can build an email list etc.]

Viral content expert!

You know everything there is know about creating viral content! Well, almost. Great start – now it’s time to get creating fun viral content. Then you can sit back and watch people share it around the world.
[You can use this space to write some funny content to encourage people to share their result. You can also add in links like the one below or choose (in the Customise menu) to show a form that collects user information so you can build an email list etc.]

Personality – A fun little test to determine people’s natural biases

The template here is awesome so I kept all their settings.The poll is ready , do not worry about the text.I just did not change it

What type of viral content writer are you?

This example test shows how to write a personality test that creates a fun experience for the user so they will share it and spread your business message.
The three possible results types for this test are ‘writing to make money’, ‘writing for fun’ and ‘writing to educate’. You can use this as a template to create your own tests or you can view the full version of the test here.


You write viral content to make money

You have an entrepreneurial streak and like to use your creativity to try new things. You back yourself and are not afraid to put yourself out there. You probably write viral content in order to find new customers.


You write viral content to educate

You are a true people-person and get pleasure from helping people understand more about your specialist subject. You emphasise well with others and you’re always willing to lend someone a hand. You probably use viral content to add to people’s knowledge in a fun way.


How do you come up with your ideas for new content?

I research current hot topics (this answers scores for educate) I see what my competitors are up to (this answer scores for money) Over a glass of something at my favorite bar (this scores for fun)

Do you have a web site with lots of traffic?

Yes I have loads of traffic! (money) I have a web site but don’t have loads of traffic (educate) I don’t have a web site (fun)


Survey – Ask your users their opinions about anything

As with the previous type I left everything untouched.



The viral content tools survey

You can introduce what subject you want to cover here and also offer give-aways or prizes to encourage people to answer your survey.
In your questions you can ask:
  1. The user to choose one option
  2. The user to choose as many options as they like
  3. The user to type in their answer – great for feedback or suggestions.

Which type of viral content looks most interesting to you / your business?



Personality tests


Which type looks the easiest to create?



Personality tests


Is there any type of viral content you would like us to offer?



Thank you for taking our viral content survey

This section can be used to provide details of any free content or competitions you were offering to encourage people to take your survey.

More Types of Polls and Surveys are coming soon , as the company announced.



Free Membership


  • Unlimited Riddles
  • Unlimited embeds
  • Run your own ads (coming soon)
  • Basic lead generation

In this membership all the responses of the poll will be delivered to your email.



Pro Membership


Comes with a 14 day trial and 30 days money back guarantee.

Starter – $30 / month or $25 / month billed annually

  • All features of Free account plus
  • Remove of Riddle logo

Pro – $60 / month or $50 / month billed annually

  • All features of Starter plus
  • Remove “create your own Riddle” link
  • Add your own logos
  • Custom share tweet
  • Custom lead generation
  • Download lead gen CSV
  • MailChimp integration

Business – $550 / month or $500 / month billed annually

  • All features of Pro plus
  • Advanced lead gen reports
  • Custom lead gen conversion pixel


Riddle Dashboard


All your polls are automatically saved in your profile.

Additionally Riddle is providing Statistics on each poll

  • Views
  • Starts
  • Finishes
  • Shares

Moreover there is a help button , live supporting chat and an FAQ section.

Mike Hawkins – co-founder of Riddle jumped into the chat room when I was there and asked if I needed any help.That is something unusual and shows how friendly is the environment in that company.


What else is in Riddle – Blog


Riddle offers information on the application usage and provide tips that can help you create better projects.Topics like

  • Adding Riddle content to WordPress
  • Our approach to customer support
  • Why people love to take quizzes
  • Understanding Riddle statistics
  • How to use Quizzes to build a huge email list
  • The ultimate guide to republishing content

can enhance your creativity and boost your knowledge.




Final Words


I am more than satisfied with Riddle.The app is fast , easy to use and the outlook is professional.There are templates to choose from and ready stock images.What I loved most is the superb UX (user experience) , I felt like home immediately.But you have to test it on your own to understand.


The Free membership is a goldmine itself if you are OK with Riddle logo on your polls.

The Pro accounts are way better but the business plan seems expensive.Of course it is ideal for big companies or organisations that run surveys and polls quite often.

For bloggers I recommend to check the Free version and then if you want you can jump to the Starter or Pro account.


I can’t wait for more types of polls inside Riddle.


Other Design Tools that I Use


I hope you will enjoy Riddle as much as I do.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Are you using polls for your campaigns yet?..What other app would you suggest for that matter?…Till next time , your online partner.











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