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Infographics are one of the Top engaging formats of content but of course it is very difficult to design them alone without any prior knowledge.If you can not afford paying for designers you have to consider using online applications that ease the whole process.


Piktochart offers you Templates and a Dashboard with Tools to Create Infographics on your Own



Website: PiktoChart


You can choose from

Infographics (long form graphics perfect for the web)

Presentations (fixed ratio slides for online presentations)

Posters (eye catching ads and banners)

Reports (Two-page visual reports)


The Free membership opens 10 graphic templates , fully editable and customizable.

Of course you can create a design from scratch on an empty canvas , using the elements and graphics of the app.


Piktochart Material


Upon signing I received 4 e-books full of valuable information on the use and real importance of infographics.


The Untapped Potential


On the 1st pdf you can find topics like “How big brands are using infographics to tell stories.” or “Generate ideas for killer content that your audience will love” and many many more.


But what exactly are infographics?…Of course are not just scattered numbers and pictures all combined in a long image.There is more to that.

They are data visualisations that present complex information quickly and clearly.



Additionally they offer a catalogue of authoritative sites where you can obtain data for your visual creations.It is important to back-up your graphics with real information.



Create your first Infographic in 15 minutes


The 2nd pdf analyses the whole process and the use of the app.Even if you are a complete beginner this guide will help you create graphics on your own.Everything you need to know about their tools is included inside.

  • Pick a template and get started – Insert graphics – Visualise data
  • How to cut , copy , paste or delete elements – How to upload an image
  • Customization settings – Save – Download – Print – Pulbish


The 3rd pdf walks you through some extra features and secrets as concerns infographics and the application’s usage.

The 4th pdf is very important as it highlights marketing methods that you may apply in order to get your infographic shared.Techniques on social media and other tricks to make your graphic stand out and go viral.


Let’s create an Infographic


Step by Step


  • Picked a template (one with a map inside).I chose the USA map.Additionally you can find maps of (World , Europe , Asia , South East Asia , Africa , South America , North America , Australia , Oceania).


  • When you double click on a map it opens the “Preview” where you can see the areas and countries separated.The great thing is that every area can be customized according to your colour needs.
  • I double clicked on the map and picked a similar colour for the states mentioned in the article.Then I added 2 letter abbreviations for each state using the Text option and moved them easily with my pad.


  • The Infographic is divided into separate blocks.By clicking once in an area you choose with which block you want to work on.


  • You can upload your own images and design elements into the application…Just fantastic..! … I uploaded my logo and inserted it on the top.
  • I changed the background colour for the 1st and 3rd block but left the middle untouched.
  • Changed the colours of the secondary texts and columns.


  • I picked a graphic for the 3rd block , the teacher on the board.


  • Added important parts of the article as texts
  • Finally I removed the 4th block and my graphic is finished.


Download – Publish


Restrictions on downloading – With the free account you can download the graphic as image only.If you want a PDF version you need to upgrade.

There are 2 sizes to select from (original and medium).Moreover you can choose whether you want the image in PNG or Jpeg format.You can download the blocks separately.

And in order to remove the Piktochart watermark you need to upgrade.

There is an option to Publish the graphic and get an HTML code to embed it anywhere you want.Premium members can choose to share it only with their friends and networks or to keep the graphic published by private.

Another superb feature is that your graphics are saved on their website as well in case you need to edit them in the future.


I will demonstrate both the Template and my graphic in order to observe my changes


Original Template (reduced size – click to enlarge)





My Infographic (full size)






Let’s create one more graphic – I will go with the poster


The dashboard graphics


  • Shapes & Lines
  • Icons in a wide variety divided into categories like (animals , arrows , business , finance , fashion , food & drinks , landscapes , politics , sports , social media) and many more.
  • Photos – plenty of them again in categories
  • Photo frames – you can drag and drop your photos onto these frames to customize their look….Superb feature , was not waiting something like that.


All these features can be accessed in the Infographics panel as well.


Step by step

  • I chose a template and removed the main photo.Then I picked a photo frame , selected a photo from Piktochat collection (lifestyle category) and inserted it onto that frame.


  • Opened the graphics section , the decorative elements sub-category and selected a banner.Placed it on the top and entered the text (Hotel – Anna Maria).


  • I decided to keep the graphic elements in the middle of the poster (car , button , airplane).But I removed all the other remained and added new from the “Entertainment” sub-category.And kept the graphic with the father and the baby.


  • Removed any text and added mine
  • Made a few changes on the background and the poster is ready.


Original Template (reduced size , click to enlarge)






My Poster (full size)






Company , Mission


On their footer they say …“We are a bunch of passionate people of different backgrounds and origins joined together for one mission … to help people around the globe tell visual stories , beautifully.”…


Absolutely true 



In 2011 .. Ai Ching and Andrea founded Yet Another Studio , a graphic design agency in Penang (exotic Malaysian island).Quickly realised that infographics became a buzzword and that every company looking for great visual content would create infographics sooner or later.

4 people were working hard day and night in a small Penang warehouse and a DIY (do it yourself) infographic platform was born.After 3 years Piktochart serves over 3 millions users , growing every day.


Important Clients


Tech Crunch , Survey Monkey , Forbes , The Guardian , Booking , MOZ are among their customers.

I have seen many “Map” driven infographics at Forbes and of course they are fabulous.


There is more to Piktochart – Careers


Because we need you for the revolution of design

Open positions

  • UI designer , UI developer (HTML , CSS) , UX researcher , Web designer
  • Front End – iOS developer , Javascript developer , Javascript intern
  • Blog editor
  • Candidate Happiness
  • Officer (recruitment)

What to Expect

Monthly hangouts , Workcations (working while in vacation … I guess) , Wednesday dine-ins , Company trips , Work from home Fridays , Online training…

If you want to apply for any of the positions offered they will give you an online test followed by a technical interview.Then you will have the opportunity to chat with the CEO , CTO or CPO…No pressure on that , it’s a friendly chat.



Final Words


I am excited using this application.Not only runs fast and the edit mode is a piece of cake but there are so many icons to choose from that you can leverage and create anything you want.

Infographics , presentations , posters or reports , all professional looking.

Beyond the graphic elements all the tools in the dashboard are awesome.


The free membership is a goldmine.But the premium option has way more templates and other functions that are ideal for companies and organisations or designing and marketing teams.

Premium Packages

Lite – Monthly recurring payment – $15 / month (all templates and icons)

Pro – Annual payment (one time) – $29 / month (all features plus removal of watermark , pdf export , privacy options , slideshares , higher resolution)

Special packages for Non Profit Organisations and Educators.



The Piktochart app can really save much of your time and is a tool that can help people with no design background.The pdf guides can get you started in the right direction if you are willing to study them.


The support includes a live chat where you can ask your questions.


IMPORTANT NOTICE : There is a special section where you can insert , charts , maps or even Videos (both from You-Tube and Vimeo)

But I will leave the Video option for another day as a new post. 


Related Resources


Other Free design tools



I hope you enjoy Piktochat , it is a great application.Don’t wait another day , get over and grab the pdf guides and study the basics.Visual content is more important than ever before….Waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner…











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