You're Reading:Is CPS Traders a Profitable System or Another Well Covered Anonymous Ponzi?

Is CPS Traders a Profitable System or Another Well Covered Anonymous Ponzi?

by Tasos


Jan 16, 2017

Tasos Perte

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Another income opportunity is under the microscope today. As I stumbled upon this one I was curious to find out more about the bitcoin platform. Bitcoin is doing very well in the market during the last years despite the minus fall in January and that attracts more and people that want to invest in cryptocurrency.

New companies are founded in order to play the role of “Mediums”, offering an environment for subscribed members to mine bitcoins. Usually they charge membership fees while there is always in place an attached income plan that rewards the participants. That plan is the magnet attracting investors / affiliates who expect a ROI at the end of the game.



Inside the “CPS Traders”



The name is catchy, with the 3 letters CPS giving a tone of authenticity and status. Are these “Traders” professionals that want to help people succeed?…Let’s see…


They give their best on the headlines

  • Welcome and build your bitcoin business
  • Explore the possibilities, Join the lasting network
  • The more trading points you have the more trading rewards you earn
  • Our mission is to help people reach the success which we have been in for many years, to provide the best services and products
  • Members have a chance to make bitcoins daily so that they own a home business and freedom.

About Page

MMO24hs – A financial group – a collection of excellent traders, miners, programmers and workers. The group is an online based company with representatives from USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. It was founded by bitcoin miners and traders in the early of 2009. We have reached over 600 employees as of January 2016.

Our partners are major trading companies around the world.

A phone number is given and the address 39 Murray St, Hobart TAS 7000 is provided.


Owners – Domain – Address

This introduction seemed suspicious so I proceeded further with the investigation.

The domain was registered in June of 2016. The owners are hiding their real identities and only an address in Utah is provided this time.

A google search for the Tasmania address shown on the website uncovers many properties using the same exact address.


All point out that the owners are doing their best to hide crucial information from the public. How come an online based company that is operating since 2009 registered the domain only half a year ago?…Where are the 600 employees as of January 2016?



Shopping business – Their vision is to become a premier online electronic seller. They specialise in consumer electronics, gadgets, software and SEO marketing. Their online catalogs are always expanding and they provide free shipping worldwide. All sales are done with bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining and trading business – They are continuously doing the bitcoin mining activities in many countries where they have been applied the best techniques and experiences to reach the goals as well as trading bitcoins hourly. They are here to share the profits of their daily activities

Advertising supplier – They supply online advertising programs (with what??) and sell advertising credits. Their best service is the Banner Ads, that you can use to advertise your business to members and visitors of the site.

Upgraded members that pay on a monthly basis get ad credits for their campaigns.

Software / App development – They offer to cover Custom Software Development, Application Development, Agile Software Development, Software Outsourcing, Ecommerce website design, and Software Maintenance.

In case you need our services please contact us inside.

Forex and exchange – They are called to create the optimal trading environment for every level of traders. Their wide scope includes a full spectrum of trading instruments containing Forex, stocks, commodities and indices

They have a chain of traders around the world who have experiences in this field for sure.


Smart Stores

That department is full of random offers

Smart phones, PC, electronics, smart toys, watches, software

The online store though is available only to members of the CPS Traders system. In order to complete the registration process you fill in personal details and on top of all the name of your sponsor.


Some examples – The prices are in dollars but you pay with bitcoins.

Avast premier 2 years – $60,00

AVG internet security – $60,00

I could not find any item manufactured by the CPS Traders team although they claim to produce software.



Pay Plan – The Attached Opportunity



Shopping commissions

These commissions are calculated to the sponsor or upline for direct referrals or downline members purchases in the online store.

  • Direct commissions – 2%
  • Level 1 up to Level 5 – 1%

Trading Pool

In that pool the company shares 50% of their profits from services, businesses and daily activities among active traders based on their trading points.

Trading points are called the points which someone owns by purchasing from the company or from the mature bonus points.

Each members has 100 days to earn the profits. The daily profit is not standard and depends on the total profits of the company. In order to qualify you have to do CPS once a day and be an active trader.

In the trading pool members can set the Retrading level for trading points between 0% and 100%.


  • Free – $0 – no trading points – trading time 70 active days for bonus points to be changed into trading points – CPS daily yes – no direct commissions.
  • Starter – $10 monthly – 500 max trading points – 100 days trading time – CPS daily yes – direct commissions 5%
  • Inter – $50 monthly – 3000 max trading points – 100 days trading time – CPS daily yes – direct commissions 5%
  • Super – $100 monthly – unlimited trading points – 100 days trading time – CPS daily yes – direct commissions 5%

Bonus Points

These points are a one time sign up offer and are not changeable during the first 70 active days. After 70 days by completing the CPS tasks daily the bonus points will be turned into trading points.

  • Free members – 50 BP
  • Starter – 100 BP
  • Inter – 120 BP
  • Super – 150 BP

Startup bonus

This commission is given to the sponsor when their direct referrals upgrades to a certain type of membership for the first time.

  • Free sponsor – no commissions given on referrals upgrades
  • Starter sponsor – $0.5 on every starter upgrade, $1 for inter upgrades, $2 for super upgrades
  • Inter sponsor – $1 for starter upgrades, $2 for inter upgrades, $5 for super upgrades
  • Super sponsor – $2 for starter upgrades, $5 for inter, $7 for super

Forced Matrix

A 2 X 21 matrix is used, 2 positions wide and 21 levels deep. A member can earn commissions monthly from downline members if they have no direct referrals.

Matrix commission is the profit earned by each upline member when downline members in the matrix pay the membership fees.

  • Free upline – no commissions on downline memebrships
  • Starter upline – $0.1 for starter downlines, $0.3 for inter, $0,5 for super, earning levels 5
  • Inter upline – $0.1 for starter, $0.4 for inter, $0.6 for super, earning levels 15
  • Super upline – $0.1 for starter, $0.5 for inter, $1.2 for super, earning levels 21

Ad Credit bonus

  • Free member – N/A
  • Starter – 500
  • Inter – 3000
  • Super – 7000

FAQ – Important

The CPS traders system is a network where members are called traders by doing CPS for the company and get bitcoin rewards

CPS means copy the ad content from the system, paste / post it to classified websites, and submit the link of the ad into the system. One CPS task daily is required to earn from the trading pools.

There are fees when you deposit and withdraw bitcoins. Deposit fee is 1%, withdrawal fee is set to $5.




Final Words



I will be straight forward on this one. I believe that we deal with a fraudulent MLM revenue sharing company. The red flags all around that website leave no space for an intention to invest in the memberships.

Let’s analyse my conclusion…


MMO24hs claims to be a group of experts in trading, bitcoin mining, programming and software development. There is no proof of that expertise though. All I can see is a website empty of content.

Where is the blog section with tips and insights about cryptocurrency, trading and software production?…

Their partners are major trading companies around the world…!!!…Just like that?…which companies?..we are all ears..!!…and waiting

They claim to operate since 2009 but the website domain was registered 6 months ago.


Legitimate companies present the owners and team members photographs and biographies. The owners here are hiding the real identities using domain privacy and no image has been published on that website.


Now let’s examine the services…

They mention that in order to request a custom made software you have to contact the support team. No, it is not done like that, at least in legitimate companies. Legit companies showcase their work with samples. Where is CPS Traders portfolio?…Nowhere….where are the past software projects for their giant clients?…Nowhere

Forex and trading experts demonstrate with no fears their work and results in the trading markets. Here we have no reports, no articles, no press releases…nothing at all.!!

The smart store department is the only useful section on that website but its available only for affiliates / investors.

OK, you might tell me, some sales might take place if external customers purchase any of the gadgets offered but the income plan does not reward members for sales made on the store (2% commissions are not commissions at all).


The income plan….

A pure Pay to Play game that wants affiliates purchase as much as they can in order to grant commissions on all levels.

The monthly calculated memberships are very expensive and the commissions given very poor.

The 100 day trading points duration makes the system very suspicious as you can not ask for withdraws during that time. A perfect exit plan for the “Anonymous owners” when the final countdown begins.


A final countdown will be triggered eventually, like in all Ponzi schemes. In that systems all money coming in the companies is money from affiliates. New funds from recruited members are being used to pay off existing investors. A rotten cycle that sees owners disappear with the vast majority of funds when recruitment of new affiliates will slow down. Owners that have supplied all matrices with their names on top.

A few earlier investors (probably friends of the owners or administrators or other Ponzi experienced players) might escape with minus profits if they manage to withdraw their earnings soon enough. While the majority of late participants all lose money at the end of the game.

A game in which you can not tell if there is money to withdraw from the pools as you wait for the 100 days to pass obsessively. During those 100 days all members watch their accounts grow with fictitious numbers.


The selection of bitcoins as the main currency is not by chance. The regulating agencies will have a very hard time in analysing the transactions that took place in a possible investigation.


They even charge fees for deposits and withdrawals,…


Enough, I strongly advice you to stay away from this company.



How to make Money Online



I know that you are looking for ways to make money online. I have good news though if you are willing to work.

My online journey started 2 years ago with that affiliate website you landed on. That business model has a long term potential, no risks and very low start up costs.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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