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You're Reading:Coffee Wealth is Not a Manufacturer But Another Ponzi Scheme

Coffee Wealth is Not a Manufacturer But Another Ponzi Scheme

by Tasos


Mar 20, 2017





Under the microscope today is an investing program but the concept seems at least different than other similar projects. The investing formula is the classic one “Invest-Refer others-Let the professional staff generate profit for you” but the company is a coffee producer, retailer and wholesaler.

I wonder if this time we deal with a legit program…



Inside Coffee Wealth




This is how visitors are being welcomed on the homepage…

  • Make your life better with Coffee Wealth
  • We are insured for $1,750,000
  • We are a registered company in the UK
  • When farmers can sell on Fair Trade terms they get many benefits.
  • 5% daily for 30 days, refer others and earn 5%


Investing in Coffee Markets is Stable and Profitable

  • Millions of cups of coffee are consumed each year all over the world
  • Fair Trade Coffee – is gaining popularity. Guarantees coffee growers set the price before harvest. This leads to more privately negotiated deals with coffee co-ops around the world.
  • Drinking coffee is healthy
  • Coffee is a key cash crop in various developing countries.
  • Coffee is on the rise

They continue…

We own part of coffee farms in Brazil (1.5 acres), Colombia (2.5 acres) and Congo (2.5 acres). The high quality coffee ensures that the farmers are receiving a fair wage for their efforts. This is a key factor for the stability of the program.


Statistics shown

  • Days online 112
  • Total members 6882
  • Total deposited $670,000+
  • Total withdrawn $300,000+


The video presentation is not revealing any extra information about the coffee investments, plantations or relationships with other coffee companies


About Page

Who is Coffee Wealth?…We are a company dealing with all aspects related to coffee (such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution as well as research on varieties). Our staff works on the market for many, many years, but only now decided to act online allowing people from around the world to participate in this profitable and stable project.


Why to choose this company to invest in

  • Experienced, professional staff
  • Simplicity of the program
  • The entrey threshold is only $10
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Stable and certain earnings
  • Many payment processors
  • Dedicated server, SSL encryption
  • Contracts with major companies in the coffee industry
  • 3 large plantations in various parts of the world
  • Coffee Wealth is a producer and can guarantee the quality of the products
  • Own laboratories and conduct research on the species of coffee.


Company’s Goals

  • Enlarge the current and open new plantations
  • Allow more people to join the platform
  • Increase emphasis on research
  • Open new jobs and positions
  • Sign new contracts with new companies
  • increase the importance of the international arena


What are you waiting for?…Register rifght now, and invest with us..It is so simple…!


Nope, I am not sure yet…


Investment Plan


There is only one option. You deposit any amount but no less than $10. You get 5% daily ROI for 30 days.


Affiliate Program

5% commissions on direct referrals purchases. You don’t need to invest to receive affiliate commissions.


Payment Processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, bitcoin


FAQ – Terms – Important

Only 1 account is allowed

You can invest unlimited times

How are the funds used to make a profit?…With invested funds we can plant new plants and modernize our coffee tree plantations in order to maximize profits and reduce costs. The funds are also allocated for training new employees and opening new jobs. Our team consists of experts who know what to do, such as farmers, traders, salespeople and technicians. You can learn more about us in the “About us” section.


Registration – Legal Documents

Company number 10434479. Indeed on the companies house listing that number refer to Coffee Wealth LTD. Office address 464 Roman Road, London, United Kingdom, E3 5LU. The name Robert Marshall appears as officer.


Owners – Domain

By performing a whois search I uncover the registration date for the domain coffeewealth.net, 25 September 2016. The owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection.









Final Words



This company is fraudulent and the reasons are many…


They claim to operate in the market for many years now but they decided to expand online just a few months ago. This is a joke, any company operating after the 90s has a website. This is why they chose common words for the domain “Coffee” and “Wealth” so that anyone performing a search for these 2 terms would receive many relevant results.

But the results I got for the term “Coffee Wealth” are only pointing to that new website, no older company operates as coffee wealth.


The 5% daily ROI is out of the question as it is extremely high. And why such a big company would want to share profits with random people online.?… They supposedly operate for many years and they have created a network of customers. They can generate 5% daily ROIs and they are seeking for investors?…Does it make any sense to you?…Why they don’t just continue what they do and maximise their profits?


They say that they deal with coffee manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution as well as research. Where are the images of the coffee plantations?…Where is the professional staff?…Where is the retail shop on the website?…Some people might be interested in buying directly from Coffee Wealth. Who are the wholesalers and distributors?…All I can see is a few stock images.


Companies producing coffee sell coffee. Not investment plans where you deposit money and wait to get a profit. In other cases they build a marketing network of distributors, like in most MLMs.


The rating page shows that the website is abandoned or they just don’t care. This is where they link to HYIP monitoring sites to show their paying status. But instead, on all HYIP monitors they appear as scam. This happened because new money stopped rolling in. At the beginning these companies might pay but as time passes by and recruitment dries out they can nnot deliver any ROIs.


All of that leave me no choice but to mark the opportunity as another Ponzi Fraud. All money coming in Coffee Wealth is funds from affiliates. Newly recruited members pay off exisiting investors. An inevitable collapse will take place once recruitment slows down and no new money will be rolling in. Guess who is making the most of profit?…the “Anonymous” admins.


Another ghost company that soon will disappear from the horizon. Save your money for better options.



How to Make Money Online



Investing in such mysterious recently launched companies is way risky and you have no control on your money. As you as you deposit the owners can do whatever they want with your funds.

However there is a solution for those that are willing to work hard. The most newbie friendly online business model is by far affiliate webisites. This is how I started 2 years ago and turned one single property into a source of multiple income streams. Long term potential, no risks, minimum startup costs, endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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