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You're Reading:ClixSensation – Revenue Sharing / PTC Under One Roof … Dangerous

ClixSensation – Revenue Sharing / PTC Under One Roof … Dangerous

by Tasos


May 12, 2017





I came across a recently launched revenue sharing site that is offering PTC services as well. The concept is a repetition of other programs. You invest by purchasing ad packs and receive ROIs on a daily basis. It might seem like an easy way to make money but unfortunately, those programs do not last long. In other cases, the owners are not paying the members and people are losing money while the websites disappear.

Let’s find out, is this program any better than the low-quality competition?



Inside Clix Sensation



The beautiful homepage welcome visitors with 2 main headlines…

  • Buying Ad Pack (Revenue share 120%)
  • You can get all just for purchasing 1 share = $5

Bonus $1 PB (purchase balance) and premium membership for the first 5000 members


Statistics shown

  • Online since 06 May 2017
  • Total members 1266
  • Total paid $100


Benefits for members

  • Earn up to $0.01 per click
  • Up to 100% referral click
  • Up to 20% referrals purchases
  • Up to 30% referrals upgrades
  • Fast payments

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Affordable prices
  • Multiple advertising options
  • Revenue share 120%
  • Geo-targeted visitors
  • Anti-cheat protection
  • New type of advertisements



  • Long term business plan
  • Secure and stable environment
  • Professional support
  • Instant services
  • Innovative ideas
  • Customer oriented business


Minimum Withdrawals

  • Standard member $3
  • Premium sensation $2
  • Golden sensation $1


Payment Processors

Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money


FAQ – Terms – Important

  • What exactly is ClixSensation?…Ad advertising platform offering various services and delivering traffic worldwide at affordable prices
  • Is it Legit?…They sell ads and share revenue with registered members. No purchases are needed to earn, both free and upgraded members are free to withdraw earnings. It is not an investment firm, there are no guaranteed earnings, all earnings are based on the profits made on ad sales.
  • How someone makes money?…By viewing PTC ads, by purchasing special ad packs and getting daily revenue up to 6%. By earning referral commissions
  • All payments are instant and can not be canceled or refunded. All services are not refundable.



Owners – Domain

By performing a whois search I uncover the registration date for the domain clixsensation.com, 11 February 2017. The owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection.



The ClixSensation Advertising Platform



Indeed, when you fist sign-up you find a $1 bonus waiting as promised. The dashboard reminds me other PTC platforms, not revenue sharing sites.


You can add funds using the main balance. The minimum cashout threshold is $5, not $3 as mentioned on the faq page.



  • Standard: lifetime, free, ad pack costs $5, active share limits 100, total ROI 120%, 2% daily ROI, 60 days
  • Premium: 30 days, $5, ad pack costs $5, active shares limit 200, total ROI 120%, 2% daily ROI, 60 days
  • Premium Plus: 365 days, $30, ad pack costs $5, active shares limit 250, total ROI 120%, 2% daily ROI, 60 days
  • Premium Two: 30 days, $32, ad pack costs $5, active shares limit 500, total ROI 120%, 2% daily ROI, 60 days
  • Golden: 180 days, $125, ad pack costs $5, active shares limit 750, total ROI 120%, 2% daily ROI, 60 days
  • Golden Plus: 180 days, $250, ad pack costs $5, active shares limit 1500, total ROI 120%, 2% daily ROI, 60 days
  • Golden Two: 365 days, $500, ad pack costs $5, active shares limit 5000, total ROI 120%, 2% daily ROI, 60 days


I clicked on 7 PTC ads ($0.01 and $0.005) and reached $0.04. This number is above the average. There are more ads earning you mostly $0.001. You need around 120-150 days to reach the 1st threshold by clicking only on PTC ads.


Ads – Examples

  • Fixed PTC 15 secs, $1.50
  • Traffic exchange 5000 credits $0.90
  • Paid to click ads 1000 credits $1.80
  • Login ads 1 day $0.90
  • Paid to signup offers 10 credits $0.90
  • Featured text ads 75000 credits $0.90
  • Banner ads 25000 credits $0.90
  • Featured link ads 1 month $2.00

The prices are affordable, below the industry’s average.


Traffic Exchange

The TE system gives you credits for visiting other sites with a ratio 1:1


Revenue Shares

1 ad pack costs $5 and ti gives you…

  • 500 PTC credits
  • 2500 featured ad credits
  • 5000 banner ad credits
  • 5 points


The Forum

I was not expecting to find payment proofs on a site launched a few days ago. The first post I came across was not a payment proof though, it was a promotion of another site with an affiliate link. I found another payment proof, $18.35 and one for $32. 7 people already got paid and 2 of them exceeded $15. These members must have purchased ad packs and/or they have many referrals.



Final Words



If ClixSensation was a simple PTC site we would have to click on ads till we reach the 1st threshold and request a withdrawal. This is the moment when you realize if a PTC site is legit or not.

But ClixSensation has an income opportunity attached in the form of ad packages. You purchase ad packs and wait 60 days to receive the final 120% ROI. The problem with this business model is that all money coming in is funds from affiliated members. Over 95% of purchases will be made by members that buy ad packs. These deposits are distributed in the revenue sharing pools to pay off members that have already invested in the system. That is why ClixSensation is not offering any refunds.

No one is going to use ClixSensation as an advertising platform without purchasing ad packs. This means that there are no external customers, a Ponzi scheme. When recruitment slows down it is when no new money will be rolling in, no ROIs will be delivered.


I researched online and I found out that this site was closed 2 years ago. It is probably a re-launch. But from my experience, PTC or revenue sharing re-launches are not successful.


Another very important factor is that the owners of the site remain anonymous, and this is a solid reason for you to Not invest. Shady sites are always suspicious. Over 99% of PTC sites are scams, only a few are legit and paying their members. And all the legit sites do not offer ad packs opportunities. Are simple PTC sites.


Additionally, the PTC daily ad value exceeds the industry’s average while at the same time the separate “Ads” cost less than the competition. The golden memberships are very expensive.


I will use the PTC department occasionally to check things out. But I am not expecting to get paid.


If ClixSensation is a site that came to stay there is no need to invest yet. I would wait at least 6 months before I make any decision. Generally, it is not recommended to invest in such opportunities. I have used thousands of similar sites and I was never satisfied with the advertising results. Members that join these sites are not interested in watching ads, they just click on them to get paid.









That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.


















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