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You're Reading:Chevron Funds Limited – Oil & Gas HYIP Madness – No Real Contribution, Just Promises

Chevron Funds Limited – Oil & Gas HYIP Madness – No Real Contribution, Just Promises

by Tasos


Dec 27, 2016




Today I am investigating another HYIP company, specialized in oil & gas investments. And this is a trend nowadays as people are searching for quick bucks without doing anything at all and more and more companies come to life in order to attract investments with their offers.



Inside Chevron Funds Limited



The presentation video on the homepage is very hard to understand because of the speaker’s accent and the bad voice recording.

About section

Chevron Funds Limited (10390951) is a United Kingdom based oil and gas exploration and production company committed to obtaining and developing the most profitable onshore oil and gas project for our investors.

Chevron Funds Limited has a different team of talented oil and gas specialists and entrepreneurs who all share a common hunger for setting a new standard in oil and gas investing. Our experienced, creative management team is responsible for record-level investments, successful acquisition, and proven development


Statistics shown on the homepage

  • Started Nov 1, running for 56 days
  • Total deposits – $1,166,350
  • Total withdrawn – $746,153


Domain – Owners

The domain was registered earlier this September but the ownership is hidden using the Whois Guard protection.

On the contact us section they refer to a UK address. Searched in Google for the address to uncover the Regus.it website, which is a place for virtual offices and registered addresses.

Moreover they provide a certificate in png format with the associated Company’s House number. Chevron Funds Limited (10390951)


Investment Plans

  • Basic – 3% – daily for 90 days – minimum deposit $10, maximum $2000
  • Standard – 6% – daily for 45 days – min $500, max $3000
  • Diamond – 10% daily for 20 days – min $1000, max $100,000
  • VIP silver – 150% daily for 7 days – min $100, max $10,000
  • VIP gold – 300% after 15days – min $50, max $10,000


Referral Commissions

  • 1st Level – 15%
  • 2nd Level – 2%
  • 3rd Level – 1%


Money processors

  • Perfect Money, Payeer, bitcoin, advcash, Nix Money
  • Neteller, Skrill, OK Pay, Payza, PayPal



Final Words



Yes, it is a money making opportunity with which you might make a profit. But also have in mind that you risk in losing your invested funds. No one can guarantee earnings from these risky plans.

The company is at early stages and if you think in investing it might be a good time but if you make a profit I would suggest that you withdraw the money and move on.


It is not clear how this company really operates. All I can see is a short description on the about us page. They talk about their experience and the professional team that is there to help us all the way.

But is the company a giant player in oil & gas investments or just a Ponzi scheme that wants to seduce investors to deposit their hard earned cash?

Because if this is another Ponzi program all new funds are being used to compensate existing earlier investors. And this is leading to an inevitable mathematical collapse as recruitment of new affiliates will slow down from some point on.


And where is the company’s contribution to the oil and gas community?…All I can see is a website created 2 months ago, empty of content. Even the news department includes only an announcement that the company opened the doors to the public.

Apart from that there is no blog section, and that makes me stay away from this company. Where are the tips on oil & gas, who are the industry leaders?, how can I become an expert in oil & gas niche, what are the risks involved in that market segment?…I would expect a blog updated at least daily as the company claims a professional team behind the scenes.


I do not invest that easily because someone created a website full of promising headlines, I need strong evidence of the real intentions of the owners. Owners who by the way, hide their names and only illustrate a certificate.

How can I trust this company when they do not show who they really are?…I want to see their names and photographs published on their website. I want to know each member’s experience and a short biography would be a good starting point.


The final decision is yours but please do not invest more than you can easily afford to lose.



How I Make Money Online



I am not relying on investing companies to deposit my dollars and wait to make a profit just like that. Way too risky, more than 98% of investing and revenue sharing companies are scams.

I use my website to attract visitors and I make money by promoting real & valuable products from legitimate companies around the globe. This model has a long term potential, minimum start up costs and no risks. But you have to work to make it happen.

Time is passing by, don’t let another year go away. Take action.


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That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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