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There is a new cycler in the market, launched only a few days ago. The attached income opportunity might seem like a lucrative chance for many people out there but in reality, these systems work only for a few. I know, you may have been approached by someone you trust and they presented you a business with bright future. But I have to warn you though, the statistics are awful and the majority of participants are losing money at the end.

But let’s dive deep before we jump into conclusions…



Inside Cash Pool Pro




Main headline: Cash Pool Professional is the future of all matrices. Every human being must join this program so that they can increase revenue easily. They are offering 0.01 BTC referral commissions from every position of your downline members.

Stop waiting, join now, bring family and friends so we can grow together…


Wait a minute, we’ll see…


Welcoming message: The 1st World Class auto straight line cycler, providing members advertising credits with every position purchased in the cycler lines. Every position can earn you a payout after cycling from the top of each line. Manually you can buy an unlimited number of positions from the same account, with a timeframe of 1 position every 60 minutes. Or the system will buy for you 1 position in phase 0, everytime your 1 position get cycled out from phase 0. You only have to spend 0.03 BTC one time for each position and earn a maximum payout of 61.41 BTC all done automatically.


Statistics shown

  • Total members 3000
  • Total upgrades 1176
  • Total deposits 101 BTC
  • Total payouts 38 BTC



The Cycler Opportunity




  • Phase 0: referrals 3, donation 0.03, total 0.09, 1 new position in Phase 0, commission per referral 0.01, goes to next phase 0.03
  • Phase 1: referrals 3, donation 0.03, total 0.09, profit on cycle out 0.03, goes to next phase 0.06
  • Phase 2: referrals 3, donation 0.06, total 0.18, profit on cycle out 0.06, goes to next phase 0.12
  • Phase 3: referrals 3, donation 0.12, total 0.36, profit on cycle out 0.12, goes to next phase 0.24
  • Phase 4: referrals 3, donation 0.24, total 0.72, profit on cycle out 0.24, goes to next phase 0.48
  • Phase 5: referrals 3, donation 0.48, total 1.44, profit on cycle out 0.48, goes to next phase 0.96
  • Phase 6: referrals 3, donation 0.96, total 2.88, profit on cycle out 0.96, goes to next phase 1.92
  • Phase 7: referrals 3, donation 1.92, total 5.76, profit on cycle out 1.92, goes to next phase 3.84
  • Phase 8: referrals 3, donation 3.84, total 11.52, profit on cycle out 3.84, goes to next phase 7.68
  • Phase 9: referrals 3, donation 7.68, total 23.04, profit on cycle out 7.68, goes to next phase 15.36
  • Phase 10: referrals 3, donation 15.36, total 46.08, profit on cycle out 46.08, goes to next phase 0.12


Total profit on all phases 61.41 BTC



FAQ – Terms – Important

  • What exactly is CashPoolPro?..an advertising company where you can advertise your business and can purchase matrix positions in the unique Matrix/Cycler plans
  • How someone makes money with that system?…By purchasing advertising and earn from newly recruited members.
  • There are no monthly fees
  • Only bitcoins are available
  • No refunds,  all payments are final because your matrix position already entered the system and they can’t reverse this action
  • You don’t have to click on ads in order to make a profit.



This page is obviously fake. No images of the people, just nicknames, and texts.


Social Media

The Facebook closed group indicates 999 members and 4 admins.

  • Tyler Grindler Styles
  • Abhineet Mittra
  • Ashish Raja
  • Mohit Rastogi



Owners – Domain

The whois database indicates the registration date for the domain cashpoolpro.com, 24 April 2017. The owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection.



The Advertising Platform




The dashboard reminds me other revenue sharing advertising platforms.

When you join you receive 20 website credits, 20 banner ad credits, and 20 text ad credits.


Ads – Examples

  • 100 text ad credits $10
  • 100 banner ad credits $10
  • 100 website credits $10
  • Bronze package: 50 website credits, 20 banner ads, 20 text ads $5


I watched 10 ads just to check the system and every ad earns you 1 credit. This is fair and even free members can watch ads to earn credits so that they can place their own banners.

But all 10 ads that I watched were Cash Pool Pro ads. That means no member is using the system, just the admins (at least yet).








Final Words



Do you think it is a great opportunity?…I have to disappoint you…


First of all, this matrix has nothing unique. I have tested hundreds of them and all look the same. The numbers only change and the currency.

All cyclers of that kind are solely dependent on affiliates and recruitment. There is nothing else than recruiting. An endless game that leads to a dead end road.


Cash Pool Pro is not an advertising company, it is a traffic exchange system in its simplest form. Advertising companies create campaigns for their customers according to their needs in order to increase their sales. CashPoolPro has created a self-service platform where members advertise their websites and affiliate offers.

Untargeted advertising that will bring you next to zero results. I have used numerous systems like this one and I had never received positive statistics. All members are interested in selling their programs, no one is interested in buying.

It is useless to buy advertising from a website like CashPoolPro. There are other methods where you can spend on ads in order to target people that are really interested in your products/services.



Therefore the ad packages are very expensive. 100 banner ads for $10, this must be a joke, right?


So how exactly Cash Pool Pro is generating profits?…All money coming in this pseudo advertising company is funds from affiliates, a Ponzi scheme. Newly recruited members compensate existing investors. But when recruitment slows down no new money will be entering the system, no cycles are going to pay off.

The admins that have pre-filled all matrices with their names/friends on top will receive the most of the deposits. They don’t have to cycle out, they are getting paid instantly. The vast majority of affiliates is mathematically guaranteed to taste a bitter loss.

This is why they can not offer any refunds for ad services. There are no ad services, all bitcoins entering the system are being used to pay off investors. Legitimate ad companies offer refunds for products and services.



And now let me ask you a simple question!!…Do you really believe that you will enter a system by paying 0.03 BTC and at the end you will collect 61 BTC?…If everyone is making so much profit with that system, is there anyone losing?…


More importantly, the owners are hiding so this is the number one reason for any wannabe investor to stay away. Do not invest in non-transparent companies.


I searched for the admins’ names online. Tyler Grindler Styles appears as admin in a bitcoin gifting scheme called BTC money systemAbhineet Mittra is the founder of another similar program, CashPoolIncome, together with Ashish Raja. For the last admin, I found another man called Mohit Rastogi but he is a doctor.

As we can clearly see these admins deal with such kind of poor programs. They recruit like maniacs having a group of close friends surrounds them in their efforts.



How to Create a Business Online Like I Did



Do not expect to get rich by participating in cyclers, pseudo MLMs, revenue sharing programs or HYIPs.


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Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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