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You're Reading:Bumbano Vukuzenzele – Unique MLM Matrix Cycler Leads to Financial Freedom…Almost

Bumbano Vukuzenzele – Unique MLM Matrix Cycler Leads to Financial Freedom…Almost

by Tasos


Nov 29, 2016


Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing




A friend was approached by an affiliate of this company and I moved forward to review the MLM opportunity.



Inside Bumbano Vukuzenzele



But please tell me… is this a name for a company?..can you remember it?


They say…

Are you ready to fight against poverty?…Join today our unique 2 tier 3 X 3 forced matrix and fight poverty around the globe…With Bumbano’s step by step system everyone can reach financial freedom…

  • Register – donate only R20 to start your journey
  • Invite friends – they also donate and receive monthly donations
  • Success – don’t work without a guider and follow their instructions, duplicate the process, everything is simple, finally a system that can’t fail.

What to Expect

  • One time R20 out of your pocket. All future upgrades will be completed by earned profits
  • No waiting for payments as they all take place between members.
  • Unlimited potential – Leverage your earnings by repurchasing at Level 3 Phase 2 and cycle over and over again for unlimited earning potential


Another unique matrix cycler promising the heaven on earth…let’s see






Can this system survive the 6 months threshold?..


The domain was registered on 17 October 2016, not even a month ago so we are talking for a brand new cycler. The owner’s identity is hidden and neither there is appropriate information on the official website. So we have to trust an unknown person and deposit our R20 initial fee. And from there on we have to pray that everything will run smoothly and all payments will be completed.


The Compensation Plan


  • It is very different than those we met before because they use a 3 X 3 / 2 tier matrix with a twist. Everyone receives commissions and is in profit very quickly.
  • With the first sale you receive the cost of your initial purchase
  • Commissions are paid on 3 levels and 2 phases directly to you, no waiting periods.
  • You will always receive enough payment to upgrade
  • Only after you have upgraded you will receive the rest of your payment. This is to ensure smooth running of the system
  • You are allowed only 5 accounts per person.
  • Make sure you are able to recruit for all your accounts


How the Comp Plan Works

  • Just make 3 sales of R20 and empower those members to do the same…the classic formula…potential earnings 3 X R20 = R60.
  • You are ready to upgrade to Stage 2 where you will make a purchase of R50.You are now eligible to receive commissions of R50 each from 9 Members (the 2nd tier of your 3 X 3 matrix) after they have upgraded.  Potential earnings from Level 2 is R450 (9xR50)
  • Next you leverage some of your earnings and upgrade to Level 3 and make a purchase of R150. This qualifies you to receive commissions from Level 3 sales from 27 Members after they have upgraded. Potential commissions from Level 3 is R4050 (27xR150)


  • You are in profit enough to upgrade to Phase2 Level 1  and make a purchase of R2000. This qualifies you to receive potential commissions of R6000 from each sales made from Level 1 Phase 2 after they have upgraded. Potential commissions from Level 1 Phase 2 is R6000 .. (3xR2000).
  • Next you leverage some of your earnings and upgrade to Level 2 Phase 2 and make a purchase of R4000. This qualifies you to receive commissions from Level 2 sales from 9 Members after they have upgraded. Potential commissions from Level 2 Phase is R36000 (9xR4000).
  • Finally, you are in profit enough to upgrade to Level 3 Phase 2 and make a purchase of R7000. This qualifies you to receive potential earnings of R7000  from each of 27 sales made from Level 3 Phase 2 after they have upgraded.  This equates to life changing earnings of R189000 (27xR7000)
  • You have now earned a total from all 3 Levels and 2 Phases of R222 350 and for those who have leveraged some of their earnings from each stage; you are duplicating your efforts and dramatically increasing your earnings


Notice : You only receive payments from members at the same stage with you when they upgrade.






Hypothetical scenario



  • Stage 1 = 3 members – Cost R20
  • Stage 2 = 3X3 = 9 members – Cost R50
  • Stage 3 = 3X9 = 27 members – Cost R150


  • Phase 2 / Stage 1 = 3 members – Cost R2000
  • Phase 2 / Stage 2 = 3X3 = 9 members – Cost R4000
  • Phase 3 / Stage 3 = 3X9 = 27 members – Cost R7000


You deposit R20 and start promoting. You make 3 sales = 3 X R20 = R60 but you have to upgrade in order to receive these commissions. You deposit $50 in order to upgrade to Stage 2 (R50 more out of your pocket = R70). Now you can get paid (3 X R20 = R60). Still in negative balance = -R10.

Now you wait for your downline members to upgrade in order to get paid Stage 2 commissions. They have to recruit 3 new members each so that they can upgrade and you can start earning Stage 2 commissions.

At this point your Stage 1 matrix (3 members) is full. You can not recruit more people. That means your Stage 2 matrix (9 members) will be filled from your Stage 1 downline efforts and only if all of them manage to recruit efficiently to fill your 9 people matrix.


What this means…you wait for

  • 1st) your 3 stage 1 downlines to recruit 3 members each so that they can upgrade. But you need 6 more people to fill the 2nd matrix.
  • 2nd) these 6 people can be brought by the downlines of your stage 1 downlines when they upgrade, and that can happen when they recruit 3 members each at their Stage 1

So…in order to fill the Stage 2 matrix you depend on the recruiting efforts of your downlines and their downlines…


The same applies to Stage 3, you can only wait for Stage 2 members (9 people) to wait for their Stage 1 members to recruit 3 new members each so that they can upgrade, so that your downlines can upgrade, so that YOU can get paid.


Well, I think you’ve had enough…I can’t predict a bright future with this system. You are solely dependent on your downlines efforts. Even if you are a recruiting master you can not take advantage of your skills. You wait for your downlines to recruit so that they can upgrade and on and on….till recruitment is dried out and the program will begin to die…. a dominant rule with all Ponzi schemes.



Final Words



I do not have much to add here. This is a classic Ponzi / cash gifting scheme that is going to die soon. Recruitment can not last forever.

No real retail products, just a cycler to fill the pockets of the owners. They get paid, you wait for everything and on top of that you don’t even know if you will get paid after all.

Do not join, another waste of time. But if you do want to join read the compensation plan carefully to understand the details before you start.



Alternative Way to Make Real Money Online without Deceiving People into Bad Schemes



You are a newcomer looking for online opportunities?…Do not wait one more day, get started with a website and start making commissions from thousands of companies around the globe that are selling real valuable products,

Long term potential, no risks, no need for recruitment, endless possibilities….

But…one and only catch…your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.

















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