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You're Reading:BTCRising – Pseudo CrowdFunding Community Claims a Service to Mankind.!!

BTCRising – Pseudo CrowdFunding Community Claims a Service to Mankind.!!

by Tasos


Jan 30, 2017




Under the microscope today is an investing program with an MLM attached opportunity. And although it’s a recently launched program it promises Unlimited Bitcoins for every participant. What I found very interesting on the homepage is that the admin says that this is not a scam.

Let’s find out, is it so easy to make bitcoins with that system?….why the admin refers to a non-scam?, why would someone want to mention that?



Inside BTC Rising




Welcoming headlines

  • Powerful BTC donation system
  • This project absolutely generates unlimited bitcoins through multi level earning.
  • No scam possibilities, no admin fees, pay member to member directly
  • Be a leader of your own downline
  • Powerful, stable server, secure payment processing

Statistics shown

  • Started 42 days ago
  • Total members 1531
  • Total payments BTC96.31
  • Total countries 62

How it Works

  • Register and start donating, the journey has begun.
  • Invite friends to receive donation. Only 2 people and…
  • Success – duplicate the process.

About Page

BTCRising is a person to person direct donating platform. We will help you with direct funding for your financial needs.

I’ve heard this last claim in the past, ZarFund was the one?

After you join with your level 1 upline affiliate link, you pay your upline 0.03 BTC per month in order to be in the position to receive the same from each of your level 1 downlines.

This is followed by receiving the same amount from each of the 2 people you recruited. This chain of reactions help you reach enough funds to upgrade to level 2. The process keeps expanding and you gain money in a convenient way.

No admin fees, no monthly fees, in fact there are no fees.


This is the most important part

The system was designed in such a way, that it can be used by fundraisers, charities, schools, clubs, churches, non profit organisations, families. The donations are not collected by the administrator, and are not automated by the system, rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another.

BTC Rising is not a bank, we do not collect any penny from you. Is not an online business, investment, HYIP, or an MLM program.

Is a crowdfunding community where people help each other, when they are in need of. Every action of help you provide to the participants of BTC Rising, is given by your own good will to another fellow human, which is absolutely voluntary.

It is a service to mankind, our commitment is to bring people under one platform without differences in regions, gender, class or colour.


This is funny, indeed. I will comment on that at the end of the article.


BTCRising – MLM Opportunity Plan

  • Level 1 – You upgrade with 0.03 BTC per month. Now you can receive 0.03 BTC per month from your 2 level 1 downline members = total B0.06
  • Level 2 – You upgrade paying B0.05 / month. You receive B0.05/m from your 4 level 2 downlines = total B0.20
  • Level 3 – Pay B0.10/m, receive 8 X B0.10/m = total B0.80
  • Level 4 – Pay B0.40/m, receive 16 X B0.40/m = total B6.40
  • Level 5 – Pay B2.00/m, receive 32 X B2.00/m = total B64
  • Level 6 – Pay B5.00/m, receive 64 X B5.00/m = total B320.00
  • Level 7 – Pay B10.00/m, receive 128 X B10.00/m = total B1280.00
  • Level 8 – Pay B50.00/m, receive 256 X B50.00/m = total B12,800
  • Level 9 – Pay B100.00/m, receive 512 X B100.00/m = total B51,200.00
  • Level 10 – Pay B500.00/m, receive 1024 X B500.00/m = total B512,000.00
  • Next Level – Retire happily

FAQ – important

You can create more than 1 accounts. But creating one account under the other is not ethical.

No refunds are given.

It is not a pyramid scheme because in such schemes only the top members of the hierarchy get paid. But BTCRising is giving an opportunity to everyone.



Owners – Domain

A whois search gives us the registration date for the domain btcrising.com, mid December 2016. The owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection.




Final Words



The “Anonymous” admin is giving his best to cover his b…s…However he fails dramatically. And here is why…


Is this a crowdfunding platform for people that are in need of help?…Then why there is a monthly BTC payout?…

If this was a crowdfunding platform for voluntary actions I would be able to donate someone whenever I want, with the amount of money I want or can. And simply no income plan would be in place. Why would a church or a non profit organisation want to make money when all they want is to help others in need?

This is not charity, this is a bitcoin exchanging fraud that will end up once recruitment of new affiliates will slow down.


The admin says they do not collect any funds but the bitter truth is this.

He is receiving at least every first deposit from all members as his name is on top of every matrix (10 levels). He is your Upline Level 1-10. And he is the Upline (sponsor) for every member that falls for the BTC Rising trap.

This is why they don;t charge any additional fees. This is how the perceive “Service to Mankind”.


The admin furthermore mentions that in pyramid schemes only the top members get paid. But a pyramid is not defined by who is getting paid. If there are multi level of earnings then we talk about a pyramid. And in all pyramids even the lower level members have the chance to recruit others and make money.


Giving you the chance to create more than 1 accounts shows exactly the real intentions of the aggressive owner, who is searching for multiple donations as soon as possible.


Cash gifting systems work only for the owners. You can not recruit the whole population on Earth. This is why only a few extra members might make a profit. The vast majority of affiliates all will lose their bitcoins at the end. And this is when the anonymous owner will disappear ready for the next trap.

The choice of bitcoins is not by accident as regulatory agencies won’t be able to investigate the transactions properly.



How to make Money Online



If you want to make money online then you have to stop chasing these fraudulent schemes. Money can be made but it takes time and hard work. Just like the traditional offline businesses.

For that matter I suggest you get started with an affiliate website. This is how I started 2 years ago, and I definitely love it.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help



That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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