You're Reading:BTCBoom.org – Bitcoin Delirium with Hourly ROI Promises

BTCBoom.org – Bitcoin Delirium with Hourly ROI Promises

by Tasos


Nov 9, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing



Welcome and this is your lucky day. You see, there is no need to wake up every morning to get to work. At least not anymore. Because what I am about to reveal right now might shock you. What if I told you that there is an opportunity to make money out of thin air? Yes, you deposit, you let a team of financial experts do the hard stuff, and then you enjoy the rewards of your investment. Our company promises to 10x your money in a week. How that feels?

Well, I wish that it was that easy


Today I am reviewing another HYIP, a replica of other modern investing platforms, trying to realize if there is any value in this brand new offer. Let’s dive deep…



Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions



Inside BTC Boom



On the homepage, we receive a warm welcome with a platinum credit card on hand, the Bitcoin logo on the card adds status. The main headline continues…Bitcoin mining and trading company, 0.1 BTC Signup bonus & hourly payments.






About Page – History & Plans

They started out back in 2014. A small group of financial experts decided to join the cryptocurrency market to change the world as we know it. But Bitcoin’s price at that time did not leave space for huge growth. But due to the exponential growth of Bitcoin’s price they decided to open the doors to the public. Now they operate 3 mining farms around the world, Europe, South-America, and India.



  • Global Reach
  • Opportunities
  • Cloud 100% uptime
  • DDoS protection
  • Comodo EV SSL encryption


Statistics shown

  • Total deposits 957+ BTC
  • Total withdrawals 475+ BTC
  • Launched November 2017
  • Total members 16,000+


3-step success formula

  • Register an account
  • Grow your bitcoins
  • Withdraw profit


Investment Plans


  • Plan A: 0.17% hourly ROI, 4% daily ROI forever, deposits 0.002 – 0.01 BTC
  • Plan B: 0.25% hourly ROI, 6% daily ROI forever, deposits 0.011 – 0.15 BTC
  • Plan C: 0.42% hourly ROI, 10% daily ROI forever, deposits 0.151 – 10 BTC


Cashout threshold 0.0005 BTC


Affiliate Program – 3 levels deep (MLM)

  • 1st level 5%
  • 2nd level 1%
  • 3rd level 1%


Commissions on referrals purchases. You don’t need to invest in order to be eligible for referral commissions.


Payment processors

  • Bitcoin


FAQ – Terms – Important

  • What exactly is BTC Boom?…a bitcoin trading and mining company operating since 2014.
  • You can open up to 3 accounts from the same IP address
  • You can deposit as many times as you want


Social Media

The company does not have any social media presence


Registration – Legal Docs

  • No


Owners – Domain Data

  • Created on 2017-11-02 – Expires on 2018-11-02 – Updated on 2017-11-03
  • Domain Name: BTCBOOM.ORG
  • Registrar URL: http://www.namecheap.com
  • Registrant Name: WhoisGuard Protected








Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online



Final Thoughts



Are you interested in investing? Can this company justify the huge hourly ROIs? Are there any trading activities being performed? Read on for a full breakdown…


The design of the website reminds me Bitosy, another HYIP I’ve reviewed just a few days ago. To mention here that there was another site operating in the past, btcboom.xyz that now is closed. I don’t know if there is a connection with btcboom.org.

BTC Boom is not a registered company, although having a registration license does not mean much either. The domain was purchased anonymously, and there is no mention on the official website who runs the company. The are no social accounts and no proof at all that they are operating since 2014. I don’t see any mining or trading activities whatsoever.

They talk about 2014, but still, they don’t have any social media presence, and they did not manage to obtain a license. They talk about 3 mining farms in Europe, South America, and India. Where are the photos? Where is the expensive mining equipment? Where are the photos of the owner? Where are those financial experts that don’t lose a trade in the crypto markets? Where is their blog department with free information on the industry, their strategies and where are their reports of their satisfied clients?

If you had a company with 3 mining farms all around the world would not you share images and videos with your audience? Would not you feel proud of such an accomplishment?


Nothing, this is what BTCBoom.org is all about. A big fat zero, an empty of content website, that acts only as a magnet for gullible investors that don’t have any idea what is going on behind the scenes. But before I invest a penny I have to be 100% sure that behind a company there are real people that are not afraid to show who they are. More importantly, I have to be confident that the team of traders know their stuff.

Just an about page 2 paragraphs long is apparently not enough to convince me. I need real proofs.


Let’s move on to the most important aspect of this program, the investment plans


Before we analyze the BTC Boom plans let’s go back in time. About 25 years ago I remember some fancy 15% – 20% yearly ROIs in bank accounts savings. Those days are long gone. Now there is no bank that can offer more than 3%-5% yearly ROIs. And there is no guarantee that you won’t lose money at the end of the day. Because trading in the markets is one of the riskiest business models.

Here, BTC Boom mentions hourly and daily ROIs that reach 10% profit in just 24 hours. Well, maybe you won’t have to work anymore. Those ROIs are out of this planet, and BTC Boom can’t guarantee any earnings at all. And why in the world would they want to do that? If you had a system to win all the trades would you share your knowledge with random people online? Does it make any sense?


And now let me reveal you how this company is making money


BTC Boom has no other source of income than its affiliates deposits. When someone registers and deposits this money is being used to pay off earlier investors. This is the definition of a Ponzi scheme, and it’s illegal. Those schemes rely only on recruitment for cash flow. But recruitment can’t last for long. This is why those systems collapse at the end. When no affiliates are being recruited, no new money rolling in, no ROIs are being delivered. This is when the anonymous admins will disappear for a while, collecting the most of the funds, and preparing for their next Ponzi game. And maybe a couple of friends that invested on day 1 might escape with minor profits.

The vast majority of affiliates is mathematically guaranteed to taste a bitter loss.


A program that you better ignore, unless you like gamblimg. In that case, don’t invest more than you can easily afford to lose.



Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.




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  1. valare matio

    From my previous experience its not that easy to get back a lost it stolen bitcoin or funds lost to fake brokers because these scammers are very smart and they will cover their tracks but if you manage to find a trustworthy and reliable Recovery company, I said trustworthy and reliable because many scammers are out there disguising as Recovery agents and will only take your money without recovering your bitcoin, I was a victim of such myself after loosing my bitcoin to an investment scam I sort for help and I met few recovery agents and was scammed by a particular one again. Luckily for me I was referred to a company on telegram. You can send a complaint mail to [email address removed by admin], he should be able to help you. They Recovered my stolen bitcoin after risking a token to their Recovery program. It was worth it at the end.

    • Tasos


      Yes, it’s a cruel world. The majority of people involved in investments of any kind are looking to scam you.


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