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Why BrainBux is a Brain Washing Scam – High Commissions but…

by Tasos


Sep 22, 2016

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I received a weird personal message on Twitter a few days ago.Although 99% of those messages are spam and I never read them, I made an exception for that one.Why?…because of the avatar, a sexy woman with an elegant hat.I like hats, what can we do?

The lady was announcing a super rewarding PTC site.Well, when it comes to PTC industry we all have to be very careful, there are many scams.That is why I always read reviews and examine the terms and other elements on these websites.

This is the reason for today’s review, to show you what is going on.


BrainBux – Sign Up – WoW..!!!



I did not notice any big bonus on the main balance, not even in the purchase balance.These are good signs.Big bonuses sometimes are fraudulent in order to make you believe that they want you to succeed, so you might get fall into the trap and upgrade your membership with your hard earned money.

I always suggest that you start as a free member with every company and when you reach the cashout threshold to withdraw your money into your payment processor, in order to find out if the company is legitimate.Never buy an upgrade before they pay you.


I moved right away to the ads area to find out if the promise of the lady was correct.


What I saw blew my mind away.



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The ads department



I could not believe my eyes.I never saw such big commissions, we talk about really big numbers for single ad clicks.

Have you ever seen $0.2 earnings for a single click?…as a free member?…What the heck I said to myself.That was very suspicious.

The normal maximum commission for a single click for free members in all PTC sites ranges from $0.05 up to $0.02.

But $0.2 is 10 times higher…What do you think?






BrainBux BrainWash



I used the system for 3-4 days clicking on these ads.5 minutes per day.The result is absolutely insane.

$15+ already in my main balance.Not bad for a 15 – 20 minutes work.

I said, OK, let’s withdraw.


The bells of Scam Land echoed in my ears.







In order to cash out, you need to have 10 active direct referrals.







Ha ha ha ha ha


Let’s analyze that and let’s find out why this is a scam PTC company






10 active direct referrals in order to withdraw


No legitimate PTC company will ask you for this specific requirement.

You are clicking on ads, you want to get paid for that, is that simple.

For example, a grandma is clicking on ads and wait to get paid.It is her right to request a withdraw.She clicked, she has money in the balance.Do you really expect a grandma or the average Joe recruiting people into a marketing system?…unbelievable.

Getting 10 active direct referrals will consume your heart out.Experienced marketers with landing pages, an email list and proofs of payment can do that, but it takes time even in those cases.

How can I recruit someone in a system that I don’t know if it is paying nor that is legit?…Pay me for the first time, so that I know you are OK and then I will recruit people.

The funny thing is that they say …”You can withdraw every day, with no restrictions at all.Even for $0.01.” … but you have to become a recruiting monster first.





Other Elements that Point out to a Big Fat Scam



You can not add funds to your purchase balance from the main balance.Where in the world is happening that?…Of course in Scam Land of BrainBux.

You can only add funds from a payment processor.This is a huge Red Flag.

There is no Forum section.Every trustworthy PTC website runs a forum with announcements and members interact and share ideas or even show payments proofs.Nothing

The commissions are extremely high compared to the competition.

And here are some other complaints I found in other forums when I searched for Brainbux.

I even left a comment on Reddit to support the poster and to show the real face of the BrainBux owner.

Do I have to say more?….oh my, this lady sent me into a trap.


















Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online


Final Words




Another PTC scam, like Buxept or AdFort…I know, there are hundreds of them


As I already mentioned, do your due diligence with every income opportunity out there.

For PTC sites use the services as a free member.When you reach the withdraw threshold, go on and cash out the money.

Read the terms of service, check the main and purchase balance, a legitimate PTC company offers an inner system of transferable funds.

Do not ever use the services of a company with a system that need referrals in your account in order to pay you out.

Moreover, have in mind that in order to make big cash on PTCs you have to refer a ton of people and that they are active.But is a legal way to make money online.


Legit Resources that you get paid for clicking ads, tasks, surveys and for referring other people.


I hope you enjoyed this one and that you stay away from this Fraud…I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Anyone else with a similar experience?….Till next time, your online partner, here on Web Market Support.




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  1. Prince

    Yes it’s a scam

    • Tasos

      Hi Prince, thanks for participating!

  2. Mike

    It’s a scam. I have all those active referrals and 40 euros money in my account and when i try to withdraw the money it states that the payments are not in use at the moment but you can deposit money or you can add money to your advertising balance through your account balance which is not possible either when i try it. Only thing that seems to be possible is to deposit money. When you click on the support link it takes you back to the home page. Payment proofs that there is are fake.
    See this evidence here… http://i64.tinypic.com/6tig08.jpg and here http://i66.tinypic.com/5jz4mr.jpg

    • Tasos

      Mike, these guys are incredible, to say the least. I’ve just looked at your screenshot. They freeze payments to members, they allow members to add funds to their accounts. Of course, I say, we all should congratulate them!

      Thank you so much for letting us know. We’ll make this world better

  3. Bluesky

    Brainbux.com is indeed a big scam PTC site. I already saw the review about this site before, but still, I decided to check it myself. So, I go and register. Now, I have proven that it is true. I have a total balance of 17.2000 Euros out of 124 clicks. But when I tried to click on Withdraw button, I got this message: “It’s necessary to have 10 active direct referrals to request your payment.” WTF? I sent them a ticket, threatening that someone will report their site to google. Hope someone from their “SUPPORT” team will be able to read it. Lols!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Bluesky. You did well and tested the site for yourself. Gaining 17 Euros with only 124 clicks is out of this world and this is why BrainBux can’t pay anyone.

      Thanks for letting me know about your experience, good luck with your clicks.!

  4. mh mamun

    Noted with thanks for your advice . wd you pls suggest a ptc site where i can earn $ 5-10 without investment .pls also check this site and advice. web-selldiam.com

    • Tasos

      Welcome Mamun, you don’t have to invest in order to make money on legit PTC sites. Here is a list of those paying right now, but also check for daily updates here.

      The site you link to looks very suspicious. That is why I removed the link from your comment. I registered and clicked on 2 ads. I got 10 Euros. This must be a joke. Legit sites can give you $0.01 or a little more for 1 ad. The withdrawal threshold is set to 50 Euros. You need 10 ads only. If you are going to join this site and you have any news I would like to know. But I doubt they will pay you after all.

      P.S. Do not give any credit card details to that site. Register with a payment processor.

  5. carlos

    Lol, found it.

    Yess, scam indeed.

    I personally probed that one. even when you get your DR they dont pay & they never answer your support ticket.

    Thank you for the hardwork in finding this scam sites and posting them, even when no one comment, people see it (like me) and say “well fortunately i found this before doing something stupid” 🙂

    • Tasos

      Sure thing , I am testing many sites.People have to be warned for these frauds.Do not ever pay for an upgrade before you withdraw first.


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